Radiator Trouble? Here are the strongest cooling aid, cleaning, stop leak products available.  Easy install.
Guaranteed none better!

Mega Power's Radiator System Service Product. Cleaner. Stop leak. Temperature Reducer.

Mega Power RS3 cleans, cools an ends leaks, overheating conditions. A one service product.Mega Power RS3 cleans, cools an ends leaks, overheating conditions. A one service product.

To ask a question, on a smartphone, to order products listed, call me at 512 663 3388 ...George

You seldom think about the tough job your radiator and its  coolant does for you. So...

If you're having a heat, cool, leak problem, you'll want the best product for the job. This is because...

Besides cooling the motor, did you know it also cools your transmission fluid too? And dissipates your air conditioner's heat load, too! Then too..

Coolant also provides freezing temperature engine protection to avoid damage to the engine, heater, piping, and radiator core, yet flow and cool as needed, hot or cold.

The bad news.

Did you known, Anti-freeze is also your radiators worst enemy!

With time metals in the system degrades, metal particles turns anti-freeze acidic.

What you don't know can cost you a new engine expense.

After several years cooling declines, leaks can occur, scum blocks heat transfer, engines and transmissions run hotter, giving way to rapid wear problems.

From being good to turning acidic, such degraded anti-freeze is estimated to cause 14 billion dollars of radiator, engine, and transmission repair problems each year - and their vehicle owners know not why - but you do now!

Mega Power's Radiator Treatment.

That is why you want the best product available - and that is Mega Power! You can have it delivered in a few days to end your radiator trouble.

It is the recommended Do-it-yourself service product when servicing your radiator - but it does more than what any other product offers...

A little explanation so you will see it's what your radiator solution really needs!

We have it for you. Mega Power's Radiator Treatment is an additive treatment that chemically cleans, stop leaks of all kinds, and ends the damaging heat loads now causing overheating, and its  faster engine and gear wearout. 

How can Mega Power ends your leak problem?

  • Coolant turns bad, meaning acidic in about 4 years. Mega Power  will Flush Out the acids for you. It's a simple 15 minute method you can do yourself. Just add the items shown as a 1, 2, 3 format.
  • Acidics eats holes in engine gasket sealants, radiator and heater cores causing leaks, and overheating. Mega Power Treatment will Flush Out the acids for you and stop the leak with a stop leak that works like blood does.
  • At the leak its coagulates. Sealing over any hole or gasket leak. It's done during the simple 15 minute method service of removing acids, you can end yourself. Men and women vehicle owners easily do a professional job following my simple directions.
  • Now, I know, some will not want to do all that. They just want stop leak. Ok, just let the cleaner clean, neutralize acids and and self neutralize. Takes 15 minutes. Then add the stop leak and conditioner. Skip the drain-out, new anti-freeze replacement.

How can Mega Power ends your overheating problem?

  • Acids makes sludge. Sludge, coating the interior blocks heat transfer from the motor and transmission. Retaining heat loads weakens motor oil's lube ability. Weaker oil lube film causes internal moving parts to actually touch, grind and produce friction heat, doing so. That's not good, of course.
  • Add the Mega Power Radiator Flush Cleaner to the radiator, start motor and in fifthteen minutes it will remove the scum causing overheating.
  • Change out old antifreeze with new - add the stop leak and Cooling Conditioner in the treatment to the new anti-freeze. Overheating stops by this process. 
  • Mega Power Stop leak and Cooling Conditioner increase heat transfer up to 40 degrees to stop overhearing.

Did this happen?

  • Coolant loss from a pinhole leak causes overheating and can happen in 5 miles, as your're driving with no notice until your motor stops overheated. 
  • See those cars with steam coming from their cars on the side of the road? You could be next - - unless... our Mega Power Treatment in your radiator to avoid this trouble.
  • Smart vehicle owners invest in this product and its companion Engine, Transmission and Power Steering treatments -  for anti-wear, friction reduction and residue removal benefits. See items below and their specials, below.

Good for any size car, truck, equipment. Even police cars, ambulances. Tow trucks. When towing for more pull power and problem solving. 

Ordering Mega Power Radiator 3 Feature Treatment #RS3.

Ordering info

One Mega Power Radiator Treatment #RS3 Includes 3 items. Comes with easy-to-follow- directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Just $36+ $15s&h = $51 total. Other specials below... Just one? Click cart button for this one 3 pak item.

Radiator problems like overheating or leakage are easily remedied with Mega Power Radiator Treatment.Radiator problems like overheating or leakage are easily remedied with Mega Power Radiator Treatment.

A new, simple 15 minutes radiator service protects more than you think:

  • With radiator anti-freeze replacement more than a good coolant replacement is needed.
  • Use a precleaner in our Mega Power Radiator Service kit that advertises it neutralizes acids so you don't contaminate the new anti-freeze.
  • Make sure you add a stop leak that stops leaks now if need be, and protects against future leaks like the Radiator Stop Leak in our kit.
  • And be sure to add Cool like included in out service kit. 
  • Cool stops overheating problems for the engine and transmission from dissipating their excessive heat up and down hills under load and in stop and go traffic.

The wise car owner may want to consider servicing the radiator when overheating, or a leak occurs. That's covered here for you information.

  • Our Mega Power Radiator Service is economical and the service can stop overheating and stop leaks in 30 minutes serving.
  • This review show how to rid the system of acid, and stop leaks, and provide years more protection during the stop leak service.

Select the service product that suits your need - as explained below.

"When you lose coolant, and possibly run the motor hot, real trouble with friction and tar-like residues start deteriorating your pistons, valves, gears and gaskets. This explains the service for that care, also!

"When you lose coolant, and possibly run the motor hot, real trouble with friction and tar-like residues start deteriorating your pistons, valves, gears and gaskets. 

This review shows whats needed for top stop leak help, and a system service, at the same time - to care for cleaning and ending friction in the motor and transmission.... if you want a complete service. 

Stopping your leak is a main purpose of this review. However...

Radiator Servicing every 4 years is the suggestion. As described here,  our service gives you stop leak and the most long term radiator care.

These radiator cooling system products come as a treatment from Mega Power to provide a new non-caustic way to service engine cooling systems every 4 years. End leaks and overheating and removes to slime to end overheating.

Reduces and removes automatic transmission temperature as it travels into and out of the radiator to dispel heat. In this way it helps extend transmission life.

Our TS#3 Transmission Service Treatment smooth's shifts reduces wear out speed and also helps extend transmission life with its anti-wear treatment. A good time to service the radiator and transmission in your good cars, too.

Good for any size car, truck, equipment. Even police cars, ambulances. Tow trucks. When towing. Or, when in bumper-to-bumper traffic. And city driving.

Ordering Mega Power Radiator RS3

Ordering info

One Mega Power Radiator Treatment #RS3 Includes 3 items. Comes with easy-to-follow- directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Just $36+ $15s&h = $51 total.

               Protect your engine transmission and radiator                 with these service products

Order Mega Power Radiator $51, Engine $95, Transmission  protector $75. Total $271. Now just $195 while supplies last!  Includes 12 items needed.

  • Easy 2 step directions, phone help if needed, guarantee. Just $195 and free shipping to your door or business. Service and protect all your cars - purchase 2 or more sets to service and protect all your vehicles.
  • Avoid trouble this inexpensive way. Order Now! Exceeds new car warranty service for radiator, engine, transmission. 12 items with directions and free phone help. A do it yourself product. 

Now just $195  for the 12 items. Click cart to order. Free Bonus Power Steering Treatment included  - first 100 orders. Save $69 plus $75 with this order.

Order 2 treatments for both your cars. 6 item needed. 2 Treatments. includes 2 pre-cleaners, 2 stop leak protectors, 2 System Cool and acid protectors.  Save $15.

Repair Shop Pricing: 

6 pak of 6 kits, $29 each. 18 items. 6=$174+ $20s&h=$174 total. Order by phone, get Free $12Nut buster Gift included. 

Gift Offer ends 6/01/19*

Repair Shop Pricing: 

12 pak of kits $24 each. 36 items. 12=$288 total. Save $100. Free shipping Free $24 Product gift included. Gift Offer ends 6/01/17*

Radiator 101

Mega Power, using 2 simple steps ends or prevents those problems with the items pictured above. Mega Power does the following:

  1. Neutralizes acids stopping your systems number one enemy.
  2. Removes sludge film which acts like insulation blocking heat transfer and keeping your motor and transmission running up to 100 degrees hotter than normal.
  3. Stops rust. Stops electrolysis. Rust degrades your engine by letting iron collect oxygen which flakes it away making holes. Electrolysis uses acids in the coolant causing a small voltage that transfers metal from one area to other.
  4. A conditioner sets up a bond to stop future acid formation.
  5. A stop leak ingredient forms a seal if a leak occurs upon contact with air.
  6. Cool, a name for an ingredient that packs more coolant molecules into a square inch collect heat away from your motor faster and dissipates it faster than antifreeze alone - making for a return to lower engine and transmission temperatures and longer.
  7. Mega Power includes 3 items needed. Easy to follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx.

Directions are easy to follow in 2 steps and results occur within minutes.

  1. Add the system cleaner to the coolant fluid. Run motor or drive for at least 10 minutes. Remove by draining the old coolant.
  2. Add the cool, stop leak and protector - the 2 remaining items, to the radiator. Then refill with new anti-freeze. That's it!

As you can see, by use of Mega Power Radiator - as a service treatment - you gain the above advantages and future protection - as you end your radiator leak, overheating, rust problem.s Order Mega Power now! All your cars need this protection - and it exceeds every car makers cooling system service specs.

Order Mega power below on line. Call me if you have a question, on a smart phone, want to order by phone. Call me at 512 665 3388 ...George.

and for you - avoiding such costly troubles. A value you need working for you to avoid such negatives.

Along with new replacement coolant, and the addition of the 2 remaining Mega Power items, the 2 products end overheating, gasket, heater and radiator core leak and cooling problems.

Radiator, additives, flush service, overheating, stop leak.

After Mega Power is installed the system is good for 4 years. Stop leak. Cool Conditioners. Anti-acid, and Anti-rust Protectors protect for 4 years. Tech info. Ordering. More.

Radiator cooling system service directions, help, tips, online ordering

Mega Power is the only company to replace the common 50 year old caustic cooling system cleaners and engine flush products sold in part stores with a really safe flush product - that works better than common caustics - which other brands may use.

And Mega Power replaced common fibrous radiator cooling system stop leak products with a stop leak that flows like your blood - until it seeps in a leak - where it coagulates just as blood does - two remarkable cooling system service products in one treatment!

If you didn't know, caustics cleaners require very special care to prevent injury to your eyes or body - as well as your engines cooling system - now a thing of the past to those switching to the Mega Power Brand

With engine cooling tube size reduced by 30%, and system pressure at 15lbs, and engines running hotter, those common service products can cause more harm than good.

What do you do about an inferior, but dangerous product?

    If you make the stuff, you add warning labels and weaken the danger, to prevent any harm - and consequently, end up with a product that is not much good. You may know that, of course.

Exactly what are today's car radiator problems?

    You may be here trying to solve one of them. This review will tell you about new stronger, safer, problem-solving radiator additives and tips to service your radiator yourself.... with my help... george

Order products on this page Or ask a question. Call me, george... at 1 512 665 3388

This page contains new Product Information, including how and what these new products do. With directions, Pricing, an Ordering info.

The Mega Power Radiator Serving Kit-#RS3. The new, tougher breed of problem-solving radiator and cooloing system products

A complete service product to clean, flush and protect your cooling system. A Do it yourself professional product - made D0-it-yourself-simple for any one to use.

Mega Power's Radiator Serving Kit-#RS3 - includes a 3rd product protector not available for the pictur, but included with the product as a 3 item treatment. About this product...

    Mega Power includes a complete cooling system package. Mega Power is both a system protector and a problem-solver. Ingredients include an safe, but highly effective new cleaner - safe?

    I put a old dirty penny in my palm and drop a few drops of Mega power Cleaner over the penny - which comes shinny clean right before your eyes. Not even a red mark on my skin! That is what your system needs!

    Added to that is Mega Power's special acid neutralizing quality. Acid is the number one - but hidden enemy to your cooling system, engine and transmission. Acid goes with Mega Power.

    Heat and acid are coolant breakdown masters. Removing acid, and then fortifying your coolant with conditioners improves coolant breakdown resistance, an adds greater, and faster heat transfer and cooling benefits.

    A new stop leak ingredient works like blood. Non-fiberous, it circulates with the coolant. Should a leak occur, the Mega Power stop leak will coagulate - like blood on a cut does, and stop the leak. a pretty ingenious ingredient, right?

    Further engine - and transmission cooling assist an protection occurs with another Mega Power included ingredient - I call Mr Cool. This ingredient takes out free oxigen, and this advantage packs more coolant into each square inch of space.

    The benefit is that more coolant presses against your cooking hot engine as your flying down the road a 70 mph. That speed and increased heat load is carried away for sure, and keeps your motor oil cooler - that is good! The more extra heat transferred faster to the outside is an oil and motor protecting benefit. A needed product when towing for sure.

One more reason to order Mega Power and keep out of their reach!

    Did you know your cooking hot transmission fluid is sent to the radiator where, in a Radiator cooling system help and tips.

    For over 50 years and even today, caustic cooling system cleaners and fibrous stop leak material has been used to service the radiator.

    Caustics cleaners require very special care to prevent injury to your eyes or body. With radiator cooling tube size reduced by 30%, and system pressure running at 15lbs, and engines running hotter, those common service products can do more harm than good. How? By not providing what your system really needs.

What do you do about it?

    If you make the older style products, you add warning labels, and weaken the ingredients to lower danger. This prevents any harm - and consequently, does not do much good. you may know that, of course. This site will educate you on all this and show you what your cars really need.

Servicing your radiator is easy. Some shops have fluid exchange machines that do the job better, shown here, from Mega Power.Servicing your radiator is easy. Some shops have fluid exchange machines that do the job better, shown here, from Mega Power.

Other Pricing:
6 pak of 6 kits, $29 each. 18 items. 6=$174+ $20s&h=$174 total. Order by phone, get Free $12 Gift included.
Gift Offer ends 6/01/17*

12 pak of kits $24 each. 36 items. 12=$288 total. Save $100. Free shipping Free $24 Product gift included. Gift Offer ends 6/01/13*

*Free gift is given only if you mention this page. By date listed.

More on Megas Power's problem solving ability

Mega Power works with water or any type anti-freeze. Contains excellent coolant recycling additives. Coolant removed can be recycled using the two remaining product items.

Hot running engine

Special instructions are given for head gasket and manifold coolant leaks in the directions.

Hot running engine temperatures are lowered by up to 40 degrees, customers tell us. This is because the Mega Power flush item removes internal scum other flushes cannot. Scum negatives...

Scum on interior surfaces - they come from coolant breakdown, over time, acts as a blanket to block your motors heat transfer to the outside. Not good of course, so Mega Power's Flush Protector removes scum and neutralizes acids - the scum maker; which also eats holes in motor gaskets, heating and radiator coils. So, complete clean occurs.

The other Mega Power ingredients: The one packs more molecules into an inch space. This advantage means more molecules can accept engine heat at engine heads, and carry away more "heat load" and transfer that heat to a clean metal cooling surface - transferring about 20% more heat faster to the outside air. This lowers engine temperatures.

Continuous stop leak protection is included - Most brands of stop leak are fibrous, and their stop leak stopping ability last only 24 hours.

Helps lower excessively hot-running cooling systems. Ends certain manifold gasket internal and external leaks.

Each Mega Power Kit contains the following 3 products for; cleaning, coolant conditioning, full stop leak protection.

  1. MP Radiator-Flush-Cleaner RC#8 . This is Step One of our fast, complete system flush. Removes scale, surface oxidation. Neutralizes acids. Self neutralizing.

  2. Simply add flush cleaner to old radiator coolant. Run motor to circulate - heater on hot, 5 to 10 minutes. Step Two. After 5 to 10 minutes, drain and replace coolant with new. Add the two remaining products along with new anti-freeze coolant. Run motor 5 minutes, Bleed air pocket.* Top-off fluid level; radiator and overflow tank. Cap system, Run and check system for leaks for 5 minutes.

  3. MP Coolant Conditioner #RC7.
    Add to coolant, Helps Engine and transmission run cooler. Helps keep temperature normal when towing, during long motor idle-ing periods. Dissipates up to 25% more heat load, faster. An additional cooling aid helping vehicles in traffic, tow trucks, police cars, service vehicles, when towing.

  4. MP Stop Leak #SL6.
    Works on cracks, gaskets, holes. Non clogging formula. No pills, no fibers. Yet, stops leaks and seepage fast. Provides future, automatic Stop Leak Protection, also.

  5. * Bleed air pocket. Check car manual for location. [50% water, 50% coolant is an ideal anti-freeze blend]. Normal coolant temperature is 240 degrees - capped. Loosening pressure cap while hot always causes explosive reaction and face and body severe burning. Beware. Be safe.

Ordering info

To order, Call 1 512 665 3388 or use shopping cart button.
Shipped to your business or home with easy to follow directions, guarantee, my phone help, if needed.

    One Mega Power Radiator Treatment #RS3 Includes 3 items. $36+ $15s&h = $51 total.

Order 2 treatments for 2 radiators. 6 items. Save $15. 2 Treatments for $85 total.

Other Pricing:
6 pak of 6 kits, $29 each. 18 items. 6=$174+ $20s&h=$174 total. Order by phone, get Free $12 Gift included.
Gift Offer ends 6/01/17*

12 pak of kits $24 each. 36 items. 12=$288 total. Save $100. Free shipping Free $24 Product gift included. Gift Offer ends 6/01/17*

*Free gift is given only if you mention this page. By date listed.

Radiator, help above. Click here for info on our engine protector

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