Diesel Hi Mileage Help  Additives.

Revitalize your engine
while reducing smoke, oil consumption, blowby. 

Diesel Hi-mileage help products.

Mega Power Diesel Hi-Mileage Engine Help Additive. A Conditioner to stop oil burning, exhaust smoke, blowby. Economically extends the useful life of older vehicles.Mega Power Diesel Hi-Mileage Engine Help Additive. A Conditioner to stop oil burning, exhaust smoke, blowby. Economically extends the useful life of older vehicles.
Oil Control Additive From Mega Power  Cuts Oil Burning Loss 2/3rds.Oil Control Additive From Mega Power Cuts Oil Burning Loss 2/3rds.

Diesel Hi Mileage Help Contact Info: If on a smart phone, to ask a question, for ordering products listed, call me.... George at 512 665 3388

Mega Power's Diesel Hi Mileage  Engine Treatment reduces  oil burning:

  • By means of 3 conditioners. Not to fool you with just one of them.
  • There are cheaper products with one ingredient. But to sell cheaper they also do not include a carbon remover nor a piston ring cleaning and expanding ingredient like Mega Power's MC+ included, offers. You chose the value.
  • Nor do they come with an oil change to oil change guarantee.
  • Sure, its a lot more expensive because  it includes fuel injector cleaners  - but to do so off the truck cost oveer $1000. And we guarantee our to be equal to that service. 
  • And future oil changes you only need the oil treatment. One gallon repalcing one gallon motor oil to continue the benfits - so, it bcomes a lot cheaper.

Overhaul and downtime lost is avoided for several years.

iThe Mega power Diesel Hi-Mileage Help Treatment lowers expense per older unit - to become a bottom line gain . Thereby boosting your annual net profit by tens of thousands of dollars.

 A brief education and demo's Shows the process. Those key factors provide a time boosting benefit keeping trucks working.

Customers say, adds many more years to an older engine's life.

Put in your order below for a couple treatments while on sale!

Mega Power's low cost per 12,000 miles  is under $400 compard to a  $5000 + overhaul expense. 

Gaining years more service from each rig is our pupose.

Not needing to replace a truck prematurely  with high mileaage and problems is a better reason to get Mega Powering!

The secret of Mega Power is the power built into Mega Power's ingredients other brands cannot match.

Owners of older diesels vehicles  - pass the prime of their life are squeezing out years more service with this Mega Power additive care program. Give it a trial run to prove it to yourself!

Order a couple treatments on sale now. No Limit.

Works by cleaning injectors, sticky piston rings, and filling worn surfaces, limiting oil's  and compressions escape! Guaranteed!

A MP Product Treatment  Directions. Follows this recipe :

  1. Add item #1 to the fuel tank. 2 have gallons in the order for a year of fuel conditioner.
  2. Add item #2 to the motor's oil. 2 quarts are added to the oil.
  3. Add item#3 as shown. 12oz
  4. After a week of driving with the products working, it needs an oil change this way. 
  5. Add #4 to the motor's oil. idle or drive for 10 minutes, then change the oil out. the oil, then do and oil change. 2 quarts are added to the oil. for this step.
  6. To the fresh oil add item  one gallon #5 in place of one gallon oil.  2 gallons. Use one noe. One for the next oil change.

While a $5000 + engine overhaul is the ideal fix, Mega Power works pleasing well at a fraction of that expense. Try it and see. A satisfaction guarantee is offered. 

Ordering Mega Power.

A Mega Power Engine Diesel Hi-Mileage Help Treatment.     Includes 5 gallons, plus 1 12oz carbon remover. Easy to install directions, phone help, guarantee, shipped to your door in 3 days usa, Just $399 + $40s&h + $30 s/c = $469 total.  2 refunds last 267 days. Click cart to order. It'swhat you will depend on to keep your older fleet out on the road - not in the shop.

Mega Power provides a chemically easier, more advantageous solution to end your engine transmission radiator an steering problems. This covers the Diesel Hi-mileage help products  engine treatment.

This method for over-the-road rig, and working equipment helps  owners of older diesels squeez out years more service from their rigs. We are proud to introduce this Mega Power Diesel Hi-Mileage Help care program. I've been using it keeping older equipment going for years on end. 

A costly repair is the usual remedy - but now, this engine treatment from Mega Power puts off costly tear down and overhaul as the fix.

The following diesel Hi mileage help products here at auto tune up and repair options. 

The diesel Hi mileage help products here at auto tune up and repair options specializes in  the product to overcome Hi-mileage, wear, poor performance problems. 

Unlike products like Lucas - with sticky molasses like stuff to pour into your oil, or Howle's that uses soy or derivative cleaners, that do nothing to end your problems. They just mask over them!

The products we want you to try are products featuring Mega Power engine fuel and gear Treatments. Its because they actually restore your truck to the former like-new performance by ending what's causing your rigs engine gear or fuel problem.

How Mega Power "fixes" diesel Hi-mileage problems for 10cents on the dollar - guaranteed!

Mega Power, an additive formulator and marketer of automotive additives is making available to owners of diesels a chemically improved product to suppress Hi-mileage wear and tear, helping to keep older vehicles working longer. For...

Engine transmission radiator an steering problems. This covers the engine Diesel Hi-mileage help products.

Why worry like the people in the picture above!

Those problems like valve-tap, oil-burning, rough-idle, rough-shift, leaks, an overheating negatives an such can now be removed chemically.

Our way will chemically your vehicles negatives by installing new, anti-wear cleaners with conditions that change power reducing, dirty, wear-roughen and worn surfaces back to when with a filling of worn spaces - this  ends your problem and changes those surfaces back to clean, smooth power-transferring ones again.

This type restoring adds years more great performance - to get and keep you going on down the road of life again - trouble-free.
Imagine those good results. Is this what you're after.. read on?

Our mega Power Diesel Hi-Mileage Help products uses anti-wear chemistry. Its included for revitaliing which does the fix an avoids a costly repair
Our way lets you feel good that you fixed it yourself -
with my help! That's a new option we want you to enjoy.
... tens of thousands already have an now Iremoves actual friction.

'll show you how...

However if a part is broken, other sites show actual repair procedures.

If on a smart phone, to ask a question, for ordering products listed, call me.... George at 512 665 3388 Diesel Hi-mileage help products.

The fastest easiest cheapest Do it yourself way to get your rigs back
on the road running great an trouble-free again. A great repair avoidance option from auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com

what customers say...

    George.  I have to say that the Mega Power Product improvement with the engine of my 2005 Cat engine has been miraculous. It is actually more quiet than when I purchased it in 2005.

    I researched an bought your product  although many other are sold for diese. I did it off your personal guarantee as a remedy to end a nasty blowby and oil buring problem.

    - Mechanics wanted $6247.59 to fix it. You? under $500.

       I want to add, after the simple install... Within ten minutes the blowby resided and exhaust smoke turned clear. 

     I was delighted. Also because I did it myself.

    It has been about 6 month since your products were installed, and the motor is still quiet and smooth. Blowby is a wipper still.

    This order is for more to protect my other newer vehicles with that great engine treatment. And...

    Thank you for the personal phone help and great product tips, Patrick Carrabino. Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Why these auto tune up and repair options.com Diesel Hi-mileage help products should be your option? Answer:

When your vehicles have a wear, mileage or performance problem....

Try the diesel Hi-mileage help products - I guarantee you'll be more than please you tested them. It won't cost you anything but 2 things. 

  1. I'm full of bull. Get your money back!
  2. Keep looking.. Diesel Hi-mileage help products.

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