Shipping-Guarantee Information and Requirements for Products. 

Shipping-Guarantee. Please Note: To ask a question about shipping to your country's location, or about our product guarantee, call or email me, please at 512 665 3388  Email:

Shipping charges: For car size items beyond the 50 USA state area. Items for trucks/heavy equipment - see below.

Guarantee Information Below.

Ship Details:

Your original order has a paid ship charge to the USA Border. if you live beyond that area we will send you email info on charge to your location and ask you to pay by cc for it.

That amount usually runs $30+- in Canada.

$40 to UK an $50 to Europe. Russia ?

South America? Africa? Usually $75.

I suggest you purchase double the order as you 

get a $40 price discount on the second item and pay

just $5 additional postage.

Email us for the amount to your location:

Call my USA cell # 512 665 3388

Include in your email: your name, mailing address, country, phone number. Request shipping charges to that location. We will then let you  know of the difference of which, to bill you for, by credit card.

Shipping restrictions. Cars size and Heavy Equipment size items. What you should know:

TIP. To reduce your expense, order several products to reduce the per item cost. Common freight and shipping charges amount to $40 and up for just one 3 to 6, 12oz size items in our treatments.

Gallon sizes are also available at reduced prices.

Ordering additional engine, transmission, radiator treatments increases the weight, but lowers the overall amount and shipping cost.

You can also inquire locally, and PRE-pay for shipping at FedEx, DHL UPS and such package delivery companies. Send us that info by email, if you chose that method and pay for the product by credit card to us.

Mega Power Products are chemical and petroleum based, and some are listed as flammable.  Flammable products are mostly those installed for fuel system servicing and combustion cleaning. For that reason, we ship by ground carrier - not air. air ship is permited on specified items.


Thank you for your interest in Mega Power Automotive Products for your car. truck, equipment, and industrial use. However....

Shipping charges listed on our website:

Are online, internet ordering amounts listed are for shipping to the USA 48 United States area only. If you order online from other locations,  your order will be canceled, and money refunded - if arrangement is not made to pay us for the extra shipping, mailing, import, and taxes charged for such purposes, into your country.

Email us of your plan to prepay or for that extra fee to cover that shipping amount to us, from our location, please.

Product guarantee

We do not warranty or guarantee our products performance to customers outside the United States.  However, to help you, we explain, as you can read about. More shipping-guarantee:

As for what we guarantee. We guarantee the uniqueness of our products, and its application should show improvement.

The actual shipping-guarantee: Guarantee info is this: 

  • The product should make starting seem a bit easier and faster. 
  • The idle smoother. 
  • Motor operation a bit quieter. 
  • Add a bit more zip and performance from stop, up hills, under full load. 
  • Perhaps 20 to 40 more distance miles to each tank full of fuel. 
  • The ending of your problem, if the problem if caused by friction, binding, or residue.
  • Only dismantling reveals if a part is beyond those influences. 

I'm sure the problems our products remedy will end your wear problem.

Our products are the fix or remedy, or are the inside part of a engine tune up, repair, or repair service to the engine, or power-train running or performance decline negative. 

If are products don't work as advertised. Shipping-Guarantee

That means you need actual repair.

Some people try our products just to make sure. If it fixes the problem - they are happy and way ahead financially.

If so, the investment was well worth it.

If not, they know the mechanic is right and repair is needed. This satisfies their purchase requirements. Or by email it did not work and feel free to ask for tips or phone and helps that may yet be needed. That help ends the guarantee. However...

For a refund. Please send us a paid receipt of repair work done that fixes your problem. c

Why shipping restrictions

People read the internet all over the world. Sometimes, they have a need for the products and services we provide. We have no listing for any local source of Mega Power Distribution, but provide online ordering for our USA 50 states area ordering.  So, the shipping listed covers just this market.

Beyond the USA border there is a ship charge. Read this infor sheet to understand how to pay the lowest ship charge to your location. 

You can call or email me for such. if you order online, I will email you that additional amount due to your location.

We are just distributors of this product line and online experts providing info on its use to mechanics and vehicle owners.

If you have a business interest for resale of Mega Power Products in your area, you can sign up with me and use my methods for promotion, saving you the need to learn how by trial and error.

Contact info

George Christ. Phone 512 665 3388

Mega Power Automotive, Industrial Product Distributor

210 Durango Street

San Marcos, Texas  USA 78666 


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