Stop Head Gasket Leaks
Works Fast. Won't Plug up Your Radiator.
Avoids costly new gasket expense.

Mega Power's 2 step way to stop headgasket leak treatment

The 3 items needed to stop head gasket leak. Manifold leaks. Pin hole leaks, Ends overheating. Ends coolant in engine oil problem. Ends mysterious need to add more coolant often.The 3 items needed to stop head gasket leak. Manifold leaks. Pin hole leaks, Ends overheating. Ends coolant in engine oil problem. Ends mysterious need to add more coolant often.

The sure way to stop head gasket leak - and engine overheating.

   Are you tired of having engine overheating problems. Tired of adding water or coolant every so often?  Tired of waiting for the engine to cool down to add water lost?

   This problem - can end using the Mega Power Head Gasket Stop Leak Treatment. Seals headgasket, even radiator, and heater core, and any other coolant leak, in minutes. 

   Sent to your door in 2 days. With easy install directions.



Choose one of these 3 solutions: #1:

Order One Mega Power Stop Head Gasket Leak Treatment: 

Comes with 3 items shown and rushed with directions and free phone help to your door via FedEx - Easy to install yourselt to end the problem - or by any mechanic.  Nothing to take apart. Loved for its Saving your engine and our budget big repair hit! Click cart button for delivery info. Just $95 + $15 s&h= $110 total.


   Mega Power's Coolant Stop Leak Treatment. To stop a head gasket leak: Add these 3 items to the coolant radiator or overflow tank. They will circulate to the leak. Stop your engine head gasket leak problems. Or, stop manifold gasket leaks. Or any pin hole leak. Ends overheating. Provides the Car Manufactuers Service. Keeps coolant in the system - not dissappear. Ends coolant in engine oil problems doing so. Ends mysterious need to add more coolant often. Have it in 2 -3 days at your door. Refund if actual repair is needed. Order the Mega Power Coolant Stop Leak Treatment clicking the cart button >.

 Order two Stop Head Gasket Leak Sets. 6 items, to protect both this and your other good car, or diesel engine. Comes with directions and free phone help if needed and satisfaction guarantee. Shipped overnight to your door via FedEx - Just $149 total for 2 sets - 6 items total. Save $49  - click cart button for delivery info. Services Both Vehicles. Protect both!

Order the Stop Head Gasket Leak $95 and Engine Flush Out and Recovery Set -$95. 9 items. To remove anti-freezs and sludge  in the oil caused by the leak. Add this  ctitical cleaning and lubing to undo any damage the anti-freeze may have cause. Even in diesel engines. 

    Order this Mega Power Stop Head Gasket Leak > and the Mega PoweEngine Sludge Remover to assure a full recovery!

    Adds conditioners that remove damaging anti-freeze-making sludge where lube oil flows, now contaminating your motor's oil, and oiling system.  Assures a full friction free recovery!  Sludge removed drains out during an oil change - recomended within 5 days.  

   Comes with directions and free phone help if needed and a satisfaction guarantee. Shipped overnight to your door via FedEx - A "9 item set.

MP Head Gasket Stop Leak as shown.    $95.

MP Engine Clean Out Treatment not show, $95.

Both sets just $just $149 + $10 s&h =   $159.

Order Now Bonus -  Making it my total Love Your Car protection idea.

    Order this 3 set item and receive our Mega Power Transmission Protector $29  for FREE. 10 items for a total radiator, engine, and transmission protection package.

    Just  $159 sent to your door in 2-3 days. 

 - click cart button for delivery info.    

Stop head gasket leak Home Page

     Mega Power's Stop Head Gasket Leak is watery clear with no particles tha works like blood.

Stops your head gasket leak in minutes with the perfectly better stop leak. Please note : its clear, no particle nature will not block radiator flow as there are no fibrous stop leak products - like parts stores stop leaks cause. The quickest way to stop a head gasket leak. Even mainfold coolant leaks. 

    Mega Power Ends Overheating.  -

   Does so by removing coolant scum in the cooling tubing. Scum acts like a fur coat blocking heat flow.

   And by removing oxygen in the coolant. Bubbles also block heat flow These 2 extra helpful features you give much more than head gasket stop leak. It's an entire cooling system and engine protector. 

    If you were told you have a blown head gasket.  "Blown" means, an opening has occurred in the gasket sealing the main engine and head.  It leakage can:

  • leak coolant into the oil
  • can ruin the engine
  • force combustion to push coolant out, overheating the engine

  • Mega Power Stop Head Gasket Leak ends those blown head gasket troubles by filling its gap.

  • So, this is the urgent help your car needs. And Mega Power is it!

Why not just any stop leak? 

    They contain Fibrous material also producing a problem with clogging the radiator coolant colling tube flow. A negative Mega Power does not have. Mega Power's new, air coagulation stop leak won't clog. Can't clog - but stops the most serious leak problem. 

  • Fibers are too thick and stringy. Often they can't reach the hole in the head-gasket. 

  • Mega Power is all liquid. And is air activated.  
  • Air activated features make it the ideal head gasket or manifold stop leak.
  • This means Mega Power works like blood that keeps flowing until a leak exposes it to air. Like blod, Mega Power coagulates the coolant to stop gasket leaks. No fibers in it!

To stop a head gasket leak. Follow these Mega Power Directions:

  1. Add the MP Pre-clean and Acid Neutralizer to the coolant and run motor 10 minutes. You can drain and replace the coolant if old or dirty. The old coolant -  troublemakers are drain out.
  2. With new coolant, add the 2 Mega Power items marked R2 and R3 to the system. Along with new coolant - if it was drained out. The head gasket or hole leak now begins to seal! Overnigh completes the seal process.  
  3. Works on sealing any hole in the system and hold 30 lbs pressure - twice that of the system. The same product is use to seal new engine gaskets, to prevent leaks and  overheating problems. 

That is the best way to stop your blown head gasket leak. Easy to install, too!

To order click the cart button. 

Ordering the MP Stop Head Gasket Leak Details:

The 3 Part Mega Power Radiator Head Gasket Seal Service Kit #RS3 contains the MP Pre-clean and Acid Neutralizer R1. Stop Leaks R2 and R3.  Just $95 + $15 s&h= total $110.  Click cart button to see today's bonus. 

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