Stop Leak Products for:

Motor Oil Leaks
Transmission Fluid Leak
Power Steering Fluid Leak
Radiator Coolant Leak
A/C Freon Leak

Stop Leak products Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items listed, call me... george at 512 665 3388

Best Stop Leak Products For Your Motor Oil Drip - Because Our Stop Leak Don't Weaken Seals Like All Others Do When Stopping Seal Leaks

Why the Best "Engine Stop Leak Products," All Made By Mega Power -

Does what no other stop leak does - It ends their causes!

  • If you have a fluid leak, do you want to stop the cause?
  • Stop leaks quicker - without weakening the seals -
  • And by ending the causes... 
  1. By removing acids in the seals causing seal shrinkage. 
  2. And by returning its rubbery sealing factors -
  3. And lowering your engines abnormal 1 to 10 lb high crankcase pressures to  0.
  4. . Helping your whole engine breathe more efficiently.
  • Ending those causes no other product claims too!
  • Ending the the messy oil stain on your parking spot.

  • - No other brand does so - 
  • And ADD-n-Drive  one day solution. 
  • 3 day delivery with directions, and phone help if needed.
  • For the ideal way to end the leak and its causes. 

  Ideal Stop Leak Products to End Your Cars Leak And Its Cause.

    Seals leaks even caused by crankcase pressures from blow-by.
    Mega Power "Engine Stop Leak Treatment. Is easy to install. 
    While replacement of leaking seals can run over $400. to $2000.
    This works just as well for under $100! 
    Helps your budget! And your engine!
    Works in one day.
    No fibers, just helpful conditioners that revitalize all seals and gaskets
    to expand them to stop their leakage. 
    Works equally well to stop transmission seal leaks.
    Recommended for good engines to prevent this and other problems

Order Now!

    Includes: Mega Power FISC Stop Leak Treatment. 3 items per set needed. Just $55+ $15 s&h= $75 total each set. Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx. Includes directions, free phone help if needed, and satisfaction guaranteed.  

    A Special Stop Leak Products BONUS: 

    Stop your engine oil leak with this superior product! Order this Mega Power Automotive Care and Repair Avoiding  Stop Leak Products. So easy to install, and does a superb job to stop leak causes, too! Add to motor oil. $99 total.

    Order now BONUS! Order Now - stop those leaks. Also receive our $39 Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner  - FREE. Gain a better engine response and better fuel economy. $100 if done by the car dealer. A add-to-fuel tank-n-drive cleaner! Add to fuel tank!  Free $39 value included. Total 4 items still just $99.

    Order Now 2nd BONUS: and receive our $69 Engine Residue Remover, and Anti-Friction Conditioners to remove acid loaded residues causing most engine and transmission troubles in your motor. A $69 Get Acquainted offer to see how much better cars and diesels run when properly treated with Mega Power - as your All your vehicle Problem-Preventing Service. Add to motor oil just prior to and with your next oil change. A $69 value while supplies last. Total 6 items still just $99. Save $90.

    To order this Mega Power Stop Leak Products Special - and FREE Bonus Items. Totals 6 item Special - over $200 value.  Just $99 and $11 SnH fee Total $110.  Click cart to stop your oil leak in this way. 

Did You Know...

Leaks of oil, coolant, transmission fluid, and power steering fluids are caused by acids and heat and high pressure each of our treatments neutralize while stopping the leak. Avoid that real damage.

Overheating by friction in component causes leak and damage. Overheats the lubrication lube film strength factor allowing more metal-to-metal grinding, a causing of damage. Our stop leaks help by also removing the friction negatives.

Repair is one solution. But can't do what Mega Power does to smooth rough pistons, bearings, valves, gear, and pump rough surfaces ending the surface heat and oil breaking problem.   What else  should you know about stopping your leak?       

You don't want swelling!

    That's what part store and quick lubes sell having a solvent base stop leak. Not like our chemical engine transmission and steering stop leaks products  -  Their products just keep tuning seals gummy, then it fails.

    The problem with this is, the swelling never stops and continues until the seal decomposes. You may have horror stories about stop leaks that got worst afterward. Now, you know why.

    Not so with Mega Power Stop leaks! They have no solvents. Our Mega Power stop leaks avoids that problem.

    Order a Mega Power "Engine" Stop Leak to end this problem.

    Order one to 6 sets. 3 items per set needed just $55+ $15 s&h= $75 total each set. Shipped to your door in 3 days by FedEx. Includes directions, free phone help if needed, and guaranteed.  

    Click cart button to order this stop leak product...

Stop Leak Products: Radiator.
Stopping Radiator and Cooling system Leaks

Stopping oil, fluid, and coolants leaks can offer dangers some brands of stop leaks avoid.Stopping oil, fluid, and coolants leaks can offer dangers some brands of stop leaks avoid.

     Most Radiator stop-leak products are quick fixes that later get worst.

Unlike Mega Power's Radiator Stop Leak -  having no harmful qualities. 

     That's because, compared to the Mega Power Line of Stop Leaks, all other stop leaks have several weaknesses that can make the problem worst, Mega Power found a way to overcome. Those good Mega Power features are:

  • Mega Power finds the leak and coagulates in it when exposed to air - stopping the leak
  • An effective head gasket sealer.
  • Mega Power removes cooling system acids and its partner scrum films acting like insulation holding heat in. Removing scum keeps engine and transmission running cooler - along with... 
  • Mega Power Cool. Cool removes lose oxygen and that permits more coolant to touch metal transferring heat away faster , end its overheating problems
  •   A good advantage to gain for added engine protection! On the other hand...
  • Radiator Stop Leaksuse fibrous, stringy stop leak ingredients. These often block the tiny coolant cooling flow tubes. Doing so raises heat transfer from engine and gears. This can run up engine and gear HOT SPOT temperatures, and faster wear-out danger points
  • Unlike Mega Power Radiator Stop Leak which is watery, won't clog. And ends the problem better.

  • Mega Power's Radiator System Stop Leak has no stringy, fibrous ingredients, but uses a method that works like blood. Always flowing. But acting as a stop leak when seepage exposes it to air. Then it coagulates to stop your leak!

The Mega Power Transmission Stop Leak Treatment.

    Stops leaks as you drive in 24 hours. Does so by expanding and softening hard, worn seals so they close gaps and stop leaking.

    Other advantages:

    Improves shifting. Ends rough shift, Adds anti-wear for longer trouble-free life.

To purchase:

Mega Power 3-Product Transmission Stop Leak Treatment  TS3" 

3" item treatment.  $55+ $15 s&h= $70.00 total." 

    You don't want swelling!

    Solvent base engine transmission and steering stop leaks products work -  by soaking into and swelling the rubbery part of your cars leaking seal. They just keep tuning it gummy, then it fails.

    The problem with this is, the swelling never stops and continues until the seal decomposes. You may have horror stories about stop leaks that got worst afterward. Now, you know why.

    Solvent base stop-leak-additives dilute your oil and this action destroy the lubricating film between pistons, bearings, and gears - creating more metal-to-metal wear and abrasion - while stopping the leak. That is not good, of course.

    I'll show you better engine transmission and steering stop-leaks

     - with other needed, and more advantages features for your car, to use. Also...

Fibers stop leaks

    The bad thing about fiber-based stop leaks is the fibers and particles - which do stop leaks - mostly in  radiators, tend to plug up small passageways and radiator coils , and then these areas and restrict coolant flow. Overheating then occurs. 

    Temperatures can climb to the over-boiling point in your engine head, on valves, and gaskets - a set up for failure of valves, pistons and gaskets, already working under near metal-melting temperatures. 

    Our radiator stop leak uses a patented formula having no solids or fibers, but stops leaks quickly with advantages that stop other problems from starting. See details below..

Avoid these stop leaks. Use these stop leaks!

    Solvent based engine transmission stop leaks, and radiator coolant stop leak additives; with fibers, are what you find on the shelf of parts stores, and are profit makers for quick lubes.

    They were the best idea for cars in your grandfathers model A and still sold t day'- but not good for today's Hi-tech cars and machines.

    Our new Hi-tech stop leak additives from Mega Power contain no fibers. They work  like your blood does with a cut to stop flow. Or revitalize the rubber in seals and gaskets, giving them expansion - ending the flow.

Safe Stop Leak Products for Cars, Trucks, Equipment

Our review shows you

    The new, easy, safe breed of Mega Power stop leak products to stop more kinds and places of leaks - in short order.

    These new, non-plugging stop leak products last longer, work better, and stop leaks older products cannot.

    Also... They contain additional advantages that can often double your car and equipment remaining life.

To begin

    Lets cover the causes of your leak - its hidden troublemaker.

    Those troublemakers, usually acids, oil and coolant breakdown residues, high temperatures, and friction, increases the speed of piston, bearing, and gear wear out - that also needs to go!

Negatives Mega Power Brand additives reduce or eliminate becoming today's automotive best stop leaks.

    These new products contain none of the negatives solvent based additives and fiber loaded coolant stop leaks contain.

    As you can see...

    We chose only those products containing other benefits besides stopping your leak that's also important to extending your car life and its dependability.

We favor and recommend the Mega Power Brand because

    Mega Power does not use solvents or particles. Instead...

    Mega Power Stop leak for motors, transmissions, and power steering contain acid neutralizers and seal conditioners, which give permanent stop leak ability, solvent additives cannot.

    For example ...

    With anti-freeze, Mega Powers Stop leak works like blood in a cut. It hardens at the leak point, forming a permanent seal to stop the leak.

Stop leak products come two ways.

  1. As a stop leak only.

  2. Stop leak, plus cleaner and protector.

  3.     Stop leak, plus cleaner and protector are use when a fluid or oil change is also due - or overdue. For a fresh, clean start, again.

    This cleans the affected component and neutralize acids. Acids from oil or fluid breakdown shrink seals and gaskets, causing the leak.

    Protectors add anti-wear advantages to prevent future leak and other problems. They improve cooling, and deter coolant or fluid, or oil breakdown.

Our Stop Leak Products for Cars, Trucks, Equipment Engines

    Why 3 items in The Mega Power Stop Leak ?

    1. Acids shrink or eat away seals causing leaks.

    This product has ingredients to neutralizes the acids.

    2- Protectors to keep acids away.

    3- The premium stop leak we exclusively have. Some with a patent.

    All are relaxing the shrunken seal, closing the seep gap tight - if a seal. Otherwise sealing the hole tight. This stops their leakage. As you drive the product works doing so. Overnight in some cases. The ingredients are expanding and softening hard, worn seals, O rings and head gasket holes.

    Installed in new, and good motors under warranty to meet engine servicing requirements as a tune up additive. Yet, ideal for  older vehicles with 3 to 6 gallons fluid capacity's. Order 2 sets, one for your good cars, too. Protect them both from harm  and costly to repair leaks, installing them in both your vehicles.

Transmission Stop Leak Products

What this Mega Power 3-product Transmission Stop Leak Treatment product does besides stop leaks.

    Stops the leak as you drive in 24 hours. Does so by expanding and softening hard, worn seals so they close gaps and stop leaking.

    Other advantages: Quiets noisy valves, reduces compression blow-by, and gives the motor better performance and longer life by reducing friction drag. The first and second cause of engine failures. 

Click cart button to order.

Order 2 or More MP Stop Leak Kits $45 ec x 2 = 90.00+ $20 s&h= $110.00 total.

Transmission Stop Leak Products

Mega Power Transmission Fluid Stop Leak and Tune Up Treatment

    Avoids a $500 repair. Simply add the 3-12oz treatment products
    to your transmission fluid and drive.

Why combine a Stop Leak Products and Tune Up Treatment together?

    You do so to stop other conditions besides leaks that cause wear and to restore shifting smoothness.

What this 3-product treatment does

    Stops the leak as you drive in 24 hours by expanding and softening hard, worn seals to close gaps and stop the leak. Other advantages: Instantly improves shifting by reducing wear drag and cleaning shift-valves. Cools and promotes longer life by modifying friction - a heat-reducing factor.

    Gives transmission better performance and longer life by reducing friction drag. The first and second cause of transmission failures.


    Add to transmission fluid and drive. Stop leaks as you drive in one day. Smooths shifting. Provides extra anti-wear protection, to prevent future leaks, and to lower high temperatures. An extra benefit when towing.

To Purchase
1= $55+ $15 s&h= $70.00 total.

2= $45 ec x 2= 90+ $20 s&h= $110.00 total.

6= 6 set for $120+ $25 s&h= $145.00 total.

Call in your order. Call in to ask a question or for advice, to me day or evening at 512 665 3388

Radiator, Heater, & Cooling System Stop Leak

Mega Power Radiator Coolant Stop Leak and System Protector

Save your engine and your budget with this 2-12oz, fast-acting stop leak, and system-protector treatment.

What this 2-product treatment does

    Add to radiator coolant and drive. Stop leaks in minutes. Contains no pepper, or solids. Works by turning solid, when exposed to air – like your blood does with a cut. Stops – high-pressure coolant leaks fast and permanently.

    Works as a system protector for older systems by neutralizing acids – the cause of most leaks, and by making the coolant 30% more efficient in heat transfer. Gives your engine and transmission a secondary cooling advantage.

To order
1= $25+ $10s&h= $35.00 total. 2= $45+ $10s&h= $55.00 total. 6= $120+ $20s&h= $140.00 total.

Call in your order. Call in to ask a question or for advice, to me day or evening at 512 665 3388

Stop Leak and Older, Worn Motor Treatment Together

Transmission Stop Leak with Transmission Service Kit

Mega Power Power Steering Fluid Stop Leak

Mega Power Power Steering Fluid Stop Leak #PS

Why this Stop leak product is important to your entire steering system

    Stops whines by stopping air infiltration pass weak seals. Stop fluid leaks at pump seal and steering ram, too!

    Revitalizes seals, shaft o-rings, and gaskets with a controlled expansion to stop leaks in a few days.

    Ends roughness felt when turning steering wheel right and left.

    Reduces friction to slam the brakes on wear. Cool.

    Helps avoid a $1000 system replacement.

    radiator stop leak

    What this Power Steering Stop Leak Treatment includes

    This Kit includes a 12oz, 5 minute system cleaner and stop leak, and a 62oz system flush, anti-wear, and replacement system fluid.

    To order $50+ $15s&h= $65 total. 4 pak $175+ $15s&h=$190 total.

    Call in your order. Call in to ask a question or for advice, to me day or evening at 512 665 3388

    Save More - Specials

    With each order before June 30 2012. Ask for our special $20 bottle of pour-in-your-gas-and-drive Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner. Mention this ad when your order your stop leak product.

    Order the Stop Leak products you need by phone - if you like. Have questions about a Stop leak, or other product. Call me, George Christ at 512 665 3388

    Continued: The review about Stop leak products

    No refunds requested last 267 days!

    More Stop leak products, links listed at end of article. Including Radiator. Heater. A/C compressor. Seals/gaskets/cracks - and their reviews.

    Radiator stop leak system service kit

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