3 engine motorcycle additives to free and clean your engine --- to stop rough idle, tap, miss, and have your bike running strong as ever again!

Mega Power motorcycle additives end rough idle, backfire, cold idle problems. Ends tap, Oil burning, even Gear shift problems. More here...Mega Power motorcycle additives end rough idle, backfire, cold idle problems. Ends tap, Oil burning, even Gear shift problems. More here...

... Contact info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order products listed, call me at 512 665 3388 ...George

This is my 1984 Maxim. Every year I treat the fuel and oil with the 3 Mega Power motorcycle additives shown below. It has ended and kept its engine free of rough idle, backfire, cold idle problems. It just continues to run great when others have their engines worked on. I believe Mega Power helps this bike, my shadow, and cars and trucks avoid such problems.

In my 1996 Honda Shadow, Mega Power stop its tapping and  gear shift problems, and produced an amazing great running bike, also!

While many talk against bikes additives, Mega Power certainly wins over bikers who give them a chance to prove themselves.

Besides, most guys don't know crap about additives to give a good opinion. They may have tried cheap additives from parts stores and was disappointed and conclude all additives are the same. Too bad.

I do, However!

No-one likes car or motorcycle running problems. That is true of me also - and I'm a mechanic who owns 2 motorcycles!

With motorcycles and any fuel powered device, problems go into 3 classes: 1- Its a fuel problem. 2- It an electrical problem. 3- Or, its a mechanical problem.

A 4th category would be carbon, friction, acids, and residues.

Carbon, friction, acids and residues cause one or more of these negatives: rough idle, backfire, oil loss, compression loss, oil burning, leaks, and shift and gear growl problems.

The news that surprised me

If anything, nothing surprised me more than being taught by a special kind of chemist that - in the way of car or bike trouble makers, carbon, friction, acids and residues are the cause of 90% of all wear and performance problems, and that became upsetting news to me.

Motorcycle additives?  I've been told by experts that good oil and regular maintenance is all that's needed. Its not! More is needed - explained below.

My bike problem.

Motorcycle additives: I was madder than hell to learn that good oil and servicing did almost nothing to stop the formation of carbon, friction, acids and residues - well, almost all. Negligence will get you covered in carbon, friction, acids and residues - and I'm not going there!

Over the years, I learned a lot about formation and removal of carbon, friction, acids and residues I wasn't suppose to learn - if automotive trade schools, bike makers, car makers, part store parts makers, and oil and gas makers did not hide the truth!

What you read on this web site, auto-tune-up-and-repair- option.com is the other option side of the story about real motorcycle additives that will do you some real good - and in everything you own - if you give these listed a little chance to prove itself.

What I learned about motorcycle additives, and now showing you, is of a product called Mega Power that will make your motor cycle run instantly stronger, quieter, smoother, and will run longer trouble free years longer -try it and see.

Once you're on to its secrets - you'll have the sweetest running, strongest, most trouble free motorcycle - and cars, rv's boats and trucks.

They will run always "strong as new" - years past what other get - using other methods of care. That is what this is all about.

I'll show you my simple method using these car additives as motorcycle additives to end dozens of problems and avoid their costly repair - one of several benefits of Mega Power usage. Mega Power pays you - that is unusual, users admit!

Motorcycle additives and  revitalizers

My Motorcycle Additives Review

Ordering Info and guarantee.

One Mega Power engine Treatment Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee with no time limit! Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

Just $75, plus $15 s&h= $90 total. Price increase subject to change without notice.

I have keep Mega Power in my bikes, cars, trucks, RV,s boats, and tractors for many years.

They run, sound stronger, and perform better, compared to owners vehicles and equipment using common methods for their vehicles and bikes.

Let's begin where acids, carbon, and residues first cause a problem - and what specific Mega Power Products to use to rid that area, and other areas of the trouble makers.

This picture shows the valve, piston, and combustion area where internal problems in your bike, and any motor, for that matter, originate.

Use my simple install method.

The 3 additives pictured below are problem solvers! They 1- clean and 2- free your bike's pistons, bearings, valves, and gears - 3- then heals and smooths their wear roughen surfaces. A co-polymer 4- fills worn areas, so those moving parts slide on a slippery surface - instead of metal-to-metal. Smooth quietness returns immediately after - is that what you want? 5- All that are great anti-wear advantages.

A 15 minute drive afterwards, putting your bike through its paces through the gears will convince you - like it has many of us, Mega Power is what your bike needs! Order Mega Power and get that ride running better than you can ever imagine. Then do all your vehicles the same! You're paying for it. You might as well enjoy it!

Mega Power ends your residue and friction-caused problems and instantly returns like-new zip and performance.

Why wait until your motor becomes so bad it needs carburetors rebuild and a top engine take-apart cleaning. Valve work can run over $1500.

Mega Power cleaning products - cost under $100 and avoids that expense! Installed labor, if a mechanic installs Mega Power; labor cost is $50. The product is easy to install. A DIY product. Simple instructions, and my phone help is included, if needed.

Order Mega Power now! Shipped by FedEx in 3 days to your door. With easy-to-follow instructions to end your specific problem.

    Just $45 for all 3 12oz items, plus $15 s&h= $60 total Includes:
    One MP Fuel System Cleaner.
    One MP Oil Plus System Cleaner and Protector
    One MP Combustion System Cleaner
    Can be added to any car bike machine. Directions included

    Sold Money Back, if not satisfied with results.

    Call me... I'll help you on what you need and school you on their use -over the phone, anytime.

    Call me now, george christ, 512 665 3388 day or evening.

These 3 car equipment and motorcycle additives

      Clean your tank, carburetor, combustion area piston rings and valves, the oiling system. Then friction modifies so every part slides on a slippery co-polymer surface.
    Motorcycle additives end tune up and avoid repair problems

    From Mega Power

      These 3 - I call a treatment, ends motorcycle rough idle backfire oil loss and shift problems. To do so...

      They restore what acids, sludge, heat, and friction growth does to harm your bike - reduce its life!

      Just plain motorcycle additives are not that strong, or have all those advantages. So these add to your upkeep bike care.

      I have keep them in my bikes, cars, trucks, RV,s and tractors for many years and compared what they run perform like compared to what other bikers use or don't use.

      Mega Power motorcycle additives - for universal usage cannot be equaled. I know - as you will see below. You need that knowledge to decide for yourself.

      Testing as I show you will convince you - immediately and over time.

    These 3 vehicle and motorcycle additives clean your tank carburetor and oiling system.

      These advantages remove problem causing moisture - avoids rusting, fortifies older fuel to undo its negatives, and cleans and keeps open the idle system jets, low speed circuit jets, and high speed jets.

      During combustion, it removes combustion residues and frees sticky valves - a major cause of rough idle and backfire.

      After it cleans the oiling system, it friction reducing ingredients - there are 3 of them, ends gear grind, smooths wear roughen surfaces, and coats every part with a slippery co-polymers - which is hundreds of times more protective than zinc additives.

      Friction modifying occurs - and with the upper tank, carburetor, and combustion clean and protecting advantages at work - you instantly gain a smooth strong performance.

      Long term advantages extend your motorcycle car equipment life. Whatever you want to protect and extend the life to.

    These 3 motorcycle additives

      Clean tank carburetor oil system. End tap Oil burning Compression lost Friction modifies to restore smooth strong performance Double motorcycle life.

      3 Mega Power motorcycle additives clean tank carburetor pistons rings valves, ends tap blowby leaks gear grind Restores power, doubles motorcycle life.

      Friction modifies also, providing smooth strong performance, and extends your motorcycle life.

    Mega Power motorcycle additives

      Clean tank and carburetor, frees sticky valves, and ends gear grind. Then friction modifies your motorcycle engine and transmission.

      Those advantages restore your bikes smooth strong performance, end it internal problems, avoids future avoidable problems.

      Mega Power also adds a slippery co-polymer film over worn areas so your pistons, valves, and gears slide, push, pull, roll, and spin easily again, like when new. You feel like new power return - you never knew was taken away by friction and oil breakdown residues.

      Those advantages extends your motorcycle life - customers tell us.

    Mega Power in your fuel tank

      2 ozs Mega Power per gallon of fuel neutralizes your gas tank acidity, absorbs and makes any tank condensation burnable, stops rust action - and prevents gas from going stale.

      Those Mega Power fuel conditioning advantages - other fuel additives say they are fuel conditioners but their label show they only offer one advantge comparede to Mega Power.

      While, anyhow, Mega Power ends your fuel based problems and keeps your fuel in top quality - even in storage for over a year.

    As Mega Power motorcycle fuel additive

      Goes into the carburetor fuel bowl, it will mix with any water accumalations there also - a common low location that rancids the fuel, turns it into sludge, and plugs up carburetor fuel jets.

        If your problem, remove the and clean the bowl, spray carb cleaner in a hole you see, fill the bowl 3/4 way with Mega Power and put the bowl back on. Let it sit to do its cleaning thing maybe, overnight, then start the bike andrive it so the conditioned fuel can also work thru.

      As that fuel blend leaves the carburetor and burns - Mega Power leaves a clean, water-free bowl - ending a major carburetor problem.

    Mega Power motorcycle fuel additive has a crawling nature.

      This gives it great penatrating action to go where gas cannot - into clogged air bleeds - air bleeds let small amounts of air into the idle and low speed fuel delivery ports premixing the fuel for a perfect burn and smooth idle.

        When clogged, those idle and low speed idle carb sections either cause a much richer mixture burn, causing black carbon buildup and sticky valves.

        Mega Power ends those coditions - one of several ways Mega Power helps restore a smooth idle.

    Mega Power improves combustion, restores lost power - ends problems

      When fuel sours - becomes acidic, it does so sitting a month in your tank.

      The fuel will also cluster the oily molecules in the fuel. During combustion those clusters refuse to burn quickly and a waxey sticky film results. Carbon deposits result and stick your motors piston rings - and power drops off as negative result.

      That sticky coating will migrate to your motors valves stems - where the stickyness slows the rapid closing of your valves.

      Vales closing slower will still be closing a when combustion occurs - and backfire occurs, if an intake valve. A rumble in the exhaust, if the exhaust valve slowly closes.

      Mega Power fuel additives conditions the fuel - dissolving the clusters, neutralize acidic conditions, makes any moisture burnable, and strips clean the combustion area and valve stems - so your valves again snap close before combustion - as designed. A good invention.

    Mega Power motorcycle additives end starting, idle, valve tap, oil burning, backfire, fuel caaused problems.

    Motorcycle additives to end rough idle backfire oil burning shift motorcycle problems

    Motorcycle additives ends motorcyle motor and transmission problems

      Understanding the nature of oil and fuel in your motorcycle will help you end that problem, maintain your bike in a better - more trouble-free way - and make owning, and riding your motorcycle much more enjoyable.

      Gas and diesel fuel seems to sour - a term meaning, the sulfur in the fuel has mixed with moisture or humidity and the fuel drifts into the acidic range, as a result.

      Acidic conditions cause the enrgy producing molecules in the fuel to cluster in a sort of microscopic sludge, and collect in the filter, throtle plate, and when ignited, stick and become a hard residue coating the combustion area, plugs, rings, and valves. Not only that...

      That sludge will close up the idle air ports - the idle air/fuel sections of your carburetor - making your rev the speed up for smooth operation. Maybe find your bike runs better with the choke a bit closed. Add to that....

      With blow-by fumes recirculating from the crankcase and being sucked up into the combustion process, the recerculated blow-by mixture, along with fuel sludge will migrate to aaand coat the spark plugs, and valve stems.

    That condition from sour fuel

      Is the cause of spark mis-fire, hesitation under quick acceleration, idling problems and backfire the product we recommend end.

      Valve stem stickiness will cause the valve closing action to slow a bit. This results in rough idle, and backfire popping back thru the intake - during the combustion cycle, as the combustion flame shoots baaaack out the way the air and fuel came in.

      Those conditions are a result of the fuel souring process.

      Motorcycle additives for the fuel should specify those advantages - if any good.

    Motorcycle Additives for Fuel that Work

      There are lots of additives sold for the fuel, and very few remove moisture or limit humidity influence. Fewer still have any effect on reducing the acidic problem.

      Fewer still are fuel additives commonly recommended as a motorcycle additives have adequate detergency - instead, they rely on solvents to clean.

      Solvents remove sludge very well but have no ability to hold what is loosen in suspension. That sludge usually settle elsewhere in your motor. Not good of course.

      I'll introduce a fuel additive that ends those negatives and provides every positive needed.

    Motorcycle additives end tune up and avoid repair problems

    A good fuel additive from Mega Power, #70, #90, #93, #98, and #5 are good fuel additive choices for a motorcycle fuel conditioner, meeting all the needs without the negatives.

    Mega Power contains special detergents to convert sludge back into useable form - removes its deposits in the combustion process.

      My 85 750 Yamaha Maxim, pictured.

    Mega Power makes Moisture in Fuel Burnable

      This is better than the common store and bike shop additives which hold moisture in suspension - most don't! Mega Power also neutralizes the acidic nature of fuel and thereby sweetens the fuel again.

      Mega Power's ability as a fuel conditioner extents into the combustion process in that molecules of fuel will not dampen - meaning become wet in the intake and compressing stages - making for a cleaner, longer burn time.

      In diesel truck puffing black smoke at idle and under full load the exhaust will go from black to clear. All advantages as you drive, and for fuel that stays in the tank for weeks on end.

      Use any of them in a ratio of 2ozs to 4 gallons gas or diesel for storage and every other tankful to prevent the above problems.

      Use Mega Power in a ratio of 2ozs to 1 gallon gas or diesel to end rough idle, backfire, and mis-fire.

      They can be fed into the air intake of each carburetor in 6 tablespoon amounts - one tablespoon at a time to clean the combustion area and clean sticky valve stems.

      Mega Power is a good motorcycle additive

    Motorcycle additives - Oil Additives

      My recent purchase of a Honda Shadow experience.

      The previous owner had been using Lucas in the gas and oil. He gave the last half of a Lucas fuel additive to add to the fuel.

      Still, there was a backfire on quick acceleration - so I switch to using 2 oz Mega Power #93 to each gallon fuel, and added 6 ozs of Mega Power Engine Tune up #9 with MC+ for sticky valves, to the oil.

      After a day or so of riding the problem worked it self out and the motor ran smoothly.

      These are car and equipment additives and I have used them in my two cycle and four cycle lawn mowers - and they have run great years pass what any other method of care can provide.

    Since my first bobtail flat head Harley

      In the 60's, and in my 1985 Yamaha 750, and my Honda Shadow, I used the additives mentioned here - in them.

      Here is my point on additives...

    Car additives, bike additives, and industrial additives

      Should be the same problem solving anti-wear additives have the same benefits. Mega Power fits that description.

      They all have the same problems! No argument ever proved that claim different.

      The Mega Power Brand fits that category well. Try them and see for yourself! I'll show you how... and what to use.

    Warning! Some additives are harmful

      Harmful motorcycle additives because they contain solvent as the additive - stay away from those. they are most sold at part stores and quick lubes - as a great profit improver. They speed up wear out.

      Some additives are Lucas honey-like, thick additives, and these are no good as a motorcycle additive protector.

      Zinc and PTFE products are also not good for motorcycles.

    Additives don't fix what broken. Good mechanics do.

      Additives have their place.

      I'll tell you how I think of them and what I learned about them. And you can use that as your jump-off point for learning more.

      I make my living selling them. I'm sort of the countries expert in their use.

    Others know a lot more in a their own way,
    like this web site on I train mechanics that want

      How to use them to have their service and repair work out-perform those who don't, buy a wide margin.

      They work equally well on any bike and bike fuel, motor, transmission, or radiator problem as they do on any vehicle fuel, motor, transmission, radiator problem.
      And this and other pages on my auto tune up and repair options.com web site is for that purpose.

      Your spending a bit of time reading around this web site will save you thousands of dollars in avoidable wear and premature replacement - all you and your families life!

      I use special equipment - like the surgeon does in the emergency room - only for motors, to tell what works, and what does not.

      What that taught me, I can show you, and you will gain the benefit of my knowledge and get the same results to end or prevent your bike, and vehicle problems - so they run good as new years past what any other method of care or product can provide.

      My current 1985 Yamaha 1985

      I'll help you use specific additives and a special simple procedure to solve your wear, storage, or performance problem as we go along.

      Call me if you have a motorcycle additives question, or want to try what I suggest for your wear and performance problem. Products to prevent them.

    Call or email me... george christ, 512 665 3388 day or evening.
    Email: megapower@grandecom.net Address 210 Durago St. San Marcos, tx 78666

Check the web site for a car problem and order those products for your bike.

Directions for bike usage

    Add 1/3 oil and gas Mega Power Product, 6oz more or less, in your bike and add the rest to your car or truck. See what you have been missing - not knowing about Mega Power. Instantly better performance - and an end to internal wear and performances caused problems. Find...

    Carburetor Fuel Oil Chain Penetrating spray. Motorcycle problem solving additives, tune up, idle, backfire, gears, tips, help, and sold.

Car additives, bike additives, and industrial additives should offer the same top advantages and benefits. They all have the same problems! No argument ever proved that claim different.

The Mega Power Brand fits motorcycle additives category well.

    Order them now! Shipped by Fedex in 3 days to your door. With easy-to-follow instructions to end your specific problem.

      Cost $15 each for a 12oz plus $5 s&h= $20
      Cost $30 for one MP Fuel and MP Oil plus $10 s&h= $40
      Suggested order: Includes 3 for the fuel and 3 for the oil
      6 items total $60 plus $15s&h= $75 total
      Can be added to any car bike machine. Directions included

    Sold Money Back, if not satisfied with results. 12oz each.

Call me... I'll help you on what you need and school you on their use -over the phone, anytime.

Call me now, george christ, 512 665 3388 day or evening.

Motorcycle additives
The one ingredient every oil additive should have.

Car additives good enough as the best Motorcycle additives

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