My Bio: I'm George-Christ.
How you can use my Automotive Problem-Solving Additive Background. How It Came To Be. How tens of thousands of car owners are benefiting. How You Can Too!

My Bio contact info: To ask a question, want tips on product suggestions, to place an order, set up resale rights, call me george at 512 665 3388

My Bio:  Historical:

My Bio.

I'm the type of person from when a youth up, looked for shortcuts  and then found 2 companies who promoted additives as the best way for their servicing, care, problem solving, problem preventing. 

Vehicles can make you slaves to their costly premature repair and shorten life. Oils and fluids only help in a limited way. Two compony's have additives to overcome the troubles motor oils and fluids can't!

I have this site, as an oline compedium of which work for each problem and those that don't to guide you through their mystery.

I had a chance job offer to do so by the country's leaders in them. Their expertise in doing so I've been taugth and explain here by problem solutions.

My Surprise! Not all additives are created equal.

Not all additives are created equal I found out. When Mega Power  and Justice Brothers Additives were tested against additives sold everywhere. Phony additives just have no real power.

This came as a big surprise when different additive brands and even top oils fail in a big way to help lube when under pressure and hi-temperatures while they continue to lube and protect. This demo was done in front of me, shows what I learned an additive should do - and how I decided to became a  Mega Power Additive Distributor.

Other test include dyno test, 5 gas test, and engine vacuum test show. All against popular additives whic do nothing to help the car last, or end problems

When the difference in amazing performance improvement was shone me between additives I bought at the parts store, I was flabergasted.

Even good running vehicles suddenly produced a zippier proformance. Their unique car problem fixing ability opened up a whole new world of commerce to my mind.

When the difference in an amazing performance improvement even in good running, even brand new vehicles suddenly produced  a racy performance it didn't have - I knew the one certain brand called Wynn's Friction Proofing shone me by the Justice Brothers in Azuza, California, and Mega Power Additives, a whole new world of commerce appeared to my mind of the many with car troubles could be saved a fortune in repair were they installed.

Additives fed my need to keep my well-worn wheels going in a frugal way. They helped my family endure and shorten hard times easier. Later, I could see them helping others stretch their vehicle life with them.

I fix Cars and Trucks as a profession, and add to my profit making additives from Mega Power Additives to produce a vehicles stio-chio-metrics racy, ideal state response, while others ignored it.

Them, as now, a livlihood teaching auto repair shops their importance to care, and repair. Now, building a compendium of their usage for others to benefit from additives. 

Keep them in racy tune, promote their problem solving with additives to avoid, or reduce cost of repair, use them to promote years more usefull life from them - put off repair or replacement expense - A kind of green thing for mechanic al things for those liking their earth-saving benefits.  

With more than 50 years of automotive aftermarket additive usage and promotion behind me, I set out to write down the additive formula's I discovered or learned to use as a mechanic to improve the tuning, servicng and repair result the customer liked. On the other hand,to solve their specific problemsting their performance, and to provide upgrade-revitslizing them.

I noticed as a  mechanic every brand of car  or truck all have the same problems mined had - I wondered why - asked other why? Some said, use this brand oil not that on - it didn't do any better. I tried part store additives -surely they should know -They couldn't help! 

Oils should, but don't!  Because oil can't help when their lube film is shattered by engine presures.  But by adding Mega Power additives they showed me to use, they gave each car an instant running racy feel. I like that and was later schooled in their tech side seeing the wave lengths and graphs improvements these additives made. 

Ai sell Mega Power additives they are easy to show how they end  internal wear, residue, and friction problems. How they recover lost horsepower for extra power. 

Additives from Mega Power fix these most troubling engine and gear parts. I'll show you which to use.Additives from Mega Power fix these most troubling engine and gear parts. I'll show you which to use.
Most car and diesel truck trouble engine and gear trouble can be remedied chemically. That's my Mega Power way to end them for you.Most car and diesel truck trouble engine and gear trouble can be remedied chemically. That's my Mega Power way to end them for you.
With so many products you need help on which is which and what to void. My bio helps here.With so many products you need help on which is which and what to void. My bio helps here.

My Bio...

I want to get rid of wear and tear running problems to put off their repair as long as I can in my vehicles. Maybe you do, also. 

Additives provide horsepower release  - otherwise absorbed: releasing its power to get out of the way and up to speed instantly - going into  fast freeway traffic -

As an auto tune up and repair option they extend the life and lower every vehicle so treated overall lifetime cost reduction  by tens of thousands of dollars.

Those tens of thousands of dollars I need for family resources and can't spent on repairs - or a new vehicle expense

. That's the idea I found as my auto tune up and repair options.

And most of my life I'm in a search for what works better - and more important  - find the best product to meet a .... cheaper, faster, better goal.

I don't like to skip some things to get by.  You might call me a perfectionist - As once I'm on the fix - its not returned to the customers unless its trouble-free down to the last moving part. 

That's because I believe in the: Do To Others What You Hope To Get From Them. Of course, people are not that way - but I try to be!  ...and that is how I came to discover two brands of additives  I fell in love with that ends up fixing anything mechanical with an internal upsetting operation. 

Yet, as a mechanic during the pressures of the day - we skip critical attention to all but the most important -so we can gt to the next job. Not me! I can't sleep at night knowing I skipped what important to me and the customer.  

Well most mechanics and car buffs follow this skip everything but the problem, I'm for what amounts to heading off the next problem  - and that's where these two brands of additives come into the picture.

They get every part working its best with conditioners that free, heal, smooth, fill, super lubricate, and make a racy result offer a way to double and triple the remaining life - doing so.

race car tune up with the fix. Then, the vehicles is at its engineer best - The

Here's how what I do helps you....Fix your car problems, end them in your engine, transmission radiator, steering and a/c system.

Here' how to do so with my Bio  explaining..

The result has been to find products that do so. Find out what are ripoffs, to avoid.

The beginning of all this...

Starting with the Justice Brothers JB Products, I discovered the their products do the fix and return a smooth running car again. That they actually ended my cars mechanical problems that a repair usually does is quite an impressive feature!

Then, I discovered Bud Esterline, and His Mega Power Brand of Problem-Solving Additives. He produced combinations of additives  to end various wear and tear car problems. A popular mega Power packaged Engine Treatment is loved by tens of thousands of car and diesel equipment owners problems for its engine problem solving features. Shown here.

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment rids troublesome engine problems to keep them going strong.Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment rids troublesome engine problems to keep them going strong.

Good for you, your car, your budget!

Chances are good if you Googled your problem Google would send you to my web site: for those answers. Google likes what I say on that subject!

There, at my web site you will find written my passion for helping you seek solution number 2. That being, the fastest, cheapest, and best way to end your car performance problem. 

Of course, we are not talking the fixing of broken parts, just those upset for some internal reason with running like they should.

What I discovered.

What I discovered to help you is what others discovered in chemistry that fixes mechanical performance problems.

Their fix is better because it also instantly makes the vehicle operate as if having a bigger engine, yet 20 to 40 forty more miles distance on each fill up of fuel! Then keeps it that way indefinitely! Those are certainly benefits to have. So, purchase the products I show you to get those solution 2 benefits!

So here I am with those secrets for the thousands of problems - and, I'm pretty sure I stated it elsewhere than my bio, I know solution 2 answers so well I bet my last dollar it is your best solution to problem 2, too. 

My Bio: Linda says, 'we've been married 50 years."  Seems like a year to me! George and Linda Christ.My Bio: Linda says, 'we've been married 50 years." Seems like a year to me! George and Linda Christ.

So, here you are: I'm here to tell you how your vehicle problem started, what works to fix or end it, what to avoid, and How-to-do-the-fix-yourself - in the fastest, cheapest, and best way!

My solution 2 remedy is what me, and many car buffs, and thousands of mechanics, and tens of thousands of car, pickup, large diesel truck, and all kinds of equipment owners have already use - as their solution - to solution 2:  That being; george  has the fix for you that is cheaper and maybe a lot better than you imagined.

My Bio: The road I traveled to get there.

While the discoveries for solution 2 is mostly for my own financial benefit, the educational pursuit has put me into the country's expert position in this niche. That expertise has been pushed by a financial gain in offering the solution to solution 2 above. 

How I came to my background  to teach mechanics and the public, how to use of problem-solving additives as my remedy for solution 2 above:

  • My interest in car additives started for a different reason.
  • When I had my 1st 39 Chevy sedan, it had gear growl troubles.
  • Changing gear oil did not help.
  • The Part store suggested a thick gooey honey additive for it. It did not help. Avoid thick gooey additives the part store sell, as today's cars require water-thin oil to lubricate properly.
  • Later, I shimmed worn Ford engine bearings in hopes of making the car run better. It did not work that well. 

In time, by chance I went to work for the Justice Brothers people who distributed Wynn's oil. Their chemist taught us a lot about how wear occurs, where the noise  comes from - and why oil of itself, cannot bring back any worn away horse-power.

What did is a combination of cleaners, friction modifiers, and conditioners.

After I became a mechanic an learned to use test equipment - like they have for heart attact patients - but on cars, did I come to see test that showed  which cleaners, friction modifiers, and conditioners did work to heal or end a wear and tear performance problem, when the best oil could not.

I spent my life learning why and how they did so. I became America's Expert on this on the web!

Teaching mechanics and the public about problem-solving additives is what this web site covers.

When the product recommended is installed as I've found to do, the treatment corrects internal wear and residue problems and returns the car to it former - thought-worn-away new perfiormance, then keeps it that way - with touch ups of the same product.

My Bio: As an Automotive Chassis Dynamometer Technician

You have at your finger tips a machine to test live - at 75 miles and hour the best way to measure spark, timing, fuel usage, vacuum, combustion, exhaust, power developing,-

- and how to discovered negative forces-at-work causing weaknesses.

That is the real way to make adjustments and add products to see if they produced improvements to correct or end negatives in a car or truck engine, cooling system, and transmission.

Reading the engines Fault Codes do not show you any of that.

 - This type testing will teach you how to restore the performance and zip a vehicle had when new - regardless of age or wear, and is a very desirable expertise to master.

At first, and I didn't know why wear and tear Occurred

    Affected the engine and transmission and detered their proper functioning - until I met some very smart people into this field of expertise.

    I became excited by a man named Carl Wynn who experimented with ingredients to reduce wear and tear problems. He discovered several ingredients that actually restored the performance and zip wear and tear took away.

    Then I met and worked for the Justice Brothers whose expanded on Carl Wynn's Friction Proofing idea to cut friction. They were using different kinds of cleaners to remove combustion deposit which resulted in a performance improving benefit. This type cleaning restores the motors proper breathing efficiency.

I met and went to work for Bud Esterline from Mega Power

    Who, I feel, combined the Carl Wynn Friction Proofing type friction reducer with a metal conditioner called MC+ and the Justice Brothers type cleaners into a better tune up product - Esterlines product corrected more internal problems that friction proofing or cleaning alone can.

    Bud Esterline's Mega Power provided even better performance restoring benefit neither Carl Wynn achieved by just reducing friction, and the Justice Brothers could not reach by several new cleaners.

    Bud Esterline's Mega Power added more restorative performance car and equipment owners could feel than neither Wynn's or the Justice Brothers products could do alone.

Over time, using special testing equipment

    And field testing, it was possible to see what products could help or could not help a motor or transmission to end its wear or performance problem, for my customers cars and my cars, too.

    I learn to test ingredients from a man in Portland Oregon to help end various friction wear problems that absorbed power - or reduced its ability to produce full power. This was in giant 3 story high trucks, and tractors, as well as cars and trucks motorcycles, and industrial equipment that had friction and wear performance-deterring problems.

My Bio: The vehicle, on the Dyno Testing Device

    Is connected to measurement recording and test equipment. If a new additive worked as claimed - you could see and hear the improvement. Most additives do little good, and some reduce horsepower. Mega Power products improve horsepower. From this device the best way to install Mega Power was learned.

    A simple on-the-street acceleration test anyone can do is often good enough to show significant zip and power improvement anyone can see and feel - showing the claimed improvement possible.

    Customer feed-back and Dyno test results always shows the restorative results if friction residues are causing power lost or a performance problem.

    Your steps, and products installed like its explained to you on this web site get perfect results every time.

    Today, I have reduced the technical side down to 6 simple steps using the following 6 products pictured on the page you go to, to end your problem.

    Follow them as suggested, then use the follow up products at oil changes to keep the benefits going.

Mega Power Worn Motor Additive Treatment

Here is how this site and My-Bio page can help you.

This page explains how I came to know the many hidden causes of wear and tear vehicle problems, and the additives to correct them, if possible.

You and your family will use my auto tune up and repair options all your life. They will become your secret collection of tips, tricks, and money-saving tune up and repair remedies. The great thing is this....

My-Bio Page

1-As an automotive chassis dynanometer technician, I operated a dynanometer on thousands of cars to  measure fuel, air, combustion, exhaust and other forces-at-work to discovered weaknesses in their horsepower production, and fixing the problem by repair, and additives for returning the ideal improvement in a car or truck engine.

It was also discovered – by my experimenting with additives like oil-treatments, friction-modifiers, fuel conditioners, and combustion-cleaners of certain brands really helped end wear and tear problems, while most brands did nothing, or hindered, or hurt an engine performance even more.

A brand called Mega Power having features that both ended most engine problems led me to put together kits capable of:

  • Improving engine, transmission, tune up, and performance
  • Solve many more problems by simply adding Mega Power - in a certain sequence, to the oil and fuel and air intake - to do so.
  • They could instantly restore like-new performance - and solve many performance decline problems.
  • Anti-wear feature added years more life to older vehicles.

These Mega Power additives became an important tune-up-tool and car care product customers came back to compliment me on.

3-Word-of-mouth customers heard about this service and came in just for the “Mega Treatment stuff.” At first, I didn’t get what it was they were buying. I concluded it was four things:

  1. My dyno-testing uncovered worthless products disguised as additives, but that did nothing. I did not sell those products. I sold products that worked - Not those people buy from tv ads only to be disappointed – like I had been, many times over.

  2. The brand that worked was evident by actual “read-outs” a really good dynamometer test setup can show. However, by customer feedback – resulting from their vehicles performance suddenly running zippier - like what a bigger motor would give, we all concluded, Mega Power had worthy value.

  3. This value became more apparent when additional years of faithful service was obtained from my cars and those of my customers compared to any other method of care. My-Bio, story makes this point...

  4. I could make a better living teaching others how to profit off what I knew - they would never learn; unless someone like me helped them learn all about this sort of car care.

Learn what a "dyno" machine reveals about your car/truck

Here are the facts about My-Bio I'm George-Christ, Mega-Power-Product-Distributor. San Marcos Texas. 1 512 665 3388

Experts invented the chemistry. Others, including myself, improved their effectiveness - by experimenting with them in attempts to improve our own problem-solving abilities - and those our customers had with their cars.

Auto tune up and repair site is for showing you how to correct dozens of performance-deterring, fuel-wasting, wear-increasing, valve tap, engine-miss problems – shifting, and other problems - I discovered that worked! 

For example:

    I found additives to overcome problems caused by dirty, wear-roughen pistons, bearing, valves, gears, and such.

    Dirty conditions are negatives that deter power output - on the one hand, and on the other, increasingly steal away that is developed. Power in your cars, trucks, equipment that originally sped you down the road faster, further, on less fuel.

How difficult are the remedies to use - if at all?

    I explain the problems origin in such a way you can see how my recommendations will do the fix properly.

    You're given the sequence to use in simple steps. Results happen from almost instantly to a day of driving. You know, right away the correction occurred.

    This is the real power behind what real world experience has taught me - My-Bio, and now, you can benefit.

My easy fixes include

    Transmission, power steering, hydraulic system, radiator and A/C cooling problems using very special maintenance and very special chemistry - I'll show you to use.

    I also checked to see which of all the brands do any good. And matched or up them one better. Constantly refining and perfecting. That is an unseen customer value.

I use special hi-tech automotive diagnostic equipment
like they use in hospital surgery. These show dozens of minute checks -some in stop-action display taken of a snapshot during one, one thousand of a second time frame. I'm one of the few to understand and interpret those readouts. I teach what techs, what happens as Mega Power chemistry goes to work, in this and other ways, showing before and after results - on this scale, also.

Over time, I wrote down the special procedures that was needed and the ingredients in a recipe format – that worked nearly every time.

Giant companies solve their performance, wear and other problems with these – and why not you!

Ordinary car owners – men and women, use them as the oil change procedure.

Many do not know a gas cap from a radiator cap. They tell me, “It was easy to follow these auto tune up and repair alternative suggestions.” Often for pennies on the dollar cost compared to actual tune or repair cost.

You can tune and repair nearly anything mechanical needing help. I offer suggestions for you. These include your cars, trucks, heavy equipment, generators, RV’s and the like.

First, Bookmark this page to find me easily. My-Bio, George-Christ, Mega-Power-Product-Distributor.

2- Read other pages to soak in what's possible for other uses.

3- Click the buttons - for help pinpointing your problem.

4- Order the products and give them a try to test them for yourself.

5- Subscribe to my Free, monthly, Auto Tune Up and Repair Options Newsletter, for tune/repair/problem-solving options, tips, to keep you cars and equipment going trouble-free.

Tell others about me - I need the that help. Thank you.

Thanks for reading, My-Bio. George Christ
Email Phone anytime 512 665 3388

My-Bio. Click here for more problem-solving advice
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