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Tips For Modifying Your Car's Engine: Increasing horsepower.
By George Christ

Several factors together make increasing horsepower better than what your motor has now. They are:

  1. Change-out the cam and valves. Your part store, or news stand has a book on the possibilities. Racing cams come in several possibilities. The more the cam lobe holds the valves open, the more fuel that can be sucked into the cylinder - and more fuel crammed in the cylinder, results in horsepower development.

    Sometimes, this calls for machining of the engine head. One type machining shaves-off metal to help raise the compression - a power-increasing factor, all by itself. The other machining makes room for new valves, with bigger heads, which also allow more fuel into the cylinder.

    About the cam. The more radical the cam lobe duration and degree, the longer the valves stays open to let fuel in, and the higher the power output. But, the rougher the low speed idling will become - You may have heard the souped-up car next to you at a red light rumble, and noticed the idle speed was much higher as it idled. Who cares, if your serious abut hod-rod-ing. A thought. New souped-up engine heads is often a good choice here - along with a mid-range racing cam.

  2. The Chip My son Nic had to have a newer Ford Excursion turbo-charged diesel. It average over 21 mpg.

    Of the experiments he did to increasing horsepower - "soup it up a little," was to upgrade the motors "computer chip." It came from some mail-in place - where the ad glowing talked about, what their chip modifications will do -blab, blab, blab. It now delivers 18 mpg - and to do so, he has to drive ten miles an hour slower - to get that good a mileage.

    In my opinion, if he was pulling a boxcar full of cement up a long grade - maybe the chip might work. I think the jury is still out on chips, though. Nic is out about $100 or so, and never brings it up any more. Engine timing must be adjusted when improvement of some sort is made. I don't know if he got the right chip to do that - Also, the injector spray duration needs to be altered - Don't know if the chip did that, or not. All are factors for more power output. Dyno testing shows what increasing horsepower is worth the effort.

  3. Supercharger. This add-on device is my choice for cranking out more horsepower. It may be the best increasing horsepower choice. Though costlier, superchargers work by changing the normal low or negative pressure of the manifold - known or read as a vacuum of 21 inches, to that of about 5 lbs pressure.

    This big change from suction to pressure forces more fuel into each cylinder - results: much more horsepower is developed. New sporty cars come this way and provide way more zip and performance, and additional mile-per-gallon- fuel economy - due to the supercharged effect.

  4. Lubrication facts. Lubrication becomes dangerous on souped-up engines. Or lack of it, I should say. This leads to very early engine destruction. It's normal - almost.

    Here is what happens. Ever drive down the high way, radio on, not a care in the world. Subconsciously you press the gas pedal down to pick up the speed. Then you realize it feels like the emergency brake is on - its not! All the mirrors and gauges are checked, and then - about the same time your car is slowing way down - even though you have the gas pedal all the way to the floor, you smell your motor - cooking to a cinder, after it lost its coolant.

    When a race car motor spins under race load, the same thing occurs to its motor as yours did, driving with no water in your radiator. Well almost the same.

    Both conditions squeeze out the oil between moving parts. Instant surface destruction results as moving parts grind against each other. To help keep increasing horsepower and full load conditions from damaging your motor....

    Several companies make additives that limit or prevent metal migration damage - the condition referred to when opposing surfaces touch, and abrasion occurs. That abrasion is so intensive, some of one surface welds itself to the other - metal migration. That is not good at all for your motor or transmission.

  5. Friction modifying additives. While metal abrasion and migration happens almost instantly in an overheated motor, and in a few runs down the drag strip, it is what happens as you normally drive your car - but slowly spread over a few years time - not 5 minutes. I like the Mega Power Brand Engine OIL Treatment #10, and Mega Power Brand Transmission Treatment #3 additives for their cleaning and protecting ability - and especially because of their metal-conditioning ingredient called MC+.

    I believe it has save my overheated engines in several instances, as describe above. And I believe it have been the reason why my cars and equipment can out last and outwork those of people who just use conventional oil alone to lube and protect the cars with. Other product users agree.

More about the specifics of metal-conditioning protectors and friction modifying additives can be found at:

Those are the factors that make for increasing horsepower over what your motor has now.... george

George Christ, is one of America's Experts in the use of automotive additives. He provides training to techs and mechanics in the specific use of Mega Power Additive Products. His expertise includes tune up, problem-solving, problem-preventing aspects of car, truck, and heavy equipment performance, and maintenance care. Details at: Article Source: EzineArticle Contributor

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