Here are two new power steering products you will grow to love. For servicing and
problem-solving PS problems with 

What you should know

These 2 new power steering products is what you use to flush clean, and replace your old power steering fluid with. The service will end your steering whine, howl, hangeup, and leak problems - also. So, it becomes a 2 in 1 service product. Other pages cover power steering products Tech detail. Exceeds Mecedes service specs.

The problem your power steering has

Power steering and power-take-off pumps work with enormous pressure.

Several pump designs are common. And they all need the same fluid replacement every 3-4 years. As the fluid breaksdown, acids form. Acid pits the shinny smooth pump parts. Wear increases of course. Heat developed, and acids shrink the seals, causing leaks. Friction grows. These conditions are avoided with Mega Power Power Steering Products. Amazingly, they also end the problems listed above.

The remedy

This Mega Power Treatment works in any size vehicle. Mega Power Power Steering Products end or prevent a variety of wear and performance problems. They restore power steering smoothness and quietness, and ends turning roughness.

Call me, or check our website for this help. I’m the nets expert on car care.    George Christ   512 665 3388

Your Mega Power, Power Steering Product Treatment Directions
This two part treatment contains conditioners, fluid modifiers, and friction reducing ingredients in two items, that end common power steering and hydraulic power take off problems.


You may want to buy, at a parts store, a pint size $5 suction gun, to suck out the fluid.  It looks like a 2’’x 12” bicycle pump.

Beginning your power steering service with this Mega Power Treatment:
    Step One.  Motor off. Remove the visible fluid in the reservoir and fill the reservoir with cleaner - the small bottle item. Cap it. Start motor and turn the steering wheel all the way left, to all the way right, doing so 4 times. Stop motor. Remove as much fluid as you can and replace it with what’s left of the little bottle. Use fluid from the large bottle to fill the reservoir , if need be. Cap it and repeat the left to right turning, 4 more times. Stop motor. Remove as much fluid as possible.

    Step Two is exactly like step one, except now, you’re rinsing out the system - which you do,  doing the turning 4 times and replacing the fluid with new fluid, from the large conditioner bottle. 

After several Step Two rinse-out steps, the fluid should come out clean.  You finish Step Two by leaving the last bit of conditioner in the system as its new fluid filling the reservour. Driving will correct any normal wear and residue caused problems. Good for 4 years.  Call me if you have a question, OK?   This product is installed as the regular steering service

Order this power steering product, and Mega Power radiator, engine, and transmission, treatments.  They have save me and thousands of others, tens of thousands in avoidable repair and premature vehicle replacement expense. Money now put to other good uses.

It’s the smart way to really protect your cars and equipment…. And I’ll throw in another 10% discount, if you remind me of this offer. …george

Call me any time at 512 665 3388

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