Transmission remedies; products you can use to end leak, rough shift, slow shift, jerk, and chatter. Problem ends as you drive.

Transmission remedies to end leaking, rough shift, slip, converter lockup. Under $100 Simple service & product you use avoids $2000 repair.

Introducing the new Mega Power Transmission Treatment:

    No car wear problem causes more anxiety that when your smooth shifting transmission acts up in some way. My first experience had me thinking of an enormous expense and possible breakdown at some place far from home.

    A new remedy from Mega Power is helping thousands of car and equipment owners end their transmssion problem and restore its former smooth shifting dependability.

    Transmission remedies. When to use additives that work!

    I'll show you how it works and you decide if its for you, and if it can help you obtain years more service out of your car, before a costly overhaul is needed. So, here goes...

Typically, 3 negative conditions develop to cause the following problems

    Slow shifting.
    Rough shift.
    Slippage between or during upshft into gear.
    A sort of transmission chatter or jerk at around 45MPH.
    No shift action when in gear in the morning.
    A transmission fluid leak that sometimes is serious.

    The 3 negative conditions are

    1. acids
    2. oil breakdown residues
    3. and friction
    Each of those negatives causes a secondary condition, and one of those conditions goes on to deter a movement function that creates your transmission problem.

What us transmission shops and mechanics do to fix your problem

    Their Transmission remedies.

    Usually, us mechanics will tear apart your transmission, hand clean with solvent every part, including the valve body, wire brush stubborn varnish away where evident.

    Check each part for wear, replace what's worn out, install the 25 or so O-rings, gaskets, and such, re-assemble everything.

    Tell you, you need a new $600 torque converter, put your rebuilt transmission and new t converter back in the car, add new fluid, and send you down the road - minus $3000+ dollars. Guarantee it for 2 years to make you feel happy.

That is all good, of course.

    But, times change and new product solve old problems in new and better ways. That includes the way we remedy automatic transmission problems.

    The New Mega Power Transmission remedies.

    Since transmission and motor oil fluid contains sulfur, heat and humidity turn sulfur into acid. That turns your fluid acidic. Just pour a little brand new transmission fluid on your hand and you will see it strip the oil away and turn your fingers white.

      Acids now etch away the highly polished surfaces of your transmission bearings, shafts, gears and such. Acid-roughen-surfaces creates friction resistance as those bearings, shalfs, gears, and such roll, turn, spin, and push to shift gears.

    Acids and heat- will raise transmission temperature above 300 degrees. Well beyond what any oil can stand and survive in. Sludge is the result.

      Sludge collects in pockets, and settles everywhere. There are valves that open and close passageways that go on to shift gears.

      When sticky with sludge, they resist movement for a moment, then suddenly move - sending fluid all of a sudden - causing a rough shift. Friction will do the same thing to certain parts.

      The Mega Power Transmission Treatment

      Mega Power Transmission Remedies

      Please Note:

        The yellow product in the treatment picture is a special cleaner Mega Power developed to end both problems.

          Mega Power neutralizes acids and flushes them out of your transmission, along with varnish and sticky residues.

        The other two Mega Power Products reduce raw friction; by changing wear roughen surfaces back to smooth. And they add conditioners to make new fluid much more heat tolerant and slippery, as one more aid to smoother shifting.

        Co-polymers will coat worn surfaces taking up wear slack.

        That chemistry also conditions seals that have shrunk a bit and adds a bit of elasticity to them stopping their leaking action.

        The Transmission Friction Problem Solver from Mega Power

        Do you see a problem? More friction creates heat - the #1 killer of 14 million transmissions. So reported an Automatic Transmission Trade Society.

        Reducing HI-temperatures and elimination of will- friction with MC+ as part of the transmission remedies, along with removing acids and sludge, can gets every part of your transmission to move and slide freely - ending it problem - from all 3 sources of the problem.

        Each is detailed on another page, along with our sure-cure recipe you can follow to end those problems, and especially the one you're concerned about.

        This is a permanent, low cost treatment to avoid transmission repair and have your shifting and leak problem go away.

        The Mega Power Transmission remedies work Fast! They are Effective. And Easy to use.

        ....Hear, feel, see the end of your problem in just a day or so of driving.

        ...Mega Power works perfectly well in any size, new or older vehicle/equipment

        Stops leaks.

      A permanent, low cost way to avoid transmission repair have your wear-out, shifting, and leak problem go away.

      Mega Power Transmission Additive. Fast. Effective. Easy to use.

      ....Hear, feel, see the end of your problem in just a day or so of driving.

      Order Mega Power Today. Click the links for that info.

      ...Mega Power works perfectly well in any size, new or older vehicle/equipment. The product is sold with a satisfaction guarantee.

      Transmission remedies and products to use.

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