Ends your engine carbon knock, and morning thumb thump thump, or other motor noise

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Solving the Carbon Knock, Thump, Tap, Ping Problem

  • Over time, even newer motor's leaves a residue over the surface of your pistons and related combustion area surfaces.
  • If that residue and carbon deposits collects instead of burning off, one day, it will come loose.
  • When this happens, overnight. That carbon comes lose and falls to the top of your piston, in a thumb-thick size mass.
  • When your motor is started the next morning, your motor's pistons will crunch it to the top - of the cylinder, You hear it as a knock as the piston smacks the carbon against the combustion chamber top. This produces a tap-like, or thump, thump, thump.
  • Sometimes the tap-like thump, thump, thump sound comes and goes.
  • It is a serious issue.

The mechanics remedy for carbon knock

The mechanic performs the fix by removal of the top half of your motor, exposed for internal cleaning problem areas. Includes tops of the pistons, and combustion chamber. Removal of valves for cleaning.  Re-assembled - as the knock remedy. Cost runs from $3000 up.

Mega Power's Carbon Knock Removing Treatment -

How it works: 3 items in the box with a 3 shown, is added to the fuel, motor oil, and fed into the air/fuel steam while the motor is running. This softens, and then blast away carbon as a clear smoke out the exhaust pipe.

The only product to successfully End Carbon Knock, Ping, Valve Tapping, and bearing knock. Shown below.  Solves a complex problem, anyone can install - nothing to take a part. Ends engine damaging noise problems chemically - and avoid the engine repair method. A service to keep any engine you want to clean, clean and protected against such troubles economically. 

   Other 3 items clean lower oil side engine parts by removing trouble-causing sludge during an oil  change.  Adds protectors to keep such problems away.  Seen in a youtube video.

Mega Powers'Engine Treatment ends engine ping, carbon knocks, valve tapping and bearing knock, avoiding costly repair to do so.Mega Powers'Engine Treatment ends engine ping, carbon knocks, valve tapping and bearing knock, avoiding costly repair to do so.

Shown here is Mega Power's combo pak to  remove carbon buildup on top of the piston. , and Mega Powers 3 item Engine Protector to restore quiet engine operation again. Mega Power's carbon knock treatment.

Mega Power's Carbon Knock Remedy

  • With Mega Power, its now easy, and way cheaper to end your engine carbon thumb thump thump, yourself, without taking your motor apart, for under $100. Order Mega Power online below - and extend the life of your motor for many years for a like-new, quiet performance.
  • The 6 items work together to remove carbon, free sticky piston rings and valves, adding  anti-wear protectors to cover engine parts, which keeps them clean, and problem free with touch ups, if needed.
  • Mega Power provides full power restoring - as they combine to remove your combustion area carbon. Please note:                                        
  • The shinny feeder tool and hose is what mechanics order, at $125, to install Mega Power into the motor suction side, making it automatic to install Mega Power, and frees up time to work on other cars - if doing lots of cars. However, anyone can install Mega Power easily without it - shown in the directions. 

Mega Power makes it easy and simple to do a complex engine knock remedy by cleaning that anyone, not just mechanics can perform. Just add and drive. The chemistry and Driving does the fix! in a few minutes removing deposit the piton slams against causing the knock - all unseen using the forces of driving to do so.

Directions:  items  in picture to install to end carbon knock: Included with product:

  1. Add Item One, Carbon softener to the gas tank.
  2. Add item Two into the motor oil. 
  3. Add item Three in 1 oz portions into the suction air intake, in anyone of 
  4. 3 convenient places on your motor - while the motor is running.
  5. Drive the vehicle for 15 minutes afterwards. This process removes carbon knock.

Does More than remove carbon knock!

The treatment returns your motor to a like-new many years longer, trouble -free operation

The 6 items pictured include 3 other important engine protecting items - Free with the Carbon Knock products.

  1.  Since dirty fuel injectors cause more fuel to not burn properly, a fuel injector additive is included. This item is added into the fuel tank  with Item One above, to increase residue removal where gas and air goes, and cleans injectors as it passes thru the fuel injectors. Included as item 4.
  2. Also included:: Since residue build up on rings and valves and engine parts bog down engine movement,  A 5th item  - Engine Residue Remover. It is added just before an oil change a week later to remove your engines oil side residues - preventing their future harm by doing so with #5 -  a week later. 
  3. Also included:: Since friction build up on rings and valves and engine parts  speed up wear out prematurely and also bog down engine movement,  A 6th item  - Engine Friction Remover. is included. It is added to the fresh oil to remove your engines oil side Friction  - preventing their friction harm by doing so with #6 -  a week later. 

 All easily installed.  And for fraction of what doing so by repair at $2000 plus expense. Phone help  included is free, if needed. It seems intimidating, but its simple and a shortcut avoids adding it into the any of the motor intake suction - making it a truly valuable engine problem solver for you. 

Order info

Order the Mega Power Engine Knock Treatment. 3 items shown. $95. And includes Mega Power Engine Treatment $45 free.  Includes instructions, phone help, FedEx to your door. Guarantee.

Both just $80, plus $15 s&h= $95 Total. Save $15

Order 2 Mega Power Engine Knock Treatments and 2 Mega Power Engine Treatments. 12 items. Includes instructions, phone help, Guarantee.  FedEx to your door.  Just $150 plush $15s&h=$165 total. Save $50. Have thousands of dollars worth of engine protection with them.

For Fleet Owners and Repair Shops who want to inventory and use the products as these problems appear.

Order 6 Mega Power Engine Knock Treatments and 6 Mega Power Engine Treatments. 36 items. Includes instructions, phone help, Guarantee.  FedEx to your door.  Just $390 and order today - get our free shipping.  Save $@00. For fleet and resell by mechanics. Mechanic Notes: Add  the install labor of $95 to the $95 product cost, or higher pricing to suit your market.  Order 6 by clicking cart button below.

Mechanics Tool To remove carbon. As shown in picture

Order the Mega Power metal fuel-injector, carbon knock and valve cleaner, patented feeder tool.  Price $125. Shipped by FedEx to your door in about 3 days with easy to follow instructions. Made for years of rugged usage.

Other Carbon Knock Tips

Find other great car care products for cars trucks equipment and machinery, Visit the carbon knock home page. or call me for tips and suggestions, And to order Mega Power Servicing Products. Please Note: Mechanics have their own quantity buying price. Ask for them by calling me. George  at  512 665 3388

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