Why solvent based additives for engine & transmission flush and stop leaks are harmful. The better, safer brands - offering better advantages for longer car life.

Solvent based additives: review

Engine flushes have improved, offering better cleaning ability and a return to a long normal life. Watch out for those older, harm-causing brands.Solvent based engine flushes have not improved. However, new engine sludge removing brands offer better cleaning ability, having ingredients like anti-coagulants and friction modifiers that return a long normal life again. Stay away from those older, harm-causing solvent flushes sold in parts stores.

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Mega Power , shown here, offers a complete engine flush treatment. A simple 2 step install cleans the motor right! It so trusted its sold with a money back guarantee!

Mega Power, our recommendation for your engine cleaning is a new breed motor of flush additives.  It uses Hi-tech chemistry to help car and equipment owners have a quick, safe new way to stop leaks and remove sludge.

While engine replacement is the fix by mechanics, at a cost of $3000 upward, Mega Power method works exceedingly well and does the job right - and fast. And for about $440 for big rigs. under $200 for cars. Do-it-your-selfers can do so for under $100.

Its cleaners are simple to install, and work while you drive - amazingly! They offer more value, are a complete top-bottom cleaner, and are a better and 100% safe alternative to solvent stop leaks and engine flushes. 

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Mega Power's Engine Flush, Stop Leak, and Conditioner Treatment. Includes 6 items needed. 3 for top motor seal and gaskets, 3 for bottom seals and gaskets -includes sludge remover, stop leak, anti-wear friction reducer MC+.  Shipped to your door by FedEx in about 3 days. Includes easy-to-follow directions, phone help, guarantee. Just $85 +$14s&h=$99. Sales tax of $8.00 added if required. [We are currently paying any tax due].Order now! 

Solvent based additives: 

The pros and cons of other flushes: The pros [for them]

    Solvent based, engine and transmission stop leaks, and flushes  are inexpensive.

    They clean well.  

    Around for over 50 years.

The cons [not that good]

    They swell leaking seals - but do not stop the swelling.

    They strip away the oil film between moving parts as they clean, and this causes  raw metal to metal friction wear.

    They remove sludge everywhere, but it easily redeposits in other areas - often blocking oil delivery - causing oil starvation and more places for friction to occur and do damage.

    Solvent based engine and transmission flushes are harmful to today's HI-tech car engines and transmissions.

    Avoid them!

    New stop leak and flush products overcome those problems while protecting as they stop leaks and clean.

Our Review. And my opinion

    Never put a solvent additive or stop leak in you oil or transmission! Why not?

    First, their label says they are motor flushes, but contain "Xylene or xylol" - but clean too well for any engine and transmission benefit. They are the good money makers for parts stores.

    Quick lubes also sell flush services, and nearly all of them promote a solvent-oil flush product as their flushing agent.

    My opinion: Never put a solvent based additive, stop leak, or engine flush in you oil or transmission! Not even those sold at quick lubes.

Here's what you should know... Choosing new Hi-tech stop leak and engine flush products.

    Avoid stop leak and flush products with these ingredients: Xylene or Xylol.

    Look at the label. Any product having either of these two words as part of a word in the ingredients - you better avoid.

    If repaired by a mechanic, chances are the price ranges from $1200 to $3500. A week without your car. No guarantee. Our method - just under $100. Works as you drive. Guaranteed.

    Mega Power, our recommendation is a new breed of stop leak and flush additives uses  modern chemistry inventions to help car and equipment owners  gain more that  a stop leak or cleaner to offer more value and safer alternatives to solvent stop leaks and engine flushes. 

Mega Power offers a complete engine flush treatment.

  1. Mega Power's Engine Flush, Stop Leak, and Conditioner. Includes 6 items needed. 3 for top motor seal and gaskets, 3 for bottom seals and gaskets -includes sludge remover, stop leak, anti-wear friction reducer MC+.  Shipped to your door by FedEx in about 3 days. Includes easy-to-follow directions, phone help, guarantee. Just $85 for all 3 component in the 6 engine cleaners shown - the treatment. Plus $14 s&h=$99. Order now! 

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Clean and protect engine and transmission - required 25,000 mile service.

Order Mega Power's Engine and Transmission Flush, Stop Leak, and Conditioner. 9 items needed. Shipped to your door by FedEx in about 3 days. Includes easy-to-follow directions, phone help, guarantee. Just $125 plus$15s&h= $140 for 9 items in the two treatments. Save $50 on each set of 9 items. Order now! 

 Here's the thinking on solvent based additives

    I'm just not sure why anybody would want to put a solvent based additive in any transmission or engine.

    Those additives destroy the oils lubricity - and this dramatically increases friction.

    Increasing friction can't be good for your engine or transmission - can it? No! But, did you know...

    Every major brand of stop leak sold in parts and discount stores use a "thinner" as a stop leak. Avoid them!

    Most mechanics used solvents just before tearing the dirty, grungy unit apart for overhaul - to make cleaning easier.

    Never to flush or stop a leak - altho they do use additives and stops leaks, that are safe.

You heard old timers complain, "the Xylene or xylol thinner additive loosen up so much crude,it blocked the oil pickup screen."


Doing so starves the engine of needed oil circulation and motors and transmissions can't last long starve for oil - for sure.

Causing a blocked lubrication system,

    A motor, bathe in Xylene or xylol stop leak can easily destroy bearings -

    Produce bearing knock,

    And cause transmissions to lose shifting ability - as bearings, gears, and moving parts grind away a ferocious rate.

Yes, Xylene or xylol based stop leaks and flushes do stopped many a leak, and many a motor, too! Still do! Bad for motors and transmissions - good for mechanics and parts store business.

Where should you use solvent based additives:

    They are best suited for gas additives as a detergent booster.

    They help clean injectors and for carbon removing. They are included in our fuel portion of the treatment described here.

My local lube place wouldn't listen to advice on this.

    They decided to sell Xylene or xylol like products. They bought a fancy $3000 engine flush device that circulates a solvent cleaner in engines, 3 years ago.

    After so many engine failure complaints, this little lube business quit that idea.

    The machine is there, looks impressive, and those harmful additives used in the machine, now show a year or so dust on them. But, they don't promote that service anymore.

The product line we promote is the Mega Power brand.

    Their products are not only safe - they add friction reducers to promote better lubricity and longer life.

One last point about acid control.

No Xylene or xylol based-products can neutralize acids, and reduce friction engines, nor make transmission run as good as they could.

Acids cause 7 out of ten leaks. The Causes of Leaks

  1. Acids from excessive blow-by.
  2. Fluid or coolant breakdown.
  3. Excessive heat.
  4. Wear.

The product line we promote; Mega Power - is safe, does not have harmful ingredients, neutralizes acids, and avoids solvent based additives for the oils.

Learn more here. See why our customers love the results they give!

Mega Power formulas cover 50 products:

    Including stop leak, and servicing kits for engine and transmission, and other components that may also need a cleaning - as well as the need to stop the leak.
    Solvent based additives: End

The final word about solvent based additives, engine flush, and stop leaks

Mega Power stop leak and flushes includes MC+, a lube enhancing ingredient to modify friction - ending the wear-out-factor other brands of flushes do not offer.

A great invention!

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Each of these are field tested.

These products are the best choice we know of to stop and prevent leaks, stop valve tap, stop oil burning, stop friction drag, stops rough shifting, and end steering, cooling, overheating problems.

Stop your leak and clean your motor with the most protection you can purchase.

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Try Mega Power. Enjoy a No-risk trial of 90 days, to boot!

Solvent based additives, engine flush, stop leak from Mega Power

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