Mega Power Distributor Options: Provide profitable new income producing tune and repair products mechanics can only buy from you each month.

Distributor options: Mega Power's Distributors work from a home based business. Call now to ask a question about your area. 512 665 3388

Mega Power Distributor Options: The Mega Power Company is an inventor and manufacturer of automotive and industrial servicing chemicals.

Their form of distribution Mega Power uses is to look for distributors to market their products in cities and to state wide coverage. Distributors work like a vendor who buy at one price and sell at a higher price. Distributors develop new accounts, and supply, and restock their accounts on a monthly basis.

Like any successful business, Mega Power Distributors have a unique product line providing desirable benefits to the Client reseller and end user buyer - no other product offers. That elevates Mega Power's selling and profitable advantages. Every car owner needs Mega Power! So the potential is huge!

Mega Power products, for the most part are packaged for auto related businesses who promote their advantages to upgrade the various tune up and fluid change services, and to solve and provide restorative wear and residue problems all cars and heavy equipment experience.

Distributors pay up to a $25000 investment range.

Sub-distributors and salespeople are hired by distributors to work the Distributors territory. Sub-distributors purchase areas and distributors supply them products and training.

I am using this means to find sub-distributors and sales people.

Like most startups, the average wholesale distributor will wonder when he will get his investment back? And what his profit margin will be after expenses?

From my experience, it took me a year to open 100 accounts, you keep opening new accounts as word gets out. An average account bought an average of $500 off me each month. At say, a 100% markup, $250 is gross profit.

In my case, I ran out of certain popular items and these were reordered as needed from the factory. Reordering from the distributor or factory is what its all about to keep your accounts supplied.

Most businesses require a debt of $500,000 up to enter. Mega Power requires a smaller investment and most distributors work from home. This lowers start up cost - yet profit margins may be higher.

How long it takes you to get back your investment depends on your sales ability to open accounts and explain the profitable advantages Mega Power offers, and your belief in those advantages.

You can read thru this review, then look at the links, then ask questions. I can help with answers. I am not Mega Power. I am a Distributor with a Texas territory.

Quoting from an article on this subject, it says....

"Take, for example, the ambitious entrepreneur who sets up his garage as a warehouse to stock full of small hand tools. Using his own vehicle and relying on the low overhead that his home provides, he could conceivably start making money within six to 12 months." Mega Power can meet those goals. We sell additives. Distributor. Mega Power meets those ideas.

What A Mega Power Distributor does.

You would provide profitable marketing education and income producing tune and repair products to local area auto repair shop owners.

This gives the business owner the ability to grow their income - significantly, and yours, by dramatically expanding their profit producing ways. There are no income limits.

You are an exclusive provider of Mega Power. Mega Power can only be bought from you each month.

Work from home. Easy to learn program

  • Learn More! Call for perspective. 512 665 3388.

  • Supplying mechanics a monthly supply of needed car tune and repair products. These products provide special problem-solving capabilities.

  • Your business helps mechanics increase the profits by tens of thousands of dollars every year and is not possible in any other way.

  • Our products do so by giving the mechanic a new way to satisfy each customers car care performance restoring needs the car owner cannot get in any other way.

  • With my method, my auto repair shop accounts learn new repair techniques and powerful selling sentences in a monthly CD, online, or newsletter as part of the training benefits I provide. This helps the accounts motivation and expertise - and their customers become dependent upon it. Its true!

  • Unlike other products with limited capabilities, the mechanics Mega Power Product Expertise increases the car owners confidence that this mechanic is filling their unmet need for extending the dependability of the customer's car - even older, out-of-warranty cars.

  • As motor vehicles run years longer between major overhauls, Mega Power Product usage will grow the mechanics profits as they satisfy the need to maintain vehicles in their older, worn stage of life, competitors cannot.

You the distributor, sub distributor and sales person representing the distributor, need no car fixing skills or knowledge in this business.

Sub-distributor inventory investment starts at $2500

Mega Power Distributor Options: What we offer:

Check out Mega Power's Car Tune and Repair Products. Mega Power offers exclusive, unlimited profit making options to let you work from home and be home every night. Call for perspective and your investment or sales opportunity. 512 665 3388.

What you would do as a Mega Power Distributor.

You provide profitable new income producing service products to mechanics from Mega Power. Mega Power Products are top quality and unique in that Mega Power Products gives mechanics a new source of much needed income.

Your accounts, those you create, buy a starting inventory from you, get promotional help from you, and depend on you as a monthly source to refill their products needs. You work off a price sheet.

You are shown how to develop accounts, and trained them to know how to show how to detect hidden wear and tear problems in their customers cars. This education extends their tune and repair expertise.

The mechanic's customer's quickly see those car problems could be much costlier to end, if not treated with Mega Power. The profit off such conclusions for the mechanic easily amount to several hundred dollars extra profit nearly every day!

This can amount to $1000 extra service income off each customer, not possible for the mechanic to earn, except with Mega Power. The average mechanic has 1000 customers. And sees about 50 a month.

Mega Power is cash and carry type business, meaning most of your accounts pay for items purchased in advance, or at delivery.

Mega Power Distributor Options: Investment needed

Mega Power Distributor Inventory Investment required: $5000 to $25,0000. Income is unlimited. Income is made by selling from your inventory, keeping the amount over cost as income, and using the cost portion amount to replace your sold inventory.

Add Mega Power to your check list of business opportunities for your area. Do so by learning more about Mega Power, their products, your affiliation, and start up help.

Mega Power Distributors make an above average income providing problem-solving wear and residue caused engine, transmission, cooling, and steering system products so local area mechanics can have a local source supplier.

Your Mega Power resellers usually stock a months supply - which they draw from, as sales of services to customers occur during the month. They depend on you to refill sold inventory.

Distributor options. Mega Power 's work from home business. Call now to ask a question about your area. 512 665 3388

Who would benefit from Mega Power Products.

Mega Power satisfy's the car and equipment service, tune up, and repair needs of car dealer service departments and their used cars departments, also.

Auto repair franchisers, like Midas, Mienekey, and independent auto repair businesses, small fleet owners, heavy equipment owners, industrial equipment owners, and individual car and equipemnt owners are all prospects who need Mega Power.

Call if you have a question, or for more details at 512 665 3388

Mega Power Distributor Options: What is Mega Power?

Mega Power is a new type of fuel, engine, raditior, transmission, steering, and air conditioning anti-wear, with wear and specific problem solving and problem avoding advantages - no other product has. Mega Power is unique because its proprietary ingredients are not harmful like other additives. Mega Power slows down the rate of wear out such, in 5 components every vehicle has. Many car and equipment owners brag of gaining a second life span by using Mega Power in their new cars and equipment compared to those who use other methods of car care. Mega Power products are different and superior than common part store additives. Mega Power Distributor Options: The niche you can own.

A big and profitable niche. Mega Power fills this niche solving wear and performance problems in out of warranty vehicles. Mega Power does so by cleaning and freeing of problem causing performance problems. Internal parts are cleaned and friction modified, and with surface protecting ingredients, the mechanic makes any car, truck, tractor, Rv, run good as new again. This is where a huge unmet need exist. A huge profit maker for the mechanic, whose income producing ways are limited - if not subscribing to the Mega Power Program. Once understood, Mega Power trained accounts become your lifetime customer - having a lifetime customer value of income amounting to $5000 to 10,000 each, for the Distributor.

Mega Power Product Coverage. Each of these

  • Fuel systems
  • Engines and their cooling systems
  • Transmission
  • Steering, and
  • Air conditioning systems
  • provide anti-wear - a power boosting aid, and problem-solving profit-making opportunities for the mechanic and vehicle owner.

Each of the above Distributor Options provide a potential profit growing avenue. Using an unending educational means to aquaint more and more prospects in your locale is what grows the business for you.

Your Mega Power Distributor Options include a Wholesale Distributorship. You're shown how to promote a profit making solution no one else can!

Your Distributor Options Market: Primarily, automotive service and repair and also industrial engine, transmission, lube oil change businesses. They will like your fuel, oil, fluid conditioning aids, each packaged to prevent or end an internal residus and wear caused performance problems - their many customers have. No one else sells a preventative and problem-ending product. The potential market is huge for them annd you. Each requires and education of their marker - we call selling.

The Distributor options income potential: Unlimited income.

Please note: Price markup includes cost of doing your business and your profit - Gross profit is more or less 50% to 100% markup. Example: Small sale of $250 might be 2 cases of products a mechanic will buy and consume every month - if he wants to earn an extra $500 profit. Your profit +- $50-$100 from that sale.

That method has made me and my family a life style that lets me work 8 months out of the year and travel and do charitable work for four months, I feel, no other type product or business opportunity, other than Mega Power can offer. It's an enjoyable type business acquiring many new friendships along its profitable way. Mega Power fills a new need...

In new vehicles and equipment,

By friction modifying with anti-wear cleaners and MC+ in the fuel and oil fluids. Friction is highest when tight new parts mesh and wear in - called seating, by mechanics. 2 out of 5 or 6 cars and trucks never end this break-in period. That means, they will have years of future life worn away - surprising the owner of such by their having a shorten engine and transmission life.

How do you know which vehicles have more friction?

I wish I knew that answer. You do after you install Mega Power as directed - and the car suddenly starts easier, runs smoother when cold, and has a bit more power pulling away from red lights, climbing hills with heavy loads, and by going 20 to 40 more miles on each gas fill up. The car or truck showing no improvement has it wear pattern put on for 4 years and about 75,000 miles. Then, sticky residues and friction is such those cars and equipment will also suddenly run with a noticible improvement - showing Mega Power advantages at work.

In out of warranty vehicles: Mega Power avoids costly and premature avoidable wear out, years longer than any other method of care. Smoother operation and a bit lower energy or fuel consumption designates Mega Power's hidden anti-wear advantages, customers see as an assuring possibility for them.

In older vehicles, Mega Power restores an older vehicles like-new power, performance, and dependability for the vehicle owner - and retailer you supply possible in two ways.

Specific end usage that produces you an income

  1. For the mechanic you supply mega Power to - when the mechanic add MP to a vehicle or machine - along with a tune up, or repair, Mega Power ends a number of serious driving performance and overhaul headed problems customers pay gladly to end.

    These are internal wear and power declining problems that motor oil breakdown and combustion causes - and not otherwise possible to end for the mechanics customer by just replacing broken parts - and otherwise by costly overhaul.

    The accounts usage will grow to a certain level and sustain that level indefinitely for you.

  2. As word gets out, more prospects will order Mega Power for its profit making, and competitive advantages.

  3. So, That is how Mega Power helps your business and income grow - as it save other time, money, frustrations - or opens new income making possibilities for them.

What do you do to start your income with Mega Power?

Earn unlimited income supplying local mechanics new products needed to complete their tune up, engine, transmission repair and problem-solving with.

As a Mega Power Product Distributor

    Your Distributor Option Investment is a way to earn an above average income from your area auto repair business owners. They need such vehicle problem solving products and expertise to grow their income with. Yet, you need no auto repair knowledge to do so. Read that again!

    The Distributor Option steps to start, and then grow an above average income begins by a newsworthy direct mail program to area prospects about what is new and needed for prospects to grow their stagnent income.

    That information shows that keeping olds ways of doing business will continue to choke their income. Information about what's new and profitable and working is now revealed for their use. That information is what they are missing, and need to survive and grow - as it meets new customer car care expections, car owners seek.

    The mailout encourages a high percentages to read a report - Step two in your business developing stage. They do so - where their contact info is given, and then they download the report. Those that do Step two are your mostly area propects, as they demostrate their need for our type help. No need for door to door soliciting with this method.

You learn all this from our Distributor Options Training, of course.

    A couple days after the download, you call to make sure they read the info and answer questions.

    Step three, is the giving him of our MP Learn More, Earn More Report - which details how to produce more service work from existing customers - their number one way to make extra income - and now producing no income, because their way to do so is antiquated in the customers eyes.

One or more discussions with prospects will cover

    How to promote and sell these new products easily.

    And how they help sell more service not possible for them now.

    How they create more loyal customers using this method.

    Mega Power's ability to attract new customers for the owner.

    How our program makes competitors seem less knowlegable to their customers and the general public.

You need no auto repair knowledge at all for this business.

    Distributor options: You are shown the unique problem-solving capabilities of Mega Power Products - by actual demonstration in a car.

    This Distributor options training, for one thing, will provide a before-and-after-ride to feel the products ability to restore power, thought by you - thought by everyone, to be lost to wear and tear - until Mega Power was invented, to end that costly negative.

Distributor options: Did you know:

    A cars lost power is not restored by tune up or repair?

    A tune up or repair only restores the power to the lower level it had before a repair was needed. It is still losing power and headed for a premature wear-out as it leaves the shop.

    The customer hopes for the best, of course - and knows the cars future will bring on a costly replacement need, sooner than later... Mega Power, by means of the mechanic, introduces a car care method to each customer that makes their car run as good as when new - then offers the option to keep it that way - making a good extra income for himself, while helping the customer run good as new, indifinitely!

    That is the newsworthy value of your conversation to the shop owner. A see-for-yourself curiosity - in hopes its true, will have him allow you to prove it in his own finely-tuned car.

    This is the type of Distributor options format, repeated many times to area prospects, in the prospects cars and pick ups - that amazes them, and now lets you show them the Mega Power profit making part.

Your Distributor options training is to help you make above average income for yourself and others

    You will be shown how the products they use are antiquated, and why. Simple demostrations do this, of which you will be shown.

    You will show them how Mega Power Satisfies the prospects and their customers unanswered questions about the way to end hidden wear problems now, and down the road of life.

    So far, no Distributor options discussion of repair expertise has been needed by you. The Mega Power way of introducing new products, and creating curiosity, is followed by the potential for them to make tens of thousands of dollars extra income is welcomed news to any business owner. They need to see how it can work to do the same for them. That is easy, as you can see...

    Once prospects acknowledge "their need to grow more income," demonstration in their car, just as shown you, is Mega Power way of showing we have something of great value for them and their customers.

    Mega Power is different because it solves wear caused performance decline problems, and restores what was thought a wear and milage problem. It is a problem, and Mega Power ends both the power stealing factor, and promotes longer life. Mega Power does so by infusing anti-wear conditioning, called MC+. A like-new, restored performance and zip returns and the customer will appreciate and want to keep going, by future servicing from the mechanic. He knows their cars best.

    Ending power-stealing wear in the mechanics own car - is as good of proof that he wants. Next....

You show the mechanic the steps to identifying more hidden problems in every car and any kind of equipment.

    You have already created a deep interest - without ever demonstrating any car repair expertise - he has that, and he understands the significance of what happen to improve his own car or trucks performance.

    The Product Book shows this providing more informative education on why he felt a difference he did not know was lost. More Distributor options.

How the actual order from the mechanic takes place

    After a few try's from this impressive ride the mechanic just experienced, you will say something like this: Lets go in your office, and let show you how to have Mega Power add $50,000 to $250,000 extra to your income.

    When you open your sales book, you ask him what his plans for extra income would help improve? New home, remodel, new car for wife or kids, kids college, parents, charitable efforts - what?

    Next, you open your Mega Power Price Book Manual and go over details of what you shown him, and his drive experience, and its significance to make the car run better. You have a video to show him why Mega Power ingredients restores what is known to be lost power.

    A page is given him of suggestions about when and how to educated each customer. To do so in such a way they will suddenly be glad to spend hundreds of dollars - to avoid thousands of dollars in avoidable vehicle wear out and trade-for-new expense - that now is the better, cheaper option for them.

    The mechanic will have 3 Mega Power Start Up Inventory Programs with are shown to pick one of them. The approximate profit made for each service, and how many services produces that gross profit. This Opening Special allows a speical discount on the first order and shows a guaranteed price for the coming year.

    Less than those amounts increase his cost 15%. The Specials discount is 15%.

    A two week or monthly inventory is sold. And arrangements are made automatically refill his sold inventory to the original levels - changing that amount as his sales dictate.

    You promised to be by for the next several days to answer questions and many help him on key points to be sure to make with each customer - so he can trigger more Mega Power Car Care servicing sales -

Your Distributor options: profit

    The profit off such sales for your auto repair business owner will put an extra $50,000 to $250,000 income he never could reach - in his pocket, with Mega Power and your help.

    The profit off such sales by you, will depend on your motivation and financial needs. I can tell you I eventually had over 100 accounts in my area, and each account made me $100 to $300 profit every month.

    The first couple accounts were the hardest for me. After that, I used them and their experiences to create curiosity for others to try the product in their truck - to get acquainted with Mega Power. That demo helps them see what's new and potentially profitable - they want products that makes them look good in the customers eyes.

    Your introduction to help them see how capture $50k to $250k income now slipping thru their fingers, and now driving in and out of their business - going into the pockets of competitors - with their help, is a promise no other additive selling company can match.

Help them make more income - in an easier, but better way

    Your marketing efforts, to help the local auto repair and service business owner provide an extra, much neede $50k to $250k income, now slipping thru the business owners fingers - is what motivates Mega Power Distributors to call on prospects and identify their reason for being.

    What other level of profit-improving help is there for him? There is none but Mega Power. A business improving gain for both you and him, only Mega Power can provide. This is because...

You are there for them

    You and Mega Power satisfy the best way to fill the need mechanics have for profit-improving help. They need to buy from you, if they are to ever improve their tune up, auto repair, and maintenance expertise - and double their income, while doing so.

    This simple program produces an automatic, and unlimited income source for the Mega Power Distributor and each Mechanic he develops into this expertise.

2 goals you reach:

  1. Acquaint the mechanic with your way to fill his profit improving need. To do so with new, hi-tech problem-solving services that end his customers worrisom, hidden wear and tear. You are there to help profit by them.
  2. Educate him on how best to get started is by trying it in his car. And how to do so with each of his customers. Help him understand how You and MP are the only means for him and his family to raise $50,000 to $250,000 extra income over the next 60 months.
  3. Call me now to see how you can get started in your local area. Check to see if its open. Call me at 512 665 3388 .... george

Mega Power is unique in that

    Mega Power is the only product made to safely and instantly remove the growing accumulation of friction and problem-causing residues that bind pistons, bearings, valves, gears, an tune up controls - in cars, RV's, large trucks heavy equipment, and industrial machinery. This is possible because....

    Friction and oil breakdown residues both residues and absorbs 5 to 15% of the horsepower slowing your road speed 5 miles or more - as time goes buy.

    Actual problems can be stopped - like that making motors burn oil, cause engine valves to stick and tap, more engine noise, harder starting, rough idle, stalling, high emissions, and sticky and friction based problems to cause gear slip, rough shifts.

Call now! Distributor options for Mega Power Products. Call me at 512 665 3388

Other problems Mega Power ends

    This includes power steering, engine oil, transmission and coolant leaks.

    High temperature and overheating are other problems our products ends - doing so using new chemistry technology.

    Typically the car/truck/equipment owner has the mechanic replace bad tune up or motor parts. Or if a motor/transmission repair....

    At that point, no further profit can be made. However...

    Then.... if the mechanic hands customers our Menu which gives them a choice of tune up treatments to end the cause of their car problem - residues that bind pistons, bearings, valves, gears, and tune up controls. The customer has options to end those costly negatives. Its cheaper than waiting for wear to run up a higher bill, right?

    Friction and oil breakdown residues absorbs 1/4 power that use to go to the wheels burn oil cause tap, noise, harder starting, rough idle, stalling, high emissions, and causes gear slip, rough shift leaks, overheating and under cooling - all of which the product you could be selling, instantly ends.

Call now! Distributor options for Mega Power Products. Call me at 512 665 3388

More.... Distributor options: for the mechanic

    Typically the car/truck/equipment owner has the mechanic replace bad tune up parts, or per4form a motor/transmission repair.

    At that point, no further profit can be made. However...

    Then.... our mechanic hands customers our Menu which gives customer choice of tune up treatments the mechanic will add to end above problems - burn oil cause tap, noise, harder starting, rough idle, stalling, high emissions, and causes gear slip, rough shift leaks, overheating and under cooling - all of which our product instantly ends - but tune up or repair cannot... [reread them]

    Mega Power products ability to clean, free, smooth, and coat internal parts - one cost $2000 to hand-clean at an overhaul. Our Product instantly benefits affected parts and rids them of their excessive amounts of their problem causing friction and part-binding residues. Further...Distributor options....

    Mega Power product extends tune and repair guarantee for the customer to one year. Customer will instantly feel motor performance equal that of a larger motor - [result of releasing power now absorbed by rough sticky parts]. Our Product then keeps like new power and zip and performance that way with twice a year touch up treatment at oil change.

Profit increase for mechanics by between $50 -$100 per customer.

    Average monthly shop Product purchase about $500. Net for distributor on $500, about $100 - $250. Securing 50 to 200 accounts takes a year. No better Distributor options anywhere.

    Test we show you to do easily shows we have the strongest, fastest acting, safest, customer approved, and mechanic loved.

    Loved for the extra monthly income the highest in the nation.

    Loved because It restores power formerly thought lost to wear and tear.

    One Distributor option to an area. Selling areas now! Product sells itself. Very little training needed. Contact george christ at 512 665 3388 for perspectives, applications. Have a question, want to secure your area. Call me day or evening at 512 665 3388

    If this is not for you - Pass this along to a friend who might appreciate this opportunity.

Call now! Distributor options for Mega Power Products. Call me at 512 665 3388

Distributor options. Why we are a top quality product without equal