"This mechanic-in-a-can from Mega Power is the best ending blowby motor fix around."... george

Our review: Mega Power's Blowby Motor Fix

If your mechanic told you "your motor will soon be on the way out" - meaning, its won't last much longer - due to excessive blowby wear.


Your motor may be a candidate for today's new Hi-tech blowby ending treatment product from a company called Mega Power.

Originally providing anti-wear to some of the biggest car makers - Mega Power's anti-wear is a chemical blowby motor fix.

It tightens up worn parts causing blowby. It end's blowby doing so. 

 Ends your gasket and seal leaks.  Ends oil burning, power loss, and tapping. Last for years with small touch ups at future oil changes. Easy to install in the fuel and motor oil.

A simple 2 step procedure anyone can easily follow - adds the items shown below. You can end your motor's blowby in less than a half hour doing so.

For new tight running engines. More so in rebuilds where older rough surfaces run clean new parts.

Mega Power ends the new motor/transmission "breakin process." In that capacity, Mega Power's anti-wear is a chemical wonder that end's raw friction of close-tolerance, tight-fitting piston, bearing, and gears in brand new vehicles.

 As for blowby...

Sticky piston rings cause blowby.
See downward arrows.

The cause and solution is our blowby motor fix from Mega Power.

Sticky piston rings  cause blowby. See downward arrows.

When sticky, they lose their ability to seal the escape of combustion pass your piston rings - So, it mixes, down below with your oil - that is certainly no good. Anyway....

Us mechanic's call that escape of combustion that way, "Blowby."

Now, Mega Power combined its anti-wear with other ingredients found through Research - called anti-wear cleaners, and conditioners called MC+. These layer and fill worn areas, and the cleaners go where oil and other additives can't seem to - to free sticky piston rings, as the best way to end your engine blowby problem.

Friction and wear and blowby subside to normal levels at a fraction of the cost of an overhaul. A rejuvanation gives back yhr motor its former stronger, like-new-new dependibility again - for years to come, some product users say.

Learn more... about, and order Mega Power's blowby motor fix. 

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