Cold starting problem. Here is how to start your car in freezing weather, easily. With these four items.

Cold starting problem. How to start your car in freezing weather, easily.

End your cold starting problem with these four items.

  1. Use starting fluid.

  2. Add a quart of O-w -preferably, or 5w weight to the motor oil - to help reduce the solid nature of your oil as you try to crank the engine - for easier cranking.
  3. Charge the battery for 20 minutes..
  4. Change your oil and filter once your car starts with a O-w, or 5W weight oil.

The following links provide a great 10 minute education about care car to help you end forever, your cold starting problem.

A diesel link is given, as well as motor servicing for your older, worn motor and transmission.

Adding a quart of O weight oil will help dilute the tar-like goo your motor collected and prevents easy starting in cold weather.

Be careful with "Starting Fluid." Spay for 3 seconds into the manifold - but not when cranking the motor. Repeat, if necessary.

Change your oil to a "O -W or 5W weight oil as soon as you can today. In the spring, change to 10w 40.

Try the Worn Motor Oil Change, That is often the real answer.

Diesel Tune up tips

My 10 cold starting problem check list.

Clean pistons, valves, for easy starting

Transmission tips