Six tune up steps part 2  
What one friction modifier does to have the best tune up ever. The secret few mechanics know -            or want you to know!

Six tune up steps part 2. Introducing: the Mega Power Worn Motor Tune Up Treatment.

Here are 6 older engine tune up secrets to use, if you want your car to run with smooth, "more released power" - and to end rough idle, stalling, fuel waste, lack of power, and such problems.

Do so by ending their wear and residue performance killing problems. Do so by cleaning, freeing, smoothing, and coating piston rings, bearings, valves, and combustion area. And by friction modifying.

The six tune up steps part 2, given here does all that AND lowers exhaust emissions - and also slows down your motors future rate of wear. And its half worn out now!


Critical to your cars full power and life: Areas of TUNE UP shown here - commonly ignored. They are:

  1. Top of the motor air intake
  2. Fuel system
  3. Spark plug, combustion area piston top, valve heads, exhaust re-circulatory, and catalytic converter exhaust system.
  4. Bottom of motor blow-by fumes re-burn system
  5. The upper and lower piston compression and oiling rings, and hydraulic lifters and valve-stem systems
  6. Friction modifying of internal surfaces with MC+, and adding MC+ protective surface co-polymer anti-wear to protect worn surfaces.

The six tune up steps part 2, above, all the above areas - and return smoother, and "more released power" - and ends engine rough idle, motor stalling, fuel waste, lack of motor power, and such problems. Anyone can take less than 10 minutes to end the above problems and have the best running car - ever!

How to perform the six tune up steps part 2

Simply install as directed and drive. Driving does the work needed to restore like-new power and performance again.

This product stops the engines rapid slide downward with anti-wear cleaners and conditioners -called friction modifiers..

This ending of power-absorbing negatives connected with each of the six tune up steps part 2 areas developing peak power, and releasing added power to spin your wheels forward on a bit less fuel.

If this is where you think your problem area is. Read on. If not, click this picture for the steps for a, by the book tune up.

    These six tune up steps part 2 products, are a much better way to restore loss horse-power, because of their designated cleaning ability and because they have ingredients called MC+, a friction-reducing chemistry.

    Six tune up steps part 2 work deep inside

    These six tune up steps part 2 ingredients are the only products known to free sticky valves and piston rings - Clean combustion area parts, and lower exhaust emissions, also.

    I learn the differences after dyno testing hundreds of cars. It's the method for the best tune up you'll ever get!

    There is no much better way!

Where else can you purchase two friction modifiers and 4 cleaners that work together to end internal causes of your motors declining horsepower.

A question for you.

    Did you know, an internal part – usually sticky valves or valve lifters, exhaust restriction, bad fuel, dirty fuel filters, and injectors are responsible for 50% of an engines performance problems?

    Yet, few mechanics are trained to service the engine properly - using these Six tune up steps, to end internal caused problems. So the motor acts like its an age-problem, when it has a residue and high friction load problem - Mega Power can remove.

    Those internal parts - when dirty, cause similar symptoms of a worn-out motor. But, all that is require is a different type of tune up. My Kind - listed below.

    That is what my dyno testing experience has taught me. If this is where you think the problem area is. Read on.

Engine Tune up Using Chemistry to End Your Problem.

    Tune up additives

    The real problem. If your motor goes from smooth operating to a cough, miss, lost of power or sudden fuel waste. To using oil, is noisy, failed its emission test, or you think its almost worn out. You may just need an "internal tune up," to end the problem, and get you on down the road again, trouble-free.

    To get there, use the six tune up steps part 2 and six chemicals I use in cleaning during the six tune up steps part 2, goes to where your problem originates.


    Why this Engine Tune Up Option Should be Your Tune Up Method

    Years of testing by me and many tune techs prove my recommendations will help you have a significantly better tune up result.

    On some vehicles, this includes 5 to 15 increase in horsepower. Often it adds 20 to 40 more miles distance to each fillip. Customers come back to compliment us on the impressive results. Testimonial link at bottom of page.

    That is because the products and six tune up-steps part 2, recommended are the strongest cleaners made - and just one brand has them. This brand, Mega Power, includes with their cleaners, special friction modifiers. Together, MP cleaners and MC+ friction modifiers end your residue, friction problem, and release friction-absorbed horsepower. This is a wear reducing factor providing years longer engine life, also.

Here is Another Point Seldom Considered, But Important, in All This

    Months before a tune up shows its need, problems leading to a tune up cause’s carbon deposits to form on valves, lifters, engine piston rings, intake and the combustion area.

    Part of this dirty, power-robbing stuff - a gummy film, comes from combustion "blow-by" which is constantly force past pistons into your oil.

    Blow-by - in a couple months driving, forces hundreds of gallons of a cooking hot mixture of unburnt fuel, carbons, moisture and acids into your oil - to form sticky sludge.

    Its vapors - along with some exhaust, are constantly force back up into the top of the motor through two check valves - the PCV and EGR valves. The gooey-hot mixtures are re-burned with the result the motors air pollution factors are greatly reduced.

If vented-to-the-air, like they use to be - and still are in some countries, they become the chief causes of killer smog. Did you know that?

    By law, pollutants must not leave the engine. Venting these gases into the incoming air-fuel mixture and re-burning them, then passing them through the exhaust catalytic converters is a part of a vehicles smog reducing components.

    This recycling however, gums-up and wears out the engine faster.

    Tip: The Engine tune up six tune up-steps part 2 method I use and recommend, works better than the leading methods to end this cause of an engines performance and rapid wear problem. Installing the "Mega Power products" suggested will clean the top and bottom of the motor, including:

    * The motor idle-valve * Throttle plate * Fuel injectors and fuel system * Combustion area parts * And clean sticky valves, stuck lifters, stucky piston rings * Crankcase blow-by and EGR re-cycling valves

    to end every residue and friction caused performance problem.

Here is why.

It is like when allergies or asthma and mucus hampers breathing. Not good! Right?

    Medicine opens up and cleans for restored breathing again. My way keeps the same process cleaned in your motor. Of course, you could let it stay dirty and just plow down the road with it gummed-up and grinding away faster than ever. Its up to you!

    However, about $100 worth Engine tune up Products from Mega Power, the brand I found capable of cleaning as described here, gives your $4000 motor great performance again, and removes the #1 and 2 causes of pre-mature engine failure. Its cheap repair avoidance assurance.

    I can't prove that statement in your case. Only time will prove or disprove the claim. The unusual performance improvement alludes to it.

    I speak from having dozens of cars and trucks outlast everybody's vehicle I know of. The one work truck with high mileage in use today is a 1990 Astro, running great at 258,563 miles, so far. That is my testimony

Tip. Yearly cleaning keeps fuel efficiency, performance, and power at it peak - if done properly. You can bet, this is not promoted by engine part houses, and engine makers, and the repair trade in general.

Here’s the Six tune up steps to protect the top and bottom of my motor. Follow the links below.

Click on the link below and read about the products I use and alluded to above. Ordering info is also given. All our products have a Money-back, if not as advertised, guarantee. You have a 90 day trial period to decide on it worth.

Conclusion. Thousands of motorists have followed my six tune up-steps part 2, on their car, truck tractor, boat, RV to end their performance problem.

Many mechanics follow this exact six tune up-steps part 2. They earn good extra income and build satisfied customers doing so. This is their learning site also. If you're an auto repair shop owner and want more details, call me. george 512 665 3388

Regular care is not good enough, no more than eating food is good enough. Most people benefit from vitamins, medicine and occasional cleaning out of their bodies. The same and more so, goes for the insides of your vehicles, too!

The six tune up-steps part 2, to clean and friction modify inside your motor... are the do it yourself steps for zippy performance, more MPG, low emissions, less wear. New chemistry marvels. Review

Six tune up steps part 2: The older motor treatment details

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