Enjoy Heavy Equipment That  Always Runs Great! Ends Bumper-to-Bumper Problem worry's. Lowers repair cost and raises bottom line profits.  Mega Power Heavy Equipment Additives Bumper-to-Bumper Care and Protection.

Mega Power Slo-Wear Car and Heavy Equipment Additives. Covering Bumper-to-Bumper component servicing needs. Their problem suppressing. Problem solving. Extended life needs. The Cut-in-Half Cost-Per-Mile Vehicle Product Line.Mega Powers Slo-Wear Heavy Equipment Additives protect Bumper-to-Bumper components with their internal problem solving advantages. This improvement can cut-in-Half Your Cost-Per-Mile Expenses by tens of thousands of dollars every year. Learn how our program will lower their worry causes and raise bottom line income.
Mega Power 5 gallon truck worn engine treatmentMega Powers Engine Fixer Heavy Equipment Additives at $400 for the kit is our biggest seller. The kit comes with 2 cleaners and the reconditioner. Returns a strong powerful operation putting off costly overhauls. Call for it at 512 665 3388

  Mega Powers Slo-Wear Heavy Equipment Additives Offer Bumper-to-Bumper component  problem suppressing features..

  • Change wear roughen, dirty out of synch causes of your car problem back the way it was 10.000 miles ago. 
  • Stops commonly appearing problems.Add and drive away your operating problem concerns.
  • Its  truly Possible in older equipment - and here's why..
  • You get to drive them over again - but this time have a way to keep them at that better running state.
  • I'll show you How if interested -
  • Read customer praise doing so. 
  • And some have a phone number to verify these benefits and their expense reducing value with problems of every description. 
  • If its not broken, This will recondition the problem away. 
  • Its your bottom line.

How are Mega Power Heavy Equipment Additives different from the oils, fluids, additives others sell, you are now using, you may wonder? The answer...

Oils and fluids meet car and equipment makers Bumper-to-Bumper specs. Mostly to provide the cooling, sludge-holding, and with protectors to make sure they do so during oil and fluid life.

However, over time metal to metal friction increases and extreme temperatures and hot spots increase acidity  - and friction and sludge at some point start laboring the weakest parts and systems.

Were you to have all your vehicles run at the same mid range speeds hour after hour those conditions would takes and extra 100,000 miles to occur. 

Why your having problems even with good maintenance and good oils and fluids recommended.

But the constant day in and day out strain from more metal-to-metal rubbing friction, more constant extreme temperatures, and hundreds of gallons of combustion gases saturating the crankcase oils, and breakdown acidity in the fluids causes weaker parts to be late in moving, closing slower, sticking, and sludge and carbon build up - those are your trouble causes for sudden breakdown problems.

How Mega Power Heavy Equipment Additives Protects Older Equipment. Ends Their Problem Causing Conditions - That Also Removes The Cause of Worry Your Equipment Troubles Gives You Now. 

"Ends the problem-causing conditions" is the key thought here.

First of all, I want you to quit fooling yourself about your employees  loyalty to you and your equipment, and your company.  

It's your company and you make all the decisions - good and bad about their care and problem prevention.

They fix them and service them but have no real anti-wear expertise like what I'm offering here.

Were you to think you pay them for protecting your interest - you are blinding yourself to reality.

  • You along must control what's best for your equipment.
  • Your search to fill in what's missing is your responsibility.
  • No employee owes you that no more than their care and well being - is your responsibility.
  • That's what business specialist are for. Doctors, lawyers, police, and we fill this need for those willing to learn and judge with our products. 

    Employees hold no interest in Cutting-in-Half Your Cost-Per-Mile Equipment Expenses.

Order a supply today. Training and resupply program included free. Full line inventory to protect and problem-solve tomorrows troubles today. Order below.

Shown below: The Mega Power Worn Engine Treatment.  Provides truck and equipment owners problem-solving 

  • for oil seal leak stopping,
  • oil burning stopping,
  • blowby reduction,
  • sluggish motor recovery,
  • tune and fuel injection cleaning and carbon and sludge removal,
  • and our famous friction eliminating features in each treatment.
  • Under $400 each oil change for a $4000 to $7000 overhaul result!
  • In barrels price drops to under $200 for fleet cost per vehicle servicing.

   They are the engines problem solver that go on to add an extra 100,000 miles life benefits, and the best repair avoiding care anywhere. That the cut-in-half-promise time will give you.

Customers tell us Mega Power never cost - as it more than pays for itself in fuel saving, and great pull power up hills in a higher gear. Imagine that working for you. Order today!

 For cars and pickups: $65 plus $15 s&h= $80 total.

6 Treatments for 6 motors, $50 each. $300 plus $30 s&h= $330 total.

Price For heavy equipment diesel motors: 5 to 10 gallon motor oil capacity. 

3 gallon treatment per engine $349  plus $50 s&h= $399 total.

Ordering info: To ask a question, or to order. call me at 512 665 3388 ...george. Email: g5126653388@gmail.com. Home Address: 210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

Canada, Alaska, elsewhere, freight as per your destination.

Click links at left side for more products and their problem solvers.

What's new in the way of equipment additives?

  • With Mega Powers newest breed of heavy equipment additives Mega Power is continuing their 50 year history to offer equipment owners the products and education
  •  to cut major repair expense with products and 
  • advice on anti-wear features that cut in half lifetime cost per vehicle es.
  • The purpose is to increase bottom line profits by 5 to 20% with our help.

    Using Hi-tech formulations our ingredients offer instant results to problems solving.

    Single items end some problems.

    Operating, even mechanical problems are ended with a treatment. 

    Addition during fluid and oil changes push expensive repairs  and overhaul needs years into the future. 

    Ask what total fleet estimate servicing investment would be verses cost avoidance savings estimate.

   Use our online and phone Ordering menu to stop a problem right now. 

    Call me for suggestions and quantity deals  and inventory needs. REstocking so you won't run out is part of the offer to help you. 

For advice. Recipes. Training. Delivery times.  Call  me george at 512 665 3388

Typical of Our Bumper-to-Bumper Servicing Products is Our Radiator Cooling System Service Kit

It use to be, you rinsed our your radiator with caustics, added fibers to stop leaks, and added a soluble oil to keep rust down. They seldom worked! Not in what we sell!

Mega Powers Radiator kit contains a system flush, stop leak, heat dropping feature. Its flush is not a caustic like in other radiator flushes. But, it frees lime and crud films blocking coolant flow in the radiator, in minutes, safely.  Stop leak is clear and non fibrous. Works like blood on a scratch and turns solid as a stop leak - just like blood does. Anti-rust and its acid neutralizing actions stops the causes of hole making - even in the cylinder sleeve. Helps transmissions run cooler, as well as the engine. Removes heat loads on long grades by increasing heat transfer up to 40 degrees. Like all our additives. Everything else is old fashion possibly harmful, limited to just one or 3 problems - not 40 like we cover. Order them. Easy to use. Fast acting. pays you to have them in your vehicles.

Typical of the 5 bumper to bumper treatments made to keep your vehicles rolling at lower cost. Use them. Keep avoidable problems away for 2 years. 

The Radiator Treatment from Mega Power leads the way with our Hi-Tech Radiator Treatment. Design to use when servicing your cooling system every 2 years. Any time coolant leaks or overheating appears.

Cost As shown below - includes 3 items, for cars pickups: $40 plus $15s&h= $65 total. Buy 6 sets for $25 each. $150 plus $20s&h= $175 total.

Cost For heavy equipment cooling systems. To 5 to 10 gallon capacity. $55 plush $15s&h= $65 total. For 6 vehicles: $225 plus $20s&h= $245 total.

Heavy equipment additives for diesel motors

A few years back, all you could add to your motor when it needed a little internal help was a light-oil additive - I remember it has a cinnamon order and red color. Or, a thick, honey-like substance. Why you want to add a thickener to an already residue coated motor, requiering thin lube oil, I don't know.

Today's heavy equipment additives are thin, absolutely remove excessive friction, clean and free sticky rings, and valves - and the fuel system, and new emission system - in minutes, to stop oil burning, leaks, valve tap, black exhaust smoke, and make diesels run quiet as a gas engine - and each ingredient is an anti-wear, promoting years more like-new power, performance, and greater fuel economy - Much better than older style heavy equipment additives. Leading the way with new Hi-tech additives: Mega Power. solving advantages. Heavy equipment additives demo

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