Mega Power stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack bind fast.

Power Steering Whine and Other PS Problem Solvers

Power steering systems are mostly trouble free. This stops their squeal, whine, leak, and bind problems with special conditioners if occurring.Power steering systems are mostly trouble free. This product stops their squeal, whine, leak, and bind problems with special conditioners if occurring.

Stops power steering whine, growl, leak, and rack binding fast, contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items listed, call at 512 665 3388 .

Why does my power steering make a noise when I turn the wheel?


    The whine sound, growl, and leak you experience is caused by air being sucked in to the pump oil circulation system by a acid-weaken, worn, or shrinking pulley shaft seal.

    As the air mixes with your steering pump fluid and compresses along with the fluid to 1000 to 3000 pounds - that's the amount of pressure it takes to move the piston that turns your wheels left or right - the sound is made.

    Every brand of car has a similar pump and every brand of car makes some noise when the shaft seal lets air into the fluid.

    Some car makers specify their own specific fluid to avoid the problem. I don't think that works any better to avoid the problem.

How to stop power steering noise or other steering problem?

Ending power steering whine, growl leak bind problems in a simple service

This service product

- that any one can install, works on any brand of vehicle, and it stops external fluid leaks as well as the whine, or growl.

There are several ways:

  1. The seal can be replaced - but few mechanics know how to do so. About $200.

  2. A new or rebuilt pump replacement is another way. $500 to $1500 cost.

  3. My option is to use a service product made for this problem from Mega Power for under $100. The Mega Power Steering Service Treatment.

This service product

    - that any one can install, works on any brand of vehicle, and it stops external fluid leaks as well as the whine, or growl.

    Because the Mega Power Brand product is an anti-wear, containing friction reducing advantages, and surface conditioners, you may feel the system get back it smooth turning ability - as the rack and pinion gear surfaces change from being wear-roughen, to smooth again. Stops both the power steering whine and wear problem.

    Mega Power makes treatments that help motors, transmissions, and A/c compressors, and industrial machines to prevent or end wear, noise, tap, whine, growl, shift, and power decline AND LUBE problems.

    Order the Mega Power Service Treatment. A simple 2 step of fluid replacement includes cleaning, then adding conditioners that end whine, jerk, roughness, leaks is simple to install. Comes with directions, phone help guarantee, shipped to you in 3 days.Order here.. Just $95. includes shipping and tax. Click cart button for purchase. Have a quiet smooth system again with this service.

To learn more. About stopping the whine, ordering info, click this link. Mega Power Power Steering Service Treatment details: Stops power steering whine

Click on the picture to learn more about other Mega Power products.

Call me if you have a question, or to order this treatment.

    ... george 512 665 3388 
Mega Power Power Steering Whine Stopping Treatment

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