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Providing innovative Mega Power Additives and their key benefits grows your clients success and yours.Enjoy the repeat income our local Distributor Business Opportunity provides. You're the boss. You keep all the profit made. Hundreds of nearby locations will welcome our products profitable presence. $50k to $100k are annual ranges of income plus great tax breaks. There is no limit to income... Call to learn more. Start making more $ in as litle as in 7 days. Work from home. Keep all you earn.
ALL Products PicThese Mega Power Automotive Products can make a whole new income stream for you.

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Could this little business start doubling your income in as little as six months.

Need more income? Who doesn't?

    Look into the growing income-making possibilities made from supplying local businesses our vehicle servicing products they need a constant supply of to keep their customers vehicles strong and healthy and to keep them going.  

    How much income?

    Typically, an auto repair shop will consume 2 dozen or more of our products every month. Distributor "markup" of $3 -the lowest price made off them, produces $75 to $200 income from each account. Building a local route of 50 such customers can produce $5000 + profit as pure income for the distributor each monhh. I developed over 150 accounts over the years and made $10,000 a month average income many months out of the year. An income range I could not earn by an 8 to 5 job where the boss made a good living off my efforts - but the workers couldn't! 

    And the best part is, your inventoried-at-home products can be refilled by us as needed with no penalty for the minimum needed.

    On-hand inventory means you can refill each accounts inventory on the spot when you call on them during the month. Quick start training makes it easy to gain accounts. Cash and Carry = no billing procedure needed.

    Can this be your second job while working at your regular job, picking up kids, sleeping? Golfing?  Sure! Many make this their full time job.

   Locals like locals who supply them, and income made off them can last the life of that business. 

    Competition? Our unique additive line goes up against any other and defeats them as inferior... they fear our products. A broad group of famose people and race teams advetise our products useage to keep them winners.

Call now while reading our Distributor Opportunity Details article to have your questions answered and start up details. 

Try our Automotive Service Trial Package  [nomally $250 now just $100 to service two vehicles with. They will give you the perfect way to our product introduction, working in your vehicles - see the amazing improvement to performance they provide. Refunded as a credit on your first order....  george   512 665 3388

Distributor Business Details

   Product Advantages

  • They fill a "missing income need" auto repair shops have.
  • They cover every known servicing need.
  • They follow a unique service format we invented the mechanic favors to produce  total problem-solving and customer-pleasing driving performance improvement.
  • This makes our products desirable, and to do so our products come in "kits" with a cleaner, system problem ender, and protector to provide those benefits. 
  • So at least 3 products are used on each vehicles.
  • All five of the vehicles components take five kits. 
  • Their promotion - can add several thousand dollars more income to the shops income. 
  • Many auto repair shops make them part of every repair and service to add their problem-solving, and performance gaining features often doubling the amounts bought from you.
  • You, as our exclusive product supplier, can enjoy the limelight expertise as our local distributor provides add financial security to your growing family needs.
  • Tax advantages and "work from base" add to profitability.
  • A working inventory refilled as needed makes instant deliveries possible - so no shipping chargers.

    Our products our often the first time additive choice from displays in all kinds of stores.

    There are many thousands of cars and diesel equipment always needing - on the lookout for a product to end a problem costly-to-their-profits they hope someone has - and that could be one more source of income.

   New vehicles of all kinds have problems our additives remove.

   An account like those mentioned above made me $50 to $400 month after month. I "opened" and established over 150 accounts. I'm not the best salesperson however, you will learn amazing demos to impressive  prospects  they see our products as superior. Explaing their profit growing potential and pricing makes it and easy sdecision to inventorry our productd.

   A  $500 startup  invrntory, call backs to keep training them and advising them and promised to keep their inventory filled each month is what can average $200 profits form each account each month = for one hours work.

is made from opening accounts and 25% to 100% profit is made of inventory by the distributor. it akes a persistant but kind person who displays hes trying to improve the life of the listener that works best. Your inventory is refilled by me as you specifiy. A contract specifies the area - just incase there are more than one distributor -like in a big city. Call me for our starter plan.

    The problem you solved localy you can profit from?

    We provide conditioning products to help older good parts not replaced during repair, work as good and as long as the new ones will. This automotive improvement make vehicles run new-like, smoother, yet produce power of a bigger engine.

    That is the problem we solved you can profit from. First come, first entitled to each area exclusive. 

    Think about thousands of older vehicles who would pay a few hyndred dollare to revitalize their older vehicles for another 5 to 10 years strong life? 

     Would you buy it if it assured less future problems?  

    It fills the extra income making needs hundreds of local auto repair shops are missing.   A problem you can solve by being their distributor - that makes a day to two days income for you in an hour - times the repair shops you set up to service.    

    That unique feature in our products the mechanic can sell or just include in the repair billing as an added fix benefit needed fot the car owner. The markup is considerable and not sold in any other way. 

    Call now or come by our location. Call 512 6655 3388 for details. 

    Imagine a coversation that opens up with, what are you doing to make an extra $500 every week.  .... nothing is the usual answer.

    Your show him two repair invoices.  One witout and one with our products and its $100 extra profit it makes the shop.

    Do you think it can open accounts easily? That's what one of our distributors clients says.

     Look into this business. It never stops growing. Neither does the income. And ther is no clock to punch. No bosses herassing you. You're the Boss in this business. 

Learn more

our distributorslike this one pictured. Its benefit to them? . The problem...

Pick up clients on the fly -

   I'm always on the lookout to drop-in on a prospect - even with family in the car, eager to show what's making repair shop owners hundreds more in weekly profit - working less to do so.  Giving them a promise to return in a day or so they can learn more.

   This little work-from-home business can gow into a full time, lifetime business helping repair shop - and others enjoy the profitable advantages of our 20 item automotive servicing, problem-solving, tune up line of products.

   Its has an easy entry, easy to present, easy account set-ups, and its a cash business. You keep all the profit you make - plus great tax-lowering features.

   Accounts become friends, they look to you to have a better business, and a better life. And you don't have to know anything about cars and their repair.

   And did I mention its automatic, month after month income growing feature?  Its is rare.  Keep opening accounts. It your area.

   Once filled its gone.

   See what your wife thinks about it.

   Earns income while you work at another job, sleep, golf as clients use the products to doa better service or repair.

    Can you see it possible filling your missing extra income making needs? 

    Local repair shops depend on others to supply them the means to carry-on their livelihood making - and yours grows their income - we teach you that part. 

    Call now! 512 665 3388 for details.

   Start making more $ in as litle as in 7 days. Work from home. Keep all you earn....

Major incentive?

Its easy, repeat income has you eager each morning to reap its income. 

And why not?

It makes money while you sleep, play, while working at a regular job?

   No special skills needed - just your good reasoning ability. Retired OK. Provides Month after Month income. You keep all you earn? You are the boss? Work from home.

This one, an automotive serrvicing product niche covering bumper-to-bumper componet care, also includes their problem solving productour  thereby doubling your - and your repair shops profit making ability.

o one else has.

offers a truly exciting one that heiseerslps local auto repair shops and their owners compete against the franchoffers an that can unlimited income - yet a low-cost investment that depends more on undes tanding the niche problem than anything else.

Unlike mostFind your next idea, get tried and true strategies to start and grow from our database of 4,418+ case studies, and join our private community of successful founders.

Our Distributor Opportunity Details. My Experience..

   Unlike most businesses that wait for customers, and profits off that flow, business that looks for prospects and sells to them can choose the profit level they want. Sales pople in tthe field make it happen.

   Sales people make higher incomes than hourly workers.

   Companies who sell directly to the end user can do so through distributors who hire their own sles force.

    Maga Power Addtives manufactures additives sells them to distributors who work a cetain area. Because of cost to profit potentials Mega Power Distributors can own a local area, and be their own sales force.

    With a year of calling on prospects and developing a hundred accounts, I usually made about a $100 average off each account.

    The product training is easy to master. Inventory is usuaally purchased and garage at your home for immediae delivery. Pricing is shown.

    A potential for a $100,000 annual income is in eack marketing area. You would pencil out senerios to see how much business is needed per day. As you learn what to say and not say it becomes easier to open accounts - which become your monthly sources of income.

I spend about an hour a day prospecting. Its your goose that lays the golden egg.

   It took a while to get to that income level.

   It has made me that income for 50 years. Raise a family.  Buy several homes. Take care of aging parents. Marry off kids. Be charatable. Open doors to other income opportunities. Do a lot of traveling, take short vactions.

   The freedom a distributor business offers is you can make as much as you want and keep it all -  less taxes - and it gives great tax breaks. But most of all YOU are the Boss.

   On the averge, my accounts make make twice what being a mechanic did. For years I  could not see any advancement in the future. I looked for other interest. 

   Earlier in life I had a newspaper route when young. It gave me my first taste  of income making. The effort of obtaining new customers,  meeting contest goals, won me valuable prizes. New subscribers also added to income.

   While selling vacuums on commissions, and a janitorial route wasn't profitable, selling automotive additives turned out to make me 2 lifetime incomes and start on a third.

   What helped were the demonstrative ability the had.

   That and a little deal making to be opening accounts, and their profit making potential to the customer - on a repeat basis turned out to be a good money maker. 

   Imagine totaling the days additive business - and finding you sold 100 items at $4 each to $10 each. And over time having a 100 such accounts, you could have many $500 dollars profit making days as a local Automotive Additive Distributor Business. Month after month where 6 months before you made no such income. 

   The investment can be small and training is not that difficult.  

  • That type income amounts come from a tested, but enjoyable daily routine explaining to local mechanics who own their own business, the advantages of overcoming their problem of failing to grow their income with yours method - that can possibly double their income - and to test what you offer to do so.
  • Imagine, the first time, one of those shop owners says, "OK! How much does it cost to try it out?" You nervously open your sales book showing the 3 plans to do so - and the 5 different items He will need to start offering more help to customers to keep their vehicles going longer. You help him with pricing, and on estimating write ups. And what to do and say to have them return a week later for more service work - the customer use to go elsewhere for. You promise to return to keep his inventory up - to  com to us for tech help when needed, to keep his new income growing method going. 
  • Imagine each day out you are pefecting your conversations to highten the interst of such mechanics in your offering.
  • Imagine sleepless nights your sub-conscious is trying to solve why you are not that effective. Imagine one nigh you sit up with the perfect phrase that melts don resistance - and produces a new account opening each day.
  • Imagine each customer revisit mior chi chat, Maybe, how a particular car problem was solve with your product by one of your accounts -he might look for with advantage..
  • Imagine saying you will refill missing inventory and will have the bill ready for a check before you leave. 
  • Imagine showing him his account page showing month by moth purchases, and that months extra income from them.
  • Imagine showing a hard nose prospect what the income is others are making - he might be missing out on  - ending up short at the end of the month $$500 - for not including your method of servicing and repairing could provide him.
  • Imagine saying something like I'll give you a "stater inventory," show you to easily sell them, how to install the 5 on your truck - so you can notice the tire spinning performance - y
  • Performance your customers will praise you for.  So here's the page showing the MP Starter Order, and extra profit you will make to get started.

  • Here you are today totaling up today's sales = $2000. Net profit Over $500. Add that to 10 other sales day totaled and you produced $5000!  
  • Month after month your daily routines - produces income - while you may be playing golf! Visiting family. Having the cash for a better car. Dental work for the kids you could not afford before. Being able to doubling down on your mortgage payments to save tens-of-thousands of dollars interest. On a cruise with family - knowing back home your accounts are using your products - and soon will be needing a refill to continue their - your income making process.
  • That is the business opportunity Mega Power Products and me and my successful method to help you - earn more than ever possible - with no limits - before!
  • And only if you sell some will i charge you - aftert you amde the profit off them - to win him over. him, he doubles or triples the price  - the difference the gain - he had no way of getting before. . 
  • Imagine your goal to have 50 such accounts. Averaging $500 each, and your making  $200 off each monthly sale from the 50.  and each month those 50 help you earn replace those items  consume during the month to keep his inventory up!
  • come by wi
  • spending day-after-day with local business owners encouraging them to grow more business and income expand their money, bur had high hopes uBeing Shown HoBest for a person who knows selling.
  • Pay yourself 100% from the hard work you do.
  • $100,000 yearly income range.
  • Each month repeat business grows income for yourself and family care.
  • Realizes repeat business is better than one time business.
  • Competition is week. 
  • Improves the lives of your clients.
  • Like building a business from scratch. 
  • Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.. 
  • Failure not your vocabulary.
  • Each night he reviews the days efforts looking for weakness to strengthen, and successes to give himself and his family a better life..
  • He works on the problem and thrives on challenges it presents.
  • Likes to be friendly. Is a friend.
  • Realizes there seldom failure or disappointments that can't be turned beneficial.
  • Has no limit for income.
  • He is different from those who want an 8 to 5 job.
  • He feel he can earn more working for himself.
  • Every day he tries to improve on his purpose to help clients do better with the products he believes in.

It occurs when you see yourself helping him and others like him grow his business by your help and products helping him produce more daily customer satisfaction and profit using the Mega Power Profit Building Program.

He is standing next to one of our servicing tools.

This tune repair and lube shop owner using our additive program has found it improves his customer satisfaction. This from a system that produces much profit - like no other! You learn that power.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

How income averages. Multiply profit of $50 times 100 accounts monthly. $75 profit times 100 accounts monthly. $100 profit times 100 monthly accounts. 
Your Income Potential. 

Auto repair shops such as Rudy's install Mega Power to assure an amazing customer experience.Rudy's automotive using this progran from his business start has keep him profitable while competitors come and go. Making me $100 to $250 every month. Auto repair shops such as Rudy's install Mega Power to assure the thousands in extra income an a amazing customer experience.

Distributor Opportunity Details. The Money

A small business selection of one of the inventorying programs produces income for you from that one account of about 200 to 1000 dollars profit each month - $2000 to $10,000 as the account consumes the product and needs his inventory refilled each year - to continue his extra service profit income.

The mechanics buying and reselling of your items introduces into his expertise a new a profit expanding and customer loyalty building tool - you are shown to teach him.

For your income potential, our Distributor Program introduces the only known way to have a business you can take care of - from your home, needs a small investment, an every month produces ever more income as you gain new clients.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

How do you open accounts?

Distributor Opportunity Details about income production is explained to you  here and in detail as you start the business. It is not difficult to learn or do.

Introducing the Unified Auto Repair Goal Program. Your secret tool - and your clients secret tool to unlimited extra income and success.  Read More.... in the Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. Part 2

Distributor Opportunity Details.  

Call me to get the password to read the rest of the story. Say, "I'm interested in knowing more about your Distributor opportunity. Can I have the password to Part 2?"  Call 512 665 3388

Your Local Distributor Opportunity Details

Like all businesses volume is the name of the game. The Distributor Warehouse Distributor who buys in carloads may cover part or all of a state, or region, and have reps who take orders and fill orders in the field.

Other Distributors may buy many pallets of merchandise, but less than carloads, and just cover one or more cities.

Sub-Distributors may cover a smaller area and purchase a pallet or more. Sub-Distributors may work under one of the above Distributors. 

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

How profit and income is made once you're set up under me. You start by calling on prospects as a Sub Distributor.

Profit for you begins when you open accounts. It takes a week or two, depending on your explanation skills to make your first sales.

A baby-step method creates small transactions where a client buys a specialty product we have and it improves some secondary work or problem-solving need. 

Such an introduction is made a great deal for the shop owner. You can resupply him as needed. Other visits introduce new ways for serving vehicles the account is not harnessing now, as an income for you. 

To open an account may take several conversations over a couple weeks time. They want to hear you will help them in the learning curve. A guarantee is a confidence builder for the buyer. Sales literature helps you break the ice with prospects!

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

How to work your territory.

I set a goal to see 10 prospects every day during the first 6 months reducing that amount as i open and servic my new accouts.

try to do a demo we teach you and show one each visit. The demo's show quality factors Mega Power has over competitor products. And their usage. 

This is so the Distributor Opportunity Details a prospect sees when he is buying a superior quality product and a money maker, too! 

A Product price list, and service price list for him to sell off of is provided. Several other ways are listed here. 

The Distributor Opportunity Details Way I was shown to open accounts was one to follow one of 3 ways.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

  1. You have a nice tool the shop owner would love to have and its offered as a gift with their first order. 
  2. Explain a common car problem, and show them the profit possible with your solution and present a flyer with starting inventory order to select from. 
  3. Tell them you demonstrating a new service every customer will buy and state the hundreds of dollars of profit it will produce for the shop owner - every month - and that you're set up to restock his inventory so he won't run out and miss some business.
  4. More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Mega Power Profit. Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity details: Profit Potential. 

Profit in all businesses very from 40 % to 500% and ours is 100% more or less.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

There are several types of accounts: 

  • The better rare type account will buy $2000 to $10,000 from   you every month.  Usually a car dealer.
  • The average account will buy $500 more or less off you each month. 
  • 50 to 200 accounts are desirable. Some hire help to refill the shop order freeing you to more profitable persuits. 
  • More Distributor Opportunity Details.

If you have sales people working for you a commission is paid them. 

A unique income growing advantage with Mega Power. 

Mega Power Distributor Opportunity Details solves 2 problems and is the reason for its profit making ability. 

  • Have them call on prospects to locate interested ones for you to call on. as they  deliver products you sold.  
  • As your account sells Mega Power Products each day, your accounts inventory is consumed and needs to be replace - usually on a monthly route.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Details of Mega Power usage.

When people need auto engine tune or engine repair the broken parts are replaced by the auto repair shop and the car is returned to the owner.

The hidden wear-increasing, power robbing problem is ignored as up until now it could not be corrected - until Mega Power was invented.

New parts work with dirty older, friction loaded and residue binding pistons, bearings, valves and gears. 

There are 6 sub-systems that also become dirty. Those conditions under develop horsepower, as well as consume and waste horsepower as this  Distributor Opportunity Details video shows.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

The shop owner thinks that is a wear-out problem - it is and Mega Power results remove and  

Wear out rate is twice as fast. Mega Power slams the brakes on that wear out. Mega Power ends those problems. 

The result is a significant revitalization from Mega Power conditioning.

Mega Power ends the power robbing friction and residue problem restore about 10 to 30 horsepower giving a like new driving response back to the car for the owner to enjoy.

The WOW effect - advantages he wants to purchase.

Besides the actual failure of parts in a car that will get fixed by repair or replacement, every vehicle encounters wear, residue, and friction. It is in this area that the repair shop will profit off Mega Power as the sole best source to end those conditions. Mega Power's uniqueness is that it also revitalizes the car or equipment great running operation again.

Filling and satisfying those needs is the opportunity you have with the hundreds of auto repair businesses near you. they are always on the lookout for new products and vendors to supply them to increase their income.

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Details: Profit Potential.

Our products sell themselves by promised results guaranteed, and our tag line says so with the words: "The proof of Mega Power in the restoring of performance - when nothing else can!" 

As a distributor those are advantages you show others to use and profit by. You want that in a business, don't you?

We cover every popular problem solving need.

We research and invent the product to fill the need! Others just buy a common weak ingredient producing poor results and its obvious of such tactics, compared to our guaranteed results! You want that in a business, don't you?

Well some depend on publicity to have customers come in asking for a product - which demand stops when the ad stops. Our Distributor Opportunity: the Mega Power Automotive Additive business is not dependent on adverts. 

Our market grows steadily because we are in touch with the everyday problems we solve. As conditions change, this direct field contact puts our research and development to package items for those new problems. We depend on being on top of the current market need. We lead. We do not follow! You want that in a business, don't you?

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Attractive looking products: Added to that is a colorful look, and its instructive packaging message.

Our attractive looking products go hand in hand with results promised. Together, the results and its package, and its message center on the products problem solving goal. A quick read helps the shop owner and mechanic select the right one for each problem our anti-wear chemistry can solve. 

Those are supporting values the the shop repair owner needs to grow his income off cars, trucks, and heavy equipment coming in to his business.

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Details. Profit Potential

Your Distributor Opportunity details: the Mega Power Automotive Additive business would be the opening of accounts and then the stocking of their Mega Power inventory in those businesses, monthly. 

You value to the repair shop owner is not connected to fixing cars. Instead, they will look to you for a steady supply and motivation to keep the owner selling as best he can the services to fill the needs of his customers. 

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Mega Power was invented to correct a vehicles lost performance, by chemically removing negative conditions of residues, worn conditions, and friction, thereby restoring a great running car performance again.  

The technical part of what Mega Power does is partly covered on this site for your education as a problem ending guide using Mega Power, to do so.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

The sale of Mega Power to friends and co-workers.

  as a part time endeavor can put hundreds of dollars income in your hand.

The teaching of auto repair shop owners the problem solving advantages will produce many thousands of dollars each month.

More Distributor Opportunity Details. Inventory.

Keeping $2000 to $10,000 inventory is a good way to have merchandise on hand to take care of part time interest. Higher amounts of product are keep on hand  and usually amounts to what's needed for a 30 day inventory.  About a 33% to 100% market up is common.

Call now if interest and we'll show you the steps to get started. 512 665 3388

About Mega Power's advantages. Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity. Profit Potential

Because of fuel, oil, and coolant breakdown, wear and tear, and friction and residues, vehicles encounter running and performance problems that need to end. Some problems are mild, others severe. You're taught to do several demos including this one shown below on friction reducing advantages as a car revitalizes.

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Details

  • Mega Power Products prevent, and correct the severest of fuel, oil, and coolant breakdown problems removing friction and residue caused problems - this results in ending the problem. Failed parts need replacement as part of the service. 
  • The income part you earn is made helping auto repair shop owners see in Mega Power promotion, more than a profit potential for them. 
  • They should see Mega Power adds quality improvement to the repair, the repair of itself is lacking.
  • By understanding wear and tear negatives, the shop owner should be familiar enough with Mega Power Products so they become part of the repair procedure.
  • By stocking an inventory of Mega Power, the  shop owner has on hand dozens of situations each day where the use of Mega Power will help them perform a more though service or repair for the car owners long term benefit - and produce extra income, not possible before.

  • In my case, auto repair shop owners will purchase from $500 to $1500 a month for use to cover the services they sell and need Mega Power for.  From 1/3 or more is Distributor profit in my case. I believe that is average.

Mega Power Products cover each of those areas and makes for the Distributor Business Opportunity Details Profit Potential.

Mike Harris, a Distributor under me I'm helping says, "George is showing me how to attract people with such problems - and show them - what I call little teaching demo's, that has them buying hundreds of dollars of Mega Power off me. 

I'm making a repeat profit right off the bat - including the helping of 2 mechanics, so far - who ordered over $500 of Mega Power, with a promise that I would keep them restocked every few weeks. $500 for me produced $200+ profit with just a few hours time. And more profit occurs as those account need more product each month. George has widen his profit making expertise to help me - and that is his plan for you. Give it a try! Its easier to make repeat income than I expected in this way." Mike Harris.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Here's the point. If you're friendly and helpful, you'll quickly pick up the talk that's needed to acquaint others of your desire to help them learn of new exciting ways to grow their income. They are the techs. You're just passing on what works they need to know about.

Remember, the trouble makers in cars you're providing products for the mechanic to remove, you, like Mike and your accounts will profit handsomely off doing so - These include the  following...

  • Friction growth, and residues causes dozens of problems in every type vehicle known - that creates performance problems. The unique features and advantages of Mega Power uniquely ends.  And ending them the Mega Power ways restores the units former like-new performance - no other product can! 
  • You'll learn many ways to demo Mega Power using each demo to make a point 10,000 words cannot. That demo will be eye opening as a new money maker for the mechanic.

On This point, Mike says:

  • "This demo - shown on this video, will soon be added to my faster, more profitable producing skills." See what Mike is about to add to his profit increasing you can add, also. 
  • For you - The Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity,  Profit Potential includes as prospects, every fleet owner, every auto mechanic shop, and every vehicle type. That is a huge market that never will be peaked - and is one more great income making advantage you gain with Mega Power. 

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Call me now to test $100 worth of Mega Power Products and Distributor Opportunity Details for just $50 in your best running newest, and oldest worn cars or equipment to see for yourself, and have your questions answered, at 512 665 3388

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Other unique advantages in this market you as a Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Details may take a profitable advantage of.

Many products compete in the same market dollar - with one big difference for the Mega Power Distributor:

  • Competitors "may" have one good product - and all others in the line are below average, and the main product carries the weight of their no-good products. Once bought, they are worthless and so never sold and sit on the shelf of the mechanics shop. We'll show you this fact and how to also profit of that competitor weakness!
  • However, Mega Power has dozens of products - and they can be shown to be the best that's possible in each of their classes, and can stand as "number one in that class!" That is a great marketing product value that expands your selling power.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Call now to have your questions answered 512 665 3388

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Details. Profit Potential

  • This negatives in all vehicles and Mega Power's ability to profitably end them is what turns prospect into clients and ongoing profit makers for you.
  • "Residues" and "friction" lowers horsepower development causing over 20 running, tuneup, shifting, and cooling problems - and just one of them is enough to show something is not right deep inside the vehicle. The need for help has arisen.
  • Mega Power removes these residues at the cause of the problem no other problem can - to end it! Residues causes as much as one horsepower out of ten to not develop. Mega Power restores the missing horsepower problem, and it is at first hidden. 
  • That is why, even in brand new cars the problem exist, and the Mega Power treated car - new or old, will instantly feels like it had a good tune up - which horsepower loss replacing cleaning fuel injectors and worn out parts cannot restore! This is so because of...
  • Mega Power's chemical Hi-tech and complex problem solving formula. Including friction modifiers that changes fast-wearing, power absorbing, friction roughen surfaces to smooth, again. Those beneficial conditioning factors on your cars pistons, bearings, cams, gears and shafts work as if new. 
  • This uniqueness allows once-stolen and reduced horsepower to appear again to spin your car down the highway faster on a bit less fuel. That is what people want to buy in a tune up and repair or servicing to end their trouble with.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

  • That is a few of many of the Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity, profit potential advantages we teach you to show  that claims of such by competitor products are false - while yours fill a real profit making need.

  • The proof is in the performance - we have it - no one else does! Not to brag, but to point out what you might want to consider. You want to be on the Mega power side of any proof offering - because the other brands have none! Prospects need to know who is the best for them!

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Fuel, oil, and coolant breakdown and growth of friction also cause acids to form which eat away the shinny smooth metal pistons, bearings, valves, and gears surfaces, and causes gaskets to leak. And sludge causes those valve tapping and noisy operation problems. Those rough idles, burning of engine oil, rough shift, gear whine, growl and such, negatives. 

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Mega Power Products ends those problems.

As years of high engine, transmission and other component temperatures, the breakdown fuel and oil and coolants become more pronounced. That upsets the normal - causing vehicle problems the owners seek a remedy for. 

The Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity covers preventive anti-wear servicing required by the owners car manual. And, problem solving profit potentials.

That becomes the huge market Mega Power is most useful to you to profit in, and most useful to the vehicle owner to buy to solve his problem in. Call now to see if you meet our requirements. There are 3 levels.<ol>

<li>Local sales rep - Little or no investment

<li>$1500 to $4500 investment under a Distributor

<li>$15,000 Factory Direct Distributor

<li>Each has its own profit structure</li></ol>

Mega Power is </B>a top quality product line with those problem-solving and very unique selling and buying advantages that will build you a growing financial income.

Find out now, by calling me to see if your local area is open. If open, ask to find out more on getting started.

 Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity. Income potential. My story.... 

My financial growth story with Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity can be your story, too! 

I would say, Mega Power More than doubled my average income.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Over the years, we distributors have had produced from our local area, hundreds of thousands of dollars in income. These from accounts  we developed, who each inventoried about $300 to $1000 worth of product, purchased from us, to start with. and....

Each month, upon visiting each account. and your inventory system, will show you what's missing that has been sold, and needs restocking. If averaged, each account would have a lifetime value $15,000 profit to me - and you! That means that over the years, that would be my total lifetime income from each account. 

As for the repair shop owner, he continues to buy Mega Power  monthly from you to keep his inventory up to meet the daily occurrences where Mega Power fits into his need to profit off services to correct wear and residue performance caused problems - every car in his shop has!

That is what I love. Knowing I profitably fill the need of mechanic to make more income with Mega Power, and give the car owner years more dependable service - because of mega Power. Does that appeal to you? if so, read on to have your questions answered! Then call me for more details... ok.

 Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity. How do you obtain accounts?

You begin your sells story  in a friendly casual way. You talk of news of what new for profit making, to likely prospects as "Mega Power advantages for the automotive repair and service business owner  -  to start growing his income. He would like to increase his income by $10,000 or more each year!"

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

This is possible by:

  • explaining to the shop owner that each car has problems now are now overlooked and that until Mega Power came along - was missing to help the customers car end hidden problems - that worried customers.

  • You explain, the customer would gladly pay to have their wear and tear condition remedied, if only someone could do so, that is cheaper than letting the wear problem continue speeding up the cars early demise and need for costly car replacement, as the remedy. 

  • By showing Mega Power's superior-to-anyone else's problem solving advantages, shop owner's will want Mega Power on inventory to cover previously missed sales opportunities - and that can increase his take home profit by $500 to $2500 a month.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Several appealing demonstrations that show the money making advantages to the mechanic, followed by a starter program, you'll show the shop owner, makes the sales for you.

  • The shop owners customers want performance restoring services and stay loyal to what works. That is your selling model.
  • While in popular brands of most anything, one item is the sole leader, while Mega power has a dozen such - and each one can stand along as the best in the market place.
  • These gives the shop owner a new expertise to restore what wear and tear robs the vehicle, and return a like-new feel, zip, and dependability all other additive products are not able to give. 

With your  Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity, and Mega Power, the shop owner is selling the very best.

Those are key features to provide you a growing income potential.

Why not call now to see how to set up a distributor business in your area.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Contact info: auto tune up and repair

To ask a question, or to order Mega Power Products.

Learn about the Mega Power Distributor Opportunity

210 Durango St. San Marcos, Tx 78666 


Call me at 512 665 3388... george

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Details.

Mega Power's unique problem-solving advantages 

  • When you have a car problem you go to a specialist. The specialist wants to earn all the possible income off each customer - and establish a repeat income by means of customer loyalty. He does so by filling a need the regular doctor cannot.
  • Mega Power fills those needs for the repair shop owner. They are what will help you open new accounts and produce a strong friendly repeat customer clientele.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Getting Mega Power customers.

  • After a discussion with an auto repair owner, the owner will want the profit improving Mega Power advantages. 
  • He'll select from several programs covering the types of service he wants to add to his expertise.  
  • You follow the set up and inventory control to keep him supplied for 2 weeks to a month intervals.

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Info

Act Now! Call us while on your mind!

To find out How to secure your area, call us right now. We will give you friendly advice, discuss investment needs, and suggestions to proceed.<B> Call me... george, at 512 665 3388.  Email me at:

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

What happens after you get you first customer?

  • When the account selects Mega Power products to fill their customer's car care needs - doing so, by installing Mega Power to correct the customers friction and residue problems. 
  • Their inventory goes down. At a scheduled time you return, replace missing products sold and installed. give a sales commendation. Give him the bill for today's refill. remind him to call you anytime. Go to next on your route list.
  • This can be and are in various parts of their customers cars - or, they use Mega Power as part of a car system service every car needs every 2 years. In that case, their Mega Power inventoried products are needed to perform the service. 

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

How I do it. 

  • A place is set up for Mega Power so its easy to see and get to for the account.
  • Sometimes I sell them a shelving product. They agree to the stocking inventory level- - made from 4 choices you offer them.
  • A record sheet of this and pricing is set up for your file route book.
  • Each month, I bring a new flyer to help sell Mega Power. Do their post card, email set up.  
  • Show and educational demo I picked up.
  • Check the record against what's missing. Restock those items and note it on that lines info.
  • The best part: Collect a check.  

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

How your accounts work and sell Mega Power.

  • Your Mega Power re-seller will have many opportunities each month to sell a service where Mega Power is the unique product needed.
  • Each car and heavy equipment has 6 areas for additional sales of services customers want and needs. 
  • And Mega Power covers them to the widest extent possible no other brand of additive offers. 
  • There are over 25 specific problems Mega Power covers that a car needs helps with - to run better, or to restore its best performance again.
  • Those are a few of the common ways your account uses  and depends on Mega Power to satisfy his customers and profit off that expertise.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

My accounts see Mega Power and me as a business success aid, and look forward to me coming as a friend, and vendor, on a prearranged monthly scheduled, to replace their sold Mega Power merchandise. A cash and carry business.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Mega Power is a monthly repeat business - no one else can do as well, helping your clients succeed in a tight and competitive marketplace. That is the value you provide and they need.</ul><B>

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

As a Mega Power Distributor, you have for yourself and your customer clients an unlimited income opportunity.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

That Mega Power marketing benefit is what provides new accounts who spend $500 to $1000 a month with you.

This Mega Power Products Distributor Details Opportunity

You and 

  • Mega Power provide a new source of revenue  for you.
  • It amounts to what ever new account making ability you produce.
  • it will produce $500 to $2500 new profit, at no new expense for your client customers.
  • And much more each day for you - maybe.
  • And to repeat it every month, each month.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

More Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Facts

How Mega Power expands your income.

  • Mechanics, and Auto Repair Business Owners will have a new up sell of their services customers.
  • This amounts to $500 to $3500 extra monthly income for the shop owner - not possible for him by any other competitive means or product, except with Mega Power. 
  • The ability for the business owners to offer their customers a much better way to maintain their cars, by having them serviced with Mega Power. 
  • Mega Power helps the car owner end their car's common power deterring, performance losing, hidden conditions - in 5 car serving areas. With Mega Power, car owners see the means to help their older cars last years longer - an opinion they form after seeing friction and wear power robbing negatives disappear.
  • It is those Mega Power advantages that will make for a loyal, repeatable monthly business opportunity for you - as a Mega Power Distributor. Growth occurs as your clients business experience grows, and the profit angle grows. And as new accounts want Mega Power, you profit volume grows.
  • More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Income from Mega Power has 3 steps. <ol>

<li> The Distributor markup. Your profit.</li><li> The re-seller markup.</li><li> The labor markup for the install by the mechanic. </li></ol><B>

Mega Power Income Possibility</B><ul>

With Mega Power you can service 6 car areas: motor, transmission, radiator, power steering, A/c system. Those who service and repair cars, trucks, tractors, heavy equipment, boats, motorcycles, and many industrial machines. This unique marketing advantage gives you a lifetime of employment with a strong, more productive future.

Look around your home area. Look at all the cars. Think of all the things that go wrong with them, caused by friction and sticky residues - Mega Power will end. That is your opportunity. Mega Power makes it possible. As you learn and grow promoting Mega Power so will your income. There are no  better, easier way to makes a living  -  and none as creative as this one.

5 areas are available for you<ol>

<li> Factory Distributor starting at $12,000.</li>

<li>Working under a distributor, $2000.</li>

<li>Sales rep $200.</li>

<li> Retail and end users buy wholesale thru one of the above.<li>

<li> Retail online opportunities available, $4000.</li></ol><B>

Call me now, and say: I'm interested in getting started with Mega Power as one of the above. How much do I need$ and what are the first steps to get started?

Can I get started with a Mega Power Distributor area in my town? To proceed, call at 512 665 3388 christ</B><ul>

This page: Will help you find what's best to end your car or equipment wear and performance problem with Mega Power - A profitable top quality product line. Offering an exclusive market. Unlimited growth. Unlimited income. Small investment business opportunity. Great ROI. For details call me at 1-512 665 3388 ...Mr George</ul>

<B>The Field and its potential<ul>

The Field:</B> 

Mega Power develops and packages automotive and equipment additives and sells them to individuals who become independent Distributors of Mega Power Products in their local areas. <B></ul>

The Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Market</B><ul>

Auto service and repair 

The market for Mega Power are owners of auto service and repair businesses who find Mega Power the best product around to increase their repair and servicing expertise and income. That is a huge market.

Fleet markets

Mega Power is an upgrade servicing product helping fleet owners extend the time by many years between costly overhauls. Those that practice cost-per-mile accounting can see Mega Power Advantages. That is a huge market.

Individuals car and equipment owners 

Car and equipment owners need Mega Power to prevent costly and avoidable overhauls. For them, Mega Power stops the speed-up of wear out years prematurely. That is a huge market.

Other sales opportunities for Mega Power also producing a steady market are Mega Power to restores performance worn away by friction, ends seal leaks, oil burning, lost compression, rough shift, shift slippage, overheating, and other problems causing the car to run poorly, as Mega Power returns their vehicles to their former strong dependable usage. </ul><B> 

How To introduce Mega Power to each of those markets</B><ul>

The answers to several questions helps prospect determine if a need exist and likely customer  benefits will show customers it cost more not to have Mega Power included with their service or repair. 

By spending full time at first talking to each prospect, explaining the Mega Power potential income possibilities you will get a hearing ear from each prospect. 

A opening inventory choice gives the prospect easy entree to try your suggestion by becoming a MP reseller.</ul>

You may be wondering:</B><ul><li> What is this Distributor Opportunity, and the company offering that’s really unique?  That is, Why should I pick up the phone and investigate this offer? 

"What do I have to do to make the money" - is another way of putting it?

Before you get that answer, look at this

You just seen a few of the desirable Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity advantages that will help the many mechanics in your area increase their tune up and repair skills and income.

What mechanic is not interested in quality work, and more income? They all are!

Mega Power is sold by the mechanic to their customers as part of the service or repair the customer brings the car in for.

For example, I teach the mechanic to add $95 for Mega Power to the estimate for tune up or repair cleaning and conditioning since the motor or transmission is probably full of sticky rings and valves with this mileage on it.

When reviewing the total of the customer's estimate, the mechanic points out "Mega Power is for cleaning the rings and valves, fuel injectors, sensors, and catalytic converter. Hand cleaning all that would be $500. MP does more and adds power improving advantages just cleaning cannot do. Their car will run good as new again as every part slides on anti-friction to help slide and roll on a slippery film. It will give more years of good service. Every car gets this service its that important." 

On the Mega Power Service, they earn $50 to $150 extra. On those cars where Mega Power is installed more servicing will be picked up as this is part of the needed service the customer appreciates.

Their profit picture:

10 cars on MP will add $500 to $1500 profit to the mechanic's monthly income. Mega Power makes that possible.

Once the mechanic learns to follow the MP script and sees favorable customer feedback, they will order $500 MP from you every month. 

Your profit picture: 

With 100 such customers, you will earn for yourself $5000 to $10,000 a month. That is worth working for.

Distributor set up cost runs $12,000 to $25,000 for product.

Training runs $3000 plus. See if your area is open. Call me 512 665 3388

More ways to look at the possibilities with MP.

Right now, here's how your Distributor Opportunity income part starts, and grows. Lets suppose your  Mega Power income goal was to produce enough sales to earn $100,000 profit this next year. There is no top limit.

<li>This is for illustrations purposes - and not a guarantee or promise. It should not be unreasonable to earn $100,000 in a year with a Mega Power Distributor Opportunity. That amount breaks-down to $2,000 a week income or - $400 a day average profit. 

<li><B>Lets break that down into how many customers you would need to make $400 profit everyday.</B>  

We will start by reviewing what could be an average account - Joe's garage. Let's say you called on Joe, who became a customer, an average product user. Joe's garage uses about 3 cases of our product every month - Joe pays about $500 for 3 cases of different products he needs. You deliver them to him. He writes you a check. This is mostly a COD business.

For Joe to produce new or additional business that would help Joe earn $500 to $1000 additional income each month, he needs at least that much product from you. 

Your gross profit off Joe that day is $200. Over a span of 5 years, Joe's account can produce an income for of over $10,000 for you. This is the potential of each account. They need vendors to help them be a success, and you would be doing one of the great deeds by helping them.

Our products, and your educational and financial encouragement will convince more of the many hundreds of joe's to buy from you. You would have be shown dozens of ways to ignite the interest of these prospects into becoming Mega Power customers. So, if you could become optimistic about the potential-</li></ul>

<B>How many accounts would you need </B><ul>

If the average income from all accounts amounted to $200 per account, per month? It takes about 3 hours to establish an account. It takes about 1 to 2 hours to service, and provide encouragement and help work ut a sales plan for them each month. There are banners and literature for this. I've service 5 accounts dayin day out, and prospected for 5. That is what you do like its a garden. you weed, wate3r fertilize, and harvest - if you please. Many distributors have well over 100 good accounts and another 100 so-so ones. 

I think you can do the same - with Mega Power's see, hear, and feel characteristic that make cars suddenly run like they have a bigger motor. Mechanics and people are continuously impressed with that! Can you see, all together, do you feel they can become a powerfully creative marketing advantage for you?

You introduce yourself as, "with a company that helps businesses like theirs earn an extra $1000 income, by showing the owner a simple method that gets customers to order services you can give a way now. They say what is it. That is not important as this information. Read it over a couple times, let your wife read it, then we can explain how this simple method, will help you produce $12000 more income this year. $50,000 you would never have made, over the next 5 years. Your family needs that extra money, and we'll show you how to earn. See you in a couple days."


That is a good door opener, wouldn't you say so? Sure!</B>

The demo you just seen is a big another influence - but, what does it prove? It is impressive.  Well, here is what it does for a

Like any business where quality must be shown, your training includes the difference between what Mega Power has compared to competitor products. The Mega Power Distributor Opportunity Details includes over 2 dozen top quality products that provide repeat sales - that is key in all this.

Once this is made clear in your mind,, you will be on a mission to show prospects a new way to produce good extra income they can't in any other way. That is your value to them.

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity Details.

Your accounts, and your value to them.

Joe's garage, if typical, Will earn maybe, $60,000 extra income during the 3-6 years - he never could have, as a result of his putting your Mega Power suggestions to test. The products have a great virtue to help you and Joe show the customer, Joe knows really how to make cars run better than any one else. Joe depends on you for Mega Power. Eventually, Joe will purchase more of the product line as he sees they cannot be beat.

No other Distributor Opportunity can do what is possible with Mega Power for you, and the Joe mechanic shop owners near by. It makes believers out of you and them!

Our Mega Power Engine Treatment enhances horsepower and WOWS mechanics and car ownersOur Mega Power Engine Treatment enhances horsepower and WOWS mechanics and car owners

Joe quickly learns, Mega Power are special products - that they are good for him, his customers, his ability to produce extra income.

Hey, I'm not saying this is a piece of cake - right off the bat. No!

Here is your first Distributor problem you will encounter. It will pass.

At the first, you are the new kid on the block selling - not proven worthy yet. You know what I mean.  So, the first garage has to take a chance and try Mega Power, as you showed him too. 

Distributor Opportunity Details.

You will find that 1st customer. And his favorable results produces reorders - this is what will supercharge you confidence. it proves you have what they really need. Then, certain vibes will emanate as you talk to prospects, that they too should test you out. You want them to test Mega Power.

That's the way this Distributor Opportunity Details begins. That is the first hurdle. Mega Power will never let you down!

Mega Power Products Distributor Opportunity. Every now and then

My Joe mechanic customers tells me a story about how the product impressed the customers. 

I found, in the first few weeks of door knocking, such a story like that, increased my ability to open new accounts - as I related how other joe's - down the street, had great success with Mega Power. 

I pass those stories around like fertilizer to prospects, letting them know what my products and me do for the other Joe's. That story - and the extra profit making ability they produce win more accounts to try an initial order of $500 to $1000. I throw a couple days of demos to their customers to help get the momentum going.

About your customers, new Mega Power potential, to add $1000 additional income to their monthly average. We show you how that works so you can convey - your not selling, your helping them make more $!

Competing products, oh yea, there's lots of them. But, we're the Rolls Royce of additives - see, it says so on my business card. Side by side comparisons prove we are the best. You are taught this!

My "Joe' customers" are a valuable, precious resource for me. I'm willing to help Joe prosper and to help insure his success - to insure mined. These special products and me do that for lots of Joe's garages.

That sums up the Unique Distributor Opportunity we offer and is what shows what is needed to earn $100,000 a year income.

Why don't you give me a call and let me answer your questions about all this. That is what I'm here for. I'm George Christ My cell is 512 665 3388. I will help you in an ongoing way to master what you need to grow your income, in your area.

A Personal note.

This type Distributor Opportunity Details the business an 8 to 5 job cannot.

I've spend a lot of time involved in charity work that - time wise, is more rewarding. I also spend 2 months a year visiting  relatives and my kids and grand kids, and going places and doing things in a family way with them. 

Mega Power is the opportunity I found that gives me that freedom.

I believe this Distributor Opportunity Details is a very valuable consideration that's unique for such a lifestyle.

It works for my point of view about money, which may be different than yours. Let me explain...

To me, what good is an extra a pile of money in my bank account if I miss-out on my charity work, and family personal help, and loving. 

I see their life is much easier with such help. I think they need that help more than what things given, can provide. 

Making money, and not being with my kids and grand kids, is a loss I feel all of us lose out on - when we are 24 hour slaves to our job. if it has to be, it has to be. Mega Power frees me from that routine. Right now, my kid don't need drugs to feel secure. They feel secure because of what Linda and I do in all of this, that keeps us focused to help them. </ul>

They may have a happier life because of it. That can't hurt. But not being around as parents and grandparents and guardians of their mental and physical health could be, I believe.

My Mega Power Distributor Opportunity Details that possibility.

I believe - if you read this far down the page, it may for you, too!</B>

If my need for $ is greater, I go out and look for more Joe's to teach what my products can do to help them, and pledge my helping to add to their success - so, I help myself, too. 

<B>That's what I think is unique about this Distributor Opportunity, and this rare business opportunity. How about you? What's your thinking.</B> 

 Pick up the phone and call my cell 512 665 3388. Lets see if this will work for you! I'm george christ.

I'll try to detail it out all best I can, to past on why it works for me, to help you see if the mentality required for success in this business, matches your ideals. Show what you must expend to gain the potential income opened by it.

What we're offering.

We offer a unique business opportunity with these features: A Distributor Opportunity: Detailing Automotive additives and their training usage info. It offers a low investment. A high return on investment.

Distributors with this company enjoy a rare price structure from the manufacturer.  They enjoy the benefits of a broad range of highly profitable, specific products - each filling a specific need - all vehicles require. An arrangement from factory to retailer like this is called vertical marketing Distributor Opportunity. This is not not MLM.

This company is not by a hard-nosed, out of reach, goal-pushing company. We have goals. One of them is to encourage, and help you excel in your own style. That's it!

We gladly fill in the blanks – on an ongoing basis; so you have what you need to succeed – not what we need to succeed. 

This, Distributor Opportunity  Details show an excellent product line that supports any income amount your willing to work for, grow into. 

Our product advantages help to bring out in our distributors the qualities of persistence, determination, and a bit of friendly flair. That is what is needed.

Are those qualities you enjoy, and that spur you on</B> to help you excel? If so, we invite you to investigate this business and its potential. It may be just what you’re looking for.

Call us to learn more about our products, their unique advantages, and your qualities of persistence, determination, and friendly flair can help you as a distributor, succeed. 

If you’re that way, I believe those who will become your customers - will have a hard working disposition like you have, and they buy from people who think like that, too.

Income?  $100,000? Higher, if you want - less if you aren't that good. The potential can give you the drive and desire to go many times that.  This is a business opportunity with income growth, unlimited. It is ideal for the individual with requiring an above average income - and working hard and smart does not bother them in that pursuit.

Investment for this Distributor Opportunity Details are...Invest up to about $25k – usually. Of course, you can come on board as a sales rep under a Distributor. Distributors become your suppliers if you are not a direct Distributor.

<B>If you become a Distributor, your Investment pays for training, territory, mostly hot selling products, and marketing material.</B>

We offer a buy-back guarantee. And you may have ability to sale your business for a profit, afterward.

There is no soliciting of your friends to go to ra-ra meetings to get them to sign up under you.

All accounts you find and develop under you are your customers, your business. We are suppliers of the product.

You don’t have to depend on friends of superstar talent to find other superstars, before you make a dime.

This is for a man or women whose nature is friendly, outgoing, but of a business-acumen nature.

You would be the type of person whose livelihood and motivation to make a success of a job or business is to-keep-working-the numbers and small goals every day - mentioned above. 

Call me now, if you are better suited to work the freedom, excitement, and income potential that the field of selling, and of being a distributor provides.

Give me a call, lets see what you have, and if this is for you. I'm George Christ. Factory Rep for Mega Power. My cell is 512 665 3388. Call any day or evening.

Questions, about a Distributor Opportunity, to ask your self.

Does selling a product wholesale to customers each month match your preference as a desirable means of self employment?

Does having a no-limits on weekly income motivate you to work harder? Is this one aspect you're looking for in a business opportunity? 

Is selling to nearby clientele also a plus? You would be a small business owner, providing products to help other small businesses profit and succeed.

This is ideal for you if answers to the above are yes. Are you a learn as you go type? Are you self motivated? If so, come on board.

Are you the type with a winning, stick-to-it stamina. Do you  believe the law of averages works in your favor. Do you possess a can-do attitude. Those qualities work well with this Distributor Opportunity.

Prospect rejection means – not failure 

The fact business is slow - means, it will be until you master getting to the real need of your prospect. Your willingness to try again – if you know they will buy, if they know what Mega Power can do for them and their customers, and the profit improvement is your point. You both will appreciate and benefit from your efforts and our products - once the point is understood.

About your ideals and work ethic and beliefs on all this. 

Do you believe that to succeed, you must have a product you can believe in? If its the best for your customers – and you can prove it?  Do you want a product that is superior? One you can willingly challenge competitors with, to prove your products worth, over theirs?  That is true selling in our field. Can you stand for your hard earned ideals being insulted? Because they don't think they need your help? We keep trying. Persistence pays. That is more so true of us, our products, this Distributor Opportunity.


I believe you must have the best interest of your prospect and customer at heart. What you do is for their greater success, not yours? Yours is a result of the success you provide others with! Our product line is one that provides such results.

What you should do right now is to call about this Distributor Opportunity. I invite  you to call to learn more, while you are at this point in your life…

The profit potential is above average for our distributors.

That account, typical, produces $100 to $500 monthly income for  the distributor. A lifetime income that can provide you with $60,000 to $200,000 income as a rereat customer for you.

Multiply that profit by 50 such accounts. Or 100 such accounts and you see what this this Distributor Opportunity Details can produce from a Mega Power Distributor Opportunity Details.

More Distributor Opportunity Details.

Interested, call and discuss with me what fears you need addressed, what desires, and investment goals you need to have, and to learn of the details of why this may, or not be a good business opportunity for you. That is fair to you and me - and gives both the answer we need.

Distributor Opportunity. Availability for Your Area

To learn more about Mega Power Products, this Distributor Opportunity, and the options available as a Distributor, or salesperson, call me now. I'm George Christ. My cell# is 512 665 3388.

Distributor Opportunity Details end

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