Can sport racing additives add horsepower for the edge you need?

will racing additives boost performance?

Mega Power Racing Additives provide recovered horsepower pass-through and slows wear-out of fasters wearing parts. Gives the edge for more wins. Lowers repair and rebuild time and expense.Mega Power Racing Additives provide recovered horsepower pass-through and slows wear-out of fasters wearing parts. Gives the edge for more wins. Lowers repair and rebuild time and expense.

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Here's what's new in horsepower increasing racing additives.

Sport racing additives:

  • Pass-thru more horsepower.
  • Remove hot spots.
  • Reduce metal migration.
  • Transfer heat outward faster reducing motor/gear heat-sink for longer periods of time.
  • Lower friction in 2 ways. 
  • Slow the burn time.
  • Provide lube-like advantages when oil  fails.

Each of those advantages will give you the edge you need!

All together, you gain a powerful winning edge and lower expense on rebuilds as less parts will wear out as fast.

Mega Power, a inventor of racing additives and lubricants have the following products made to add to the grease, oils, fluids, coolants, and fuel  providing the above advantages to all types of race vehicles and their vehicle entourage health speed, well being.

Field experience with Mega Power shows slower weakest part demise. Lower temperatures. 5 to 15% horsepower increase based on recovery rather than new horsepower generation. Octane boost products are not included in these experiences.

Added zip and performance over the entire race.

Usage: In gallons.

The product is added in a 15 to 20% volume to grease, oils, fluids, coolants, and 1 to 2 ounces to a gallon of fuel.

Mega Power 1001 for oils fluids grease. Price/Gallon $125. 6 pk $300

Mega Power 1098 for fuels.                   Price/Gallon $125. 6 pk $300

Mega Power 1002 Octane Booster         Price/Gallon $125. 6 pk $300

Mega Power RS3 For Radiators.             Price/Gallon $125. 6 pk $300

Mega Power 6 pak mix. Includes 2#1001, 2 #1098, 1 #1002, 1 # RS3. 6 items just $350 plus $15s&h= $$365, shipped Fedex to your door in about 3 days, with instructions, and phone tech help.

Free Gift of 6 Mega Power #120 all purpose nut buster, lube,m A/C compressor saver. A $12.95  each item. Popular product you'll always have by your side - FREE With your order right now! A $$72 value Free!

Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order product listed, call me at 512 665 

Understanding the 3  places where horsepower can be gained with racing additives, consider these Mega Power advantages.

  1. Metal migration is a wear and horsepower eating negative you can reduce and gain horsepower that horsepower for transfer to the wheels.  Mega Power ends metal migration with mixed with motor and gear oils at a 15% to oil ratio.
  2. Increasing oils film strength will prevent breaking of the oils lube film and this reduces metal to metal friction. Less metal to metal contact and less friction makes for the use of horsepower previously used to overcome friction can now go to the wheels for higher speed producing. 

 3. Some race car owners choose oil thickeners as a way  to make   oil thicker and less apt to shear, which reduces metal to metal contact and less friction - which requires less use of horsepower to overcome. that friction. However, thicker oil and thickening the oil with products like Lucas and STP make for stickier oil and that becomes a horsepower consuming negative - and is the reason for Ow grade motor oils which offers no horsepower loss.

  • 4. Mega Power's metal surface smoothing advantage, which  means Mega Power smooth's friction roughen surfaces  eliminating the common way the oil film breaks by shear.  Horsepower lost is now prevented both from less friction, from less oil film breakdown, and from use of a lower oil weight - a horsepower reducing feature. 
    • Mega Power Racing Additives for fuel, motor, gears
    • 5. Lubrication enhancement by removing varnish and gummy oils on piston rings and on and cleaned and Hi-tech lube on valve stems means valve close quicker, vacuum increases and more horsepower is produced as a result. Mega Power is a super lubricant for rings and valves providing a gain of horsepower making during the combustion cycle in those ways.
    •  6. These are the 3 racing additive ways considered as a horsepower gaining advantage from  15% use of Mega Power in the oils, and by adding 12 oz to each 25 gallons fuel usage.
    • 7. Mega Power Octane Boost is a non-caustic horsepower boosting additive that slows down the flame and burn time - a power boosting advantage.
    1. Learn more. Win more with Mega Power.

    Mega Power means smoother surfaces, less oil film shearing and therefor less metal migration when mixed with motor and gear oils at a 15% to oil ratio.

    For crank bearing under .003, use Mega Power #3, or Mega Power#9 products.

    *Zinc and other powders metals are no longer believed to have a friction reducing or anti-friction advantage. For that and other negative reasons they have been taken out of all conventional oils.

    Start if possible by mixing a 20% Mega Power with your lube assembly oil or grease on all journals, bearings, shalfs, cam lobes, and valve stems. This blend lets the first few minutes of engine and gear box operation avoids metal migration as the two surfaces have lower amounts of friction on opposing surfaces.

    Cranks will run cooler with less friction!

    How Mega Power will protect, and increase heat transfers of your race car and street vehicles - large and small. # One....

    "The 3 negative power decreasing changes in any engine is an increase in surface rough. Sludge films forming from high heat on valve stems and piston rings. A paper thin film from coolant breakdown inside your engine transmission and radiator, that block or slow the rate of heat transfer into and out of the engine and radiator. These films are removed with addition of Mega Power to the coolant and oils.

    Heat make molecules take a larger obit. Large orbits of molecules thins your oil and add spaces in oils and coolants. Mega Power removes those negatives, too, by removing the space chemically and by friction modifying!"

    Mega Power installed as a motor sport racing additive add Fuel boosting, Radiator cooling, Heat lowering, Blowby, Tap & Ping Power loss, Hard shift, Growl & Stop leak problem-solving.

    Mega Power Fuel enhancers: Mega Power Fuel Treatments increase octane, clean and lube the injectors, the combustion area, and free and clean comprssion rings and valves. When installed along with ...

    Mega Power Oil Treatments for motor and gears. And...

    Mega Power Radiator Treatment, You gain the following benenfits and advantages:

    Heat and overheating - the enemy removed.

    Motor sport racing additives

    The problem of overheating - our remedy

    When new, your car or tractor motor and transmission temperatures come from combustion and friction.

    Those sources of heat easily move to the oil, coolant, and exhaust and then transfers into the outside air - by the rule of nature; heat always flows from hot to colder areas. That heat exchange was ideal keeping engine and transmission temperatures in check and at an ideal.

    In time, 3 changes take place to max out this transfer. Above that max point your motor, transmission, and radiator temperatures climb beyond 250 degrees. The danger ranges.

    Mega Power maintains the cool factor several ways in new and older vehicles.

    Your radiator normally lowers your engine and transmission temperatures to 212 degrees by your radiator cap maintaining 7 to 15lbs of pressure on the coolant. And by a coolant flow speed device - wrongly called a thermostat. And a fan and air flow as you drive.

    The 3 changes occur as sludge films inside your engine transmission and radiator, the thickness of 3 or 4 sheets of paper build, and insulate -that is, block or slow the rate of agitation of coolant and oil molecules orbits. Heat make molecules take a larger obit.

    How Mega Power will protect, and increase speed dependibility of your race car and street vehicles - large and small.

    The cooler outside skin surfaces temperatures of your radiator tubing, and engine and transmission reduced temperatures quickly quiet down the agitation of the oil and coolant while increasing the agitation of the outside air - technically called heat transfer.

    You can replace the coolant and oils but the films grows increasing the flow of heat problem.

    You can add a chemical product with the name “cool” in its name for help in heat transfer. That’s good!

    New motor sport racing additives

    Getting rid of the worst kind of heat The Mega Power Way

    Mega Power uses a chemical to reduce overheating by removing the scum residues in the oils  fuels and radiator.

    In the motor, and transmission Mega Power also removes another heat caused problem by changing friction-increasing rough surfaces of your pistons, bearings, valves, gears and such to smooth - which now lowers their cause of metal-to-metal friction as a heat-making problem.

    Being smooth with what Mega Power calls "metal and fluid conditioners" - part of what's in Mega Power's MC+, your cars internal parts can absorb heat as a heat sink and dissipate it quickly where possible - rather than ever-increasing the temperature load of each component. Does that make sense to you?

    New-found horsepower? Yes

    Also, Mega Power type friction-reducing adds power-improving benefits to increase actual horsepower - by now allowing horsepower that use to be absorbed by friction, to pass thru to spin the wheels faster, speeding you faster down the road. Sudden new zip is felt!

    Down the road benefits from Mega Power

    And this smoothing advantages slams-the-breaks on wearing of metal surfaces away by 50% or more - extending engine and transmission life as a welcomed side benefit.

    Order Mega Power and see for yourself

    Mega Power’s other Product Treatments and their anti-wear benefits, explained in their info web page sources. Click link buttons on left for details.

    For Mega Power product prices, suggestions and tips, Or to ask a question...

    Call me at 512 665 3388 ...that's my job!

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