These Fuel Injector Cleaners with MC+ gives almost instant problem-solving power-restoring performance. This method of cleaning injectors ends rough idle, engine miss, stalling, restores full motor power

Ends surging, engine miss, ping, fuel waste, for instant smoothness, added power.

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What you should know about

    There are 6 types of fuel injector cleaners for cleaning 6 dirty motor areas -not just injectors. The cleaning of your other dirty engine areas ends their effect on speeding up your car's wear out years faster.

    Removing residues in those other areas means your delay by years the premature wear out and expense of a motor overhaul for years to come.

    Does the idea to pay a little more for cleaning in other engine areas to help extend your cars life makes sense to you?

We favor the Mega Power Brand for the product that will do so.

    This Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner Treatment wth MC+ ends rough idle, engine miss, stalling, lousy fuel economy - as it promotes longer engine life.

    We like the fact that Mega Power ends rapid wear negatives because it chemically heals worn wear roughen piston bearing valve and gear parts with its MC+, and the "plus part" then adds an additional anti-wear to fill your motors worn away surfaces - and your transmission gears, too, if you install it there. This is why we think you should use Mega Power to clean your injectors in all your cars. Order online below.

    DIY fuel injector cleaning kit restores power end idle stalling fuel economy problems

    While part stores sell watered-down cleaners that do little good, Mega Power goes the other direction.

    How so, you may wonder?

    The answer is simple. Mega Power provides the strongest cleaners made! 3 are uses to clean injectors as good as any one can! And...

    Conditioners are included in Mega Power to give your engine additional anti-wear, and problem-solving advantages - no other fuel injector cleaner product has!

    Friction modifiers are also included - to smooth and heal years of wear, no other fuel injector cleaner has!

    The install is easy. Nothing to take apart. The price is right, and the value cannot be matched!

    While the cleaning actions provided are very complex, the install is easy for any non-mechanic. For example...

      The common mechanic's practice is to clean the gas side, where fuel and cleaner is sent into your dirty injector spraying nozzles to clean them. They cause trouble when dirty. The service can run at car dealership from $125 on up!

    However, did you know...

      Your motor has 6 sub-systems - all of which get dirty - just like injectors due - and cause their own wear increasing problems, less noticeable. We include cleaning tips for those sub-systems for you too, as you go.

      Other cleaners and conditioners end increasing friction attacking your pistons, bearings, valves and gears. These cause performance problems most mechanics think are cause by dirty injectors.

      Mega Power's method is to have you easily install a cleaner for each system - in 2 simple steps. Its easy to do - I'll show you how.

      In just a few minutes to let Mega Power's 6 Hi-tech chemical cleaners clean all 6 systems in your motor you can quickly end rough idle, engine miss, stalling, lousy fuel economy and several other wear and friction related engine problems. Order online below.

    All other cleaners use detergents and solvents. Some add to the problem indirectly.

      BG 44k is a injector cleaner detergent similar to what was added to gas at the refinery years ago, but removed by the Government, not for its cleaning ability - which is good, but for a gummy residue it leaves behind after cleaning, that may affect sticky valves and cause smog problems. Gain some, lose some with that cleaner - is my thinking.

    The best way is with Mega Power's New Fuel Injector Cleaners

      Mega Power is shown above along with Mega Power's Engine Oiling System Cleaners. The 6 are called a fuel injector cleaning treatment. They give you years of service before a repeat is needed - Cost: If installed by a mechanic is $250. Do it your self with our simple method under $100.


    This Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit - I call, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, includes 6 items needed, easy-to-follow instructions, Guarantee, phone help if needed. Shipped by FedEx in 3 days to your door. Just $65 +$15s&h= $80 Total.

    Easy-to-follow Directions included.

    The whole motor problem and the treatment for it.

    Today's Hi-tech fuel injected car and truck motors are touchy machines having dirty conditions to cause rough idle, stalling, engine miss, and blacker exhaust problems.

    However, those are no problem to end by cleaning with Mega Power.

    And, I'll show you the way to clean your dirty injectors - and a lot more - by one of 3 known methods.

First of all, you need to know, many sub-systems contribute to the overall great performance of your motor.

    Why not select a product to clean all of them - for maximum results - not just fuel injectors, which is only a 10% contributor.

    That is the Mega Power idea and Method.

    Today's Hi-tech motors are not able to run right if sticky residues from the motor's smog system circulates such, it reduces fuel injector fuel fogging.

    Mega Power solves both problems. Order now! Get on down the road of life smoothly again for years to come with Mega Power.


    This Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit - I call, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, includes 6 items needed, easy-to-follow instructions, Guarantee, phone help if needed. Shipped by FedEx in 3 days to your door. Just $65 +$15s&h= $80 Total.

    Easy-to-follow Directions here.

    Then too, there is

    Mega Power solves those problems too.

    You can now easily clean your fuel system and dirty injectors and end other hidden wear-increasing problems in your motor.

    That's what is needed and of course, you want cleaned - as you clean your fuel injectors - all for a greater power restoring advantage.

    Now made easy to install by Mega Power and me. Nothing to take apart. Works in 20 minutes time.

    Select one of these 3 new type cleaners. Each offers more performance-solving, power restoring features - One will be right to end your rough idle, surge, stalling, engine miss, power loss, and tap problems.

Our Review:

Tune Techs. Order 6 12oz Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaners. $96+ $15s&h= $111 total. Shipped by Fedex in 3 days to your door.

  • The Strongest Injector, Ring/Valve Cleaner made: Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner 12oz, and,

    Mega Power Valve and Piston Ring Cleaner 12oz

    Mega Power Valve and Piston Ring Cleaner 12oz.

    Includes above product, and product shown here.
    Cleans fuel injectors and frees sticky rings and valves via the oil, to restore your motor cause of rough idle, and to end valve and lifter tapping. 2 items. $37+ $10s&h= $47 total.

    6 sets, 12 items: Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner 12oz, and Mega Power Valve and Piston Ring Cleaner 12oz. $168+ $15.00s&h=$183 total.

  • Complete: top fuel, injector, air, combustion, and emission system cleaning, and bottom of your motor oiling, piston rings, valves and lifters cleaning: Mega Power Injector, Worn Motor Treatment. This 6 item Treatment includes the above mention products plus 4 more. Mega Power Fuel Injector Worn Motor Treatment Instantly Revitalizes any worn motor by cleaning the fuel system, fuel injectors, combustion and emission system, oiling system, frees rings and valves, and Friction Modifies motor parts and motors surfaces.

    Besides all that, this injector cleaner kit adds MC+ to every worn motor surface, producing a smooth, like-new, years longer, strong, and dependable motor - from one with lots of car, truck miles and wear. Customers tell us...
      They are "amazed that even their new, year-old cars and trucks run so much better." Some, like a bigger motor would give, yet get better fuel economy, like a smaller motor would give. Not just their older cars and equipment. I'm one of them!

      Most places and dealership service departments charge you from $80 to $150 just to clean your injectors!

    This Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit - I call, the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, includes 6 items needed, easy-to-follow instructions, Guarantee, phone help if needed. Shipped by FedEx in 3 days to your door. Just $65 +$15s&h= $80 Total.

    Easy-to-follow Directions here.

    Mega Power Worn Motor Directions & ordering info.

  • Old fashion cleaners can't do what these products do to clean your fuel injectors and end other hidden motor problems.

    Which is best for your car?

      Our most effective fuel injector cleaner are packaged with 4 other cleaners, and with 2 anti-wear protectors and are the best way to end your entire wear and residue problem.

      This "treatment" easily removes carbon, end rough idle, miss, tap - and restores great motor performance. Need Help? To ask a question, or order by phone. Try our Hot Line... 1 512 665 3388

    Our popular seller list. Tips. Prices. Ordering info, shown in this product group shot

    The products pictured above, and listed below all clean fuel injectors. Select the product and type of cleaning that will best fill your cleaning, and tune up needs, from the following selection.

    Learn more here...

    Mega Power #90 Fuel-System Conditioner 12oz $22

      The strongest concentrate sold. This popular pour-into- gas-tank and drive, is the way to clean dirty injectors in 100 miles. Also, cleans fuel tank, filters, injectors, intake manifold and combustion area. Diesel or gas.

    Mega Power #98 Fuel System Conditioner 12oz $15.

      A fuel tank additive. Keeps fuel tank, filters, fuel injectors, and intake manifold clean. Removes moisture. Treats up to 25 gallons.

    Over the years, we tested dozens of brands of injector cleaners. We use 3 simple test to determine what brands are "good" or "no-good" - besides customer feedback about results noticed.

    We favor the Mega Power Brand because they:

    • They clean fuel injectors

    • They neutralize acids - no other brand can

    • They absorb condensation and make it burnable,
      a carbon removing aid, not trap it in the fuel filter,
      as other brands do.

    • They reduce harmful emissions other brands
      are not capable of reducing for a healthier car.

    Why test for those advantages? Those advantages are important to your motors well-being, its longest possible, trouble-free life, and your wallet? Consider why...

      All fuels and oils come with sulfates. Sulfates become acidic and are the most common cause of rapid wear and injector based problems. No good, for sure!

      In the presence of condensation - found in every gas tank, sulfates turn that moisture acidic. This produces a long list of negative wear, performance and idling problems. This includes a big cause of dirty injectors. And, of course combustion deposits. No other brand is stronger, or as fast-acting as Mega Power.

    All Mega Power Products stop acid damage as they clean. A two-in-one benefit.

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