Additives for Engine Tune up.
Fuel Injector and ECarbon Removers, And Engine Additives  with High Valve and Lifter Cleaning Power, and Friction Modifiers, And Worn Surface Fillers Packaged To Restore An Ailing Engine Performance. Easy Do It Yourself Details, With a Mechanic To Guide You! 

Contact Info: Fuel Injector additive for ailing engines with Carbon + Friction Removers does your tuneup. Ask a question. Order items needed. Call me... george at 512 665 3388

MP Fuel Injector Cleaner. Fuel System Cleaner. Engine Protector.

Additive for Engine Tuneup Fuel injector And Motor Cleaner Combo $49. Regularly $99.

  Lower priced to introduce you to professional tuneup products so you can tune up your ailing motor and return it to its normal operation.

 Includes add and drive :

  1. Fuel Injectors Cleaner, Piston and Valves Cleaners, 
  2. Super Engine Tune Up Lube with MC+ Conditioners.
  3. Plus anti-wear to return new-like engine performance! 

   These Mega Power Brand Additives for Engine Tuneup gives your engine impressively racy super tuneup - even your friends will be amazed at! A  $99 value. Just $49 set of 3. 

    Guaranteed! Worth over $400 at the dealer - now just $49 [mechanics priced on sale to public], shipped to your door in 2 days. Includes directions, phone help if needed for free! Satisfaction Guarantee.

   An economical way to keep all your vehicles - gas and diesel running trouble-free simply by adding then as shown to the fuel tank and motor oil.

    Tunes up the engine as you drive so engine forces perform the cleaning and conditioning under actual driving conditions.

  The 3 items are known as the best way to keep your vehicles out of the repair shops and running trouble-free - and a good introduction to being a your own Super Care-n Tune Hero with this special. The Seller - a mechanic, says "No one make this set up. Nothing else work faster or better!" 

 Click cart button to order one or more sets to help your engines run trouble-free, and save $50 doing so per car... at this Sale Price. 


Mega Power's Brand Worn Motor RevitalizerMega Power's Brand Worn Motor Revitalizer

    Engine Worn out?

     These Additives for A Worn Engine Tuneup is a Great Way to Revitalize them! Keep Them Going When You Can't Spend A Lot of Money On Them! You'll Love this car engine revitalizer!

    What's in this additive package for your older vehicle engine is a tuneup conditioner for worn parts, with cleaners and protectors to revitalize and keep every part going stronger - oil change to oil change. It's been my engine saver!

    While a new engine is better, this tunes it up by re-conditioning worn engine parts cleaning and filling their worn spaces. Power returns as it stops horsepower absorbing.  After a few miles horsepower will again go to the wheels. For very Hi-tech new-like result! Add to gas and oil. Oil change required after treatment. Last 6000 to 12,000 miles before redo continues new-like operation. Is this engine revitalizer idea for you?

    This treatment includes the above 6 items - 

  • The 3 items above on Sale. 
  • Adds a residue flush out.
  • Adds MC+ Anti-Wear.
  • A Worn Space Filler. 
  • Engine Revitalizer!

    Guarantee: IF your older vehicles don't get and instant-like newer feel, power, and great fuel economy -20 to 40 more miles distances on each fill up each week - and end common high mileage and worn troubles  -I'll give you twice the cost back on your say so! 

   But, let me worn you - There have been no such request for over 12 months  - because it does what I say and a lot more!  The way to keep your older, but good cars and diesels going a year or two longer - That's  what you gain!

Directions: Additive for Engine Tune up from Mega Power for Older Worn Engines.

3 installed and work via the gas/diesel fuel and motor oil during one week of driving. 3 add during oil change a week later.

   Order several 6 packs - one for each car at Sale Prices.

The six are numbered for easy install to the gas and oil. Nothing to take a part. So easy to install women order it to keep their vehicles going - Smart gals, I'd say! Includes Directions Free Shipping and phone help included. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in 3 days.

    Order while our Special Get Acquainted Sale is on! Protect your engines and push overhauls and replacement a year or two into the future. That What I do and tens of thousands of other do. Includes this found best method:

6 items -  Just $149 shipped to your door!

Do you know of any other idea better - even advertised and guarantees it claim? None around!

Order now to get acquainted with this Mega Power Brand Benefits of their Additive for Engine Tune Up. The superior way to take care of your second costliest items your work so hard for to make life easier. This makes them less costlier to do so!

Order 6 item Additives for Engine Tune up from Mega Power for Older Worn Engines.

6 items per engine needed. Includes the 3 above additives for Engine Tune Up - and 3 Worn Engine Revitalizers - for this service. $49 + $54 plus $20 ship n handling total  $125. TODAY All 6 ...

SALE! Just $107: Today! 6 Mega Power Worn Engine Additives for Engine Tuneup and Revitalizing. Shipped to you in 3 days. Click cart button to order. 

Traditionally - Tune ups replace tire, old parts needed. However. because you replace spark plugs, coils sensors -  even clean fuel injectors,this leave dirty, horsepower sucking engine parts unattended to - and still making the engine seem older than it is! . Therein is our additive for engine tune up useful to you to end those unattended internal negatives. - you can takes care of our way.

How the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment works.

  • From gas tank, injectors, valves to exhaust tip.
  • Every engine part including lifters bearings piston rings. 
  • Boost power with MC+ and Conditioners by changing wear roughen dirty, perhaps sludge choked, back to clean,[ During oil change]. 
  • Included revitializing by removing friction..

Traditionally - replacing parts is needed. However. because you replace spark plugs, coils sensors - but leaves dirty, horsepower sucking engine parts unattended to. Therein is our usefulness to end that negative.

If the problem is internal, tear down may be necessary. New part replacement is offered when you have an internal problem - because that's the car makers, and parts makers way to fix. Cost can run $1500 to $5,000. They make immense income off this. It drains the budgets of common people.

However, Mega Power additive for engine tune up, Chemistry is changing all that. See the 6 item to do so with.

     Rarely is anything broken - just binding from friction and residues screwing up internal operation - causing over 400 problems. 

     So, its now cheaper, faster, and better long term for you to use my Mega Power additive for engine tune up chemical cleaning to end engine problems ending tips.

If you take time to  try auto tune up and repair secrets you will learn a car buff care and repair secret to do so cheaper, faster, even better! That's my auto tune up and repair option!

 To Begin:

  • It will end tune up problem fast. 
  • It helps the computer tune your car as you drive. 
  • Anti-wear features will avoid ten$ of thousands $ in PRE-MATURE repair and replacement expense the common service and repair methods avoids showing you to use.
  • You can do the end the problem with a service I'll show you to use.
  • You will avoid future wear problems now ready to happen.
  • Your vehicles  - no matter age, or worn condition will instantly return to a racy, smooth operating vehicles.
  • You can keep this additive for engine tune up option going as long as you want!
  •  I'm a mechanic and I want a cheaper, faster, even better auto tune up and repair option - So I put together this one!

        Although I'm a mechanic, and teach mechanics tune up methods. I own cars, trucks, tractors race car, motorcycles that have problems and their repair is expensive.

       So, Like you, I look for additive for engine tune up and found this treatment is a shortcuts to get engines to work great  - without repair. Many mechanics do not like them!

       But...The product are added to the gas and oil twine a week apart.

    This is easy to use. Give instant desirable results. They extend vehicle life by many years. 

        That why I like them - and tens of thousand so vehicles use them. They are street proven - but also guaranteed to please.

       Here's what I found... as the cheapest, faster, best solution I discovered, now profit and promote to repair shops and individuals

      Most internal, mechanical problems are caused by years of usage, and left-over after an oil change, acid based residues and their friction growing ways upsetting the smooth operation.

        Two versions.

         Two companies, pioneering the use of problem solving additives for engine tuneup:

    1. JB Products - Sold to mechanics.
    2. Mega Power Additives Sold to anyone but with a wholesale and retail venue.

         Both brands offer treatments to end the internal, mechanical, even worn out -but still running, and sludge filled caused problems. 

          Expert explaining How To I call them my DIY auto-tune-up-and-


    Additives that caused more problems are explained so you can avoid them.

    That is the option explained here at auto tune up and repair options. So successful are the solutions offered they have a 99 % success rate.

    Our Double Your Money Back Refund – no one ever ask for.

          If you read the article describing what additives we found that work best to end your problem and it fails to do as advertised, we will double the refund purchase prices and its postage. 2 refunds given the last 267 days. We are not worried of refunds because this method is well proven and is what works.

    What Works! What to use..

          6 additives are used and found to work in the fix-end problem treatment - described below, can be installed easily by anyone to end fuel, engine, transmission, radiator steering and a/c operating system problems. All are listed below. It is this tune and repair option of grouping together different additives, using a key feature of each additive that works to end the operating, performance, or mechanical problem in the fuel system, engine, transmission, radiator, a/c and steering systems. Those surly caused by carbon, sticky residues and friction. Helping give a second life time of service to even those vehicles and heavy equipment considered worn out.

    To find what Additives you need ...

       For those who returned here for help, the following auto tune up and repair options are popular additive to end these problems:

      Ten Top Automotive Additives For:

    1. Sludge removal. 
    2. To stop oil burning.
    3. End rough idle.
    4. Stop valve and lifter tap.
    5. End or control blowby. 
    6. End shift jerk, or rough shifting.
    7. End gear slippage.
    8. Stop gasket, or coolant leak.
    9. Oil stop leak.
    10. End power steering leak and whine.

        What you should know:

    After 100,000 miles more or lessthosresidues and friction wear down your vehicles power and sets the stage for an operating problem.

    As friction drag residues increases they bog down, slow the movement, or jams one or more internal parts – and upsets your car or diesels smooth quiet, new-like operation. This negative occurs deep inside, on a critical engine or transmission part, or sub-system.

    An operating, or performance problem then will occur- .

    Is this your cars problem – ?

    As the Country’s Expert on Automotive Problem Solving Additives, the problem and what steps and products to use to end the problems using an additive treatment - like a doctor uses medicine to help you recover, providing you and instant way to get back to years more trouble free operation.

    As your cars and diesels age a larger buildup of residues and friction run down its power and upsets its smooth operation.

    Any one of over 400 problems then can occur.

    Replacing the affected residue, friction bogged down parts with new ones is not the real solution!

         This option, is to service the engine and transmission with what I call a tune up and repair additive – is cheaper, faster, even a better solution – even if a $4000 to $10,000 new engine is the recommendation.

    Why this auto tune up and repair option is the best option for your cars and budget.

         It improves what new parts can't do!

    Some people don't like additives because they never tried Mega Power Additives. Those that have see the reasons to love em!   

    Mega Power additives can open a whole zippy new driving experience. With auto tune up and repair options, you gain a world of new driving pleasure - maximize work output, gain cost reduction, repair avoiding. And when you need more power, an edgy, racy driving experience -there it is at your gas pedal.

    Mega Power keeps every vehicle worth protecting. Protected!  And going better, many more years longer. 

    Ah, the reason for love of Mega Power Additive for Engine Tune Up.

    This shade tree mechanic - George Christ helping you with His  - 50 years of Mega Power Additive for Engine Tune Up expertise in lessons/solutions in recipe format. I want you to follow to solve your tune up problem.

    He trains mechanics that want to be car preservers. Not just  parts changers. That the Mega Power Additive for Engine Tune Up Service for you. See sidebar links for your additive for engine tune up product.

    Order now to get acquainted with this Mega Power Brand Benefits of their Additive for Engine Tune Up. The superior way to take care of your second costliest items your work so hard for to make life easier. This makes them less costlier to do so!

    Directions: Additive for Engine Tune up from Mega Power for Older Worn Engines.

    1-installed and work via the gas/diesel fuel and motor oil during one week of driving. 2 add during oil change a week later.

    Order 6 item Additive for Engine Tune up .

    6 items per engine needed. Includes the 3 above additives for Engine Tune Up - $33 above, and 3 Worn Engine Revitalizers - for this service $54 plus $20 ship n handling total . To be added to new oil. All 6 ...

    Just $107: 

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