Engine Treatment ends motorcycle valve tapping and backfire. 

Motorcycle valve tapping contact info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items listed here, call me, biker george at 512 665 3388.

Tapping Remedies:

Nothing is more disconcerting than to hear your bike motor valves produce an unusual and annoying tap tap tap.

  • The tap occurs  because residues  binding the valve stem or carbon on the valve head are stopping the eye-blinking closing speed the valve should have on closing. 
  • Still closing, during the next valve open cycle causes the cam rotation to close the space, making the tap noise.
  • Repair as the fix for sticky valves -  can run over $1500.
  • Our Motorcycle valve tapping product shown will correct this problem.


If a valve that lets fuel into the combustion area is sticking - and not closing fully - each time combustion occurs - the flame front will burn all the fuel behind the valve waiting its turn for combustion.

Carbon deposits, gooey varnish, and motorcycle valve tapping friction on valve stems cause this disturbance our product removes to restore smooth quiet operation and piece of mind about it!

A cough or minor explosions - cough cough sound, repeats as you start to take off, but goes away once faster engine speeds is reached.

Repair as the fix can run over $1500.

  • If you seen a mechanic, his suggestion is to take apart the motor to clean it up and re-machine, or replace the dirty valve causing the problem.
  • Repair as the fix can run over $1500.
  • To end it, me and many other bike owners  over the years, installed this car engine treatment from Mega Power to free, clean, and quiet our bikes dirty valves - just as it does our car engines.
  • More Motorcycle valve tapping techie stuff here  

Motorcycle valve tapping and backfire stop when your bikes dirty valves are cleaned with MC+

Motorcycle Additives: This Mega Power Engine Valve Treatment Will End Your Bike's Tapping and Backfire.Motorcycle Additives: This Mega Power Engine Valve Treatment Will End Your Bike's Tapping and Backfire.

These 6 items  from Mega Power with  MC+ each have a function:

  • to free and clean the bikes engine valves from fuel tank to exhaust tip. 
  • 3 are added to the gas and oil, and driven for a week. 
  • 3 different ones are added to the gas and oil a week later during an oil change. 
  • That cleaning method is the only one that quiets noisy valve tap and engine backfire, in cars engines and motorcycles as you drive.

its what your bike motor needs! Order Mega Power below:

Order 1 Mega Power Engine Treatment for your bike.

  • This Mega Power order includes 6 items needed, 
  • Easy to follow directions, phone help, and guarantee. 
  • Shipped to your door in about 3 days. 
  • Regular price $99. NOW just $95 total. Includes shipping Our special! Save $5 today!

Order 2 Mega Power Engine Treatments for your bike and car or pickup engine protection. Save $50

  • This Mega Power order includes 12 items needed. 
  • Includes products needed for bike and truck or car engine cleaning.
  • Easy to follow directions, phone help, and guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days.Regular price $190. NOW just $140  total. Includes shipping Our special!  NOW just $140 Save $50 on this special today!

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