why these car truck tips work! 

Why these car truck tips work. Contact info: On a cellphone, to ask a question, purchase items listed...ca;; me...george at 512 665 3388.

Products that solve wear and residue caused engine transmission running and performance problems.

The cause of most engine and transmission problems result from a buildup of acids and pitting acids cause. From friction that drags down horsepower, and from residue buildup. The good news is this...

New products offer new ways to solve those engine problems better, cheaper. Why these car truck tips work is because of the solution for the friction caused problems.

Why these car truck tips work!

For the transmission these products do the fix.

for radiator problems, these do the fix.

For Power Steering problems you need this product.

....Your car or equipment problem - from radiator cap to gas cap, and all in between has its own recipe known to correct their problem. made to help you are recipes.

Follow the recipe, and you will end the pitting, friction and residue problem.

Car owners also say this puts off overhaul for years.

They are simple to install - but complex in action. Fast acting. Benefit packed. Those are the reasons why these car truck tips work.

For the right product for your vehicle problem go to that component area, to order and suggestions on what to use, Call 1 512 665 3388 Have cc ready. Overnight shipping.

How DIY vehicle tune and repair tricks tips products, were discovered. Me, other car-care specialist, top mechanics, hundreds of thousands of motorist have found by observation and testing, [read my Bio page on this]. WE OWE OUR THANKS TO Bud Esterline, genius researcher and inventor of Mega Power Products. What is there not to like about a product that provides money and wear-saving secondary features of remarkable importance. NOW, GO AHEAD, place your order, and get what you need to FIX YOUR VEHICLES PROBLEM, TO ENJOY YEARS LONGER DRIVING SATISFACTION. gc

Why these car truck tips work.

For example....Bud's Anti-wear Formula inventions have become the product of choice for their "fixing" ability among tens of thousands of service and repair and fleet owner businesses world wide. Bud’s genius-made products – have this additional benefit.

In a few miles of driving after treatment, you suddenly find your cars and trucks begin running with more power and zip, like a bigger motor would provide, yet, start going 20 to 40 miles further between fill-ups, like a smaller motor can do.

This is because Bud Esterline invented multiple aspects of a anti-wear and conditioner chemistry. They work inside as you drive in a synchronized manner. Some product characteristics penetrate where oil can't go cleaning and thereby freeing stuck piston rings, bearings, valves, gears and the like.

Why these car truck tips work.

This results in keeping combustion forces working fully to push your pistons down fully - rather than not. How so? Bud's Mega power Formula Inventions zero in on freeing sticky piston rings so they flex, as they should, and seal-in combustion - providing no loss of combustion suddenly provides complete push to piston down fully.

Every kind and size of motor loses some of its combustion horsepower development from sticky rings, valves wear roughness friction drag and resulting inefficiencies they cause. This happens when wear, heat, acids, burnt oil and fuel residues glue piston rings so they cannot flex outward as much. This is what lets some of combustions explosive forces to slip pass the piston and wreak havoc to the oil.

Instead, DIY vehicle tune and repair tricks tips products, work quickly to suddenly release a boost in power as the treatment does its thing. Other features also go to work, also.

Next, his invention changes their wear-roughen, power absorbing surfaces to smooth - permitting power, once absorbed, to now make the wheels propel you faster down the road. Then Bud's chemistry layers itself upon your vehicles worn-away surfaces, tightening up sloppiness between moving parts. These improvements are powerful...

Auto tune up, fuel injector, motor, transmission cleaning products, types, remedies, treatments.

The recipes for fixes, and corrective measures we have for you, produce remarkable features including: 1-reduce drag and 2-energy in-efficiencies. They work equally well in your engine, transmission, hydraulic system, power steering, and gears. Each part operates cleanly, smooth, tight, and strong again.

Any size, any brand, any age of vehicle. Benefits also include years more of the performance you paid for, when new or newer.All Bud's genius made, Mega Power Brand Products permits power that use to be absorbed, now zip you up and down hills, using less fuel to do so - while, at the same time, while putting the brakes on wear - correcting the problem you used them for.All your new and older, even worn out vehicles will instantly run like new and the repair is permanent using my recipe instructions.

Most important are these facts: The products and methods recommended for your fix, also contain special conditioners with anti-wear qualities that clean and smooth rough, fast wearing pistons, bearings, gears, valve assemblies. This helps put the brakes on wear-out, providing and promoting additional years of dependability.....Ships, brand new vehicles on the assembly line, race vehicles, even top car-makers recommend or use these same products – because they work well, work permanently, and consistently. select help buttons for info you need.... NOW, GO AHEAD, place your order, and get what you need to FIX YOUR VEHICLES PROBLEM, TO ENJOY YEARS LONGER DRIVING SATISFACTION. gc Call to order 1 512 665 3388 Have your credit card ready.

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