Amazing Mega Power Truck Engine Oil Treatment.
Gets your engine over a rough problem. Smooths it right out. Avoids its repair. 

Mega Power Brand Truck Engine Oil Treatment cleans fuel injectors, removes combustions carbon, and adds its famous metal conditioning feature MC+ for helping every part run smooth. What motors need to keep going.Mega Power Brand Truck Engine Oil Treatment cleans fuel injectors, removes combustions carbon, and adds its famous metal conditioning feature MC+ for helping every part run smooth. What motors need to keep going.

Truck Engine Oil Treatments. 

While new engines are the ideal solution for worn engines, their $5000 to $10,000 expense cannot meet the budget of most diesel rig owners. So, many truckers and equipment owners turn to Mega Power's Engine Oil Treatments to keep their older engines going for a few more years.

Its $100 price is a bargain and its guaranteed to do as advertised. It's the black label gallon above. One gallon treats 5 to 10 gallon motor oil capacity engines -

"On my well-worn engine oil burner and smoker, I added a gallon of Mega Power's Engine Oil Treatment during an oil change.  4 pack cost $400. Then added another gallon when the oil level dropped two gallons. That kept the level there and lasted 12,000 miles. The cost is high - but only way to keep my truck going - without spending $7000 for a new engine."


One gallon Mega Power Engine Oil Treatment $120 + $10 s&h = $130 total. 

Today's Bonus: Mega Power's Fuel Injector Cleaner $95. Free with today's order - while supplies last. Item with red label shown above. Total 2 items : $130. Save $95.

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Ordering Mega Power Engine Oil Blowby Treatment.

Mega Power Brand 3 gallon Truck Engine Oil Treatment. Includes Fuel Injector Cleaner, Combustion carbon remover, and adds its famous metal conditioning, friction removing feature MC+. Includes MP Engine Ring and Valve Cleaner,  and Sludge Drain Out Product - The blowby reduction featured item. For helping every part run smooth. What older and worn motors need to keep going years longer - in-expensively. A 3 gallon Mega Power Engine Oil Treatment $300 + $30 s&h = $330 total. 

Which truck engine oil treatment is right for your engine? 

Some truck motors need an additive to reduce oil loss and blow-by. This is the BEST reason for The Mega Power 3 item Truck Engine Oil Treatment.

Use to stop a wide range of wear, residue, sludge, oil loss, blow-by, and high mileage problems. It is not thick and gooey. So it won't labor your power away. 

Harmful engine oil treatments:

Most Oil treatments - that are thick, honey-like, and sold  in gallons at truck stops and part stores can deter engine lubrication, say truck manufacturers.  A not-good feature.

Today's truck motors require watery thin, free-flowing oils to lubricate to protect and cool today's close-tolerance fitting engine parts. Mega Power's Engine Oil Treatment meets those features. 

Mega Power's Oil additives should are watery for good lubrication - but end oil loss and blow-by.

They are not thick and gooey like Lucas additives.

Mega Power's Truck Engine Oil Treatment. Although more costly, pays for itself ending gallons of oil loss and blow-by troubles. Gives new and older engine longer life.

While you would think the thicker sticky collection of molecules fill wear gaps to control your engine oil burning, or compression blow-by problem. - they can.

However, rarely is engine oil burning, or compression blow-by due to wear gaps between pistons and cylinder walls, and between the many close-tolerance bearing spaces.

The problem causing engine oil burning, or compression blow-by.

The problem of engine oil burning, or compression blow-by results when a dirty conditions cause fuel to burn wet. Then, combustion burns rich,

The cause of engine oil burning and combustion blow-by.

With dirty fuel injectors spray wet, and crankcase fumes recirculating into the air intake to re-burn - a smog/air pollution reduction aid, the cause of oil burning and blow-by increase.

The real cause of motor oil loss between oil changes  and engine blow-by power lowering troubles.

They occur because dirty internal conditions throughout the motor - from improper servicing, and wrong additives do not correct the real cause.

Dirty engines only require a cup full of varnish and carbon to stick piston rings. This allowing oil to seep out and burn. And blow-by to upset crankcase oil and power production.

make for poor combustion - I know should have a low density fuel to air count - but are now very high with addition of wetter fuel and crankcase fumes adding to the problem. How so? 

Combustion en-richens and  carbon and sticky residue residues are made and spread. They gum-up piston rings and valves - allowing oil to escape into the combustion cycle. And compression to slip pas stuck in their groves piston rings. he Fuel changes from a fog to wet :

  • as injectors become dirty and spray a wet, instead of foggy spray of fuel and residues grow causing sticky piston rings and valve operation - rarely because of wear.

 replace oil as your oil is squeezed out between pistons and cylinder walls, and between the many close-tolerance bearing spaces. This includes between shaft and   oil burning, or compression blow-by due 

Thickening your oil slows its delivery - at those places when needed most, to replace squeezed out oil - to prevent metal-to-metal contact scraping.

Thick additives choke down oil's delivery allowing some oil starvation between  your motor's moving parts - and that may increase friction, and that's not good! That's one reason why thick additives are harmful to your engine.

The second reason thick truck engine oil treatments have no actual friction-modifying and engine-conditioning anti-wear advantages - where  and when your motor needs them most!  That is when your motor - and transmission work under full loaded pressures and extreme temperatures, and that is when extra help to friction reduce is needed.

Truck engine oil treatment review

What is needed is a product that provides lube-like protection called friction modifiers - to stop friction when any metal-to-metal contact between moving parts is made.  Wouldn't you say so, also?

What is needed are MC+ anti-wear cleaners and conditioners that work under extreme pressures. They should provide lubrication advantages when high temperatures and friction as they occur, such as those from Mega Powers Truck Engine Oil Treatment. 

Mega Power Engine Treatments contain water-thin anti-wear cleaners and conditioners - that go where oil can't to clean, smooth, then add conditioners as a protective coating.

Those Mega Power advantages  - allow greater horsepower development - by cleaning and freeing sticky piston rings and valves, as seen in the picture below, and by ending friction's horsepower stealing ways - as shown in the video link, below.. They do so under full loaded pressure extremes nothing else found, can!

Cleaning is critical and Mega Power cleans where oil can't!

Imagine the immediate good that creates! As shown in this picture, Mega Power helps in several way - even in the combustion area where residues and sticky valves reduce horsepower maximums.

Harmful truck engine oil treatments

Harmful additives commonly sold in part stores and truck stops were originally sold to your grandfather for his Model A Ford, to keep it going. They are harmful to today's engines.

How new Mega Power anti-wear chemistry is helping truck owners protect their engines and transmissions by reducing friction and its wear and horsepower stealing negatives.

These truck engine oil treatment's from Mega Power increase starting easiness, lower amp drain, quiet noisy engines, reduce smoke to almost nil under full load, and clim hills loaded, a gear higher, customers tell us. that's what we guarantee with each purchase.

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