Best worn engine fix I ever seen! At first, I used it in my older vehicles. They ran for years, good as new afterward!
With those product advantages I could see dollars signs using that knowledge. I started buying cars and equipment advertised as worn, with high mileage at lo-lo-lo prices.  Installed the fix product to the engine - and transmission, too. [It needs help, too!]
Amazed that they could instantly run and shift as if very good again, they were put up For Sale. People bought them at 2 to 4 times my purchased price.
I believe this product should protect everyone's vehicles and they will never regret it! The product review:

Here is new help for owners wanting a worn engine fix - out of a can!

I have installed hundreds of the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatments and never found it to not make an old, worn engine run near good as new again.I have installed hundreds of the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatments and never found it to not make an old, worn engine run near good as new again.

The Mega Power way to better car care.

The Picture shows the Treatment product I'm talking about. It includes 6 items - because that is what works when installed in the way I'll show you. It really easy to do so! And almost instant improvement begins!

Product of chemistry and research.

This amazing worn engine fix is the product of Hi-tech chemistry invented for brand new cars, but at double dose restore an older vehicles power and dependability. Does so by chemically reversing internal negative conditions back to positive earlier state.

Any older worn, weak operating engine from giant industrial types and trucks and tractors cars to motorcycles  - I have 2, run just as well after the products install.

Nothing to take apart.

Directions are easy. 3 items are added to the engine. you drive with them in the motor. A week later 3 more are installed during an oil change. That's how to recondition a tired working motor. 

No other product needed. Driving does the actual worn motor fix often avoiding the need for repair - or its free! The guarantee!

The worn engine fix verses a new engine.

A new engine can run into the thousands. The worn engine fix about $250 if a mechanic installs it. Under $100 if you do so. It's easy to do.

Mega Power Worn Engine Fix does what oil and other oil additives cannot do - for Worn Motors! For any worn motor fix!

By adding Mega Power to your oil you allow chemistry to breath new life into your motor, returning power, performance, and lasting dependability. 

This recovery is by a cleaning, freeing of dirty parts, and smoothing healing of wear worn parts -  both a horsepower boosting advantage. Filling of worn spaces with a slippery co-polymer to return good-as-new operation again. That's what you want isn't it?

Order Now!

Order the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment: Ordering, Shipping, Guarantee Information

The Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment. Includes the 6 items needed for the treatment. Instructions. Personal help during installation. Guarantee. Price. $80+ $15s&h= $95 total.

Order both Worn Engine Fix and [Transmission Treatment shown above] for one car. Same guarantee. 9 items. Both delivered to you for $115 total. Save $25 on shipping. [Engine and Transmission Treatment shipped to you. $115 total.

What if a part is broken?

As long as no actual part is broken or failed completely, It works.

  • I've bought vehicles that, after the treatment a bad valve, or timing chain, or bad head gasket reveled itself. 
  • So just the bad parts were replaced and the rest left as is. Its cheaper than replacing every internal part like most mechanics do with such a repair job. The engine will again run as if many years newer!
  • That's the kind of product that should be in everything mechanical you own -  if you want to avoid avoidable internal problems and  even restore worn, Hi-mileage motors you want it to last years more.
  • The common way for caring for your expensive means of transportation can't beat this worn engine fix system!

Without the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix, and even using synthetic oil, wear-out continues at a faster pace. - even in new cars and trucks - and usually by design after the warranty period ends.

Without the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix, and even using synthetic oil, wear-out continues at a faster pace. - even in new cars and trucks - and usually by design after the warranty period ends.

Without Mega Power Worn Engine Fix, lousy fuel economy continues, the Worn Motor runs less than ideal. You may suspect it could breakdown sooner than you expected. It may. However...

The Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment uses special chemistry to help cars and equipment run better, and longer - by ending performance wear problems oil cannot  - in any car, truck, RV, or any type motorized equipment.

Using Mega Power, wear-out goes from a faster pace - to a crawl. Lousy fuel economy changes to getting 20 to 40 more miles on each fill up.

Instead of the motor running less than ideal, it will again start faster, idle smoother when cold, have more power taking off at red lites.

It will run that way -say for years - instead of giving you the anxiety that it may breakdown sooner than you expected.

I love this Worn Motor fix invention for all those reasons! Tens of thousands of car and equipment owners do to! I think you will, also. Try it and see. If ever dissatisfied - I'll refund the worn motor fix amount you spent to try it. However, I know this is what you need!

Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Cleaning features.

Cleaning and anti-wear features have the advantage to end avoidable problems by ending the cause of the problem - if its from friction, sticky residues binding a motor function, or wear. Just add and drive. Mega Power does the fix.

When left dirty those motor conditions cut your engine life in half and fill two football stadium size areas of air with pollutants every day. Dash check-engine codes will not be triggered until that section fails completely. Mega Power extends the time before that happens, often by years.

Motor conditions that cut motor life in half if not cleaned.

Your cars smog-reducing sub-system is an engineering marvel that have made for smaller motors, yet producing more power, more fuel efficient, and self tuning. Cleaning of them is required to have your motor operate at its best.

That is one of the 4 functions that occur as you install the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment - not possible with a regular oil change.

When your Worn Motor and some of its smog reducing devices become dirty problems develop deterring the motors running and limiting or reducing its full power development at that given moment.

More serious, if left dirty, they produce new performance problems, and cut the remaining engine life in half.

The Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment ends those problems and doubles or triples the remaining engine and transmission life.

You need this Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Product. Order this product now! Drive happier. See ordering details below.

Mega Power's Worn Engine Fix Treatment - Pictured above

Is a product anyone can use to protect, prevent, and correct problems newer, and older, even worn motors all experience.

Order a Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment for your car - one for all your cars! Get on down the road for many more years of happy, and trouble-free driving! This is the best way anyone knows of to protect your car investment!

Of course, parts re-builders and new car manufacturers wish you wouldn't use the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix. They want you to spends thousands for their benefit - not help you avoid that repair, or costly replacement expense.

A money-back guarantee assures you of no loss, if this is not what you need. And driving a vehicle you thought was used up, but running great is a powerful reason to order this Mega Power Worn Engine Fix.

Mega Power Worn Motor Fix Treatment.   Order by phone or online  includes my personal phone help anytime, if needed. Here's how...

Order Now!

Order the Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment: Ordering, Shipping, Guarantee Information

The Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment. Includes the 6 items needed for the treatment. Instructions. Personal help during installation. Guarantee. Price. $80+ $15s&h= $95 total.

Guarantee. Your money refunded if not delighted. 90 day period. No refunds requested - last 267 days.

If you have a question, or want to place an order, Call me day or evening. ... george, by calling me at 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

Order Two Treatments to protect both cars.
Just $135 plus 15s&h= $150 total. Save $30.

Order both Worn Engine Fix Engine and [Transmission Treatment shown above] for one car. Same guarantee. 9 items. Both delivered to you for $115 total. Save $25 on shipping. [Engine and Transmission Treatment shipped to you. $115 total.

Order also now by calling - Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

Double above order for two cars. $200 total. Free shipping. Save $80 - get this bonus. Our $12 Mega Power Lube and Penetrating spray for Free - Lubes, frees, stops anything squeaking, stuck, frozen. For home, shop, vehicle use. Mention this page. Offer Limited. [4 treatments + bonus spray lube shipped to you. $200 total].

Fleet, Lube and Tune, Parts store, and Auto Repair owners.
6 MP Worn Motor Treatments for 6 cars. Free shipping. $300 total. $50 per kit. . Free s&h until 6/30/11 br>Visa M/C 

Use two Treatments for large 5 to 8 gallon motor oil diesel truck engines. A similar treatment works just as well to end automatic transmission problems. Specific, if stick-shift transmission for its treatment. Shipped USPS or Fedex.

Order now, by calling anytime. Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

Order by phone. Call if you have a question or concern about your cars and equipment problem. Call me, George. At 1-512 665-3388

Mega Power made it easy for anyone to clean their motor

Its 6 sub-systems, which includes
the emission system
The fuel system
The air intake system
The combustion system
The oiling system, and
The emissions system

Ending any wear, residue, and related performance issues. Thereby restoring the motor to near perfect operation during the oil change.
An oil change does not clean the dirty affected areas. Nor does it end those problems - even if synthetic oil is used.

The other way is to clean your motor and those sub-system parts is by a $3000 motor overhaul. But few do so as it's expensive.

You usually wait until the car is not driveable, then have a mechanic tear into your motor and clean it.

Cost is between $1500 and $3000 to do so - as you may already been told. If you did so, the car runs better afterward, but never perfect.

So Mega Power researched, tested, and invented the way to do so as part of an upgrade oil change. But for around $150 - not $2000.

Mechanics and quick lubes will be trained in this service over the coming years, but car owners can order the products and do it themselves. It is a simple process to do, and many have.

This is how Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment gets your car running good as new again for $150 plus an oil $32 change - if done by a mechanic. Half that, if you do it yourself. If they are a trained Mega Power Installer....

So, once a year say, "I want a Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment and oil change, Please." If your local lube guy, or mechanic does not sell Mega Power, Order it here, on line.

It is easy to install following simple instructions - listed below. An included with your order.

Some lube and auto repair shops have a promotion. “Make it today, and get our Mega Power $12.50 All Purpose Penetrating Lube for free!” Online, you can get one for $6.95 with your order. Ask for it please. Frees anything squeaky, stuck, rusted, or needs a good lube.

Your cars need Mega Power protection. Mega Power is the strongest engine cleaning treatment made. It has 6 cleaners for 6 motor areas – not just one. No concentration in any other brand exceeds Mega Power strength. Get it working for you!And we are often $20 to $75 cheaper in price than copycat, weaker products like BG!

And, only Mega Power reduces actual friction.

BG, like some additives, depend on keeping things clean as a way to reduce friction. That's good! But BG cleans no better than Mega Power - and Mega Power reduces friction, TOO! BG does not clean the catalytic converter - another big smog reducing advantage the Mega Power purchaser enjoys.

About Friction: Mega Power reduces friction to the lowest levels possible. This friction-reducing and problem-solving advantage is a power improving benefit the Mega Power car and equipment owner enjoys. Power is King!

One other Mega Power advantage is its MC+ which fills worn areas of your motor and transmission. Filling worn motor part surfaces with MC+ brings back a motors smoother, quieter running. And, the transmission’s smoother shifting, and cooler running, for additional years longer dependability – a great product usage benefit. Mega Power does complex things. You add it and drive. driving does the fix.

Mega Power treats motors to a new, instantly stronger running life. It does so becauses it cleans, frees, coats, and protects every part in 6 sub sections of your motor.

The "Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment" uses an easy-to-follow 2 step process. It works by adding 3 ingredients before, and 3 after your regular oil change. An odd idea, but it works well!

This Mega Power Worn Motor Oil Change Treatment and driving a bit restores power and performance to any older, even worn out motors are greatly helped. Even motors with a problem needing repair "seem to run better," customers tell us.

The benefits are achieved

By "cleaning and conditioning" every dirty, sticky internal part, the results helping your motor is immediately and permanent. See "metal conditioning" item, below.

This improvement, which most people can see and hear working, keeps the motor running as if in a near-newer condition.

My own usage, in 6 older cars and work trucks is amazing, in that those vehicles run up and down the freeway full speed, day after day, year in, year out - and you would have thought different about them - and not did that, were it not for Mega Power.

Will it work in your case? That depends. 99 out of 100 people swear by it. Give it a try. Ordering info below.

Mega Power helps motors run-out-of-warranty and older, worn, motors - and transmissions to end wear and performance and run like near-new again. 

Compared to a future $3000 plus motor overhaul

You can't compared a re-built motor to this.... however,,,

The Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment provides performance and dependability advantages for under $100 - a budget-minded car owner may desire, that suits them for a year or two, as a practical alternative to spending $3000.

The better option

That is the option we have for you with the addition to your motor of our new anti-wear chemistry, called - the "Mega Power Worn Engine Fix Treatment.

Every motor eventually wears out - and fails.

However, Mega Power....delays, or extends the  time for it by years.

This upgrade motor re-conditioner, using 6 ingredients pushes a worn motor's fate off into the future. This, it does by getting the motor to run as if it were not not worn out by chemical reinforcement!

Would this advantage help your motor's present conditioned?

Mega Power's new chemistry ends a motors wear, and Hi-mileage problems, and restores its motors former, better operating power.

Just add Mega Power to your oil change procedure. Explained below.

What you will notice.

You will notice Mega Power chemically reduuces oil burning, and ends those negative conditions like sticky valves, that now causes power decline problems.

Then too, wear reduces your motors full power development – increases friction, waste a gallon or more of fuel each fill up, and speeds up wear-out.

Mega Power Worn Engine Fix ends each of those negative conditions.

That is what makes possible so you have a smoother running motor, more power for hill climbing, passing slower cars, and to go faster.

Mega Power Worn Engine Fix is not a fuel octane, or citane booster.

Mega Power worn engine fix contains the only known combination of ingredients that help older motors and transmission regain their former, like new power and performance - an anti-wear to extend your cars - truck tractor, RV's restored life, for years on end. Worn engine fix: end.

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