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Car club forum: taking clasic cars

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      Texas is so big there is plenty of room to find that old car and turn it into a thing of roaring beauty. And Austin to San Antonio has its share - and some show up at Riley's Beer Joint.

      ....enjoy these from one hot cars show last summer at Riley's. ..............George

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      Check out the cars below!

    Have you seen any famous person driving around in one of their pretty cars? Had a chance to get Steve McQueen's car pic when he came in the shop - but didn't! Send me that photo - to show the world. Email: to: - thanx.

Car club pictures
Never can figure out why so many like business coupes! I think this Ford coupe is really stylish with the chrome zig and great 2 tone color.

Car club Forum: 1955 Ford Classic restored color scheme

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A few of Jay Leno's beautifully restored cars I took a few pictures of.

Car club forum: Jay Leno's classic car display

Car club forum: Club event. Reiley's Tavern, Hunter Texas

Compare those cars to this beautiful coupe and its great flaming color scheme. This coupe appear a few years after the ones in the picture above - and now, 60 years later, is a work of art in metal work - chop top and lowered - making it a joy to see!

Here is an Olds Coupe with a beautiful paint job! Notice that the rumble seat is open - ready for you to climb on in! Should have got the phone number for you - its 4 sale!

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After you check out this site, take a look at what artist can do to cars in this link. Pasadena Art Center Classic Car Show - Great works of art.

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