Cleans car rusty radiator fast. 2 simple steps, products to use

Cleans your car rusty radiator fast.

That nasty gunk is choking your cars cooling tubes and not letting the boiling hot coolant thru fast enough.

Anti-freeze breakdown, and a process called electrolysis - a molecule degrading breakdown process of the gasket, engine, and radiator material - along with calcium, is what forms a sticky coating, rusty coolant, and clogs your cars cooling tubes.

Sometimes, your water pump will suck in air and mix it with the coolant to speed up the car rusting and clogging process.

Sometimes, combustion will find its way into the coolant and speed up the car rusty radiator process.

That and air will also displace your coolant by forming a football size air pocket. The cause of your mysterious coolant disappearance. Acid formation develops - I show mechanics how coolant that looks clean but is 4 years old has the same amount of acid as a battery.

A scum layer forms over time the thickness of a matchbook cover. This will act like insulation and prevent heat transfer to the outside. Acid and hotter internal conditions causes coolant breakdown.

If towing, or if just running hot, you motor oil and transmission coolant heat load will push their temperature level over 400 degrees - component killing problems of their own.

My remedy You need more that the Mega Power Radiator Service Treatment RS3.

More Mega Power elsewhere is the answer to all the above radiator problems.

Isn't there problems also in your motor and transmission that need attention? Go to the following two links for products that really protect those components that you need for sure. First...

Watch this demo about metal conditioning and anti-wear protection, too.

End car rusty radiator and engine residue and cooling problems

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