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Try Mega Powers Radiator Cooling System Fix. It offers a 3-in-one service. 1- Flush cleaner to remove problem causes.  2- Instant hole and gasket stop leak. 3- Temperature lowering. People love this price : as low as $35  per kit.Best Radiator Cooling System Fixes. 1-Removess rust, Scum in tubes. 2- Stops radiator and heater core hole leaks, and headgasket/manifold leaks. 3- Ends overheating by opening core flow. Coolant cooling enhancer. Order it below. has it. As low as $35 per kit.

Contact Info Radiator Cooling System Fixes: To ask a question, order items by phone, get advice. Distributor Pricing Info, Call me george at 512 665 3388

Ordering: Mega Power Brand Radiator System Fixes

One item $45 each

Quantity: $25 each

Repair Shop, Dealership, Quick Lube resell item. A carton comes with 6 Mega Powers Radiator Cooling System Fix Kits. 36 items total.

Product Description: Mega Power Brand Radiator System Fixes

A 3-in-one cooling system service. Includes a superior System Flush-Out Cleaner, Stop Leak, Anti-leak Conditioner/Cooler.  Used as an emergency aid. Commonly installed to meet 25,000 miles servicing.

Unlike other brands where items are sold seperately and You have to locate what's needed. You have  it all in one radiator kit:

  • a cooling system flush and 
  • stop-leak to remove and end two causes of radiator problems, 
  • and 2 features to end overheating. 
  • Together as a service prevents problems for 2 full years. 

An ideal product to use to keep your radiators working at their prime. Helps cool the transmission when towing as its hot fluid goes into the radiator to remove its heat. Adds heat disapation in long idling periods. 


Install like this: 1- Add Flush Cleaner to radiator or fill tank. Run  motor/or-drive  to remove rust causes.  Desolve lime choking wter flow. Drain in 10 minutes to 24 hours. 2- To the new coolant Add items R2 and R3 with new coolant.

Stop leak feature. Instant hole and gasket stop leak. Works like blood.

Overheating feature.  3 temperature lowering factors removes system oxygen to allow faster heat transfer into and out of the system. Lowers ATF fluid temperatures. Removes scum allowing heat to exist fster, completely. People love this price : @$25 per kit x 6= $150 =$20 snh = $170 total.

Resale suggested price $49. When sold as a service item, $49. Plus coolant. Plus labor [ Labor: .5 hours ]. For one to three gallon radiator capacity systems. Note: Double kit amounts for larger systems, adjust pricing as needed. 

Click cart button to order 6 Cooling System Fix Servicing Kits. TIP: Buy 6 and give  the extras to firends who tinker with cars. They will appreciate the thoughfulness for years to come..

Specials: Radiator System Fixes

Click cart button to order one or more Mega Power Brand Radiator System Fixes  Servicing Kits

A Total Radiator Cooling System Fix Service.

   Mega Powers Radiator Cooling System Fixes is a Kit for a complete radiator system servicing.

  • Cleans entire system. Before new coolant is added. Helps heat flow. 
  • Adds coolant aid to lower tempeature down 40 Degrees.
  • Stops leaks
  • Adds protective features just changing coolants lacks. 

   Made to be an inventoried item in your dealership parts room, fleet, repair shop, or quick lube. One product with 3 uses. Voids all others for that reason. 

   Buy one or more as needed.

As A Radiator Cooling System Stop leak Fix.

How Mega Power Brand Radiator System Fixes is installed. Done in 3 steps:

  1. Step One : Servicing starts by your adding item #1 Mega Powers Radiator System Fix Cleaner to the old fluid. It precleans the system during its 5 minute system flush. A safe non-caustic cleaner  ( I demo by cleaning old dirty pennies in the palm of your hand ) liquifies scum and hard lime deposits returning the full tube coolant flow.  Benefits : Just changing old coolant for new, putting new coolant in a dirty system is a bad idea. This ends that problems and explaining it to customers shows them you care about their vehicles. Removes and prevents overheating negatives. 
  2. Step Two : Added with the new coolant, Mega Powers item #2 Stop Leak, adds more acid neutralizing help to prevent gasket leaks - or stop them. Containing NO PARTICLES.  Flows free in the system - not adding to the plugging up of core tubes as other stop leaks do. However, if a leak is the problem now, or in a future leak situation. It stops leaks by thickening close in the hole - like your bloods does with a cut. Benefits : Non-clogging. Tell customers  why you chose Mega Powers brand for its great features like this one.  Why do you flush before adding stop leak? Acids cause leaks and scum. Getting them out first is a healthy way to do so. Your customers will agree when discussing the service advantages you offer with them.
  3. Step Three : COOL! All this is a cool ideal, but this COOL is item #3 in the kit. A tune, clean coverage in a kit powerful install, and radiator product for removing free oxygen and spaces in the coolant. Allows more coolant to pack against hot engine metal to increase heat transfer into the coolant. COOL provides easier to transfer out to space - a  temperature heat-sink lower, and overheating idea.  Benefits: Taking away the engines high heat stops weakening oils lube strength. Its friction increasing faster wear out problem.Protects the radiator, engine, and transmission cooling advantages in on eservice.

Does moore than higher priced stop leaks at half the cost - But protects more.

 Oder on or more of these Mega Power Radiator Service Kits  You are giving your cars, and your customers, in one ten to 30 minute radiator cooling system service, a completely clean, system refreshed, protective way to  stop leaks and overheating.

Prevent them too! Avoid heats problem to an early  engine and transmission demise. Protect them from trouble in a quick efficient service. Order this radiator cooling system fixer from Mega Power below in good deal prices today.

3-in-one kit 

  • System Cleaner
  • System Stop Leak
  • System Protector
  • A 2 year radiator servicing exceeding 25,000 mile service requirements. 
  • Why buy it now! sInclude a rapid, non-toxic system cleaner service product to remove scum, residue, stop coolant seeps and serious leaks, keep engine and transmission temperatures in safe zones.
  • Cost 

Mega Powers Radiator Cooling System Fixes Treatment

Radiator cooling system fixes. Contact info: On a smart phone to order. Ask a question. Call me at 512 665 3388 day or evening. Shipped world wide! 

Radiator Auto Tune Up Repair Options.

Ends leaks. Even Head Gasket Leaks. Overheating

      Mega Power's Radiator Treatment is a true service product, and is  more advantages than single cleaners, and stop leaks.

      Its non-caustic also, making it safer. It cleaner removes trouble-causing crude safely, provides non-clogging stop leak, and includes powerful heat-removing features the service product to also end overheating troubles. All in one simple service. Yes, its stops heater core, head gasket, manifold leaks! Yet can never clog coolant flow like parts store cheap product often do.

      These 3 Mega Power Radiator System Fixes Protects the entire system. Also installed as a fluid replacement aid.  Exceeds new car warranty service requirements.     

     Please Note: Since your transmission fluid is cooled in-the-radiator, overheat problems overheats your transmission fluid weakening it. Cutting years of life off transmissions - and this product puts an end to that prominent cause of transmission troubles.

     Mega Power Radiator System Fixes Exceeds    New Car Truck makers service requirement for warranty service. 

Ordering -  More.... 

Other DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions Below.

Ordering deals : For individual, and Repair Shop, Dealership, Lube Pit inventory resell item.

6 Mega Powers Radiator Cooling System Fixes Kits. A 3-in-one cooling system service. 1- Flush cleaner to remove problem causes. 2- Instant hole and gasket stop leak. 3- Temperature lowering. People love this price : @$25 per kit x 6= $150 =$20 snh = $170 total.

Resell as a service suggested price $99. Price includes your coolant. [ Plus Labor .5 hours if separate ]. For one to three gallon radiator capacity systems. Note: Double kit amounts for larger systems, adjust pricing as needed. 

Click cart button to order 6 Cooling System Fix Servicing Kits

  These Mega Power Radiator System Fixes Protects the entire cooling heating system. Also installed during the required fluid replacement, but does the flush clean, and adds two protectors.  Exceeds new car warranty service requirements.  End  Mega Power Radiator System Fixes Articles. 

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