Car music

"When I did this one little thing - george told me to do, my 12 year old motor went from a noisy clatter to a sweet, smooth, musical purr"...Mike H

car music:

"My  auto tune up and repair product usage testimony.

    This is going to be a little different comment than what you are use to  hearing about a product as this is my own feeling about this car engine product, and by the time I am finished you will understand why that is so. I call its results, car music.

    My name is Mike Harris and I love music. I just don't listen to music, I feel, taste, smell, I even visualize the colors it produces in my mind. Does this have anything to do with why you are here?

    Sure it does, allow me to explain how this (my love of music) ties into why you may have come to this site.

    Music is system of sound made up of any where from one component ( a singe instrument) to a range of

    components ( an orchestra). If one component is not in tune, you will know it. car music:

Why? because it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    Even to the untrained ear and blind folded you would be able to walk right up to that component in an orchestra and point it out. A singe instrument that is out of pitch may hurt your ear.

    When those components are arranged in such a way as to produce a beautiful and mystifying experience you find yourself moving through time and space in your mind. Everything is in its place and you are in tune with the world, because your music is providing that pleasurable experience you expect it to.

    Now think of a car's engine. Its a system made up of components and yes these components also produce sound. When you crank a cold engine depending of its age you would expect to hear one of more those components create a sound that at first may stick out like that sore thumb. car music:

As your car's

    engine warms up a little and the oil begins to flow easier that sound that seems out of place should diminish and normally does.

    If you had to describe what you were hearing when you first cranked your car what label would you put on it . In other words what does it sound like? A ping, knock, clunk?

    A whine, grind? What if you did not have a label or a term for what you were hearing? car music:

That would make it

    difficult to explain to a mechanic or shop what you concern is. If you are a DIY type and did you own research, where would you start?

    I had that problem. I had a sound coming from my engine that I knew was out of place but I did not know what to call it. It was noticeable during a cold crank, even after the engine warmed a bit or a drive across town.

    So now the music that my engine was producing was a concern to me. In the back of my mind I was wondering what damage was I causing by ignoring this issue.

    I did not want to go into the engine on a seek and destroy mission so I started asking around for opinions. I spoke to a work associates one morning at work. What he told me did not make me happy at all. He said:

    He could hear my engine making a tapping noise even across the parking lot before he walked up to me. He told me that some times the nuts that hold down the spring loaded rocking mechanisms ( for a lack of a better term) could be loose and may need to be torched back down. car music:

He even suggested:

    That the bolts themselves could be loose. Now I knew I had to do something. When I had my car at one of those lube shops I ask the manager what he thought my issue could be. He told me that the springs may have lost their compression; and therefore, may have to be replaced. car music:

So now I am pricing parts and

    checking on the cost of labor. In today's economy I don't have to mention what I was my findings were.

    I will say the I had not anticipated such an expensive solution.

    Did I mention that fact that I am a IT professional?

    I spend 90 95% of my time on the internet. I begin to research online what this tap was, where did it come from, and what caused it. I was coming up with a big fat ZERO. If there is a solution to any problem to be found on the internet I will find it no matter what it is. car music:

The secret to finding any

    information is knowing what words and phrases to conduct your search on. Well if you have a problem and you don't have the correct term for it you will never find a solution, even if one exists. At this point...

    I was getting desperate; the noise was getting louder and I was almost absolutely convinced that I would have to have this engine torn down. Determined not to I would give the web one more try, but this time I would think in terms of "some one else has had this problem." car music:

"How did they resolve it?"

    I started searching blogs of people who owned the same vehicle and for the type of problems they had experienced to see if they

    were similar to my issue. Guess what? I came across this term called "valve slap." Think about this, its....

    not a ping, or tap, or knock. Its a slap. Here I am an IT professional who can find anything on the web

    not because I know everything and far from it, but because being on the net is my job. Looking for information is my job, its what I do. All this time the magic phrase was "valve slap" This phrase led me

    to a man name George Christ. To a site that had so much information and so many solutions that after I read it I knew I had found my solution. car music:

But this is not the best part of my testimony. After all that

    urgency it still took a while for me to order the product. Why? I guess that in the back up my mind when I did not have a solution I did not have time, but once I found a solution I was relieved. I needed to...

    follow through and I can not tell you what made me get off my backside and get on with it. I just did it.

    This is the best part. I called George. Its was like I knew this gentleman my entire life. He was...

    friendly, down to earth. and had a wealth of knowledge. I finally order that product. It was around the holidays and I guess mail was impacted because of the season. I was on my head to try his solution. It...

    took a little longer than normal, but my product arrived. If was late in the afternoon and the sun was going down. I read the instructions and had decided I would give it a go the next morning when I had day light. car music:

I called George and we had a great conversation.

    I decided that I would not wait after speaking with George, because he made it sound so easy to do. I went out and bought a flash-lite, I had lost or misplaced my last one.

    While I was out getting that flash-lite I Checked my oil level and put in some gas so I would have about 1/2 tank. I had brought along the treatment for the oil and the gas so it was simple to add

    those to the oil and gas tank levels at this point. I also thought it would be good to have the car a normal operation temperature.

When I got back home I got the (I) bottle item from the kit he sent me, raised the hood and proceeded to look for a hose as described in the

    the instructions. I called George to get some tips and I finally found what I thought was a good entry point. Well it turned out

    that it was not as good as I had first thought. When I lifted this hose up to squirt the solution into the hose the other end of the connection would come loose and the vacuum decreased.

Here I am out here in the dark and its cold, but I am still excited

    and determined to finish this task - george had in the instructions(part 1). I found the PVC connection, which had more vacuum and was easier to access.

    Over the next 5 to 10 minutes I made my engine do a little dance and I was grinning from ear to ear. I could smell the exhaust and...

    my engine cut off a few times because I got carried away and put to much solution into the system at one time. I called George again

    and told him of my success. I then proceeded to take the car out on the road to as they say to hot dog it. That means pressing the gas pedal to the floor so you go from a creep speed to a 50mph faster speed - fast as your car can. The products uses those speed spurt to undue the bad that chokes-down my motor, inside.

Let me tell you... car music WOW

    I could not believe the increase in power that I had. I was thinking "this is not my car". Well the next day at work I saw my work mate and

    he looked at me amazed and asked me what happened to the noise my engine use to have and to make a long story just a little shorter

    he too is now a user of these products. Folks I was only 1/2 way finished with this treatment, my "valve slap" was eliminated. I really could not

    wait to proceed with the second part of my kit. Relax; I am almost finished. Yesterday I went back to the lube shop, had the oil flushed and added

    bottles number "5" and "6". I proceeded to drive to the next city to pick up my kids for the weekend. Here I am in a car that is 11 years old and I am

having fun driving it, because its just like a brand new car. My car is now so quiet that I have to turn down my radio to see if the engine is still running.

    The car drives smoothly, responds like new and sounds like a mean lean in tuned machine (music to my ears) and I am having fun with it again. Thanks for the car music help, george." Mike Harris

PS: George sold me what he calls his "Worn Motor Treatment. Its listed on his web site. You can call him to see if it will work for your cars.
1 512 665 3388

Car music: Worn Motor Treatment

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