Mega Power Classic Car Additives. Mega Power will prevent and end your Classic Car & Hot Rod fuel, motor, cooling system, & transmission storage problems ending slow cranking, valve tap, oil burning, rough idle, gear growl and shift problems.

Classic car additives 36 ford coupe

This 36 chopped, lowered, lovely-painted coup represents a lot of love and devotion few appreciate, but wish was theirs.

Mega Power Classic Car Additives

What you should know:

    "Classic cars often have problems because they are not driven enough. New additive products contain ingredients to overcome the negatives of that problem."

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    Classic cars have a unique wear and performance problem. That problem causes several complex, costly, power-robbing negative conditions - you can now prevent - an end, with a new product line from Mega Power.

The classic car problem, a new, simple remedy:

    Long storage intervals and short trips produce sticky rings and valves, acid pitting and holes in gas tanks and radiators, sludge that block carburetor air bleeds, spark plug mis-fire, tapping, stalling, and a hidden erosion of your piston, bearing, valve, and gear surfaces - requiring overhaul years sooner than expected.

A new product from Mega Power will now end those negatives for you

    Those conditions produce rough idling, rough running, cough, spit or backfire, valve tap, oil burning, rough shift, and fluid leaks here and there.

    Mega Power Classic Car Additives both prevent and ends the conditions those negatives cause - and Mega Power cleaners and friction modifiers end those problems and restores horsepower loss - of 10% or more, those negatives take away.

What negatives occur that Mega Power ends for you....

The Hidden Problems you need to end. How to do so. Those negatives are:

  1. Sulfur damage. Sulfur, a left-over in fuel and oils after refining, turns acidic and etches your pistons, bearings, valves, gears, and seals smooth surfaces. Those surfaces increase both wear, friction drag, and speeds up wear out - and is a power robbing negative.

  2. Not driving long enough. 2 or more hours on one trip each week is needed for heat and the PVC valve to remove blow-by fumes and drive out humidity from inside your motor & transmission. Driving less each week keeps moisture and acidity growing. Mega Power Neutralizes acids and heals the damage with it s MC+ ingredients.

  3. Acids are the hidden cause of coolant manifold, heater core, and radiator leaks you can now prevent and stop with Mega Power.

  4. Humidity - like that forming on cold drink containers also forms in your motor, gas tank, and transmission. Combustion, escaping into your motor oil produces moisture. Mega Power removes moisture using special chemistry.

  5. Water and sulphur is your cars worst enemy. Friction is second, heat is #3. I'll explain and show you how to prevent and end those 3 negatives. Mega Power removes those 3 causes - including actual metal-to-metal friction abrasion and wear using special chemistry.

    Doing so the Mega Power way helps you enjoy your cars and have a much longer, trouble-free car, truck, and equipment life to enjoy.

Additives that are harmful.

Mega Power does not contain Zinc, DDP, copper, or Teflon

    Instead, Mega Power contains chemical cleaners with anti-wear advantages, and MC+ - which are new anti-friction, anti-wear conditioner ingredients. These were found to work well with the cleaners, making possible the end of the above problems.

    The ingredients - Zinc, DDPlus, or copper, in the presence of moisture or humidity produce electrolysis - and this causes surface pitting - just like acid does, and now removed from all oils.

    Teflon additives block oil passage ways and filters annd do not protect nor promote longer engine life. See law suits on those products.

    Solvent based additives and oil thickeners have negatives you may not want in your cars.

    Mega Power does not contain Zinc, DDPlus, copper or ceramic powder, Teflon, nor solvents, nor thickeners.

    Mega Power is a thin anti-wear chemistry that ends wear, residue, acid, and friction problems, and protect both brand new and worn surfaces. Every internal car part is conditioned along with your fuels, oils, fluids, and coolants from degradation caused by sitting, sulphates, moisture - even blow-by gases - and such.

Mega Power Classic Car Additives.

Order Mega Power. It is all you needs for perfect problem-solving and anti-wear protection for all your cars!

    Mega Power is a 3 or 6 part package we call a treatment - you adda as directed, depending upon the problem and unit to be treated. Normal usage is done when your oil or fluid is changed. Mega Power comes with simple instructions, my phone help, guarantee. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days.

Ordering info below.

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    Two steps are involve to install Mega Power. Nothing to take apart.

    1. One steps cleans and frees
    2. The other conditions, heals, coats, and protects.
    Driving does the actual fix and protection.

    In my cars - classic Mustangs and newer cars and motorcycles, I have added Mega Power to their fuel, oils, fluids, and coolants, to prevent acid damage, and to prevent cold crank, starting, running - in freezing weather or dessert heat.

    My cars run years pass what others get from their cars and equipmment using other methods of care. You need that help, for sure!

    Order Mega Power Now. You and your family will be on to a car and budget saving idea that is simple and proves its value.

    Amp Reading of starter motor amperage draw always show 10 to 20% less cranking amps. Dyno test always show 10% or more horsepower gain. Both indicate the motor is spinning a lot easier, there is less friction, and deterred combustion horsepower for that volume of fuel is greated with Mega Power.

    The best new car and rebuild break-in additive ever invented!

With Mega Power Additives

    You prevent and end fuel, motor, and transmission classic car, hot rod crank, start, shift, and running problems. Or the product price refunded!

With Mega Power -

    Even if they sit for years, they will crank and run as if in daily use. No rusty gas tanks, no acid pitting of bearings, cams, and piston skirts. No!

    Mega Power prevents acid formation and it insidious damage that zinc, DDPlus, or copper additives may cause.

The test is the next time you drive your car.

    Your cars will start smoother, idle easier, have more cold running zip, and added power up and down hills - you didn't know you lost - to enjoy.

    The acid test.

    I add a few drops of acid to motor oil containing zinc, DDPlus, or copper additives, and to fuel. Each in their own test tube. Then, use a red shop rag to cover and shake the contents. The rag will turn black where the contents touched the rag.

    With Mega Power added to the same mix - the new spot on the rag where it touches the fuel and oil stays red! Mega Power neutralizes that acids. Acids are your number one engine transmission killer and cause of leaks.

    And Mega Power won't turn your oils to a gooey honey like some say Lucas and Restore does. There are no

    PTFE or Teflon's in Mega Power.

With today's new Mega Power Classic Car Additives containing

    anti-wear, anti-friction protection and
    Mega Power's Cleaning Chemistry
    in your classic car, and fleet fuels, oils, fluids, and coolants, they will suffer none of the problems that storage and not running everyday causes.

    Mega Power is sold as a 12oz for car motors, transmissions, fuel, and in gallons/drums for larger trucks and equipment, fleets. I'll show you how to test and use Mega Power for each type car, vehicle, industrial need... to have them all run longer and dependably... george 512 665 3388

Mega Power Classic Car Additives end fuel, oil, coolant problems

    Even when long storage produces, rough idling, rough running, cough, spit or backfire, valve tap, rough shift and leaks - common to such vehicles in those conditions. All that will end with Mega Power Protection.

    I guarantee it!

    Learn to use Mega Power. No other Classic Car Additives is better for classic or new cars trucks and equipment.

Learn more... Help car owners. Sell Mega Power for a good extra income

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