Older diesel engine care, tips, help, products, oils an additives to end super problems like smoking tapping, oil burning lost of power, trouble makers

Older diesel engine care and oil additives to keep em going on down the roadOlder diesel engine care and oil additives to keep em going on down the road

Older diesel engine care Contact info: On a Smart phone, to ask a question, or order by phone, call me at 512 665 3388.  ...George 

A point to remember about how your engine trouble starts and, older diesel engine care and oil additives to keep em going strong

  • To make adjustment to take up wear on valves, valve lifters have a tiny pencil eraser size piston that your oil pump sends oil inside the lifter to push up this little piston outward - closing any wear gap automatically.
  • When lifters fail - usually from sludge and oil blockage a space appears and with each rotation smacks the bottom of your valve with a hammer like blow -  which now worries you.
  • The usual fix is to tear down your motor; $500, clean up the residues; $250, replace the bad $20 lifter and all the good ones; about  $200 to $300, install new gaskets: $200, and reassemble it all back; about $500 - as the fix.
  • Order Mega Power's Diesel Engine Care and Service Treatment below.

How Mega Power corrects diesel engine tapping noise. Shown here: Mega Power's success comes from its use of 6 items found to do the job. The Treatment uses a simple 2 step idea where 3 items are installed for top of motor cleaning -to get to trouble-causing parts from the top of the motor via the gas tank and motor air intake. And 3 a week later during an oil change. Driving does the actual fix.

For cars and pickups

Order this easy-to-install Mega Power Diesel Motor Treatment.

Order this Mega Power Diesel Motor Treatment. 6 items as shown. Includes easy to followdirections. Phone install help, if needed. Guarantee.  Just $80+ $15s&h= $95 total. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3-4 days

Order Mega Power for large truck and commercial  equipment engines.

By phone: 

For fleet and resale prices. Say "We are a fleet or shop inquiring, or to ask a question,  placing an order,"  call 512 665 3388...george

Order online>

Mega Power 3 to 10 gallon Engine Oil Capacity Diesel Engine Treatment HD. Includes fuel cleaner, combustion cleaner, valve tap quieting cleaner, oil system and valve lifter cleaner. Piston ring cleaner. Friction modifier MC+ and MC+ protective anti-wear coating. $400 total plus $50 s&h=  $450 total. Includes instructions, phone help, a 5 pak in gallons. Ship by Fedex to your door in 3-4 days. Guarantee. Call for 35 , 55 gallon prices please. 512 665 3388

"We found a major uniqueness in Mega Power Diesel Engine Care to end motor wear and performance problems, and provide more years of dependability and life for our engines." gc  

We compared Mega Power benefits to other brands. We found a major uniqueness in Mega Power to end your type motor problem, as well as provide more years of dependability and life for your engine  -  benefits other additive brands do not offer.

  • Some additives are much too thick for today's close-tolerance diesel motors - and have no cleaning ability to end your diesel engine tapping noise. 
  • Others use solvents in their product - now found to be extremely harmful to your motor, for their oil lubricity-destroying nature. 
  • Instead, Mega Power use anti-wear chemistry - with cleaning protectors and friction modifiers. You gain both an end to your diesel engine tapping noise - and added years of engine dependability.
  • With Mega Power in your motor - [Mega Power works equally well to protect your transmission] you will have your  car or truck suddenly respond with instantly stronger, smoother, and quieter performance.
  • Customers tell us, Mega Power  "ended their Ping clatter, Diesel knock, and Valve lifter tap noise, too!"
  • Mega Power also ends oil burning as it conditions your motor oil.
  • You need this product to do so much for you your cars and equipment needs. Order now! Get on down the road of life again - smiling that your cars and equipment run great again!
  •  Order Mega Power below. It comes by FedEx in 3 or 4 days with easy to install directions. Nothing to take apart. Driving does the fix.
  • Link below offers service tips. offer additive usage tips


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