New product! Ends truck engine blowby in minutes. Last for years. Easy to add. Cheap, too! Not nano ceramic, nor teflon, nor sticky, nor thick. Yet works great and does more...

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This new motor treatment from Mega Power ends truck engine blowby in minutes.

Last for years. Easy to add. Cheap, too! Not nano ceramic, nor teflon, nor sticky, not thick, not a solvent cleaner.

The problem with most additives is this. They are not problem specific. And most fail to work at all.

Over the years the only thing for blowby was STP, and Lucas, sold in truck stops. These honey-like products do offer a thicker stickyness to your oil.

Being thick and sticky, those products grouped your normally loose, free-flowing oil molecues into larger clusters of several molecues. This reduced truck engine blowby, by its ability to seal by its thicker, surpy coating. Combustion blowby finds it more difficult  to escape with that coating closing the wear gap or, sticky piston ring problem.

The trouble with sticky oil additives is that in other areas like crankshalf and piston rod bearing areas. Bearings require a paper thin and constant flow of oil to keep the bearings floating, and  away from contact with the crankshalf. Faster bearing wear occurs if the flow is reduced.

Read this persons review of additives.

A different way to stop truck engine blowby

Engine problems are the result of synthetic motor oil and fuel IN-ability  to NOT clean up the residues they help create.

Mega Power's  method is to clean the fuel system, fuel injectors, intake manifold, combustion areas, the exhaust system, and piston rings and valves -DOING WHAT EVEN THE BEST OILS CANNOT DO! Here's what  research shows...

A thin layer of carbon is no good for a healthy engine

Acids in your fuel, 1,800 degree combustion temperatures, and sticky rings and valves all help create a carbon layer int he air, combustion, exhaust systems.

Each or any of those sub-systems that become dirty causes lower horsepower development - by becoming a blotter soaking up fuel and making your fuel burn wetter. Wetter fuel does not burn completly and reduces the possible Ahorsepower it can produce.

So, you press the gas pedal down a bit more to feed more fuel into the combustion process, to compensate for the lower horsepower output. Fuel economy drops a bit, of course.

Acids etch the piston and cyclinder walls - the cause of electrolisis and holes in radiators, head gaskets, and cylinder sleeves. Acids and blowby sludge your motor oil, cause more carbon to mix with your motor oil, and weaken your motor oils film strength. More friction from metal-to-metal contact occurs. You lose 5% to 10% of your horsepower at any given time.Mega Power usews MC+ to stop acid damage, and metal-to-metal friction, the worst, most destructive type of friction.

If its a new company truck - no problem. If its your truck, you should re-read this page and the links to smart-up - extend your trucks life and avoid a pre-mature overhaul need.

This page, details truck engine blowby. Altho its slanted to a car motor problem - the blowby remedy is identical to your big truck or equipment wear and blowby lending problem.

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