After struggling in the repair business for years, auto tune and repair shop owner george christ reveals that one great repair shop idea that put him on easy street - george found the products that uses a secret that made him two lifetime incomes, with time to travel the world. Doing so while the average shop owner struggles never knowing those secrets, struggles to makes one lifetime income!

Garage owner tips. 
Learn more. Earn more.

george christ reveals that one great repair shop idea that turn his business around, and gradually put him on easy street - and the life he was working so hard for him, and for his family. The secret? Which took him years and lots of money to understand and apply, revealed here, made him two lifetime incomes, opened up new profitable avantages he could not try before, with time to travel the world, while the average shop owner struggles to makes one lifetime income!

Garage owner tips.

Learn these secrets to success.

Earn unlimited income by them. Repair Expert and Profit Boosting Advisor to auto repair shops, george christ reveals his secrets that boost customer loyalty and shop profit thru the roof that has help thousands of small repair shop owners. Easy DIY Repair ProductsAuto repair options Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, purchase items listed,  call me... george at 512 665 3388

Garage owner tips for success. Tip #1 Learn more Earn more!

Garage owner tips for success. Tip #1 Learn more Earn more!

According to 3 Ohio State Professors - whose research uncovered the different principles similar businesses followed that made them fail, yet one figures out how to succeed. The success secret?

The successful business found, and promoted a customer-attracting-value  - its main message, competitors did not have, or could not match. George found when he goes shopping his mind works like the following...

You - when shopping for a special item, check mentally who has the greatest value for your money - be it price, or better features, don't you?

Using what the professors, and world's top marketers do, george searched for a unique customer-attracting-value competitors did not have, or could not match, or did not promote as a unique value.

Why go through all that trouble, you might wonder?

That unique customer-attracting-value attracted more of the customers available to a business -leaving fewer to be split up among competitors, who used discounts which weaken their business model, while the business offering a unique value attracted those customers,  who willingly paid higher prices, producing much greater profit margins for the business.  by made the competitors look less appealing to look 

Many links make a chain. Strength is determined by the weakest link. The weakest link is profit growing, the problem you need to fix. In your  auto repair business the weakest link is not having a perceived value.

    Repair shop owners think being a good mechanic is their ticket to a better life. It's not!

    In a survey

Many links make a chain. Strength is determined by the weakest link. The weakest link is profit growing, the problem you need to fix. In your  auto repair business the weakest link is not having a perceived value.

    Repair shop owners think being a good mechanic is their ticket to a better life. It's not!

    In a survey

    Of hundreds of mom and pop auto repair shops the weakest link was determined to be, no marketing differentiation.

    If you have no way to show you offer WOW better  services than competitors you can't command better prices.

    If this critical tune repair WOW aspect is weak, here are tips to start strengthening that weakness to fertilize your growth and profits. Do so by learning how to use the marketing principle called "perceived value.

    The very purpose for a business is, namely: Master the skill to point out what you do and offer is superior, in such a way you capture the most of these customers. Don't have it?

    That is the purpose of the Learn more Earn more Repair shop Program. Order it to learn more earn more - positively.

    This Tip #1, encourages the use of a psychological business-building tool that builds what's called a perceived value.

    The winners get the most business and largest profits using...

    Perceived Value.

    Companies that build Perceived value into their customer base usually attract the best customers, have customers wanting to buy more service work, and customer fill their higher prices, are really a bargain.

    The losers are...

    Business owners who do depend on past business to repeat - although they do not see it happening. They do not understand how to offer a perceived value, do not know how to convey what their perceived value is. Losers usually struggle - with knowing the reason why, blaming it on competitors or economics. Assume, the winners are just lucky.

    Garage owner tips. Learn more. Sell more.

    Properly implemented, perceived value - the proof you give your way is superior, their way costlier to the customer, gets customers to buy services you can't give away now. The practice of promoting perceived value gets more customers to buy more, more often.

    If you listened to what you say when talking to customers, compared to what you think competitors might say, you will find your message is weaker. If your business is not what you expected it to be, you now know your weakest link.

    Rather than explain more of what research shows as to what perceived value is, lets go through a simple routine I teach garage owners having the steps to accomplish 4 goals a business having the best value to-the-customer has. That produces more business from existing customers and attracts more customers looking for a real beneficial value.

    So, lets go from a lecture to reality. How?

    For you, the auto repair shop owner, your problem is this: How to have more money at the end of the month instead of more month left at the end of your money!

    To do so, you may feel all you want to do is fix cars, be honest, make a good living to provide for your family.

    Is that working? No! That becomes your weakest link - its better to strengthen that link to produce income

    A goal is really an achievable destination. You need several goals.

    The first goal is the income you feel should be obtainable. Let's say that is $12,000 more yearly income to pay for living expenses and a little savings.

    That amounts to $1000 a month extra income. With 25 working days, that amounts to $40 extra profit per day. With 2 customers per day, what do they have as a potential for a needed service you can sell them - you know its service of the fluids, of course. Good! I'll show you how to sell them by selling a much more important service right now.

    Call for your Garage owner tips Report on what you must have for your perceive value message. 512 665 3388

Garage Owner Tips. Hard to understand. But Work when understood better than any other method

So, we have come far in just a few minutes to show the need of, and how to isolating your real worth to your customers. You do that - practicing the sells pitch over and over, like a sports team, every day does working long hours to get it smooth. Then you can start educating customers your recommendations value to them is the best way to end their wear and tear car problem.

That value should be a value competitors do not provide, is irresistible, more costly to pass up, than buy.

That is how you make your weakest link strong - to sell more to earn more. Still saying - "that's not for me!"

The problem

    Is that the typical business owner has settled down to believing a yellow page ad, working hard, doing good quality work, having fair-prices, is the key to today's way to success.

    You may blame outside influence as the reason for your limited success or failure. And luck's contribution to your competitors success, not any marketing ignorance on your part.

Not so

    According to 3 Ohio State University, School of Business professors, who help discovered the solution to the problem.

Their findings suggest,

    Nearly very business has a yellow page ad or advertises in some way. They find, the owners work hard, they do good quality work, have fair-prices.

    More is needed than a yellow page ad, working hard, doing good quality work, having fair-prices.

    What do they say is the key to today's way to success?

    If marketing is done properly, there is a perceived customers identify they need and you offer.

    Once known and understood, 7 steps are involved - all taking place in the customers mind. Did you catch that point?

    Notice that what is involved is 7 steps. And, meant to be placed in the customers sub-conscious mind - where all buying decisions are made, or not made made. This placement goal is a key factor to developing your success. Or, most lack, likely ll be the cause of your struggling and demise.

    The "7 steps" are covered on many web sites. I want to zero in on what I found that worked in my garage, what I now teach garage owners, and will work for you - if you want to increase your competitive advantage, and raise your take-home income level by $1000 more.

    The problem: What do their findings show ... if a yellow page ad, working hard, doing good quality work, having fair-prices, is not the key to today's way to success?

    If that is not the key to success. What is..

    Knowing that key is the solution, the tool driving enormous success of once failing business. To those who have learn to apply the principles the professors uncovered.

    Will they help you. Are they simple or complicated? if known, can they apply to your business. If so, will they work?

    The weakest link is..

    Garage owner tips.

    Every garage owner I've met is looking for ways to increase his business.

    Are you the garage owner who:

      Has settled down to believing a yellow page ad, working hard, doing good quality work, having fair-prices is the key to today's way to success.

      That is, believing success comes by working hard, being fair priced, and doing good quality work is the way to succeed?

    As you may be experiencing..

      Being fair-priced and doing good work is not enough for today's way to success.

      Those strategies, and anything close to them amounts to a "Going out of business strategy."

      They have never been the total mechanism for the successful business owners.

    What has, has been the marketing 101 course from 3 Ohio State professors - whose teachings are moving the successful today.

    More... Garage owner tips on marketing

    My marketing coach,

      Dan Kennedy, like those professors, and others, who have crank out millions of dollars of business; others in the same business starve in, is what I believe in.

    Lets cover several principles of marketing:

    • These will be translated into what I know and believe in, and what will work for you - using the only vehicle I know of... the Mega Power Brands, to so so with.
    • The 1st principle shown in action is this...

      When I had a garage and worked in them, I slipped Mega Power Engine Tune up into the crankcase oil of every customers car engine. This was part of a great strategy to increase business, build a great, growing customer base, and strong loyalty.

    • Pouring in this particular product into every motor began my plan and purpose for putting the most important, most critical marketing principle in action any business can have.
    • Garage owner tips. Not having it as part of your strategy is starvation city.

    • By explaining the 4 benefits of this product and saying I could see the engine needed this product, I got the customers attention 2 ways.

    • Using those two ways of getting the customers attention bump-up my income and additional $50,000. Over the coming weeks and months this principle in action triggered hundreds of dollars of service work out of each customer they would never spend with me other wise. And they became extremely loyal, as a result.

    More Garage owner tips

      Would you like to learn about these, Garage-tips, and what this marketing principle is, and how I used it to blow my income through the roof?

      If so, attach a copy of your yellow page ad to an email and send it to me with the subject line saying. "Yes George, Let me in on this."

      I will send you back the explanation. Something others have paid tens of thousands to have explained to them. I"ll give you a brief on it for free.

    My email.

    I will only send out a copy to the first 50. This is a labor of love on my part, and all I can handle. So don't hesitate on this one. christ Mega Power Factory Additive Distributor.

    My cell is 512 665 3388 if you want to talk to me about this subject, or want know more about this product, and how to use it to bump up your income and customer loyalty, while doing so.

    Hope these, Garage owner tips, and ideas give you a starting point to creating an extra-ordinary value customers cannot resist. Garage-tips, every garage owner should follow. George C A method we sell is the best way to show your real worth. Explained as we proceed.

    More...Garage owner tips
    Garage owner tips. What's different about Mega Power Engine Tune Up

    See why Mega Power Has the power of success in it for you

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