Dyno tuning Mega Power Additives recover Tire smoking race car power improvers

Dyno tuning Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388512 665 3388... george

Dyno tuning, using additives is one more way to squeeze out extra horsepower. Usually...

...It octane boost that does so - but this is Hi-tech chemistry is not an octane booster giving you more tire smoking power - from start to finish.

However, you don't need a dyno to see and feel this instant zip power improvement after installing this product.

This works by recovering a train load of little power eaters chemically and with conditioning produces 10% horsepower every time.

A reading and horsepower read out is made and recorded. After adding Mega Power to the radiator power steering, A/C compressor, an engine and transmission and the 2 step install process is over with, and a day of driving has taken place, then do your second dyno test to note improvement with Mega Power.

Race car owners and those who want to know what before and after horsepower improvements were made like dyno testing advantages.

Dyno tuning with Mega Power Additives

Car Dyno tuning is machine made to test and record live, actual engine electrical, fuel, combustion, and engine transmission and cooling system failures and improvements as if the car was was going up the steepest hill known.

Live recordings of stressful conditions reveal any weakness not possible to find under normal driving conditions.

This machine makes it easy to see if the corrections ended a problem - and restored like-new performance again.

Dyno tuning shows whether corrections made were correct, ended the problem - and improved performance. Any horsepower improving efforts are easily seen. This product provides one...

Todays cars have a computer to make adjustments as you drive to match any condition. These adjustments are good as long as your motor is in a clean, new like operation.

However, as residues, friction and wear spaces develop, those conditions lower horsepower development as well as absorb horsepower that use to speed you faster down the road.

Now, engines and transmission will easily lose 15 horsepower or more, and over display over 21 performance negatives.

Dyno tuning

Mega Power will correct those negatives and restore lost horsepower.

Mega Power offers what I call a complete car or equipment treatment that will restore and correct the above negatives - producing the former like new zip and performance thought lost to wear and tear - making for the car owners delight!

Isn't that the performance you want for your cars and equipment?

Mega Power is a specialty whole-car-product-treatment installed in all fuels oils, fluids and lube greased parts. That is what will restore 15 or more lost horsepower, and end over 21 power-robbing, wear increasing performance negatives.

This site: auto tune up and repair options.com - buttons on the left provide more info and product ordering for your specific needs.

Mega Power comes packages in treatments for cars and pickups, and gallons for 4 to 25 gallon motor oil size engines and drive trains. Call me for info and ordering at 512 665 3388... george

Mega Power is the most desirable product found for car and equipment protection and long life trouble-free dependability advantage benefits.

Mega Power's performance restoring and enhancing advantages is because of its high-tech problem-solving chemistry and its unique ability to:

  • Remove residues where even synthetic oil cannot.
  • Correct acid damage.Modify friction.
  • Heal wear roughen surfaces.
  • Fill worn spaces in all 5 power sucking areas of a vehicle.
  • Lower surface temperatures and end hot spots.
  • Increase internal high heat transfer 10% faster to the outside.
  • These advantages -while increasing power output, is helping to slow the wear out rate of pistons bearings valves and gears increasing by double, engine transmission vehicle life.

Areas to Mega Power Treat are the A/C unit, power steering unit, radiator cooling system, engine, transmissions, differential, flex joints in axles, and wheel bearings.

Mega Power's ability to removes residues and friction and wear spaces and resistances, allows the return of, and a restoring of the like-new performance of any vehicle or equipment, new, older, even worn and thought overhaul needed.

Mega Power advantage features provides instant break-in of new and rebuild engines and transmission. This most beneficial protective aid assures smooth easy cranking, smoother idling, and smoother shifting your customers are impressed by and add to the expertise they find you have, from Mega Power usage.  Call me for what ever usage of Mega Power you would like info on and its ordering help.

>The Road Test for checking on the restorative advantages of Mega Power is done with out a dyno by what I call a couple Hot-Rod burst of speed from dead stop. Note...

The Road Test for checking on the restorative advantages of Mega Power is done with out a dyno by what I call a couple Hot-Rod burst of speed from dead stop.

You begin dead stop in gear, them holding the gas pedal all the way down and keeping it held down until you shift thru all the gears and go pass 50 miles per hour.

The 3rd such action sets Mega Power's advantages and they instantly appear by a noticeable power and smoothness improvement!

An actual dyno test to show Mega Power's ability to restore lost horsepower is done in this way:

  1. Do a dyno test. Perform any actual failed parts correction that show up.
  2. Re-dyno to check to see all is well. Record that reading.
  3. Install Mega Power in the 2 step method in the instructions.
  4. Drive the car for a FEW DAYS TO LET THE CONDTIONING SET.
  5. After step 2 in the directions is done and after a couple days of driving has occurred. Dyno again to see any other gains this product chemistry recovers

In every case, spark duration and strength is more toward positive, emissions lower, horsepower is up 10% or more.

Car Dyno tuning is of primary benefit now-a-days to test horsepower improvements to race car builders, and to street car hot rodding enthusiast who want to double check their engine modifications and power improving skills and results.

However, what I discovered from such dyno testing is how car and equipment owners can use the Mega Power method of care at oil  change intervals to avoid or put-off expensive overhauls for years on end. All vehicles and equipment can be so treated. I provide the help, directions, and products for such personal and fleet needs.

Mega Power ends rapid wear and tear, lowers friction to the lowest level possible, and removes residue caused problems.

This Dyno tuning info with Mega Power Additives will now help you end your car problem. Call me if you have a question or want to order Mega power for personal usage, fleet care, or resell such as in a tune up and repair shop.

One of the popular race trucks using Mega Power Additives to help slam the brakes on wear-out of its really expensive motor and drive train components.

Dyno tuning with Mega Power Additives

Mega Power proves to increase power output and improve engine and transmission performance and is the secret ingredients of many  astute race car owners.

This experience gives a person confidence in what he sells and recommends. The Mega Power Brand is the brand I favor, sell, and recommend, because of such test results.

When I show a mechanic or anyone how to use these products, I know they will instantly see, feel, and verify the promised improvement made - to perfectly good running cars, as they drive up and down the road.

When you install Mega Power in your motor, transmission an other parts of your cars and trucks,  you will soon learn this is not some ad agency hype, or a crook trying to put your money in their pocket.

Why Mega Power is a 50/50 Mega Power, oil engine rebuilding oil as parts are lubed and installed.

Dyno-tuning and install Mega-Power as a protector

  • Mega Power is producing the desired results you bought it for - such as, to end rough shifting, quiet valve tapping, restore loss performance, and the like, proves its effectiveness.
  • By taking engines apart before, and after weeks of Mega Power usage, anyone can verify cleaning and metal conditioning benefits.
  • But, there is no need to do that! Road test you or anyone can do will show improvement, as does the ending of specific performance and wear problems just mentioned, that you can see, hear, feel disappear.

Install Mega Power, run for 2 days, then two Dyno tune

Drive with Mega Power in  your car for a day or so, then retest. Use the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment. Retest again. Dyno-tuning in this way is a good test method.

You can see why a Mega Powered Treated vehicle  runs quieter, smoother, has more zip, goes a bit farther between fill ups, and can run years longer than otherwise.

<B>A Mega Power Product users engine will end up with </B> clean, smoother, freely moving parts - one of three critical factors needed to produce more power from each combustion cycle.

<B>Such dyno tuned vehicles will also show"<ul> A smoother, shinier rubbing surfaces</B> on pistons, bearings, valves, and gears - compared to a non-users engines dull, gray surfaces, loads of burnt-on resides, dirtier oil, and combustion reside covered surfaces.

The point is this! The smoother and cleaner the internal surfaces of a components parts, the less drag therein, and the less power-absorbing loss is consumed overcoming friction there on.

Mega Power shows this protection and advantages when Dyno tuning, and when you feel it as you drive down the road.

This results in greater amounts of power passing on to help you go faster - with less amounts of fuel needed to do so. This is a second critical factor and a Mega Power unique advantage. </ul>

<B>4- Another test of Mega Power Products,</B> horsepower output,  verifies this correction and improvement.<ul>

Dyno tuning, Mega-Power before and after "print-outs" show power improvements. Ten percent or more most times in some vehicles.

<B>Let me touch on what is observed. </B>Repeatable data has helped me perfect my Mega Power tune up and performance improving characteristics, and recommendations.</ul>

<B>How the dyno machine is set up</B><ul>

<B>The dyno machine, [dynamometer],</B> is a monstrosity of a machine that a vehicle or motor is chained to so the drive wheels sit in between 2 special sets of 6 inch, 5 foot wide rollers.

Rollers are attached to a braking system. Special wire hook-ups on the motor records read-outs as the operator increases braking resistance on the spinning wheels on the rollers. The operator, inside the car presses and holds the gas pedal to the floor - to reach a wheel spin speed of 70 miles per hour.

<B>In this situation, the engines power is straining</B> to overcome the huge resistance the dyno system is applying. Consider the condition like going up the steepest hill you ever saw, gas pedal to the metal, going 70 miles per hour- like that, only, your sitting in this machine where engine noise thunders in your chess as the 5 minute test runs.

Lots of instrumentation can be attached to the car – but rarely is, that shows every function and action, like the doctor sees in  emergency room monitors and gauges connected to a sick patient.

<B>Most dyno tuning setups show horsepower and maybe,</B> reading of 5 exhaust gases. All at 70 mph. I used full hook ups and read outs.</ul>

Since there is so little education on this by common mechanics – <ul>

Most mechanics work off of an intuition, coupled with past experience, and hand-held meters, with this method they can figure out in that way what needs fixin – and fix it. What Mega Power Treatments to use. No Hi-tech stuff needed.

<B>Well, if you want to see changes good or bad,</B> Just drive the car as suggested with the Mega Power 'treatment you order. Its a simple test you can easily see results given.

That same method, along with the smarts of mechanics who have this natural “feel” to test – and their customer feedback, is how I introduce Mega Power to mechanics, and teach them the of installation expertise involved.

<B>This gives mechanics and anyone </B>the products to use for  the inside part of what makes a good tune up, repair, repair avoidance, and a much better oil change advantage.

<B>Mega Power Products and my “recipe’s </B>in the form of tips and suggestions, pass on to you and mechanics, show the different ways to solve the many kinds of problems motor vehicles encounter during their lifetime.

<B>Now, think about this.</B> If a guy could collect BOTH  the Hi-tech results of what additive did what, along with what other mechanics and experts were having success with, he would have a real asset. THAT IS WHAT I POSSES AND LISTED HERE FOR YOU – TO USE ALL YOUR LIFE. SIMPLIFIED AND EASY.

One of the Hi-tech readouts included in certain dyno test equipment uses special stop-motion slices of the combustion process and breathing readouts. This shows what improvement – if any occurs, in thousand-of-a-second picture frames.</ul>

<B>Dyno tuning with Mega Power Additives and 5 gas exhaust test results</B><ul>

<B>You can really see how Mega Power Emission Product #FISC  reduces harmful emissions – on a combined dyno and 5 gas exhaust test. </B>

Mega Power reduces of mis-fire by cleaning the combustion and other areas. This results in longer combustion burn-time and is easily seen.

[A Burn Time Graft chart shows a wiggly electric impulse line. The line may be lower or higher than normal. The line may go up or down sooner than normal. Mega Power will restore it to proper height, length, and ending - an indication of Mega Power at work inside the motor].

Improvements in breathing, combustion burn time, spark plug firing duration, temperature, exhaust readings, all improve. That is a significant advantage to the vehicle owner.

The comes about by cleaning and smoothing that eliminate slow valve closing, improved piston ring holding power, provides better fuel injector vaporization, less wet surfaces, reduction of friction drag, improve oiling – all a smoother, free, clean internal parts advantages that helps gain horsepower from all such advantages.

<B>Gains are also made by octane boosters.</B> These slow the burn time, but last only as long as the fuel booster is present in the fuel. Most octane boost additive brands are harmful. but, not Mega Power.

However, my Mega Power Products method last up to a year after – and you can keep it going with a refresher treatment every 6 months. 

So, when I say improvements, in fuel economy and horsepower improvements. Customers feedback also supports such testing verification.

Dyno tuning Mega-Power-Products.

This page gives a few ways about how I came to be America's Expert On Additives. I hope it helps you trust what I tell you to do.

My method is what thousands of mechanics, car and heavy equipment owners already use to their delight. It is sold in a small, but growing number of repair garages, lube and tune business.

If yours does not, let me introduce the product to him so he can install it whenever you need them. Call me and give me their phone number....

Mega Power comes packages in treatments for cars and pickups, and gallons for 4 to 25 gallon motor oil size engines and drive trains.

Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388512 665 3388... george

Dyno tuning with Mega Power Additives

Dyno tuning with Mega Power Additives: Learn more around this sight.

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