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The method described here is an easy way to clean, condition and fill worn spaces of any gas and diesel engine, and by those means, instantly restoring its zip and performance - you didn't know was lost.

While additives pushed by injector makers, car dealers, and part stores are usually low quality, the Mega Power Brand sold here will release of horsepower wear and friction negatives take away. 

    As shown by the arrows - the arrows show how a diesel engine service product cleans and conditions those dirty engine chemically to push a repair need years into the future [and transmission shift parts also, if installed there] returning any so troubled engine to its former, new-like power producing state.

The engine transmission fuel injector cleaners you should use to keep your car running clean and trouble free. Order Now!

When new, your cars pistons, bearings, shafts, valves and gears were clean, smooth, and operated freely.

That's when your car's highest power was developed, and could smoothly pass-thru to the wheels, speeding you easily down the road, and with great fuel economy.

Order a Mega Power Treatment for your cars transmission $75, and engine valves. $90. 9 items. Easy to install. Directions and guarantee. Just $135. Save $30

Over time, your engine and gear parts become sticky, resist easy movement, and with wear-, create friction, so more resistance and drag is felt. Are you looking for a way to restore your cars power? Read on...

You don't want those conditions wearing your car down, but there they are now deterring your engine's full power development - and except by a costly $3000 to $5500 new engine, you couldn't do anything about it - until now!

To clean, smooth and condition you need these engine transmission fuel injector cleaners to give a second life to older cars and equipment. Nothing else can do so!

To do so, Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment will restore a near new performance - chemically to older, worn cars pick up trucks and tractors. Mega Power contains the 6 strongest, fastest acting ingredients known to decrease drag, and clean and heal worn engine and gear parts.

Mega Power uses a simple 2 step oil change service - any man or women can easily install, will chemically remove those their cars wear, residue and friction negatives - presently making your engine and transmission appear to be worn out.

Of course, a $3000 or so repair expense can do the fix, but... so can Mega Power for way less than $200. If you're face with a choice and your budget is limited - Mega Power is the way to go.

Mega Power's success rate runs over 95% and they offer a money back guarantee if their Treatment Products do not help you avoid an expensive repair.

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

How does Mega Power end performance problems and protect your engine and transmission long-term dependability?

The actual chemistry for the fix is complex. But, the methods and products are simple to install. They work as you drive very quickly. The improvement always amazes me and the car owner, alike! The reason is Mega Power Motor Treatment MC+.

Simply add the MP Cleaner/Conditioners to the old fluid for 5-10 minutes, change the fluid or oil, add the remaining friction modifiers, surface protector, and long-term protectors to the new fluid. Drive as usual.

Order Mega Power now and in a few days amaze yourself over the new way to take care of and extend your cars dependability and performance.

Order by phone for quicker service. Please call 1 512 665 3388

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

Order a Mega Power Treatment for your cars transmission $75, and engine valves. $90. 9 items. Easy to install. Directions and guarantee. Just $135. Save $30

The above process works deep inside - where ever fuel, air, combustion, oil, or the fluid goes::

  1. To remove sticky, wear-increasing residues oil and fluids leave behind - or now need to be removed.
  2. They then chemically smooth rough, fast wearing surfaces - an anti-wear factor.
  3. Coat worn-away areas, to increase compression, power output.
  4. Stop seal leaks, and neutralize acids, cool, for extra benefits, protection - and ends the problem doing so.
  5. Easy to follow directions. Results guaranteed as advertised!

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

What people say about Mega Power

"Your 'Treatment' has been, and is keeping two of my worn engines running as if overhauled - and for many years, now. It has been helping me avoid some serious overhaul and expensive replacement expense - I'm glad to put off for a while. A great invention." GC.

"This page covers Mega Power Products for engine, tune up, cooling system, and transmission - you can purchase to help your car run great again.

Worn Motor Additives That Work

This picture shows My - Worn Motor Treatment. This "Kit" is what me and hundreds of others - with older vehicles feel is the best motor treatment ever invented! Move mouse over picture, click, and a new page opens for more details.

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

What about your Transmission? The Transmission Service Kit - below... Cleans, reduces friction, cools, and restores your shift pattern, to end rough shifting, and converter lock-up clunk - which is audible at near 40 MPH. Other uses for this product are to stop seal leaks. Prevent future problems. And, as a transmission, high temperature reducer, for vehicles that tow.

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

Mega Power Transmission Service -Tune up Kit

  • "Corrected my hard shift problem. Save me a serious repair."
  • "Stopped my leak, ended the periodic refill nuisance, ended my messy driveway stain."
  • "Your kits have ended costly transmission failure problems our tow trucks use to have."
  • "I wish you could have seen the dropped in temperature of 40 degrees your radiator kit achieved when towing our jeep with our motor home. Not even our transmission cooler did that well! For me, your Mega Power worked great."

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

Radiator Kit- below, like all Mega Power Kits, - cleans, cools, conditions, and protects, and offers stops leak protection. Prevents future leaks. Dramatically increases the heat transfer to the out side air by 5%, or more

Mega Power Radiator Cleaning,Protecting, Temp Lowering

In radiator cooling systems, the cleaner lowers temperature by removing a film that blocks heat transfer of the coolant to the outside air. The other product make the coolant denser - so heat moves faster into and out - for faster cooling and a lower temperature.

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

Appreciated by tow trucks owners, cab owners, those who tow a horse trailer, police vehicles, big rig owners, and those seeking to end their transmission problem.

Seals manifold gaskets, heater core, and radiator leaks. Lubes the water pump seal - to prevent premature pump bearing failure. Anti-acid formula. Protects up to 2 years.

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

Enjoy big discounts during our Winter Sale and protect your engine, transmission, and radiator - you know your car needs it!

Why Mega Power? Mega Power helps you to avoid the number one cause of 15 million engine and transmission failures - during the last year. Order what you need to avoid being next.... $150 is way cheaper than a $1,500 to $5,000 repair bill.

Why these 3 kits? These products, neutralize acids and heal smooth over acid pitting as add friction modifiers. Acids are the #1 and two causes of motor, and transmission failures - a hot-spot cause excessive heat, friction drag, and residues causing binding movement.

The 3 places acids and heat cause sludge is in the coolant, engine, and transmission fluids - and - is responsible for 15 million engine, transmissions failures each year.

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

Now, you have help to avoid engine and transmission failure. Smart vehicle and equipment owners service their motor, transmission, and radiator using these problem-solving, problem-preventing products. You can feel the power and protection working.

What you are ordering. The pictured product shown above. Each treatment contains pre-cleaners - used just before a fluid change - to remove problem-causing residues, or those left over from previous fluids changes now causing your wear, performance problem.

And, Fluid conditioners are included - to go in with the new fluids and oils, to improve lubricity, and add extra breakdown resistance. MC= Surface Modifiers, to eliminates abnormal drag, for more horsepower pass-through.

And a special coating to reduce worn space openings, for great running, longer-lasting cars, trucks, equipment. "These kits are great, inexpensive maintenance products," from Mega Power.

Easy to follow Directions. Add the cleaner to the old fluid and oils. Run motor for 5 minutes with the heater on hot. Then drain and replace those fluids, oils. Add the protector products with the new fluids, oils. Products clearly marked. The package has instructions.

Warning! Please note - All radiators are pressurized. If you take the radiator cap off when hot - the coolant liquid anti-freeze or water will explode into your face and body with 212 degrees scalding hot coolant. Let it cool down - may take 30 minutes or more. Protect and avoid flesh and face burns.

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to.

Order what you need to avoid avoidable problems .... $150 is way cheaper than a $1,500 to $5,000 repair bill.

Product cost for the Worn Motor Treatment is $60+$15s&h =$75

Product cost for the Transmission Kit is $29+$10s&h =$39

Product cost for the Radiator Kit is $29+$10s&h =$39

protect all three. Motor, transmission, & radiator
Just$175 for all 3 product areas of protection.

Purchase all 3 products and save $35 shipping. Now $140, instead of $175. And each is 100% guaranteed. Order by phone as this is a test of this pages sales effort. Please tell us you want the 3 treatment engine transmission radiator special listed at $140.

Order by phone for quicker service. Please call 1 512 665 3388

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners, tips, How to. Order a Mega Power Treatment for your cars transmission $75, and engine valves. $90. 9 items. Easy to install. Directions and guarantee. Just $135. Save $30

Order more kits if you have more vehicles and each additional kit is marked down to half-price, for a limited time. Just $70 and FREE Shipping. For example, order two sets for two vehicles, normal price=$350. Our special is $210. Our Spring Special saves you $140. USA Mainland only. Call in order discount, only.

Orders place before the week is over will receive our Spring Sale Gift. Our Mega Power, all purpose #120 lube and nut buster, FREE. A $12 Item. Great for anything squeaky, rusted, frozen like stuck - like engine bolts, nuts, wheel lug nuts, etc. Mention this Bonus to get this gift, when you call in and order any of the products on this page. Pay by Visa M/C PayPal

To order, call me, george at 1 512 665 3388

Engine transmission fuel injector cleaners.

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