Mega Power Oil Treatment.
  • Ends smoking Oil burning
  • Friction Wear & Power loss
Makes any older, even worn car, truck, tractor "Run like its overhauled." "Makes gear shift velvety smooth again."

That's what special about Mega Power Oil Treatment.

Our review.

Most additives only have one advantage.

    They condition the oil - to make it thicker.

    Thicker oil has advantages in the presence of worn surfaces - acting as a filler.

    That's the advantages most additives have. Mega Power has three!

    Mega Powerconditions the oil, reduces friction, and removes residue to end the problem they cause.

    Mega Power formulated a friction modifier into their product along with a cleaner - the motor and transmission will instantly run better and produce more power.

    Chemically changing wear-roughen surfaces to smooth with MC+- give your motor and transmission the advantage to end the power-sapping, wear-increasing negatives cause by friction and sludge that cuts motor and transmission life in half.

We like the Mega Power Oil Treatment

    Because, those advantages - within minutes after the install, instantly improve the smooth-operating of any motor, transmission, differential, drive gears, 4x4 gears, and wheel drives - or all of them - if you want to extend motor, transmission life.

Other advantages

It makes a great

    Assembly lube, the very best wipe-lubes - even way better than assembly-lubes sold as a lube for reassembling engine and transmission parts.

    The product helps my boat trailer wheel bearings last longer, and avoids water-caused bearing failure, by water-proofing your wheel bearings. Hubs will run cool - instead of running burning hot!

    This brands uniqueness, for all that and then some, comes from a variation of an older oil treatment formula that still cannot be beat -

    But this company did, Mega Power, a leader in the wear and performance problem-solving, tuneup, and drive-train anti-wear additives - has another winner!

    They added MC+ a Friction Modifier to oil-treatment and this made it a great "all-purpose oil-treatment. I mean all-purpose! Check this out... This demo explains how MC+ makes this oil treatment the best there is

    All the products from Mega Power - that go to a lube fluid or oil contain MC+.

    If you look closely, to the right, see the product with #10 on it.

    That's the one, along with its more concentrated cousin for trucks and heavy equipment #1001 - That may be it in the gallon, [I can't tell].

    Any way, I'll show you a close up down below, and a special price when ordering this Mega Power All Purpose Treatment - also below.

    Oil treatments

    Here's a close and the gallon size I use for every thing motorized.

    You mix it 10% with engine oil. 20% with any gear stick shift, wheel bearings, drive gear, and 50/50 with oil as an assembly lube.

    people who own tow trucks, tractors, and industrial equipment lover Mega Power oil and Diesel Treatment.

    One tow truck driver swears that by lubing his steel cable with Mega Power and rolling platform they can pull the heaviest load with the greatest of ease.

    You need this product to make your vehicles operate smoothly and end the problems wear is causing. Order now... To order the 12oz or the gallon size oil treatment, click this link

    Oil treatment

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