The DIY fix, avoid fixing option: The flush-out, heal trouble oil change product. A street proven service, for easy to install end to fuel, engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problems.

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Auto Tune Up and Repair Options: How I Fix Them With Additives.
How you can too!
That's the option you need right now, isn't it?
So, give this a quick read, learn how and lets get rolling great again...

Here’s How To... 

On a cellphone, have a question, to order what's listed, call me... george at 512 665 3388

  1. Covered here: Additives with problem solving features some of us techs use to end fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, steering, an a/c problems may be all that's needed to restore your wear and performance problem.
  2. You are shown harmful additives to avoid.
  3. These tune repair option can reduce tens of thousands of now-avoidable vehicle expenses for your family over a lifetime.
  4.  - Such savings have help me and my customers cover other family needs with the savings enjoyed.
  5. Unlike common repairs, which only returns your troubled vehicle back to the way it was, just before the problem... 
  6. My tune repair fix option instantly makes your car truck tractor dozer boat RV motorcycle machine run instantly  quieter. Seem stronger, as if having a bigger motor.

From race car to an old tired, probmatic car or truck you can solve its running problem with additives we found that do so. Other benefits:

  1. Yet, often go 20 to 40 more miles distance on each tank of gas or diesel fuel. 
  2. Gives race vehicles the edge to win oftener.
  3. Gives older diesel equipment greater, years more working power!
  4. Any vehicle can stay that way years pass, when others, using other options, must overhaul their vehicle. Replace theirs for being worn out. Not our treated vehicles, though!

Lets began. 

Click the help link for your auto tune up and repair options and find your DIY solution I also use and promote.

Motor Fix

Transmission Fix

Radiator Cooling System Fix 

Power Steering Fix

Gears, Wheel Bearings, Flexible Drive Axles Additives

Tractor Hydraulics Additives

A/C Fix 

Tune up Tip and Additives 

Fuel Injector Cleaning Cleaners

....Once applied, quick results will correct 
the cause and symptom of your problem.

Here! 2 auto tune up and repair options... Cheaper, faster, better!

Do It Yourself How-to site.

The add this, Drive, End your problem Option

No fancy pictures. Just expert tune and repair articles - with your fix explained for quick professional results. At Do It Yourself help and prices. 

Includes FREE phone help if needed. And… Plus car truck cross-over anti-wear benefits.

Fix your problem, and use the solution to keeps troubles away in good running cars, equipment. No hokey poky. No ads.  Just the solution you want!


Try our options, on the page we send you to, you have a NO-FIX NO-PAY Guarantee Promise. Options opposed by many mechanics but in use by men, women, mechanics around the world.

Requires a bit of reading - and driving afterwards to end the problem. However, if now broken, seek other sites for that help.

Read more to find your tune repair solution below.

 A few jokes to make the point of this option.

MOTHER: To Little Johnny.

  • Didn’t I tell you to wash all of your hands before eating to keep healthy?

Little Johnny:

  • But, mommy, I only use my fingers to touch food, so I don’t need to wash all of my hands to stay healthy.

Dentist: To patient.

  • Of course, You don’t have to brush and floss all your teeth. Just the ones you want to save.

Car Diesel Truck Owner to

  • Do I really have to use your option of more-expensive conditioners to end my engine transmission problem. replies:

  • Of course not! Find cheaper products elsewhere for your fix. There’s hundreds of sites to search out.
  • However, Google had you come here to end your engine transmission problem so every internal part runs trouble free as long you want.
  • Is this what you want?
  • Purchasing our Engine Transmission Problem Solvers with MC+ conditions every internal engine and transmission part to last as long as you want your cars, and diesel tractors, RV, boats, and motorcycles to last, after the fix.
  •  To last as long as you want your cars, and diesel tractors, RV, boats, and motorcycles to last, after the fix is your best option here!
  • Here's how to acquaint yourself with this option.

Please, bookmark this page, and spend 10 minutes reading around our site to see the benefit of choosing out auto tune up and repair options as your best tune up and  repair option.

PS: Tips How, below...

Our story. Providing car truck RV owners the world's best DO_IT_YOURSELF Additives to end their cars wear and tear operating problems. Including engine transmission radiator and steering treatments for longer car life - and a quick return to normal operation at lower cost.

Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items listed. call me at 512 665 3388

Internal car, equipment engine transmission fuel problem worries end with auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.comDIY internal car, equipment engine transmission fuel problem worries end with

San Marcos, Texas
Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019

Yordios Cristos, better known by George Christ, have been promoting car and truck engine transmission fixing additives to car, truck, equipment and race car owners owners and mechanics most of his life.

This rare expertise, and his website, grew from learning that winning race car owners use additives to help win more races.

They install additives before and during a race, to end mechanical and engine fuel and gear problems, so their race cars can stay in the race and win more races. And... why not for your vehicles, too, thought George?

Now, his website and mechanic's and additive expertise is a Google source for mechanics and car and diesel owners around the world.

With over a billion dollars in additive purchases, vehicle owners are seeking additive help to end wear and tear problems. Those that wear, sticky residues and raw friction causes their vehicles - all in hopes of avoiding a costly repair. His additive tips assure faster return to normal and trouble-free operation...  This is his story.

Let’s be honest, very few people believe in additives. Most people know you can't fix a broken engine or gear shift with additives. That is true, of course. However...

Huge breakthroughs in additive technology do end the performance decline causes that lead to a $5 part failure and $2000 to $5000 overhaul. Ending the cause usually ends the problem.

Tune up, repair aid additives do end acid, friction wear, carbon binding and sticky operating problems causing premature $5 internal part failure, if installed before failure. That's our option.

And thousands of repair shops use our additive choices as a repair aid to tune and condition older parts to operate smoothly with new parts for a better repair.

Additive usage can end oil burning, blowby, tapping, knocks, ping, stalling, sludge, loss of power, rough shift, leaks, mysterious  coolant loss and hundreds more problems repairs use to.

Partly supported by race car owners success on what works for what. And street usage. But, most people don’t use additives simply because they seen or experience the harm popular store-bought additives cause. However...

George wanted to change this perception with a revolutionary website that listed race car and street-proven additives remedies. Those additives have proven to end hundreds of car truck tractor RV boat and motorcycle wear, fuels and friction problems. Listed on thi site.s

Justice Brothers  and Mega Power are leaders in this additive niche, but only sell their additives to professionals. So George has this retail/wholesale website for car equipment owners and repair shops to find the specific additives for their problem remedy. 

The result of his efforts produce a recipe to follow including the specific additives for that problem any man women, mechanic can use to end or help end their car equipment problems.

PS: Just click a link for the engine transmission radiator steering a/c, or other component linking to his auto tune up and repair option, and repair avoiding recipe.

Our tune, repair option is to clean up and remove the cause of car problemsMechanics replace parts. They don't know how to remove the cause of your car problems like we do.

 Click below to find your auto tune up and repair options now cheaper faster better than ever before!

....Once applied, quick results will correct 
the cause and symptom of your problem.

....Install the auto tune up and repair options helping 
thousands of vehicles run as good as new – trouble-free and what seems like indefinitely.

....Anyhow, the remedy's suggested are successfully followed by many satisfied motorist.

Your friends and neighbors will wonder how you do it.
Compared to others with similar vehicles and equipment, yours will
continue to run great with my tune up and repair options and repair
alternatives when others require expensive repair or replacement!

Here’s how to get the tune up and repair info you need here.

Mechanics replace parts to see what happensMechanics replace parts to see what happens

Replace as the fix is costlier.

      Each mechanic has a different reason for the problem and what needs fixing. but ignores removing the cause: Friction and binding. Why is that?

     The reason is because the mechanic is trained to replace affected parts. Not fix the cause to see if that works.

     The mechanics way can bleed your finances down to nothing with that system. I know that is true as that is how I was trained as a mechanic. Mechanics work back-words... that way!

What our customers say..

What our customers say..

  • "On my One Year Old Ford Diesel pick up - the treatment stop the oil seal leak; the dealer couldn't!"

  • 98 Honda owner - "no longer burns 2 quarts of oil  between oil changes. The mechanic said a $2000 piston rings job would fix it. Following Mega Power tips usage, Mega Power ended its oil burning in less than 30 minutes - and its been running great since then - for less than a $100, not $2000"

  • "Stop my valve lifter tap in minutes when a synthetic oil change couldn't."

  • "I bought my Chevy Astro Cargo Van with 124,400 miles on it. Your oil change treatment ended its sluggish ways, and it quit burning 2 to 3 quarts of oil between oil changes. I thought it was worn out! I thought a new motor was needed!" Not any more Thanks to your Mega Power Engine Treatment.

  • "I'm soooo happy your Engine Treatment gave my motor a new lease on life. Thanks for introducing me to a great product. I'm now installing the Treatment in all my vehicles. I recommend it to anyone." GC

  • "I tried your Treatment. Within a mile or so, the transmission shifted again, smooth and strong as ever. I thought it was worn out! Well, it is, but this gave it new life, it seems." TE

  • "Hot or cold, my 99 Chevy once again starts up fast like it use to. And the tap tap tap is gone. You were right! It was a sticky valve problem and you product save me an expensive repair, ending it."NC

  • "Your Mega Power Engine Transmission Treatment picked up a good 40 more miles driving distance between fill ups. That reduces my yearly gas need 2 gallons per week. That's a great improvement! JV
healing medicine is better than surgeryhealing medicine is better than surgery

The mechanics way is more costly, less healthy.

      Each mechanic is trained to fix your car problem replacing parts as what needs fixing.  Not a provide a wholesome healthy recovery. Why is that?

     The reason is because the mechanic is trained to replace affected parts. Not fix the cause to see if that works.

     He just replaces parts until he gets it right!

     The mechanics way can bleed your finances down to nothing with that system. I know that is true as that is how I was trained as a mechanic. Mechanics work back-words... 

     So when I started to use additives made to end the cause of the problem, that also removed friction, amazing results occurred. I called my method the cardoctor2 method.

     This auto tune up and repair options site contain the recipes and medicine I use.

Replacing parts is the rich mans way to fix carsReplacing poor-working engine parts is the rich mans way to fix cars

The cardoctor2 method.

     Unlike your mechanic, your doctor uses medicine first to end your bodys problem. I do what doctors do... to fix cars the same way.

The doctor suggest surgery after medicine can't help!  So do I.

     In fact, doctors uses lots of medicine to heal any damage, an end illness. Its healing power aids recovery. And that is the tune repair option I want you to follow below....  

Strong engine transmission problem-solving additives. The cardoctor2 uses this to heal and fix car problems first.Strong engine transmission problem-solving additives. The cardoctor2 uses this to heal and fix car problems first.

Cardoctor2 repair method:

  The Poor Mans Medicine to fix cars trucks become healthy faster, better, cheaper.

     Not those cheap additives sold at part stores, but those specific to your car problem. That is your this websites auto tune up and repair option we offer, as it heals first, an is the guaranteed fix!

     You need this option - the medicine to heal your cars internal damage with its healing power that aids stronger, ideal recovery. 

    Ideal recovery like when near new, and velvety smooth shifts, by ending the problem with our option.

     Its the poor mans quicker, cheaer, and better vehicle recovery method. See next...

         Cardoctor vs Mechanics - Which is best?

    The tune repair and service tips help you get here is unlike what most mechanics offer. 

     This website and me, george chris the cardoctor2   prescribes the medicine your car needs to rid the cause of your engine transmission radiator steering a/c problem. This ends the problem! Protective's included assure a long happy driving performance for you.

    Your option product - which works 95 times out of 100 times as the fix is so successful it comes with a year long guarantee!


Even your wife will be behind you supporting our auto tune repair option as the best one to try.Even your wife will be behind you supporting our auto tune repair option as the best one to try.

How possible...

I learned these tune repair shortcuts from mechanics. They are famous race car winners.

Their tune repair methods help them discovered products to end internal fuel, engine, and gear troubles that developed during races that made them winners more so than losers.

Complex automotive medicine from the Mega Power Brand we choseComplex automotive medicine from the Mega Power Brand we chose

They packaged those fixes and sold them to mechanics. Seeing their benefits became My shortcut tune and repair Method because, they fix engine transmission radiator and steering problems chemically that otherwise require repair.

Is that an option you would want? Read on..

  Try this option with my 101% your money refunded - is it fails to do so!  ... george

This fix option works by ending internal trouble going right to its dirty, friction worn cause... and removes those conditions chemically - and the problem ends.

Which removes sludge, stops oil burning, ends compression blowby, rough idle, rough shift, and such wear and tear problems.   Saves time! Ends worry. Helps your vehicles run great, years longer. 

PSPS: I'm a mechanic who trains mechanics, and   this site list those secrets to fix my cars and equipment problems. Its keep them going strong - and now... I'll walk you thru that fix so you gain the same benefits. Here's How...

DIY auto tune and repair options. On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items for your fix call me... george at 512 665 388 Email if you like: megapower@grandecom.netDIY auto tune and repair options. On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items for your fix call me... george at 512 665 388 Email if you like:

To find an economical solution listed type your vehicle problem in the google search box below.

Why this DIY auto tune up and repair option: 

  • Learn why this one option should always be your first step to end your vehicle problem.
  • Or finds Tips to cut a repair expense in half or less.
  • So... type in your problem and see what products do so to go down life's road with a great running vehicle again.
  • Contact Info: On a cellphone, to ask a question, order items listed by phone, I'm here to help you. I'm a mechanic, and the Country's Expert in this care repair option.
  • By Email:   
  • For quick response. Call, at 512 665 3388. 
  • Bookmark this site so you can return when needed.

Type in your vehicle problem for a search.

Read tips given below..

New! Automotive Tune Up an Repair Products Offer True Recovery At Much Lower Cost. 

   New products are fixing engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problems, as the repair, lowering their repair cost by thousands of dollars - for those willing to spend time picking up a bit of education this option offers.

    Other rewards include new-like, trouble-free operation.

    Avoidance of other wear and tear trouble.

    Can be applied to any vehicle you want to protect.

    Now you can pay a fraction in expense to fix your car or truck some pay thousands for - for not knowing these tune repair options.

    Are those benefits you are looking for? 

   That is this sites tune up, repair option.

   Made to anyone, even help mechanics wanting to learn the principles involved.

  For any car, pickup, diesel truck, tractor, RV, boat, motorcycle, and machinery owners wanting a proven way to end internal problems themselves, of course, avoiding costly repairs.

   The introduction to these products and tips on use of these products keep their vehicles going many years longer, while gaining the benefit of avoiding tens of thousands expense others methods result in.

Problem-ending engine, shifting products sold to mechanics. So good even women use them.Problem-ending engine, shifting products sold to mechanics. So good even women use them.



This page has 3 DIY ways to help you

  1. Do so reading a few pages to understand How auto tune up and repair options fix your Problem.
  2. Select the page with your problem. Take a moment to understand the principles that make it cheaper faster better for your solution.
  3. Order what's suggested. It is what's proven in thousands of If not your solution, a money-back offer is easily available.

To begin...

  1. Type in the problem in the search box
  2. Scan the next 5 component areas below for help needed
  3. Click links left side for help
  4. See titles of articles for help bottom of this page
  5. Call me for help. I'm a mechanic an expert on all this

Contact Info On a cell phone, want to ask a question, to order by phone what's listed, call me or email me: at  512 665 3388 

Do a Search:

How to DIY Product: End Engine Problems Yourself

Engine Help.

     Engine Treatments do more than single product additives as they can take care of additional areas of the engine. Useful if cleaning and reconditioning features are wanted.

     Mega Powers Worn Motor Treatment contain the maximum cleaning, conditioning features to end your engine fuel, combustion, ring, valve, lifter, problems. For good measure - plus anti-wear and worn parts films for a guaranteed promised.  You will have a return to your engines great performance - in under and hour service - or no charge!   More.....

How to DIY product: End Transmission Problems Yourself

What fixes Transmissions as good as a repair,      but a lot cheaper

     Mega Powers Transmission Treatment does more than single product additives as the 3 can take care of additional areas of the your transmission need serviced. Useful for total cleaning reconditioning fix benefits.  Driving does the fix!

     Mega Powers Transmission Treatment contain the maximum cleaning, conditioning features needed to end your shift, slippage, clunk, even leak problems. Plus its MC+ anti-wear add worn part films for a guaranteed promised smooth shift again. Offers total TOWING protection, too! 

     To gain a return to your transmissions great performance in under and hour service: More....

How to DIY product: End Radiator and Overheating Problems Yourself

Ends Radiator and Hot Engine Problems. Even Head Gasket Leaks Cheaper

      Mega Powers Radiator Treatment  does more than single product cleaners and stop leaks. Its non-caustic cleaner, no fillers or solids amazing stop leak, and powerful heat removing features end any radiator problem!

      These 3 Mega Power ingredients can remove your engine cooling effect trouble that wipes out engines years prematurely.   

      And since transmission fluid is cooled in the radiator any heat, leak, flow, overheat problems weakens transmission fluid -to cut years of life off transmissions - this service product puts and end to, also. Exceeds car truck makers service requirement to meet warranty goals. More....

How to DIY product: End Power Steering Problems Yourself

Power Steering Problem Solver

     Power Steering Treatments do more than just add needed fluid. This one is my  simple 10 minute fluid replacement service - that also stops leaks, whine, jerk when turning steering wheel treatment.

    A Useful DIY cleaning and reconditioning feature to end trouble in the system when it happens.

Or, as a service every 4 years - to clean system, remove any problem in the making. 

     Like all Mega Powers Automotive Problem-Solving Treatment it also contain the maximum cleaning, conditioning features to end your problems. And for good measure - plus anti-wear and worn parts films for a guaranteed smooth steering fix. Or service.  More.....

How to DIY product: End A/C Cooling Problems Yourself

A/C Tune Up 

     Mega Power's A/C Lube is an a/c Tune Up Treatment. Just add 4 oz to the lo-side and immediately :

  • The a/c vent temp drops cooler than ever.
  • The compressor will turn from boiling water hot to cool to the touch.
  • Cycling is shorter. Interior become cooler.
  • Often is the secret to avoiding a $2000 a/c compressor replacement.  
  • Its the a/c system flush cleanout to remove particles and acids before replacement a/c marval  just before new parts are replaced.  
  • Cutting friction in the compressor will add years longer next life for the a/c. How to install:
  • Add 3 oz to any car pickup low-side entre. Large trucks, etcs, add 6 oz to  lo-side entre into the system. An oil fill device at part stores for oil addition can help.

    A Useful DIY cleaning and reconditioning feature to end trouble in the a/c system as it happens. As a service every 4 years - to clean system, tune out any problem in the making. More...

     Like all Mega Powers Treatment this #MP120 multi-use product contain the maximum conditioning features to free, lubes stop squeaks of anything nut bolt hinge, lock or part  - avoids busting stuck bolts - faster than a touch and at your finger tips if you have a couple cans on your work bench and work truck. And for good measure -make it your a/c  fix. Or service product.  More.....

What your car needs!

Auto tune and repair options ends 90 out of 100 car or equipment problems by cleaning up dirty conditions causing trouble - where there are no broken parts. tune up and repair options offers

  • A simple method to end unknow, complex internal mechanical problems easily, while driving! 
  • In anything large or small. 
  • Without a wrench.  
  • No special skill needed. 
  • You avoid the more costly, less beneficial repair way most people follow.

      A tune repair concept hard to visualize, but must be tried to believe.

     Once tried, you will have this option as yout tool to end future vehicle problems, in any vehicle, better than most pros can.    

      This option also includes the way to enjoy less-troublesome, great running vehicles -  running years pass what others enjoy - using common, less beneficial repair methods.

     Is it worth the look see and try? Hundreds of thousands think so.     Index > more.

Just as doctors prescribe medicine to help you. This option is the

medicine I found to end your car problems.

Its easy. Nothing to take apart. Just as and drive to end your problem. Check it out! Always works. 2 refunds last 267 days asked for.  

Among these auto tune up and repair medicine options, I'll show you what to purchase and install to end your car problem.Among these auto tune up and repair medicine options, I'll show you what to purchase and install to end your car problem.

Mechanics care little about such medicine to help you - But I do, and google list me for such popular help for you to try.

Contact Info On a cell phone, want to ask a question, to order by phone what's listed, call me or email me: at  512 665 3388

Specific Products car buffs install to end their vehicle trouble.Mega Powers specific Products car buffs install to end their vehicle trouble.

Here you learn the cause of your running performance shift oil-burning overheating squeals under cooling  solutions -

  • The car buffs fix for your problem.
  • The cheapest, fastest, best solution to get back up on the road again - 
  • Because life is moving on, and we can't afford to get left behind.

How to find your recipe for your cheaper car fix.

  • To do so, you will follow a car buffs service, and care way - a little education way, to have your sick vehicle return to their most dependable ways in the quickest, cheapest, best way known... 
  • Those 3 ideals - cheapest, fastest, and best way known I guarantee will  end your engine, transmission, radiator, steering, or a/c trouble.
  • Do what us car buffs do to avoid their their expensive repair.
  • If about to be repaired-  cut their expenses to less thir an half! Do what us car buffs do to avoid their their expensive repair.
  • If you depend upon an older vehicle to get you around...and a component is acting up....
  • If you own truck rigs, tractors, dozers and  and such  and looking for products to work-out a component problem. Maybe an more potent way to...
  • Keep them going strong - cut their repair and down time in half... Do what us car buffs do to avoid their their expensive repair.

What us car buffs do to fix our cars? To find out....

  1. Read what to do on the page your problem is covered.
  2. Read other pages on this site to build your knowledge and confidence on the products and steps they use.
  3. Don't buy yet! Go to youtube and see their ideas compared to ours. Google your problem again to do so.

    Acids, sticky residues, and metal migration  cause over 400 fuel, combustion exhaust, oiling, and performance problems.

That even the better oils and common sold products do nothing for to help your cars...

 - but I''l show what does to recover and end your car internal wear and tear problem - with the best ever, auto tune up and repair options around.

 Global Rank   2,113,168 5,United States  999,476  

Contact Info: DIY Auto Tune Up and Repair Options: Short cut tune and repair tips products and personal help to get your car running great again - Contact info: If on a smart phone, to ask a question, for ordering products listed, call me.... george at 512 665 3388

My 68 351 Cobra Mustang Engine still running great after 25 years with Mega Power.My 68 351 cobra mustang engine still running great after 25 years with Mega Power,-Avoids-Avoidable-Repairs&id=8781521

As featured in Congratulations Geo Christ! You're in the top 10%. With 17,386 people helped, you're one of the most popular answerers of Honda questions. Keep those great answers coming, George.

Distributor Opportunity Details. Mega Power Products Income Potential
Distributor Opportunity Details. Investigate this top quality product line to see if its for you. Local business opportunity. ROI Details. 1-512 665 3388
Shipping-guarantee restrictions 50 states and beyond USA
Shipping-guarantee: Mega Power Automotive Products: Shipping and Product Guarantee restrictions 50 states USA and beyond
Site-purpose. New to A popular repair and care shortcuts not found elswher to help save you time, fustrations, on problems they develop
Stops noisy engine valve tap! Driving ends tap. Avoids costly repair bill
Mega Power, a noisy engine valve treatment stops noisy engine valve tap or free! Add to motor. Drive to end tap. Avoids engine repair for good!
Motor blowby treatment ends worn compression blowby.Restores power fast
Mega Power's Motor Blowby Treatment ends compression blow-by in any motor! Stops oil burning, oil leaks, valve tap. Restores like-new power with MC+ avoids overhaul. Guaranteed!
Engine Sludge Removal 2. Easier, Way to Clean, Restore Dirty Engines
Easy sludge removal 2 method proves its superior, providing a quick, clean, strong motor performance to keep you going. Avoids expensive repair.
Engine flush tips, types and brand ratings?
Most engine flush additives should be installed and engine ran cautiously. We found the Mega Power Engine treatment among the best performing. Its protectors allow you to drive while cleaning ensues. Performance recovery is second to none!
This Worn Motor Treatment. Gives new life to worn motors, instantly!
Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment restores power, ends oil burning, tap noise by cleaning dirty valves, piston rings, by adding protective anti-wear for year more dependable service
Auto tune up checklist. 6 DIY performance additives Use this, end that
Auto tune up checklist shows what product ends miss, stalling, rough idle, power loss, oil burning, tap, lousy mileage, for a perfect auto tune up.
Tune up Products: Additives, the inside product for a good tune up
Mega Power Tune up Products; recovers horsepower ending performance problems. Review.
DIY fuel injector cleaners with oil system cleaner do the best tune up
Fuel Injector Cleaners with MC+ oil system cleaners more successful to end rough idle, engine miss, stalling, lousy fuel economy. Order online
Transmission Help to End Rough Shift, Jerk, Slip, Leak Yourself
Need transmission help? New product ends rough shift, jerk, slip, leak, chatter. Goes where oil, other products cannot to end problem.
Transmission slipping additive. End the slip problem now!.
New product ends 3 causes transmission slipping. Does so removing varnish on clutches, pump shift pressure, cleaning sticky shift valves. Tips Products.
Power Steering Treatment Ends Steer, Leak, Bind Problem
Premium Power Steering Treatment that ends jerky turning, turn hang up, squeal, leak. Restore smooth steering, turning. Avoids repair.
Radiator cooling system DIY fixes: Leaks, Overheating, Changing Fluid
Radiator cooling system service: stops head gasket, manifold, heater core leaks. Overheating. Coolant loss. Simple to install, instant results, cool exciter and stop leak included, guaranteed.
Stop Leak Products for Cars, Trucks, Equipment. Our Review
Stop leak products. Engine, Transmission, Power Steering. Radiator. Heater. A/C compressor. Seals/gaskets/cracks. Reviews
Cold Weather Engine And Fuel Additives For Diesel Winter Operation
Mega Power's Cold Weather Engine and Fuel Additives help older diesels run great. One product protects engine, battery, starter, fuel all winter long
Mega Power Diesel Motor Treatment stops oil burning, black, blue smoke
Mega Power Diesel Motor Treatment ends oil burning and blue and black exhaust smoke even in older worn engines.
Diesel Injector Cleaner. Fast cleaning, lubes as it cleans
Diesel Injector Cleaner by Mega Power. How this cleaner stops smoke an rough idle caused by dirty injectors and valves.
Stop diesel engine tapping noise the no repair way..
This diesel engine tapping noise product stops valve tapping for instantly quieter, smoother operation. Just add and drive to stop tapping!
Air conditioner tune up oil ends cooling problems
Follow these air conditioner "cheat" service tips using #120. The 120 flush oil lowers cooling 5 to 10 degrees - avoids costly compressor replacement.. Order online
Racing engine additives Zinc? Friction Modifiers? Octane boost?
Which racing engine additives get you to the finish line oftener? Those that reduce the most friction, send the most horsepower to the wheels!
Is an engine oil flush harmful? They say so on the label. This one is not!
Is an engine oil flush harmful to your motor? Most are! This one is not! The new flush treatment from Mega Power cleans and revitalizes a motor in minutes or free.
Mega Power Worn Motor Directions Restores your motor's power.
Mega Power Worn Motor Directions: the best way to restore a like-new smooth performance again. Products. Tips. Ordering 512 665 3388
End, Valve sticking, tap. Help with, and products to end valve problems
Valve sticking, tap help. WikiAnswers, quote, tips. Fast-acting products to end valve problems, end rough idling, rough running, restore power.
Radiator cooling system flush cleaner, stop leak, cooling aid service
Radiator servicing. New, stronger system flush, stop leak, and cooling conditioners. Acid an Anti-rust Removers. Tech tips. Order online.
Transmission remedies. Additives that end internal problems!
Thee transmission remedies end leaking, rough shift, slip, converter lockup. Under $100 Simple service & product you use avoids $2000 repair.
Transmission flush ends rough shift, chatter, and transmission leaks
We selected Mega Power Transmission Flush with anti-wear because it ends shift, chatter, leaks. Cools, conditions. Avoids repair.
How to Clean Dirty Fuel Injectors - and Motor for the Best Result
Clean your dirty fuel injectors and dirty engine valves, and other dirty trouble makers, at the same time.
Engine tune up tips, new tuning options. Internal engine problem-solving
New engine tune up product ends internal starting, power loss, engine miss, idle, lousy mileage tune up phone help, Ordering options.
Engine transmission fuel injector repair tips, best products for them
Engine transmission fuel injector repair tips to find, remove hidden power consumers,. Ends 21 tune up problems, 3 of the toughest shift problems. Your older car medicine and vitamins.
Chrisman Legacy Always Faster. The book. J Leno.
The Chrisman Legacy Always Faster - the book Interview; J Leno, Ed Justice Jr cover the race car legend Art Chrisman. The book.
These car lot additives help turn more cars each month - our secret
Car lot additives help cars that sit to start instantly, run smooth, shift smooth. End tap, smoke, rough shift, rough idle, leaks in minutes
Garage owner tips: Profiting from Perceived Value
Garage owner tips. Learn more. Sell more. $1000 more every month. Steps to have more customers buy more, oftener.
Bud Esterline, Vehicle Additive Inventor. His Mega Power Brand Review
Bud Esterline. Mega Power Automotive Additives, lube oils fluid exchngers for cars, trucks, RV, marine and industrial. Problem solving, anti-wear, oil fuel ATF treatments buy wholesale retail
Dyno tuning Mega Power Additives recover Tire smoking race car power improvers
Dyno tuning, using additives to recover and squeeze out extra horsepower. Not octane boost! "Conditioning" provides instant zip like a bigger motor. Tire smoking race car power improvers.
Motor oil treatment. Overcomes by cleaning older, worn motors troubles
Motor oil treatment. Restores power & compression in minutes. Stop oil burning, tap, leaks etc. Gives years of overhaul-like life to any worn motor
Worn motor additives. Restore? STP? Lucas? Brand X? Which is best?
Worn motor additives. Which oil treatment, tap oil burning aid works best? Details
Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner. This one does it all!
Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner. Why different. This one works fast and cost less. Why its best for your problem, explained. Tips. How to. Free Shipping
Stops motor oil burning. A new fix from Mega Power
Mega Power stops motor oil burning fast. Add, drive. Driving quickly stops oil burning, exhaust smoke, oil consumption using new oil n wear conditioners to block oil escape.
Worn Motor Treatment Review. Gives years more life to any engine.
Worn Motor Treatment Review: Help, tips, products that avoid costly engine overhaul. Ends tapping, oil burning. Restores years more usage from older, high mileage cars and equipment.
Mega Power Testimonial. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.
Mega Power Testimonial. "After years of neglect, Mega Power has given my little pickup has more power, and better fuel mileage than I can remember it ever having before."
Gas Additives, Fuel Injector Cleaners, Combustion Area Cleaners
Problem solving Gas Additives, Fuel Injector Cleaners, Combustion Area Cleaners for New & Older Vehicles. Order online
Ford transmission problem solver. Rough shift, Slip, Jerk growl
Ford transmission additives.for problem solving automatic, stick shift, 4x4, rough shift, growl, heat, leak, slip, wear problems
Lucas Oil. Good or Bad? What people say about Lucas.
Lucas Oil Treatment. Is Lucas better for your engine and transmission? Some say yes! Others - No! Bob-the-oil-guy demonstrates why Lucas is worst. See his Lucas oil comparison test. More here...
Lucas Oil Additives. Product Comparison: Lucas verses Mega Power
Lucas Oil Additives Lucas negatives and positives compared to: Mega Power. I sell additives. Feedback on Lucas. What oil treatment will work best for your motor?
Engine Tune up Procedure, tips, additives needed
Tune up Procedure, tips, additives to use. Code-reading. Do it yourself help. Is s tune up the Right Fix for .. or is this...
Lucas transmission, stop leak
Lucas transmission, stop leak. How does it compare? If not safe, what could I use to help my transmission along? 3 tips for transmission care, repair avoidance. Other brands to compare.
Mega Power Transmission Additive. Stops transmission rough shift leaks
New Transmission Additive with 3 new anti-wears frees sticky shift valves to stop rough shift slip leak any transmission or free, guaranteed!
wiki.answers Did Lucas worsen my transmission problem?
wiki.answers Did Lucas worsen my transmission problem? Things you should know about the difference between quality & poor quality additives. Review.
Amsoil Engine Flush Contain Solvents. Better Safer Cleaners
Amsoil Engine Flush. Why I don't trust it. What missing? What's harmful in it? A good engine flush has these 6 ingredients.
End Valve Tap Fast This New, Quiet Engine Treatment Way.
End your engine valve tap and sticky noise problem with this Mega Power Product that ends tapping. Do so as you drive. Saves your engine and money!
Car additive brand comparison chart. Popular brands compared.
Car additive brand comparison chart. List of dis-advantages of different motor oil treatments. Who ranks #1. Lucas, STP, MOA, Restore, Mega Power, Slick 50?
Which tune up is right for your problem? Tune up tips product review
Which tune up is best for your motor? What you should know. Basic or Complex? Steps to each. Tuneup additives. Future tune, repair problem avoidance guide.
Wikianswers valve tap. Why valves tap. The remedy
Wikianswers valve tap. I found a brand and their product: Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment pretty good as it ... stop the tap and rough idle
Better than octane boost additives remove power wasters to boost power
Are octane boost additives helpful? Yes! View this test-lab video. Top brands tested. Review. Products to boost power by removing octane lowering, power robbing, motor, transmission negatives.
Why solvent based additives for engine flushes can be harmful
Solvent based additives sold for engine & transmission flushes are harmful. Better, safer brands reviewed. Which are which explained?
Metal conditioner additives replacing ZDDP for vehicle. life
ZDDP out! MC+ Metal Conditioner in! Vehicle additives providing longer engine and gear life than ZDDP
Great, all-purpose, penetrating oil spray from Mega Power item #120
Keep Mega Power #120 penetrating oil spray at home, farm, shop, boat, equipment. Stops squeaks, frees nuts, bolts, anything stuck, rusted, needs lube
Need your motor oil flush ed? Which method is best - worst?
New motor oil flush 10 times better than common motor oil flush products. Mega Power's New Flush Treatment ends 6 motor problems.
Transmission Stop Leak. Stops leaks fast! Avoids Seal Replacement
Mega Power Transmission Stop Leak. Works, or free! Controlled seal expansion closes gap and stops leaks.
Mega Power Additives. Reseller Program. Ordering info
Mega Power Additives. Buy, sell. Reseller Program. Features. Products. Help/ordering info 1-512 665 3388
How to install friction modifiers to end your car, equipment problem
Use these Mega Power friction modifiers to restore your motor power, speed you down the road faster, easier, reduce wear, end being aborbed by motor, transmission, gears
Ending Winter Engine Starting, Running Problems - Permanently
My 10 cold weather, cranking, engine starting, running tips. End slow start, rough idle, stall, tap. Winter engine care for great engine starting, running, performance.
Cold starting problem. How to start you engine in freezing weather.
Cold starting problems end with these 5, How to start your car in freezing weather, easily. With these four items.
Air conditioner tuneup tips to get cooling faster cooler tips
This new air conditioner tuneup tip will cool and quiet your hot compressor to instantly cool as it should using Mega Power Tuneup Lube #120.
Engine runs rough idling problem corrected with new product
End your engine runs rough idling problem easily. Here's a powerful internal valve cleaning product to do the job. Easy to install. Quick acting.
Ends your motor burns oil problem; can last years Some say
Motor burns oil help. Stops oil consumption, exhaust smoke Stops oil burning fast by freeing sticky piston oil rings, cylinder wear spaces & valve stems causes. Ends 90% smoking. Restores lost power too, customers say
Increasing horsepower. Top 5 Tips For Modifying Your Car's Engine
About increasing horsepower, engine modifying, race cams, superchargers, racing lubrication,
Is Army NASCAR sponsorship on way out? Congresswoman hopes so.
Army NASCAR sponsorship on way out if Betty McCollum, D-Minn., has her way. Front page story from Picture. Story details...
Ends Rough Shifting Automatic Transmission Problem Fast. Cheaper, too!
End your leaky, rough shifting automatic transmission problem fast yourself, avoid a $2000 repair that may not entirely end the problem this will.
Ends sticky transmission shift problem. Add; then driving ends rough shifting
End your sticky transmission shift problems with this powerful cleaner conditioner. Clean and friction modifies to return smooth shifting again.
Stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack binding fast
Stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack binding fast with this great service treatment. A Do-it-yourself product
Cleans car rusty radiator fast. 2 simple steps, products to use
Cleans your car rusty radiator fast. Simple DIY product. Removes rust. Cooler car radiator when towing. Ends hot running temperature rise.
What A Vacuum Gauge Tells You About Your Engine
What a vacuum gauge tells you and what to do about it. For the best tune up using a vac gage follow these proven steps and products to end tune up and wear problems
Best boat fuel additives for every type boat fuel blend, usage.
Best boat fuel additives. This brand is so strong, motors just last longer. Gives your boat motor& carburetor a tuneup via the fuel.
Great DIY transmission slipping fix. Avoids transmission slipping repair
New. A under $100 transmission slipping fix from Mega Power. Pour-in-n-drive. Stops transmission leaks, rough shift, slipping. Avoids $2000 repair.
Quiets noisy motor fast. Product corrects your engine problem
End your noisy motor problem. New pour-in-n-drive noise ending motor aid has car owners jumping with joy over overhual-like results. See why
Z-max Engine Treatment and similar tune up products
Z-max Engine Treatment does not friction modify. Friction caused 14 million engine transmission repairs. Does more better than Z-max Engine Treatment
Stopping head gasket leak fast. New head gasket stop leak from Mega Power
Stopping head gasket leak fast. New head gasket stop leak from Mega Power works fast. Non clogging. Seals when exposed to air. Online ordering.
Stops engine stumble, miss. Mega Power Simple Engine Tune up Treatment
DIY way quickly stops engine stumble, engine miss, stalling, back fire, misfire, hidden emission problems, Enjoy a smooth running motor again Guaranteed
Mega Power Classic Car Additives. Classic car fuel motor transmission additives
Classic Car Additives. Just add these to prevent and end fuel motor transmission classic car fuel, storeing, cranking, running and shift problems.
Mega Power 120 Lube Spray. Instant rusted stuck nut buster, and Lube
Mega Power 120 Lube Spray frees anything stuck rusted or squeaks. Nuts bolts studs hinges rusted tools wheel nuts machine shafts,
A C cooling problem fix. My simple trick gets you cool again, fast and cheap
Got an A C cooling problem? This method and product ends your A C cooling problem. It tunes and restores your cooling system - keeping you cool on the hottest day. Avoids an expensive repair.
Distributor options. Supplying auto repair shops products monthly
Mega Power Distributor Options: Provides a profitable new income producing tune and repair products mechanics can only buy from you each month. $5000 Investment.
Mega Power Machine cutting lube. Faster cutting. Longer knife life
Industrial machine cutting lube aid. HEAVY-DUTY CUTTING difficult-to-machine steels. Saw lathe milling. Reduces friction chatter damaging heat. End gear friction noise
Diesel truck additives Engine transmission dirty injector problems
Diesel truck additives review with tips help to end engine transmission and direct fuel injector problems that quickly restore performance by removing carbon residues
Best vehicle additives for engine transmission problems
Best vehicle additives with a guarantee to end engine transmission problems and Mega Power Brand Auto Tune Up Repair Options
What is The Best Engine Oil Additive for a High Mileage Engine?
New high mileage engine additive gives high mileage engines years more dependable service. Additive works in 6 motor areas not just oil.
Equipment additives. Ends high mile motor transmission problems.
High mileage equipment additives provide wear reducing coatings to clean free & extend end piston bearing valve gear fuel problems. Restores truck performance fast
Ends engine noise when cold. Add this to stop tapping noise
Product ends engine noise when cold. Ends engine tap noise, rattle. Motor noise stops cold or hot
New product stop engine ticking. DIY treatment ends engine ticking in minutes
New product stop engine ticking. DIY treatment ends engine ticking in minutes
MMO = Marvel Mystery Oil Butt Heads with New Additives
MMO: Marvel Mystery Oil an other fuel additives to protect the fuel, combustion an oiling systems
How to blown head gasket repair in 2 easy steps.
Repairs blown head gasket. Seals head gasket leak and coolant loss. Non-clogging
Motorcycle additives to end rough idle, backfire, cold idle problems
These motorcycle additives end rough idle, backfire, cold idle problems. Ends tap, Oil burning, even gear shifts problem
Car Club Forum. Spread Club News. Show Off Your Classic Car Pic Here.
Car club forum: News, events, car pictures. Your favorite car likes, dislikes.This Car Club Forum, an extra link web page for your Club News. Show Off Cars in Your Club.
Boat engine troubleshooting tips, care, additives to use
Boat engine troubleshooting.Tune up your engine. Enjoy easier starts, higher speeds. Lower repair cost.
Stopping Ford Truck Engine Valve Tap. Product for:
End your Ford truck engine valve tap taping in minutes. Add. Drive. Ends tap for good! Avoids an expensive Ford engine valve tap repair.
End stick shift transmission rough shift: grind into gear
End your stick shift transmission problem. Again enjoy smooth easy shifting each gear. 4X4 shift aid. Ends growl. Overheating.
Engine transmission additives now end engine transmission problems
New problem-solving engine transmission additives works fast! End problems wear and tear causes. GETS YOU BACK ON THE ROAD with help from special anti-wear ingredients like MC+.
This engine sludge removing treatment restores your motor's health!
Engine sludge removing treatments can be harmful. This brand is helping car and equipment owners safely remove residues. MC+ anti-friction ingredients restores engine power to get your car back to normal again. Order online
Stops motorcycle engine valve tap. My engine tap story
Stops motorcycle engine valve tap. My engine tap story
Oil additives for heavy equipment. Keeps them working!
Oil additives for heavy equipment.ending oil burning, valve tapping, blowby, black exhaust problems..
Stops Your Oil Burning Motor. Smoking motor problem ends fast
New product stops your oil burning motor problem in 3 troublesome places, not one. Just add and drive. Resultds work in any size engine, gas or diesel.
New blowby motor fix. Twice the power to end piston combustion blow by.
This new blowby motor fix also ends your gasket and seal leak. Ends oil burning, power loss, and tapping. Last for years with small touch up. Puts off overhaul, some say.
Sport racing additives. Fuel engine transmission horsepower improvers
Racing additives pass-thru more horsepower, remvoe hot spots, reduce metal migration, transfer heat outward faster for longer periods of time, lower friction in 2 ways. They give the edge you need!
Tractor engine additives helping owners get more life out of equipment
New types of tractor engine additives giving overhaul-like power to worn engines, transmissions
Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. Info, call 512 665 3388
Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. Local Business Opportunity. For more info, call 512 665 3388. A local way to supply auto service and lube businesses a monthly supply of products they need.
Auto tune up options blog Sign up for Free tips and problem solving
Auto tune up options blog. Find your repair avoidance tips,help, products. End oil burning, tap noise, blowby, returns dependable operation quickly.
Improving Your Hot Rods Fuel Economy & Horsepower: Anti-Wear Additives
Improving Your Hot Rods Fuel Economy with these anti-wear additives avoid engine, transmission, radiator, and fuel wasting friction. Increase horsepower
Truck additive for large trucks TBN TAN products clean older engines
Truck additive for large trucks. TBN TAN clean and products to free sticky piston rings, valves, injectors/pump. Fills worn spaces for added protection. Stop oil burning. Rebuilds lost pwer
Engine oil additive for smoking. Works fast. cheap permanent solution
The best engine oil additive for smoking. Ends your motor oil burning problem permanently! Just add and drive and forget about it, guaranteed. Recovers lost power for years more service. Details...
DIY radiator service kit Flush acid nutralizer Cool agent Non-clog stop leak
DIY radiator service kit includes 5 Minute Flush Acid neutralizer Cool agent and Non-clog stop leak for years of 100% protection. Exceeds all car maker service specs. Guarantee. Buy online
Diesel injector cleaning better with engine revitalizer
Diesel injector cleaning and an engine revitalizer offers 10 times the performance improvement at half price with faster results
Diesel Hi mileage help to reduce engine oil burning by 2/3rds
Diesel Hi mileage help products to control oil burning. Works by cleaning sticky piston rings and filling worn surfaces, limiting oil's escape!
Mega Power 120 spray is 10 times better than WD40
Mega Power 120 spray is 10 times better than WD40. Beats the tourch busting lose anything stuck rusted or squeeks
Alan Fincke Testimonial for Mega Power on Lexus LS400, Toyota camper
Alan Fincke Testimonial My1998 Lexus LS400, 1985 Toyota camper Again run great thanks to Mega Power additives.
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Ordering Mega Power Automotive Products. Description, Price, Specials
Ordering Mega Power Automotive Products. Description, Price, Specials
Mega Power Testimonials What customers say How it Worked
Mega Power Testimonials What customers say How it Worked
Hot radiator fix ends overheating, stops leaks, lower temperature
This hot radiator fix product ends overheating, stops leaks, lower temperature. Easy to install. Guaranteed results.
Best Worn Vehicle Additives End Engine Transmission Steering Problems
These Worn Vehicle Additives, added, end Engine Transmission Steering Problems and extend their life for years to come

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