3 ingredients a good transmission flush contain. Stay away from solvent products even their labels say is harmful. Review of a new DIY cleaner that also ends 7 costly-to-repair transmission problems

A good transmission flush will

  1. A good transmission flush will hold insuspension whatever it removes. Only one brand contains what I call anti-coagulants that hold sludge removed, in suspesion for drain out, an only one brand can do that... explained below! 
  2. The brand we favor continues to clean as you drive - providing a like-new restoritive advantage - thereby avoiding the need for a costly $3500 overhaul.
  3. A good transmission flush needs to have a special "lube factor" to go where oil can't and lubricate ctitical parts. When dirty oil-breakdown sludge blocks oil to your critical [engine valves and bearings] - and transmission shift valves and gears - for that matter, those dirty parts let you know by some form of  slip, rough shift, or acts like you're dragging a 1000lb of bricks.

The transmission flush we recommend from Mega Power is thinner than oil and will get into, an clean those dirty places, removing troublesome residues, and then provide the strongest lubrication know to every part - to restore your cars transmission performance fast.

Those first two ingredients are what make a great engine flush product. Your cars need this kind of help before something breaks!

        3- A good transmission flush will have a third ingredient that fills  worn spaces with a co-polymer. Doing so adds to friction reduction, but also gives worn parts a chemical buildup that years of wear took away. With a special kind of cleaning, and protection for worn surfaces, the Mega Power brand Transmission Treatment offers a return to long term dependability an  anti-friction smoothness. 

Mega Power is easy to install an results  are fast

And then

Stay away fro part store an quick lube flushes. Here's why...

or a great engine flush: assures Stay away from those solvent products even their labels advise. Review of a new DIY method that also end the 7 top transmission problems

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