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 Benefits of Using My Problem-Solving Tune Up and Repair Additive Options. 

What people say about these auto tune up and repair options additive problem solving results.

Jerry, a fleet of trucks owner says....

    “The mechanic at Caterpillar was absolutely blown away with with the change your Mega Power’s Worn Engine Service Additive Treatment had given my older diesel engine.

      He was amazed over the improvement because.... the last time he seen my truck with its heavy blowby, and exhaust smoke, and oil burning problem - he instantly concluded, I overhauled it, to end those problems - not use your engine treatment to fix its problem.

     I want to say I’m amazed that your fuel, engine, gear, radiator, and power steering treatments end problems that use to require costly downtime an expensive repairs for me. Over 6 months, after seeing it solve serious engine problems, I have now service every component on each car and truck the way you show to do and normal troubles with them just stopped! It has kept me profitable. I appreciate your products fix capabilities I’ve not seen with other additives.

Mike explains the improvement that saved his 20 year older car engine….

Solving engine and transmission problems using Mega Power Brand Tune and Repair Additive Treatments as the repair option.

      Engine and transmission problems occur over time because each oil or fluid change leaves behind a larger buildup of residues and friction the oil or fluid cannot remove.

To find what Additives you need ...

   For those who returned here for help, the following auto tune up and repair options are popular additive to end these problems:

  Ten Top Solutions Automotive For:

  1. Sludge removal. 
  2. To stop oil burning.
  3. End rough idle.
  4. Stop valve and lifter tap.
  5. End or control blowby. 
  6. End shift jerk, or rough shifting.
  7. End gear slippage.
  8. Stop gasket, or coolant leak.
  9. Oil stop leak.
  10. End power steering leak and whine.

    What you should know:

After 100,000 miles more or less, those residues and friction wear down your vehicles power and sets the stage for an operating problem.

As friction drag residues increases they bog down, slow the movement, or jams one or more internal parts – and upsets your car or diesels smooth quiet, new-like operation. This negative occurs deep inside, on a critical engine or transmission part, or sub-system.

An operating, or performance problem then will occur- .

Is this your cars problem – ?

As the Country’s Expert on Automotive Problem Solving Additives, the problem and what steps and products to use to end the problems using an additive treatment - like a doctor uses medicine to help you recover, providing you and instant way to get back to years more trouble free operation.

As your cars and diesels age a larger buildup of residues and friction run down its power and upsets its smooth operation.

Any one of over 400 problems then can occur.

Replacing the affected residue friction bogged down parts with new ones is not the only solution!

     This option, is to service the engine and transmission with what I call a tune up and repair additive – is cheaper, faster, even a better solution – even if a $4000 to $10,000 new engine is the recommendation.

Why this auto tune up and repair option is the best option for your cars and budget.

     It improves what new parts can't do!

Auto tune up and repair options include Mega Power Brand Serving Additives to end specific engine transmission, radiator, steering problems.Auto tune up and repair options include Mega Power Brand Serving Additives to end specific engine transmission, radiator, steering problems.

     Automotive additives fill the shelf of parts stores - but they mostly are harmful, do nothing, convince you to have your engine, transmission overhauled. 

    Parts Stores and automotive replacement is a 10 billion dollar a yer business. For that reason....

    You may have noticed like I have, that chances are unlikely, their fuel additives, engine additives, transmission additives, etc., do as advertised.

     They don't sell additives that avoid repair! They want to sell parts!

    You need a different source for that help and that's what auto tune up and repair options is all about. Find additives that do work as advertised! Guarantees what they sell!

     That's why I have this web site - auto-tune-up-and Explain:

  1. How your problem started, 
  2. 3 choices for repair - 
  3. including what additives I guarantee will do so as an option.

To find what Additives you need ...

   For those who returned here for help, the following auto tune up and repair options are popular additive to end these problems:

  Ten Top Solutions Automotive For:

  1. Sludge removal. 
  2. To stop oil burning.
  3. End rough idle.
  4. Stop valve and lifter tap.
  5. End or control blowby. 
  6. End shift jerk, or rough shifting.
  7. End gear slippage.
  8. Stop gasket, or coolant leak.
  9. Oil stop leak.
  10. End power steering leak and whine.


Auto tune up and repair option additives end engine transmission, radiator, steering problems.Auto tune up and repair option additives end engine transmission, radiator, steering problems.

     Your tune up and repair option. For those in the learning stage... To find your fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, and a/c additives that I found that work - Those I use in my shop, and I train mechanics, fleet owners, and individuals to use. Read on

     Over the years street proven 

  Ten Top Solutions Automotive For:

  1. Sludge removal. 
  2. To stop oil burning.
  3. End rough idle.
  4. Stop valve and lifter tap.
  5. End or control blowby. 
  6. End shift jerk, or rough shifting.
  7. End gear slippage.
  8. Stop gasket, or coolant leak.
  9. Oil stop leak.
  10. End power steering leak and whine.



    Can YOUR additives end my vehicle problem?

     Not all brands - but these can.


  • ....the best automotive care and problem ending additive I found do should guarantee to remove the cause of the problem. Our's do!  

  • I like the Mega Power Engine and Transmission Treatments. And Justice Brothers Additive Treatments. Justice Brothers is sold only to mechanics. So I promote Mega Power brand to all who want. 

  • Each auto and equipment Tune Up and Repair Treatment Option offers a 101% way to end any fuel, combustion, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, a/c, and emission problem --  with their unique way to do so....

       What's the fix?

  • To work. they should remove the trouble causing carbon and friction that upsets the smooth operating of your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, fuel injectors and sensors. All should, but don't! 

  • Some are harmful - I'll point out which to use, and which to avoid. 

  • Why go to a source that just sells products and expects you to know what you want? Here, I'll shoooooooow you! And guarantee the auto tune up and repair option fix!

       What to do ... Which to use...

       To end your problem, I'll send you to the page with your problem...

       You will be shown the exact products and steps to remove performance upsetting internal accumulations carbon and friction  - like the pros do.

      Please note: I train repair shops, and mechanics, race car builders -wholesale, and retail,  All explained on what to use and exactly the steps to work - sell and guarantee the product, so this knowledge helps you.

      Remember... the goal!

      Carbon and friction is the cause that upsets the smooth operating of your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, fuel injectors and sensors? And now has you worried. Its those causes of your problems you want to end:

      My job is to show you how return the clean smooth, perfectly operating - end the problem condition so you are back running strong and dependable again. That is what you want - right?

     I use the Mega Power Engine and Transmission Treatments. Their auto and equipment Tune Up and Repair Treatment Options offer a 101% way to end any fuel, combustion, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, a/c, and emission problem --  with their unique way to do so....

    The Best Because...

    After trying many brads of additives over the years to tune out internal operating problems, the Justice Brothers Brand and the Mega Power Additives do end the problems.

  • You will see I list over 400 problems additives solve. 

  • The only web site to explain their techie side - explained for any man or women to understand what function they do and steps that end problems.

  • Others pay thousand by repair to end,  My Way ends them with 6 additives , with a simple install - and instant results. 
  • IF not - a real repair is needed and you can ask for your money back! 2 refunds last 267 days.

  • Most don't because the vehicle runs better than ever - and the treatment at each oil change keeps the component - or all components serviced as directed to remain trouble free!

  • Is this an idea you want to learn more about - read over a few pages - and the one with your problem and decide for yourself.
  • No other product is offer with a satisfaction as advertised - or your money back.

What this -  auto tune up and repair options home page offers.

  • money back g Each treatment is a service - easy to do by any man or women for a professional result proven ,and return a great running operation again - in the cheapest,fastest way.

     Justice Brothers products as an owner of older vehicles benefits with their 6 ingredients are end your engine transmission internal problem - by changing their dirty, loaded with carbon, and friction pistons, bearings, valves, gears, fuel injectors and sensors back to clean smooth, perfectly operating -end the problem and back running strong and dependable again?

    That's what this pages points and - and the very bottom list articles with directions for this solution.

    All easy to install products with results in a few miles of driving - or your money refunded. 


     Not just a shortcut, but a better way to take car of all your vehicles components; and often sold to meet new car truck 25,000 to 500,000 miles servicing. 

  • Ends your fuel and injector, engine and transmission problems easily, now upsetting your engine. 
  • It does not cost a kings Ransom to pay for. Something you can add, then drive, that quickly ends the problem. out, and has you back on the road in 30 minutes or less - guarantee?
  • A quick service, at low cost, you can do to end your engine or transmission operating, internal mechanical problem yourself?
  • A , at low cost, that you can   yourself n do a

That's the reason you

As the above cartoon shows, its no fun to have car or equipment problems - that's because it keeps you from doing the task at hand a car or tractor is purchased for.

If you car truck tractor has an oil burning, tapping noise, power loss, rough idle, stall, rough shift, whine, leak, is overheating, it could get worst.

There are now 2 ways to end your car or equipment problem.

  1. One way to end your problem is to spend a week having someone replace all the trouble causing parts and clean up all the others, like in a $2000 to $5000 overhaul.
  2. The other way, if nothing is actually broken -Install Mega Power's High Tech problem solving chemistry treatment to do the fix. Works just as well. does so as you drive. cost a 5th of actual repair, last for years on end with a touch up at fluid change intervals. 

Here, we show you what the second option is and is how we got our name auto-tune-up-and

Please note: is the largest online DIY, Do-it-yourself place to find the exact tips and products to end any of your cars wear, residue, even worn, and Hi-mileage problems.

This site is a Guide about additives to train mechanics on what's new to help them clean and condition the car's engine and transmission their working on.

My expertise is educational to teach mechanics and fleet owners which is the right additive, and how best to install it to end the problem - and what product will avoid the problem in the future.

My will grow your Anything Mechanical with an Operating Problem Self-Care Way to return its built in perfection - at will!Thanks for checking our I'll guide you in this shortcut, Self-Care Way to end your vehicles problem... george

  Ten Top Solutions Automotive For:

  1. Sludge removal. 
  2. To stop oil burning.
  3. End rough idle.
  4. Stop valve and lifter tap.
  5. End or control blowby. 
  6. End shift jerk, or rough shifting.
  7. End gear slippage.
  8. Stop gasket, or coolant leak.
  9. Oil stop leak.
  10. End power steering leak and whine.

Why a cheaper solution? 

     Most people know little about engine and transmission services and what they can do to end their car problems.

     They trust their mechanic for such - but, often find little help other than a costly repair solution.

     Since seldom is the fault a broken part.

     It must be some internal problem.

     Our auto tune up and repair offers that missing solution to end your worry and vehicle problem. 

     The return of a like-new operation to older well-worn cars and equipment. engines and gears.

     This article will show you harmful additives to avoid. Those you may want to include in solving your vehicle problem in the quickest, cheapest, yet best way.

The auto tune up and repair options method.

DIY offer products ending engine transmission radiator and steering problems.DIY offer products ending engine transmission radiator and steering problems.

   Step One cleans 3 of your complex engine causes of your problem. 

Step Two

    Step Two using the other half of the treatment of 6 items needed, shown above end oiling side carbon,sticky residues, friction wear drag, and tighten up wear spaces ** ending running performance problem and causes, needed; helping also adding extended years of a long trouble free engine life for you.

 ** By reversing wear and tear causes of engine troubles, restore proper engine suction, and fuel misting ability, its full spark duration and its combustion horsepower making ability, and its smog reducing parts. the  rid the fuel, air, combustion area, smog controller of acids, residues, carbon.

click links for help.. or call me at 512 665 3388

 My Story

DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions

Why this site has your BEST auto tune up and repair option.

Over the years, PERHAPS LIKE YOU, I mostly owned older cars trucks, and used equipment. They often have some sort of performance or running problem.

It Always Worried Me That I had No Control Over When A Repair Happens, and What I could Have Done To Avoid It!

As a mechanic,  And like you... I did tune ups and engine and gear repair on my vehicles as they were needed.

This all changed my life and fortune for the better

one day.

By chance I met the Justice Brothers; JB Additives Formulators, who sold additives they claimed, and I found to end a wide variety of automotive wear and tear internal problems.

Since them I've found over 400 problems these 6 additives end.

Most people pay a mechanic hundreds, even thousands to end their engine problem that goes on to kill their engine quicker!

This option ends the real problem and gives it a second life for a 10th of repair cost! More...

DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions

Is that what you want to know?


I'm sharing those Auto-tune-up-and-repair-options with you!

With them... You now can become the Master of When your Cars need repair. And...

How much to pay for them. And... What Makes them Run good-as-new as long as you want!

Listed here by problem name, what additive formulas for ending those 400.

You will find this option has that recipe you need along with the service that can keep them going years longer trouble free. 

What people say, and how surprised they were        with the fix. More here

 DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions

Contact Info. On a smart phone to ask a question - I'm a mechanic. Order items on this site by phone. Call at 512 665 3388


Before I show you the DIY products that do so, a little DIY Tune Up and Repair Options Solutions Education is needed.

You should know 

  • If it has a broken part do the service first.
  • Use in new to older, even worn out vehicles - car diesel trucks tractors dozers, Rv boats motorcycles machinery, as long as its a mechanical problem.
  • End car and diesel tap, power loss, shift, leak problems. DIY this way...
  • Remove acids, sludge, vanish, and wear-increasing friction buildup. So it takes chemicals to do that.
  • Many thousands are doing so. With a my simple service Chemically

The logic and science behind DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions


Most car and diesel engine and shift and operating, noise, power loss, shift, leak problems are caused by acids, sludge, vanish, and wear-increasing friction buildup.

So it takes costly hand cleaning, or chemicals. Both do the fix.


Its mostly just one or two of the hundreds of those parts causing your problem - though not actually broken. Got that?

Just think about it!

Just 1 or 2 of those dirty parts caused over 400 internal performance upsetting problems.

Those costly $2000 + Repair Bills, for the mechanic to find and replace them so your trouble goes away.

Instead, use my DIY tune repair option. That's your best tune repair option!

Have A Better Remedy As Your Fix!

This reverses those negatives, heals the damage, cleans out the mess, and ends your internal problem - as you drive

All your vehicles need this DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions

This re-conditioning I call it, is what good, and troublesome vehicles need! Its more than an a fix option!

Its the fix now needed!  Saves your budget and will keep all your new and older cars going strong as long as you want!

Select one of these DIY links below,

or on the left side to get started. 

Compare the old way to end engine transmission problems To this DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix method

The old way to end your engine transmission problem is to take apart the unit, hand clean every part, replace the trouble-causing parts. Pay the mechanic for doing so. Causes those $3000 plus repairs to get your car working great again. 

The new smarter way to do all that is my DIY Tune Up and Repair Options Solutions

This tune repair option introduces products you can use I teach and sell to mechanics to use that remove internal toxins - and restore your cars performance at a great savings for you!

How to end your engine transmission radiator steering and a/c service products It's the new, easy to use, smarter way to restore your engine transmission performance to normal again!

  • Nothing to take apart. Driving does the fix.
  • In minutes powerful toxin removers removes the trouble, and ends the problem, and returns the vehicle to its former like new operation.
  • Money refunded, if not!

Troubles this tune repair option ends

Tapping, sludge, oil burning, blowby, engine miss, power loss, rough shift, and gear slippage problem - to name a few. 

What this option does guarantees to prevent other common toxin caused trouble with its ant-wear feature, for years more trouble-free operation.

Installed as a service that exceeds every car maker specs for 25,000, 50,000 mile warranty service for new vehicles. 

And In This Way This Option Helps you Now, And Later. It Pays For Itself!   More here...

The Cause of Toxic Motor Transmission Conditions: 

Its Causing Your Present Engine Transmission Problems. Toxins include acids, sludge, vanish, and wear-increasing friction.

The old way to end engine transmission problems

The old way to end your engine transmission problem is to take apart the unit, hand clean every part, replace the trouble-causing parts. Toxins causes those $3000 Plus overhaul needs.

The new smarter way to end them

This tune repair option introduces you to products  to use I teach mechanics to use that remove toxins. 

  • It's the new, easy to use, smarter way to restore your engine transmission performance to normal again!
  • Nothing to take apart. Driving does the fix.
  • In minutes it removes the trouble, and ends the problem, and returns the vehicle to its former like new operation.

Trouble starts here Our option corrects

Remove these toxins to end engine troubleRemove these toxins to end engine trouble


Here's a product with a unique value. This is the one me and tens of thousands use that does so recovering your automotive care help and repair avoiding needs.

Guaranteed to end over 400 costly to repair tune repair car equipment problems using problem solving additives from Mega Power. An inventor of such.

    I'm George Christ, the Country's Repair Options Expert Google sent you here to check out.

   I'm using this means teaching mechanics and car owners of these tune repair product benefits and their tune repair enhancement promises no other method or web site offers.

   This site contains what experts taught me, I learned as a mechanic, and from mechanics who figured out the shortcut repair using additives. 

    When you - man, women, mechanic, fleet owner meditate on what is said on how they fix cars and try the recipe I give:

  • You will end your car truck tractor dozer, Rv boat motorcycle machine upsetting , or broken problem to faster, easier, better
  •  – or no charge for trying.
  • Please Note: 2 refunds last 267 days.

    Ideal to prevent end your present running, operating, tap sludge oil burn , rough shift leak, overheating problem, and such

    Prevent problems in their good running vehicles

    Assures all your vehicles will run just great.

Do so years past when others, using other methods have to overhaul their engines and transmissions,

have avoidable troubles yours don’t!

or have to replace them, whiles your runs just great !

This option does so by removing the 6 toxins that cause premature performance anad worn out repair problems


More How To... 

On a cellphone, have a question, to order what's listed, call me... george at 512 665 3388

  1. Unlike common repairs, which only returns your troubled engine back to the way it was, just before the problem... Leaving your half-worn pistons, bearings, valves and gears rushing to their end.
  2. My tune repair option ends both problems by flushing out the trouble-causing Toxins in your dirty engine. By conditioning an d smoothing worn surfaces. Then by adding a protector slippery to fill worn surfaces = Both equals problem gone!
  3. You benefit by avoiding the high cost to take your motor and transmission apart to replace your trouble-causing parts.  Imagine the good from that option!
  4. You also have any new to old car truck tractor dozer boat RV motorcycle machine run instantly Trouble -free. Quiet as new.  Run stronger, as if having a bigger motor, smooth transmission. More tips... read below.

     For you - the car, truck, to small fleet owner looking for the best care and repair shortcut to end a  vehicles operating problem. Avoid its repair to do so possibly.

For you - the mechanic looking for care and repair service products to enhance their tune up and repair. Here are just the right products and instruction to solve sticky or friction operating problems - for that snap-throttle response - showing all is now well - new parts did not quite secure.

Here's help and products - from helping race cars win oftener... solving their horsepower losing or operating problems to helping you solve your car or truck engine transmission radiator an steering problems.

Here's the right help and street-proven right product to end your vehicles troublesome internal condition. 

0 minutes reading will exposed the problem, its cause and the recipe leading you to its permanent end - explained.... with product to do so with!

It can't be any easier.

And for those Who just aren't sure - we are!  After following the recipe, if it still needs repair ---a quick refund is offered. 

Of course, if you know its broken and need that help, other sites offer that help. Here..

Your solution? Find and solve over 400 operating problems - listed asy to find. Each with several solutions. Your problem? Easy-to-find by the words describing the trouble.

Is this of interest to you? Will it work for your car problem? Just consider.. When new your motor and gear parts were shinny clean, fitted close together, and easily transferred more racy, zippy horsepower to the wheels, using less fuel. Please note:

As dirty conditions and friction grows, they set up performance loss, oil burning, leaks, blowby, tapping and rough shift, and other sludge-choking performance problems. However, an engine flush like what part store and quick lubes sell will cause more problems.

However, Our auto tune up and repair option chemically reverses those conditions. Is that a service you want? That' why Google suggested you find out!

  1. Ends the problem internally for you!
  2. Adds 20 to 40 more miles distance on each tank of gas or diesel fuel. 
  3. Gives race vehicles the edge to win oftener.
  4. Gives older diesel equipment greater, years more working power!
  5. Any vehicle can stay that way years pass, when others, using other options, must overhaul their vehicle. Replace theirs for being worn out. Not our treated vehicles, though! Is this the option you have been looking for?

Select one of these links below,

or on the left side to get started. 

Click the help link for your auto tune up and repair options and find your DIY solution I also use and promote.

Motor Fix

Transmission Fix

Radiator Cooling System Fix 

Power Steering Fix

Gears, Wheel Bearings, Flexible Drive Axles Additives

Tractor Hydraulics Additives

A/C Fix 

Tune up Tip and Additives 

Fuel Injector Cleaning Cleaners

....Once applied, quick results will correct 
the cause and symptom of your problem.

Here! 2 auto tune up and repair options... Cheaper, faster, better!

Do It Yourself How-to site.

The add this, Drive, End your problem Option

No fancy pictures. Just expert tune and repair articles - with your fix explained for quick professional results. At Do It Yourself help and prices. 

Includes FREE phone help if needed. And… Plus car truck cross-over anti-wear benefits.

Fix your problem, and use the solution to keeps troubles away in good running cars, equipment. No hokey poky. No ads.  Just the solution you want!


Try our options, on the page we send you to, you have a NO-FIX NO-PAY Guarantee Promise. Options opposed by many mechanics but in use by men, women, mechanics around the world.

Requires a bit of reading - and driving afterwards to end the problem. However, if now broken, seek other sites for that help.

Read more to find your tune repair solution below.

 A few jokes to make the point of this option.

Our story. Providing car truck RV owners the world's best DO_IT_YOURSELF Additives to end their cars wear and tear operating problems. Including engine transmission radiator and steering treatments for longer car life - and a quick return to normal operation at lower cost.

Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items listed. call me at 512 665 3388

Internal car, equipment engine transmission fuel problem worries end with auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.comDIY internal car, equipment engine transmission fuel problem worries end with

Now, his website and mechanic's and additive expertise is a Google source for mechanics and car and diesel owners around the world.

Huge breakthroughs in additive technology end the performance decline causes that lead to a $5 part failure and $2000 to $5000 overhaul bill. Ending the cause usually ends the problem.

Tune up, repair aid additives do end acid, friction wear, carbon binding and sticky operating problems causing premature $5 internal part failure, if installed before failure. That's our option.

And thousands of repair shops use our additive choices as a repair aid to tune and condition older parts to operate smoothly with new parts for a better repair.

Additive usage can end oil burning, blowby, tapping, knocks, ping, stalling, sludge, loss of power, rough shift, leaks, mysterious  coolant loss and hundreds more problems repairs use to.

Partly supported by race car owners success on what works for what. And street usage. But, most people don’t use additives simply because they seen or experience the harm popular store-bought additives cause. However...

George wanted to change this perception with a revolutionary website that listed race car and street-proven additives remedies. Those additives have proven to end hundreds of car truck tractor RV boat and motorcycle wear, fuels and friction problems. Listed on thi site.s

What our customers say..

  • "On my One Year Old Ford Diesel pick up - the treatment stop the oil seal leak; the dealer couldn't!"

  • 98 Honda owner - "no longer burns 2 quarts of oil  between oil changes. The mechanic said a $2000 piston rings job would fix it. Following Mega Power tips usage, Mega Power ended its oil burning in less than 30 minutes - and its been running great since then - for less than a $100, not $2000"

  • "Stop my valve lifter tap in minutes when a synthetic oil change couldn't."

  • "I bought my Chevy Astro Cargo Van with 124,400 miles on it. Your oil change treatment ended its sluggish ways, and it quit burning 2 to 3 quarts of oil between oil changes. I thought it was worn out! I thought a new motor was needed!" Not any more Thanks to your Mega Power Engine Treatment.

  • "I'm soooo happy your Engine Treatment gave my motor a new lease on life. Thanks for introducing me to a great product. I'm now installing the Treatment in all my vehicles. I recommend it to anyone." GC

  • "I tried your Treatment. Within a mile or so, the transmission shifted again, smooth and strong as ever. I thought it was worn out! Well, it is, but this gave it new life, it seems." TE

  • "Hot or cold, my 99 Chevy once again starts up fast like it use to. And the tap tap tap is gone. You were right! It was a sticky valve problem and you product save me an expensive repair, ending it."NC

  • "Your Mega Power Engine Transmission Treatment picked up a good 40 more miles driving distance between fill ups. That reduces my yearly gas need 2 gallons per week. That's a great improvement! JV
healing medicine is better than surgeryhealing medicine is better than surgery

The mechanics way is more costly, less healthy.

      Each mechanic is trained to fix your car problem replacing parts as what needs fixing.  Not a provide a wholesome healthy recovery. Why is that?

     The reason is because the mechanic is trained to replace affected parts. Not fix the cause to see if that works.

     He just replaces parts until he gets it right!

     The mechanics way can bleed your finances down to nothing with that system. I know that is true as that is how I was trained as a mechanic. Mechanics work back-words... 

     So when I started to use additives made to end the cause of the problem, that also removed friction, amazing results occurred. I called my method the cardoctor2 method.

     This auto tune up and repair options site contain the recipes and medicine I use.

Specific Help:

To find an economical solution for your vehicle problem, Type its problem in the google search box below.

How to DIY Auto Tune Up Repair Options:

End Transmission Problems Yourself

Auto Tune Up and Repair Option:

Transmission Problem Solver.

     Mega Powers DIY Transmission Service Treatment does more than any other product to end shift and hang up problems - and even gear growl. Conditions every part to run good as new! Useful fix benefits.  Driving does the fix!

     Mega Powers Transmission Treatment and its MC+ anti-wear add worn part films for a guaranteed promised smooth shift again. Offers total cool temp TOWING protection, too! 

     To gain a return to your transmissions great performance in under and hour service: Learn More.... 

DIY Auto Tune Up Repair Transmission Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions. 

 Auto Tune Up Repair Options to
Stop Radiator Leaks, Head Gasket Leaks and Overheating Problems Yourself

Mega Power Radiator Treatment Cleans. Cools, Stops leaks!Mega Power Radiator Treatment Cleans. Cools, Stops leaks!

Auto tune up repair options treatment for radiators cooling systems.

     An easy to do service ends all 3 radiator problems. It also exceed new car warranty radiator servicing required every 4 years. Here's the service needed:

  1. The flush item. Mega Power cleans out crud film keeping heat temps dangerously higher making your radiator and engine run hotter.  Included in this show service product.
  2. Cool.  Cool adds an ingredient to remove oxygen in the anti-freeze. With Cool added to the new coolant anti-freeze you transfer heat from the engine out faster. Included in this show service product.
  3. Stop leak. Ours works like blood. Flows until it passes into a leak - then coagulates stop every kind of leak. Stops head gasket and manifold leaks so costly to repair.  Included in this show service product.

   A great engine temp lowering service for tow vehicles to keep engine running cool.

   Learn more and Ordering Mega Power Radiator Treatment.

How to End A/C Air Conditioner Cooling Problems Yourself.

A/C Cooling Problem Help.

Ending Hot Vent Problems.  

    Some vehicle owners know just one solution to every vehicle problem.  Replace every part! That's true with an A/C cooling problem. Not Me!

   If your a/c vent air is a little on the warm side, and the compressor is noisy, and you have warm a/c vent air in traffic, here are two of the best tips to enjoy cool air at a fraction of repair - and avoid an expensive air conditioning repair of $1500 to $4000.

A/C Cooling Tip One

    A/C vent air warm?  The air conditioning system Tune Up may be simple as the fix.

    You may need 12 ozs of Freon added to the "low-side" to produce 37 degree vent temperatures. But, to do it right,  smart vehicle owners do the following I'll show you to do.

    Our air conditioner auto tune up and repair option tip removes crud, and takes away friction - the 2 main warm vent air causes. This  air conditioner auto tune up and repair option tip will amaze you - its so simple, an add years life to car and air-conditioner using our MC+ compressor additive tune up tip. For Tips on what to avoid doing, about flushing the system clean if need be, tune up tips for better a/c air conditioner vent cooling tips, click here. 

A/C Cooling Tip Two.

    Remove heat keeping scrum inside your engine radiator cooling system and your a/c temperatures - and your transmission will run cooler. The dirty radiator cooling surfaces build up an insulating dirty and acidic scrum keeping engine and coolant temperature and the air conditioning system running hundreds of degrees hotter. This removal requires special scrum removing, acid neutralizing cleaners and cool-aids. Here's the easy quick way to remove them and service all your vehicles to protect the engine transmission and a/c system from the radiators damaging heat keeping scrum overload.

    Get started! Read this article: How To service your vehicles radiator for cooler vent temperatures, and longer engine life.

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End DIY auto tune up and repair options

Engine Sludge Removal 2. Easiest Way to Clean, Restore, Dirty Engines
Easiest sludge removal 2 method. Superior, because it gives quick, safe, piston, bearing, valve, oil line, and lifter cleaning as u drive! Keeps you going.
Engine flush tips, types and brand ratings?
Most engine flush additives should be installed and engine ran cautiously. We found the Mega Power Engine treatment among the best performing. Its protectors allow you to drive while cleaning ensues. Performance recovery is second to none!
Motor blowby treatment ends worn compression blowby.Restores power fast
Mega Power's Motor Blowby Treatment ends compression blow-by in any motor! Stops oil burning, oil leaks, valve tap. Restores like-new power with MC+ avoids overhaul. Guaranteed!
Stops noisy engine valve tap! Driving ends tap. Avoids costly repair bill
Mega Power, a noisy engine valve treatment stops noisy engine valve tap or free! Add to motor. Drive to end tap. Avoids engine repair for good!
This Worn Motor Treatment. Gives new life to worn motors, instantly!
Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment restores power, ends oil burning, tap noise by cleaning dirty valves, piston rings, by adding protective anti-wear for year more dependable service
DIY fuel injector cleaners with oil system cleaner do the best tune up
Fuel Injector Cleaners with MC+ oil system cleaners more successful to end rough idle, engine miss, stalling, lousy fuel economy. Order online
Tune up Products: Additives, the inside product for a good tune up
Mega Power Tune up Products; recovers horsepower ending performance problems. Review.
Truck additive for large trucks TBN TAN products clean older engines
Truck additive for large trucks. TBN TAN clean and products to free sticky piston rings, valves, injectors/pump. Fills worn spaces for added protection. Stop oil burning. Rebuilds lost pwer
Cold Weather Engine And Fuel Additives For Diesel Winter Operation
Mega Power's Cold Weather Engine and Fuel Additives help older diesels run great. One product protects engine, battery, starter, fuel all winter long
Stop diesel engine tapping noise the no repair way..
This diesel engine tapping noise product stops valve tapping for instantly quieter, smoother operation. Just add and drive to stop tapping!
Best Worn Vehicle Additives End Engine Transmission Steering Problems
These Worn Vehicle Additives, added, end Engine Transmission Steering Problems and extend their life for years to come
Diesel injector cleaning better with engine revitalizer
Diesel injector cleaning and an engine revitalizer offers 10 times the performance improvement at half price with faster results
Transmission Help to End Rough Shift, Jerk, Slip, Leak Yourself
Need transmission help? New product ends rough shift, jerk, slip, leak, chatter. Goes where oil, other products cannot to end problem.
Transmission slipping additive. End the slip problem now!.
New product ends 3 causes transmission slipping. Does so removing varnish on clutches, pump shift pressure, cleaning sticky shift valves. Tips Products.
Power Steering Treatment Ends Steer, Leak, Bind Problem
Premium Power Steering Treatment that ends jerky turning, turn hang up, squeal, leak. Restore smooth steering, turning. Avoids repair.
Radiator cooling system DIY fixes: Leaks, Overheating, Changing Fluid
Radiator cooling system service: stops head gasket, manifold, heater core leaks. Overheating. Coolant loss. Simple to install, instant results, cool exciter and stop leak included, guaranteed.
Stop Leak Products for Cars, Trucks, Equipment. Our Review
Stop leak products. Engine, Transmission, Power Steering. Radiator. Heater. A/C compressor. Seals/gaskets/cracks. Reviews
Radiator cooling system flush cleaner, stop leak, cooling aid service
Radiator servicing. New, stronger system flush, stop leak, and cooling conditioners. Acid an Anti-rust Removers. Tech tips. Order online.
Mega Power Testimonial. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.
Mega Power Testimonial. "After years of neglect, Mega Power has given my little pickup has more power, and better fuel mileage than I can remember it ever having before."
Stops motor oil burning. A new fix from Mega Power
Mega Power stops motor oil burning fast. Add, drive. Driving quickly stops oil burning, exhaust smoke, oil consumption using new oil n wear conditioners to block oil escape.
Air conditioner tune up oil ends cooling problems
Follow these air conditioner "cheat" service tips using #120. The 120 flush oil lowers cooling 5 to 10 degrees - avoids costly compressor replacement.. Order online
Garage owner tips: Profiting from Perceived Value
Garage owner tips. Learn more. Sell more. $1000 more every month. Steps to have more customers buy more, oftener.
Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner. This one does it all!
Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner. Why different. This one works fast and cost less. Why its best for your problem, explained. Tips. How to. Free Shipping
Site-purpose. New to A popular repair and care shortcuts not found elswher to help save you time, fustrations, on problems they develop
These octane booster additives remove horsepower wasters too!
Octane booster additives release absorbed horsepower. Go for the win! Review. Products to boost power by removing octane lowering, power robbing, motor, transmission negatives.
Ending Winter Engine Starting, Running Problems - Permanently
My 10 cold weather, cranking, engine starting, running tips. End slow start, rough idle, stall, tap. Winter engine care for great engine starting, running, performance.
Air conditioner tuneup tips to get cooling faster cooler tips
This new air conditioner tuneup tip will cool and quiet your hot compressor to instantly cool as it should using Mega Power Tuneup Lube #120.
Ends your motor burns oil problem; can last years Some say
Motor burns oil help. Stops oil consumption, exhaust smoke Stops oil burning fast by freeing sticky piston oil rings, cylinder wear spaces & valve stems causes. Ends 90% smoking. Restores lost power too, customers say
Increasing horsepower. Top 5 Tips For Modifying Your Car's Engine
About increasing horsepower, engine modifying, race cams, superchargers, racing lubrication,
Ends sticky transmission shift problem. Add; then driving ends rough shifting
End your sticky transmission shift problems with this powerful cleaner conditioner. Clean and friction modifies to return smooth shifting again.
Stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack binding fast
Stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack binding fast with this great service treatment. A Do-it-yourself product
Cleans car rusty radiator fast. 2 simple steps, products to use
Cleans your car rusty radiator fast. Simple DIY product. Removes rust. Cooler car radiator when towing. Ends hot running temperature rise.
Best boat fuel additives for every type boat fuel blend, usage.
Best boat fuel additives. This brand is so strong, motors just last longer. Gives your boat motor& carburetor a tuneup via the fuel.
Quiets noisy motor fast. Product corrects your engine problem
End your noisy motor problem. New pour-in-n-drive noise ending motor aid has car owners jumping with joy over overhual-like results. See why
Stopping head gasket leak fast. New head gasket stop leak from Mega Power
Stopping head gasket leak fast. New head gasket stop leak from Mega Power works fast. Non clogging. Seals when exposed to air. Online ordering.
Mega Power Classic Car Additives. Classic car fuel motor transmission additives
Classic Car Additives. Just add these to prevent and end fuel motor transmission classic car fuel, storeing, cranking, running and shift problems.
Mega Power 120 Lube Spray. Instant rusted stuck nut buster, and Lube
Mega Power 120 Lube Spray frees anything stuck rusted or squeaks. Nuts bolts studs hinges rusted tools wheel nuts machine shafts,
Distributor options. Supplying auto repair shops products monthly
Mega Power Distributor Options: Provides a profitable new income producing tune and repair products mechanics can only buy from you each month. $5000 Investment.
Mega Power Machine cutting lube. Faster cutting. Longer knife life
Industrial machine cutting lube aid. HEAVY-DUTY CUTTING difficult-to-machine steels. Saw lathe milling. Reduces friction chatter damaging heat. End gear friction noise
Equipment additives. Ends high mile motor transmission problems.
High mileage equipment additives provide wear reducing coatings to clean free & extend end piston bearing valve gear fuel problems. Restores truck performance fast
Ends engine noise when cold. Add this to stop tapping noise
Product ends engine noise when cold. Ends engine tap noise, rattle. Motor noise stops cold or hot
How to blown head gasket repair in 2 easy steps.
Repairs blown head gasket. Seals head gasket leak and coolant loss. Non-clogging
Motorcycle additives to end rough idle, backfire, cold idle problems
These motorcycle additives end rough idle, backfire, cold idle problems. Ends tap, Oil burning, even gear shifts problem
Boat engine troubleshooting tips, care, additives to use
Boat engine troubleshooting.Tune up your engine. Enjoy easier starts, higher speeds. Lower repair cost.
End stick shift transmission rough shift: grind into gear
End your stick shift transmission problem. Again enjoy smooth easy shifting each gear. 4X4 shift aid. Ends growl. Overheating.
Car Club Forum. Spread Club News. Show Off Your Classic Car Pic Here.
Car club forum: News, events, car pictures. Your favorite car likes, dislikes.This Car Club Forum, an extra link web page for your Club News. Show Off Cars in Your Club.
Stops motorcycle engine valve tap. My engine tap story
Stops motorcycle engine valve tap. My engine tap story
New blowby motor fix. Twice power to end piston combustion blow by.
This new blowby motor fix ends blowby. Ends your gasket and seal leaks. Ends oil burning, power loss, and tapping. Last for years with small touch up. Puts off overhaul, some say.
Sport racing additives. Fuel engine transmission horsepower improvers
Racing additives pass-thru more horsepower, remvoe hot spots, reduce metal migration, transfer heat outward faster for longer periods of time, lower friction in 2 ways. They give the edge you need!
Tractor engine additives helping owners get more life out of equipment
New types of tractor engine additives giving overhaul-like power to worn engines, transmissions
Oil additives for heavy equipment. Keeps them working!
Oil additives for heavy equipment.ending oil burning, valve tapping, blowby, black exhaust problems..
DIY radiator service kit Flush acid nutralizer Cool agent Non-clog stop leak
DIY radiator service kit includes 5 Minute Flush Acid neutralizer Cool agent and Non-clog stop leak for years of 100% protection. Exceeds all car maker service specs. Guarantee. Buy online
Alan Fincke Testimonial for Mega Power on Lexus LS400, Toyota camper
Alan Fincke Testimonial My1998 Lexus LS400, 1985 Toyota camper Again run great thanks to Mega Power additives.
Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. Info, call 512 665 3388
Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. Local Business Opportunity. For more info, call 512 665 3388. A local way to supply auto service and lube businesses a monthly supply of products they need.
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Mega Power Testimonials What customers say How it Worked
Mega Power Testimonials What customers say How it Worked
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index 1 Automotive Tune, Repair Additives To End Vehicle Problems

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