Ends motorcycle valve tapping frees and lubes sticky valves-stems, quieting their noisy tap/backfire. 

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Nothing is more disconcerting than to hear your bike motor produce an unusual and annoying tap tap tap. To end it, me and many other bike owners  over the years, installed this car engine treatment from Mega Power to free, clean, and quiet our bikes noisy valves - just as it does our car engines.

These 6 items each have a function to free and clean the bikes engine valves from fuel tank to exhaust tip. 3 are added to the gas and oil, and driven for a week. 3 different ones are added to the gas and oil a week later during an oil change. That method quiets noisy valves and engines.

Take a look at your problem area:

As you can see, the "gray" and "black" area on the valve stems cause the problem. This area of your motorcycle runs about 1,800 degrees - as fuel burns. Combustion expands to push your piston down, spin the gears and speed you down the road.

Normally, the valves let fuel in, and exhaust out, although running hot run trouble-free.

Your valves bathe in the heat of combustion constantly. The valve head  - the upside down "T" part runs from 500 degrees to over 1000 degrees. 

If you remember cooking 101, you know your frying pan smokes oil at 400 degrees. And its the same with your bike motor oil. It needs to stay under 300 degrees - yet, valves run much hotter and are the first to cause trouble, getting dirty first.

As oil lubes and cools your valve stems, the heat load just crumbles your bikes motor oil - and it reverts good oil back to its former self - tar. That's no good, of course!

Tar is sticky and slows down valve-closing, creating a space that adjoining parts close with a tap. It takes about $1000/$2000 for the mechanic to clean and free everything. Our method is under $100!

If tar or carbon slow the valve enough, it will still be open during combustion. A backfire will result. Friction is also a cause of the problem. Both residue and friction problems are corrected with Mega Power addition to the fuel and oil. There you are. You know more than most bikes mechanics on this problem and its causes.

Mega Power will clean and free those sticky valves of their tar-like conditions and float the tar away for filtering. Then keep them away. The result is 4 to 12 valves in your motor operating like when new and quiet. The power and zip response is amazing! You want those factors, don't you? Order Mega Power here...

Ordering Mega Power to end your motorcycle valve tapping. 

Mega Power includes 6 items needed, easy to follow directions, phone help, and guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days. Just $80 plus $15 s&h= $95 total. 

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This Mega Power order includes 12 items needed, easy to follow directions, phone help, and guarantee. Shipped to your door in about 3 days.Regular price $190. NOW just $140 total. Includes shipping Our special! Save $50 today!

Let me illustrate how it causes your motorcycle valve tapping and my chemical remedy from Mega Power, to end it - with out taking your motorcycle apart:

Hole a pen or pencil in a lose fist grip, so it will fall thru the grip. Catch and hold it with a free finger. Use the finger to raise and lower it one inch. that is what your motor cam lobe does in the same way to opem the valves.

Only thing is this. An 80 pound valve spring is what closes the valve. The cam lobe just opens it to let fuel in and exhaust out. And that oil breakdown residue - tar, resist and slows the normally snappy valve closing action. Now, you got problems Houston!

The cam now spins down, around and smacks the bottom of the valve stem as it rotates every second or two. That smack you hear as a metellic tap tap tap. And you thought your expensive oil was working for you. Yep! It way to much for any any to contend with.

If you give that pen or pencil just the sligthest squeezing the pen or pencil will fall - but slowly. That is your problem.

And here is another thing. If that hot valve stem keeps oil out friction will occur. The stems shinny smooth surface will become rough - for lack of oil, like look like sanpaper. And that could happen on the stems too - to cause resistence, and the tap tap tap.

And carbon can hold valve open to cause the tap also.

The only know remedy to end motorcycle valve tapping - beside a $400 -$500 repair. Some motorcycles have Hydraulic lifters that can also cause the tap as blowby cooks your oil into a gravy-like sludge.

People talk "adjust valves" - but it is seldom needed, if ever, as valve material is so hard it hardly wears any in a lifetime -unless lack of oil, overheating occurs, or poor oil change habits happened to cause unusual wear out. Then, your whole engine will be shot, too! That is not likely - is it?

The Mega Power Valve Treatment - shown below, contains the only chemistry know to quiet valve tap the right way.

Mega Power research found the six products needed to end motorcycle valve tapping. It is best describe as a "treatment" where two steps are followed to enf the motorcycle valve tapping. You may want to try this product to end your motorcycle valve tapping problem. It can be ordered on line, and is made for anyone to easily install themselves.

Danger. Some additives sold for valves are solvent cleaners - since we are talking tar and residue removal, it would seem that would be good. Not so!

Today;s motors - cars and bikes, are machined with close tolerances and solvents, in cleaning, clean well, but can remove the oil film also - from between your bikes pistons, bearings, valves, and gears in the cleaning process. You may have heard horror stories about part store additives causing motor destruction. Now you know why. It most likely was caused buy a solvent based additive, or maybe one of those honey-like oil thickeners sold as a motor additive. Stay away from those type products!

Mega Power uses chemicals to clean and remove the tar - freeing the valve of its tap hang up problem. By using the fuel, air intake, and oiling system every ring and valve is cleaned, then smoothed with anti-wear - called MC+.

The Mega Power MC+ anti wear ingredients go on to fill any worn spaces and add a protective coating. This allows more power to develop from combustions, and again allows that power to speed you down the road - faster, customers report.

That chemical type of cleaning and anti-wear treatment prevents future sticking and friction caused problems - also, customer tell us. I agree! that is my experence with my Yamaha Maxim and Honda Shadow motorcycles. Both of which had motorcycle valve tapping problems when I bought them. Now, years later, they start right up and sound as if quiet and new!

Mega Power works to clean your motorcycle valves and repower your motor as you drive - sometimes in a few miles to a week of driving. Most bike owners rave over the quiet smootness that returns - ending and taking away a serious cause of concern.

Yep! I use the same Mega Power Valve Treatment product to end ten-thousand car valve tapping problems. And to end many motorcycle engine tap and sluggish power problems, too!

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