New additive products are lowering the cost of repair 2/3rd off engine or transmission fix cost!  New engine and transmission additive products are reducing repair costs by up to 2/3! Learn how to select the right one for your car.
How to select the one for your car problem.

New types of engine transmission additives helping car and equipment owners reduce running, power loss, and performance repair problems by 2-3rd.New types of engine transmission additives helping car and equipment owners reduce running, power loss, and performance repair by 2-3rd.

2/3rd off engine transmission fix Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, or order products listed, call us at 512 665

Compare the different options. 

This introduces you to using additives to solve your wear and residue caused by engine transmission problems. The method I use costs 2\3rd of the engine transmission fix actual repair cost - but both do the same thing - in a different way.

The " mechanics repair method" takes a week and $4000. They:

  • Dismantle the component, clean, an inspect every part for damage.= onePlease note the following information: "2/3rd off engine transmission fix. For inquiries and orders, please call 512 665 3388 on your smartphone and ask for George."In this message, we would like to introduce you to the benefits of using additives to solve wear and residue problems caused by engine transmission issues. Our method offers the same results as the traditional "mechanics repair method," but at only two-thirds of the cost.The mechanics method involves the following steps:
    1. Dismantling the component, cleaning, and inspecting every part for damage (one day).
    2. Ordering necessary replacements.
    3. Installing the new parts.
    4. Installing a gasket set (one more day).
    5. Adding new lubricant and reinstalling the component (one more day).
    6. Having someone road test the component and contacting the customer.
    7. Calculating the total cost, including house profit and overhead.The entire process takes a week to complete and costs $4000. Although some people feel that repair is the best option, others do not. Furthermore, a view of replacement parts shows no actual broken parts.Our method, on the other hand, costs only 2/3 of the traditional repair cost. It also comes with a "You must be satisfied guarantee" or purchase price refunded on requesting it by phone. Please note that no refunds can be made for the last 12 months. Thank you for considering our engine fix. day's time
  • Order needed replacements.
  • Install the new parts.
  • Install a gasket set- = one more day's time.
  • Add new lubricant - and reinstall it. One more day.
  • Have someone roadtest and then call the customer. 
  • Total cost and house profit and overhead. One more day.
  • Customer cost runs $4000 up.
  • A view of replacement parts show no actual broken parts.
  • Some people feel repair is best. Others, not!

That's the mechanics method. This is our way to cut 2/3rd of engine transmisssion repairs.   And it comes with a "You must be satified Guarantee, or purchase price refunded on requesting it by phone."  Please NOTE: No refunds ask for last 12 months.


Worn MT feeder 6x6Slo-Wears Engine Fix, an add-n-drive additive to end engine and transmission problems, is lowering the expense of their repair by 2/3rds. Powerful liquid ingredients are doing so by reversing the problem - which ends it, that's how! It's your engine and wallet's best friend. Order below. Now just $99. It will go up in price for sure! Tunes good running engines also avoid dealer services of over $500. Your price for this amazing product? $95 to your door.

Avoids 2-3rd off transmission fix cost.

Slo-Wear Tansmission Fix helping motorist save money on transmission repair.Slo-Wear Transmission Fix helps motorists 2/3rds off transmission repair cost.

How people pouring this add-n-drive  Transmisssion Fix down their dip stick tube are reducing their cost of its repair by 2/3rds pocketing the difference.  

How people using our 2/3rd off

 engine  fix do so.

  • They read this article and find just adding the products shown ends every known internal engine problem. 
  • Though hard to belive it does so using engine forces.
  • Decide to try our method. 
  • Order it online. Takes 10 minutes to install. Just $99 to your door.
  • Follows the install method - problem goes a way in a week of healing while driving.  Then...
  • A quick-lube engine fluid change out.
  • 2 remaining products are add to complete the healing. Add with the new oil to complete recovery. 
  • Problem gone, and cause of problem is reversed.
  • Cost of new fluid, our product, servicing = $100 + $100.
  • More than 2/3rd off engine repair cost. Click cart button to have thos engine service treatment sent to you in 3 days to your door.

The 2/3rd off transmission fix.

This 2/3rd off engine transmission fix expense provides  incredible savings.

Common transmission problems and causes are covered in other page links. This one is for ending rough shift and leak transmission problems for you. 

Our Mega Power Transmission Service  Product includes three items needed. It comes with Do It Yourself directions. Just add the items to the dipstick filler tube and drive. The fix occurs while driving.       

Order Now! have a great running car within days as it reverses the trouble causes—more: 2/3rd off engine transmission fix. 

This introduces you to the concept. The concept is easy to understand, and the installation is just as easy. Driving ends their running or performance problems. Items are marked, and you install them into the transmission dipstick. It mixes and circulates

  • Solving wear and residue caused rough shift, slippage, and leak transmission problems.
  • Ends rough shift, jerk, slippage, and fluid leak problems.
  • Restores regular operation chemically.
  • Avoids costly repair. 

The installation is done in a 2-step procedure. A cleaning-freeing step and a smoothing, healing, and ending problem step - A drain out of the fluid adds to the fix.

By adding what I call the Slo-wear Fix-better Treatment to the transmission fluid and then new oil and fluid, the dirty conditions and years of wear causes are remove chemically. A returning of your engine and transmission to its former, like new operating condition - free of the problem and its cause - and again ready for years of additional trouble-free service.

While Dealership vehicle servicing can run over $1,100 -  to change the cars various fluids - their service does not include anything to clean, free, smooth, heal and fill and are not capable of fixing the problem for you. Their idea is to do only repairs. However...

In this 2/3rd off repair cost method your are capable of fixing the most any transmission problem you avoid the repair need. Their idea is to do only repairs. Not ours! The Slo-wear Go-faster treatment is the best procedure to end the problem.

Does it always work? No! its not a miracle product - but almost! In that case you have the option, if you feel no benefit was given, to ask for a quick refund.

This 2-3rd off engine transmission fix returns your car to its former like new performance  and years longer, trouble-free life. For your car, truck tractor dozer Rv motorcycle and boat at less than 2/3rd of the price of repair - and works just as well.

2-3rd off engine transmission fix Online ordering and assurance guarantee below. 

Comparisons between

  automotive  additives:

Mega Power Engine Treatment I call the Slo-Wear 2/3rds off engine transmission fix solution versus BG 44k and BG MOA  Additive Treatments. From, They say...

"BG 44K® is 11 ounces of high-quality detergents that you pour into the gas tank to restore performance and gas mileage. It vanquishes deposits in combustion chambers, intake manifolds, ports, and valves and restores flow in fuel injectors. It cleans the entire fuel system!"

"BG MOA® is the number one engine oil supplement! ... BG MOA® fortifies all qualities of engine oil, providing superior, long-lasting engine protection and maintaining peak engine performance. It prevents engine oil oxidation and thickening under even the most intense driving conditions."

Why do we like the Mega Powers Engine and Transmission over BG's?

Unlike  BG44k and its MOA, which it claims has no anti-friction benefits, MP stops friction with its MC+ Conditioner. An advantage added to its sludge and varnish removal. And unlike BG44k and MOA, which does not say it reverses the problem. Mega Powers Slo-wear MC+ makes worn, roughen rubbing surfaces clean and smooth, while reversing problem causing renewing their strength advantages.

Mega Power is a high-quality chemical cleaner, not a detergent. We don't try to improve the oil as they feel you must. In fact, Mega Power has 6 main cleaners  not just one like in 44k. Mega Power goes wherever air, fuel oil, and combustion go and vanquishes smog-making deposits, making your exhaust much less harmful to trees, air, rivers, and life. Mega Power produces a new like return to the vehicle with like-new performance. Abenefit adding decades more life and usage to vehicles. 

 Unlike BG detergents, made from detergents removed as an additive in fuels by the government for their scum making residue and smog-making effects.  

Mega Power, on the other hand, leaves engines instantly cleaner, quieter, more powerful running running, smoother shifting. Most say the Mega Power Slo-wear Treated car runs as if it has a more extensive, zippier motor. It often goes 20 to 40 miles away on each fuel tank.  On sale: 2/3rd off engine transmission fix. 

And unlike detergent additives that can't remove acids, Mega Power removes harm-causing acidic conditions. Mega Power's chemical-based fuel system cleaners neutralize acids and even remove water from its food. Chemical cleaners do a better, more beneficial cleaning of the entire fuel, engine, and transmission system. No wonder they promote years longer, trouble-free performance afterward. For the same or lower price.

Sold online below 2/3rd off engine fix repair cost. Just $ 99. Click cart button

2/3rd off engine transmission fix
easy for anyone to install and restore like-new running results.

We have made these 2/3rd off engine transmission fix. services easy to perform by any man or women non-professional. By simply adding the named product to the gas, oil, or dirty fluid. and then change the fluid and adding conditioners to the new oil or fluid, the process will fix any problem dirty conditions and wear caused.

The install is easy, and by adding the suggested product to the fuel and oil and then doing a fluid or oil change a week later, you complete the service for as a Do It Your selfer service.

2/3rd off engine transmission service products for DIY2/3rd off engine transmission service products for DIY

The above 6 items are the 100,000 mile engine service products needed to service your car as it passes 100,000 miles, and includes items the car dealer does not supply - but needed and included that end engine and transmission problems. Mega Powers method works and we invented the fix! The following items and retail prices, if bought at car dealer. 2/3rd off engine transmission fix. 

Menu Service Prices at the Car Dealer: Engine

Fuel system moisture removal and acids neutralizer.              $39

Fuel injector cleaner, idle valve, and intake manifold cleaning $99

Combustion area and valve carbon removing service.           $119

Emission system cleaning                                                    $150 to  $1450

Oil change                                                                            $99

                                                                          Dealer  Total $506

Our $99 Mega Power Service includes the above, with Do It Yourself directions. Just add to gas and oil and drive. The fix occurs while driving.       

At 2-3rd off their engine service, and includes anti-wear and the fix ingredients for your car problem, if possible chemically. No charge if problem requires actual repair. Order Now! have a great running car again.  Yes... 2/3rd off engine transmission fix. 

The 6 items, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment is shipped by FedEx to your door in about 3 days, with easy-to-follow directions, $25 worth of phone help for free, our guarantee, and only cost $80 and $15s&h+ for $95 total. A $300 value now for a limited time. Order now! You know this is the best auto oil additives for your cars.

    Why not protect your wife's car too? Our special for 2 Mega Power Engine Treatments as you read about above, 12 items, just $149 total. Save $40

Menu Service Prices at the Car Dealer: Engine

Save! Buy the product and service your car yourself and save  2-3rd off engine transmission fix products.

Transmission Service Treatment:

With pre-cleaner, conditioner, fortifier: 3 items.  Just $75

Radiator Service Treatment:

With pre-cleaner, conditioner,  Cool, Stop leak and fortifier 3 items.                                                                          Just $75

Power Steering Service Treatment:

With pre-cleaner, conditioner, fortifier 2 items.        Just $75

A/C Tune Up compressor system cool ai. 16oz         Just $15

      Total for the 16 items is plus $25 shipping is just $400

     Now for just $200 total while supplies last. 1000's sold

Auto-tune fix. Guaranteed to work or free for trying. Please note just 2 refunds requested last 267 days. Order now! 

Auto-tune fix. and bonus treatment for radiator, power steering and a/c system servicing included. Guaranteed to work or free for trying. Please note just 2 refunds requested last 267 days. Order now! 

Auto-tune fix

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