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Mrga Power automotive Additives

Bud Esterline. Vehicle Wear and Tear Problem-Solving Additive Inventor. Picture shows a few of his inventions. megapower.com ...company web site. At the company web site, see Mega Power's Anti-wear MC+ ingredient and its performance restoring feature, demonstrated.

This web site; auto-tune-up-and-repair options.com is an educational site to explain and train mechanics and lube, tune, auto repair, fleet, business owners - and individuals about the use of specific Mega Power Products as a wear problems solver.

And to expand their promotional and car problem solving expertise.

Car owners seeking tune up and repair help can quickly find in non-technical terms specific product remedies for their car and equipment needs.

Bud Esterline's brand; Mega Power, fills the need to end or prevent, wear and performance problems in the motor, transmission, drive axle, power steering, engine cooling, and air conditioner systems - not possible before. Cars RV's, equipment, industrial.

Mega Power provides their products to distributors, who provide Mega Power to the tune up, lube, and repair business owner. Distributors pass on to these the training, marketing, and inventory they need.

Mechanics. This arrangement puts Mega Power Products in the hand of the tech and mechanic. Mechanics and techs will use Mega Power's new problem-solving expertise and products to help solve their customer-car problems.

Mega Power provides, anti-wear maintenance products, tune up products, and repair problems solving products. They are packaged for new and older, worn vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, marine, and industrial machines and equipment.

Bud Esterline, Mega Power Automotive Additive Inventor. About the Inventor and his products.

This review covers his Mega Power Automotive Additives, lube oils, and fluid exchanger products.

    His products are sold in many country's, and favored by top mechanics for their problem-solving and performance-improving capabilities.

    Few products in the additive field can correct serious wear and performance problems like Bud Esterline's Mega Power Brand can.

    Few products can be use perfectly well in brand new to old, worn cars, trucks, heavy equipment, RVs, marine and industrial machinery - like his Mega Power Products can.

    I feel this ability is due to his ingenuity to discover and include anti-friction, and friction-modifying chemistry, oil treatments, fuel conditioners, and chemistry-cleaning inventions - which are packaged to solve and prevent specific problems.

Mega Power products are usually selected by a trained tune up tech, or mechanic as part of and overall remedy to a customers vehicle problem.

Mega Power is also made to be used as part of an motor oil and transmission and coolant fluid change. This includes correcting performance and wear and tear problems all vehicles experience, from when new to the time they're junked.

    These beneficial characteristics include ability to target a components lube fluid - where its carried along to the clean and correct the problem area. As part of the oils new, lube-boosting characteristics, Mega Power adds a new quality to the fluid to do what oil and ATF fluid could not do.

    Compared one aspect of Mega Power's beneficial chemistry features - that of cleaning, to inferior, often damaging characteristics of solvent-based cleaners other additive brands use.

    Solvent based products sold as a product to clean oil and fluid-lubed components - like engines and automatic transmissions, tend to destroy their fluids lubricity. This method does clean, but also increases friction wear, Thereby creating a new problem solving the former, dirty one.

Bud Esterline, Mega Power, Automotive Additives improves lubricity in the cleaning process as it provides an additional anti-wear barrier.

    This cleaning benefit slows-the-rate-of-wear - as an anti-wear.

    This adds to your motor and transmission friction drag and wear reduction. Lowering them to the lowest possible minimums. These advantages extend the time by years before wear-out occurs. You can years more driving dependability!

    When treated with Mega Power, your car will begin to respond with power like a bigger motor would give. Yet, fuel economy improves to like that of what a smaller motor provides.

    That is because wasted or absorbed horsepower, is released and utilized again after simply pouring the product into the vehicles engine and other components. Those you want to protect.

What's more, Bud Esterline's Mega Power, Automotive, Additives the products fluid modifiers - even though labeled for engine and transmission work well in either components.

    I admit, there are some differences in the extra advantages their differences contain. The point is this: Many of his inventions have cross-over capabilities - which other additives brands do not encourage nor recommend with their products.

    Me, other car-care specialist, top mechanics, and hundreds of thousands of motorist have found by observation and testing, that Bud's Mega Power Products also provides money and wear-saving secondary features of remarkable importance.[Read my Bio page on this]

    For example.... Bud Esterline's Anti-wear Formula inventions have become the product of choice for their secondary "fixing" ability. Tens of thousands of service, auto and equipment repair, and fleet owner businesses world wide, have found, Bud’s genius-made products – CORRECTS, OR FIXES OTHER RELATED PROBLEMS WEAR CAUSES....

    Bud Esterline's preserve your vehicles performance, end problems as you drive, and to many of us, are worth their weight in gold.

Common TESTIMONIALS of people who had their cars, trucks equipment "Mega-Powered."

    "After a few miles of driving, after your treatment was installed as you directed, I suddenly find my car running with more power and zip, like a bigger motor would provide. After a few fill-ups, I noticed the car is averaging 40 miles more distance between fill-ups, like a smaller motor gives."

Why is this possible

This is because cleaning, friction-modifying, and metal-conditioning chemistry uses your vehicles worst enemies to undue the problems wear and tear, and oil breakdown causes to rob you of your cars full power.

As you drive, the chemistry goes to work in a synchronized manner.

    Some of the product penetrates areas where oil can't. For example: Mega Power easily cleans and frees stuck piston rings, Dirty bearings, sticky valves, gears, and the like.

    In the piston area, this beneficial action keeps combustion forces working fully to push your motors pistons down fully - rather than partly , as is mostly the case, to some degree. Bud Esterline's Mega Power chemistry zero's in on freeing sticky piston rings, so they flex as they should again. Flexibility restored, rings can hold and seal-in combustion forces above the piston, providing the complete push of the piston downward - as it was intended when new.

    This is one of several aspects Mega Power uses to produce a sudden increase in lost-power and zip you may not have known was missing.

Every kind and size of motor loses some of its combustion horsepower development from sticky rings, valves wear roughness friction drag and resulting inefficiencies they cause.

    This happens when wear, heat, acids, burnt oil and fuel residues glue piston rings so they cannot flex outward as much. This is what lets some of combustion's explosive forces to slip pass the piston and wreak havoc to the oil.

    Instead, the products forces at work suddenly release a boost in power as the treatment does its thing. Other features also go to work, also. That is the wonder of Bud Esterline, Mega Power, Automotive, Additives

    Next, his invention changes their wear-roughen, power absorbing surfaces to smooth - permitting power, once absorbed, to now make the wheels propel you faster down the road. Then Bud's chemistry layers itself upon your vehicles worn-away surfaces, tightening up sloppiness between moving parts. These improvements are powerful...

The recipes for fixes, and corrective measures we have for you, produce remarkable features including: 1-reduce drag and 2-energy in-efficiencies. They work equally well in your engine, transmission, hydraulic system, power steering, and gears. Each part operates cleanly, smooth, tight, and strong again.

Any size, any brand, any age of vehicle. And please note...

Benefits also include years more of the performance you paid for, when new or newer.

All Bud Esterline's genius-made Mega Power Brand Products permits power that use to be absorbed, to now be used to zip you up and down hills, using less fuel to do so - while, at the same time, putting the brakes on wear - and ending the problem you used them for.

All new and older, even worn out vehicles will instantly run like new and the repair is permanent using my recipe instructions.

Most important are these facts:

    Bud's Mega Power Products and methods clean and smooth rough, fast wearing pistons, bearings, valves, pumps, and gears - promoting additional years of more dependability to the vehicles they're added to .....

    Ships, brand new vehicles on the assembly line, race vehicles, even top car-makers recommend or use these – because they work well, work permanently, and consistently.

HOW can you, your family vehicles, and your budget benefit?

Here Is How My Knowledge Will Help You! To order, become a re-seller, Both.

Bud Esterline, Mega Power, Automotive, Additives

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