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    By Drew Phillips RSS feed Posted Oct 24th 2011 7:30PM

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      The Pasadena Art Center College of Design held its annual Car Classic this past weekend, an event that has been a must-attend on our calendars for the past few years. While rain hampered last year's Car Classic, this year's event benefited from a typically beautiful Southern California day.

      Anyone from the Art Center will tell you that the Car Classic is not a concours event, but rather a display of automotive art. As a result, the selection of cars is fairly eclectic and the vehicles are strewn about the campus lawn in a rather unorganized fashion. While the layout may not be as photogenic, it makes it easy to wander through the sea of cars and simply enjoy each and every one.

      Each Car Classic does have a theme, though, and for 2011 the event celebrated Southern California's influence on automotive design. In addition to the Art Center producing some of the world's most famous automotive designers, more than twenty advanced automotive design studios call the area home, several of which brought recent concept cars to display. There were also special displays for California hot rods and California beach culture as well as cars designed by Peter Brock. The Petersen Automotive Museum and Mullin Museum also brought out cars from their impressive collections. You can see a sample of the cars in attendance in the high-res gallery above.

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    Pasadena Art Center College of Design 2011 Art Center Car Classic Photos

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