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    A tech training session. At first, they are not impressed with my idea of HOW to clean fuel injectors, nor of the use of Mega Power to do so.

A ride around the block

    that made the tires burn rubber, after the 5 minute cleaning, proved to them that Mega Power's way of cleaning fuel injectors is superior to all other brands. It is made for much better car care and performance.

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Title: Help Saving Fuel With Car Maintenance

As gas costs carry on rising, the vehicle industry is out in force touting the advantages of car maintenance. Many repair shops even have custom 'fuel saver' services.

The 1st question we want to ask is - what does my vehicle need ( according to the manufacturer ) for it to be considered 'maintained.' Today's automobiles no longer have distributor caps, rotors, points, and a selection of other ignition elements - so these do not need maintenance. Many autos now come with extended service parts like 100,000-mile platinum spark plugs and life-time fuel filters. Oil change intervals have been extended to five thousand miles or more. The 3,000-mile oil change is ancient history. So what part of automobile upkeep negatively effects gas mileage for the average driver of a late model vehicle? 3 things : tire pressure, air filters, and excess carbon.

Tire Pressure : Setting your tire pressure is free, and is the best upkeep service you can perform to maintain maximum fuel potency. It is that simple.

This can also cause excess carbon build-up, which can reduce mpg. The good news : air filters are cheap ( $15 to $30 ), are straightforward to install, and typically only need replacement each thirty thousand miles.

Excess Carbon : there is another car upkeep service that 'can' help gas mileage. Some repair centers call it fuel injector vehicle upkeep, or a fuel injection service. Simply, chemicals are added to your fuel system through a selection of orifices to wash out excess carbon deposits on your valves, pistons and intake manifold. This naturally forming carbon ( in excess ) is not good for gas mileage. Excess carbon absorbs petrol, which would otherwise be used to power your vehicle.

However , before you run out and spend the $150 + to have this service performed, there is one significant point - the service will only work for vehicles that need it. To explain, yes the stuff works, but you are auto may not have any excess carbon increase.

Fuel Injector Cleaning - Cost

When you see those 'fuel saver' services for $100 to $300, they'll likely include an air filter, tire pressure check, and a fuel system cleaning service. If you are wondering whether or not your vehicle wants it, ask yourself the following : one ) Do I use quality gasoline consistently? 2 ) Have I replaced my air filter at least every thirty thousand miles? Three ) Have I checked my tire pressure recently?

If you can answer these questions affirmatively, you're potentially ok. Buying inexpensive, no-name gas once-in-awhile is ok. Replacing the air filter and setting your tire pressure is common sense. Be careful. Keep a look out for cops. In summary, follow your manufacturer guidelines for your car's upkeep - not ones designed by people who stand to benefit most.

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