These premium quality diesel truck additives restore performance by ending engine transmission and direct fuel injector problems.  

Diesel truck additives Contact info: On a cellphone, to ask a question, order items at 51`2 665 3388

Solving the cause of the problem:

Mega Power Brand Diesel Truck Additives as your auto tune up and repair option offers heavy equipment and truck owners a better way to end engine problems such as oil usage, tapping, sludge, and blowby upsetting problems. They solve the cause of the problem as well.

Since most additives are thickeners or solvents they don't have the specific nature to end a specific problem. However...

Mega Power's engine problem-solvers have a restorative benefit allowing cleaning and conditioning changes that quickly ends problems and this keeps you working, and your engine going strong. Those benefits come from our direction below. 

Problems new additives from Mega Power end. Are they problems you need help with? 

  • Mega Power ends oil burning, and ends or reduces blowby. Stops valve tapping, and removes combustion carbon problems, Such features provides a slight decrease in cranking time by cutting friction. Less drag offers a bit quicker start smoothness and running strength to get going after the cleaning and conditioners pass thru. 
  • More power is made by recovering and releasing absorbed horsepower. A higher horsepower boost comes from 2 areas will have you going through the gears faster as rpm is reached sooner.  Climbing hills with full loads, is easier as tar-like sludge and carbon on your pistons bearing valves and gears is removed, and worn spaces filled with a tough, slippery co-polymer  - the way absorbed horsepower; which makes you think you motor is worn out, is released. 
  • If you feel your engine problem is like those above, and want to avoid overhaul expense and down time -  and loss of income while being repaired - try this Mega Power Engine Treatment. This is an additive option that may serve you very well!

A conclusion. Is it for me?

Most truckers and equipment owners feel Mega Power is the way to reduce that e$4000 plus repair expense expense to under $500. Is Mega Power's chemical way to remove tar-like sludge and carbon film on your pistons bearing valves and gears, then fill their worn spaces with a tough, slippery co-polymer fill  - the way to keep you on the road at the lowest cost possible? Sure! order Now! Get that truck humming and be amazed like we are when it does all this.

The 5 diesel truck additives shown are what we call the engine treatment for heavy equipment size engines, and large trucks, even diesel boats, diesel powered generators. Install easily to fuel tank and motor oil. 

Order Mega Power 5 Gallon Fuel and Diesel Engine Additives Here.

5 items shown plus 2 bonus engine care and cetane booster items worth over $50 for free. Sold satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days, with easy to install directions, free phone help if needed, and a guarantee. Just $400+$50 s&h=$450 total.

Order 2 Mega Power Diesel Trucks Additives Sets For Both Diesels 

Save a bundle doing so!

10 items shown, plus 4 bonus engine care and cetane booster items worth over $100 for free. Get acquainted offer. Sold satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 3 days, with easy to install directions, free phone help if needed, guarantee. Just $600+$50 s&h=$650 total. Save almost $400. Have your trucks or equipment running great with these problem enders. 

The Mega Power Worn Diesel Engine Treatment is what to buy to run that strong again. Shown here. More diesel truck additive news below...

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