Six-tune-up-steps part 1 Secrets to help worn engines produce "like overhauled fixes" - ends idle, engine miss, compression loss, oil burning, & other power robbing conditions, economically.

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Engine aids 

Part 1: New additive products are helping older engines chemically have "more power."

As you can imagine, dirty conditions lower and rob engines of horsepower. Cleaning and friction reduction ingredients restore horsepower by ending the internal several causes of rough idle, engine miss, compression loss, blowby, oil burning, and other negatives helping car and equipment owners use such secrets - to provide them years longer cars and equipment can.

The six-tune-up-steps and products by Mega Power: Part 1

Just as your body has many hidden sub-systems, so does your motor. When your engine and transmission and radiator are cleaned, your car runs way better, and avoids repair problems.  

They again freely are pushing pulling spinning and operating without binding as they do before cleaning. Included are specific anti-wear, cleaning and conditioning chemistry  cleaning each of the 6 sub systems. That is what your car engine needs! Order now!

Have your cars and equipment start, run, and drive with like-new, zip and dependability. They stay that way years pass what other get using other means of care. Install the tune up products shown here to do so.

Cost by a mechanic or dealership for this service runs over $1000. Our price, just $95.

No kidding. You amaze yourself doing so. Of course, I’m not against buying new expensive stuff, if I can avoid it. I transfer use of that money to education, better vacations, paying off the mortgage,  charity, etc., I never could otherwise.


2 Steps  are followed each using 3 items. Driving does the actual improvement. Order Now!

Ordering Mega Power is easy - and so is the install.

Mega Power comes with 6 items shown. With easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h=$95.

The neighbors way

I have this neighbor, who has costly heavy equipment. He has shown me replacement equipment and cars he had to buy  to replace those that failed him in some way. I tell him to look into my car care method. He scorns the idea. In the mean time, my cars and equipment last more than twice the life time his did. That’s my method I‘ll show you now.

I figure, the Six-tune-up-steps, part 2  is what has save myself and family tens of thousands of dollars in avoidable tune up, valve repairs. And avoided years premature engine and transmission overhaul repairs. And  I avoid undependable cars that wear got them that way, and must be replaced - when I rather not have wanted to.  All cars and equipment implied. The Six-tune-up-steps, part 2 has thouse secrets.

One more secret tune up point… Saving more of your money

That  Six-tune-up-steps, part  2 info, is the other tune up I’ll show you to do there. Its easy - and will keep thousands of  $ car expense money in your pocket - instead of  in a mechanic or car dealers.

Is that what you’re after? Read on. Order the items suggested. Then, you will have the best motor tune up and running cars - years past the average. Be above average - not average! Its green.

What does the secret teach you?

This review explains how to clean and now, condition your motor, and its 6 sub systems,.

These ignored systems in your motor and transmission when cleaned and conditioned properly, slam the breaks on their wear-out speed, and in doing so, restore its original power, zip, and dependability.

Doing so will restore its like new internal clean and smooth operation, adding years and years more usage from it - than just the letting of it wear out years sooner, and fastest as you drive. It just makes good sense doing so!

Not doing so, keeps your car and your budget on the fastest course to less of both.

I want my motor to run at its very finest, always - don’t you? 

The only way  to have it run with its original zip, power, performance - the zip, power performance - and dependability you fell in love with , when you bought your car new. This is how to clean your motors hidden internal parts, clean then clean and free of excessive friction, throughout its 6 various sub systems.

The only way  to have your cars run with its original zip, power, performance - the zip, power performance - and dependability you fell in love with , when you bought it.

This Six-tune-up-steps, part 2, method restores  and then keeps your pistons bearings valves and gears clean again, shinny smooth and slow wearing again.  Gets them again freely pushing pulling spinning and operating with out binding as they do now - restoring movement as it was when new.  The way to do so is to send specific anti-wear, cleaning and conditioning chemistry  into each of your motors sub systems - I’ll walk you thru that procedure. Its very easy to do.

When new , your cars and equipment ran their smoothest, had the most zip, and got the best fuel economy. The wear out speed was slow. But, now - the wear out speed exceeds all speed limits as each of your cars sub systems  become dirty, wear roughen, and find it harder to develop the full power it once display.

Reversing all that - gets it all back, like playing a country and western song backwards does.

That is what new chemistry anti wear and the Six-tune-up-steps, part  2 tune up method and products from one company, provides - Mega Power.

Until now, all you could do was replace tune up parts, do maintenance, and wait for the time for your motor to become so congested with crude and carbon, the mechanic did an expensive $2000 “valve,” or $4000 engine overhaul to clean and replace dirty, worn parts - to end the prroblem.  Now, you’re on to the better, way less-costly way.

The Six-tune-up-steps Mega Power Engine Treatment.


2 Steps  are followed each using 3 items. Driving does the actual improvement. Order Now!

Ordering Mega Power is easy - and so is the install.

Mega Power comes with 6 items shown. With easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if needed. Guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h=$95.

One final PS:

While replacing oil gas line filters, air filters, sparkplugs, sensors, and such, is considered the tune you car needs. Its only half true. All your equipment need to have their internal parts cleaned and conditioned. 

Be sure to clean up the 6 sub-systems - the next page shows to clean.  Doing so relieves your motor of negative friction and residues, a congested condition - much as medicine can relieve headaches, runny noses, mucus phlegm, in your throat, lung congestion, even plaque in your arteries. your motor has that problem, too!

Doing so my way will give you the best tune up you ever had, indefinitely…. george

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