Mega Power Oil Treatment Directions Problem Solver.
Powerful MC+ Loaded to Quickly Tune up, Recover, End Engine, Transmission, Power Steering, and Differential Friction and Residue Problems after their Oil Replacement

Mega Power Oil Treatment Directions and Tips

Mega Powers Motor Treatment returns a like-new tune-up performance by ending tapping, oil loss, blowby problems.Mega Powers Motor Treatment returns a like-new tune-up performance by ending tapping, oil loss, blowby problems.

Mega Power Oil Treatment Directions and Tips

    Your need this Mega Power Oil Treatment to protect, an end engine and gear age, mileage wear sluggishness noise hard shift growls tapping.

    This tip is welcomed by those looking for a super additive to help restore performance. 

    With these piston bearing valve and gear surface smoothing ability features - they will instantly benefit you with a zippier, yet quieter engine, much easier and smoother stick shift, quieter operation, end growls, cooler operation. 

    All wear and tear accumulations negatives that need to be removed. Mega Power Oil Treatment Directions for its simple install is favored for that help and...

    Its friction-reducing smoothness cannot be over-estimated as parts touch and slide. Ending - horsepower loss previously absorbed, now goes to the wheels to instantly benefit you with a zippier, yet quieter engine, much easier and smoother stick shift, quieter operation, end of growls, cooler operation. 

    No other additive oil treatment directions  offers these features, nor their multi-purpose solutions as Mega Power does - It is the healer and anti-wear additive every component in your car or truck will benefit from!

    Oil treatment directions. Usage

    It is added at 15% ratio to any oil or fluid and any engine transmission steering and 4X4 component.

    To 25% in older, worn, knocking engines and jump out of gear and noisy transmissions. 

    Drain out old fluid, add Mega Power as shown, Top off with that components oil or fluid. Ready for any treatment yet ends any trouble internally. Try it to see for yourself!

    That  % measures out to be a half quart in cars and pickups engines. Their transmission. 4 oz in steering fluid.

    That measures out to be a gallon in large engines. Half gallon for   truck each gear boxes, an differential. 

    Double the amount if older or worn for each unit.

    Results to lend - gain: Most often added to tune up new vehicle motors, their fuel tank, and transmission to remove horsepower lowering friction and its noise, and hard shift negatives.

    Tunes up new vehicles that have sat for months or longer and operates sluggishly, noisy, or taps. 

    Racing: It most often added to engines and gears for it heat reducing benefits. Reducing frictions heat means you have all the extra power save to give you that edge to win oftener. Favored for its horsepower releasing  positives.

    Smart engine and transmission rebuilders have easier starting, smoother shifting, and quieter operation with fewer comebacks adding Mega Power with motor oil at a 50/50 mix for assembly lube. Then adding a pint to the fluid.

    Bicycle chain, cables. 50/50 mix with motor oil for lube.

    Mix with wheel bearing grease. 10%.  2 oz to each pound grease  to waterproof grease, for cool running hub bearings and their protection from heat.

    The percentage given will reduce heat, help the unit run quieter, last longer. No better wear preventing product made.

    Recommended for any size component - new or older and worn.

    Mega Power Oil Treatment is a friction reducing anti-wear made to end oil burning, blowby, and worn engine performance. problems

Mega Power Oil Treatment Prices. 

  • One 12oz. $15+ $5s&h= $20 total      Treats up to 5 quarts oil
  • Two 12oz. $25+ $10s&h= $35 total
  • Three 12oz. $35+ $15s&h= $50 total
  • One gallon $149+ $15s&h= $124 total Replaces one gallon oil
  • Six gallons $400+ $50s&h= $450 total Fleet treatment.

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Oil Treatment Directions continues below.

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If you just landed on this Oil Treatment Directions page.

Understand How Mega Power Oil Treatment Works. 

- imagine oil molecules lubrication magnified.

Oil molecules roll loosely, acting like marbles between two surfaces keeping them apart, and making their movement possible.

As engine heat cooks them they want a space and thin out.

Because  engine part surfaces touch and grind against, chips of metal are removed.

Friction increases and now steals horsepower from the wheels to overcome friction. Residues also bind and slow movement of free parts like valves and piston rings. The engine seems to be getting old.

Oil burning, loss of compression, blowby, lousy fuel economy and leaks will appear.

As wear gaps increase and dirty condition appear - wear speeds up and weaker parts that can't take that strain, fail.

Oil molecules no longer can provide the lube and cleaning it once did. The motor acts up!

Mega Power Oil Treatment with MC+ to the rescue!

Imagine Mega Power Oil Treatment molecules as:

  • having octopus arms. They collect and hold oil and increase the thickness of the oil. 
  • Smoothes their wear roughen surfaces eliminating that friction.
  • And  begins removing varnish - freeing sticky moving parts. 
  • This combined action increases a better fill of oil between moving parts so they stay separated.
  • Cleaning and friction reduction allows moving parts to move freely again. 
  • Horsepower absorbed now go to the wheels making performances gooas new and zippy. easier again. . 
  • That's the Mega Power Story for what every vehicle needs.
  • In new vehicles you want a friction modifier [anti-wear] which reduces metal migration [wear], friction drag [horsepower eater], and cleaning ability, such as Mega Power Engine Treatment #95, Mega Power Engine Tune Up #9, and Mega Power Transmission Conditioner #3.

Mega Power Engine Treatment #95, Mega Power Engine Tune Up #9, and Mega Power Transmission Conditioner #3 do not have octopus-like arms, and do not change the viscosity of the oil.

You do not hurt anything using the above products in older and worn vehicles. In fact, many vehicle and equipment owners use and recommend them along with our MP #10 Oil Treatment - as a total anti-wear and life extender.

Oil Treatment Directions

In older vehicles, you want Mega Power Oil Treatment #10, which also has a friction modifier included in it. This gives anti-wear advantage - and a thickening of the oil, which helps your older engine, transmission, and gears and vehicles with 75,000 or more miles.

I'm selling you the idea to not add any body's "oil treatment" to new motors. [Competitors push their oil treatment for new vehicles. Not a good thing, I'd say]. We're promoting MP#3, MP#9, MP#95 for newer vehicles.

In worn engines and transmissions, oil easily slips out and falls back into the oil pan. When this happens more metal-to-metal scraping and wear results. Mega Power Oil Treatment has a clinging ability to stay put. The ingredient MC+ add metal conditioning. A surface smoothing benefit.

Oil Treatment Directions

Mega Power Oil Treatment #10 prevents oil from slipping out. Mega Power #10 molecules will hold oil molecules of oil and keep them from slipping away. It forms a coating in this way to close the gap. This is desirable and reduces that excessive touching and friction wear.

As motor wear occurs, and space between parts increase, it now become easier for oil to leak out [roll away] from between moving parts. Oil pressure cannot keep up, and the oil pressure gage - if your dash has one, will show a drop at idle speed.

Mega Power Oil Treatment - by its nature eliminates the harmful drop in oil pressure and is one more motor protecting advantage.

Low oil pressure may cause the engine valves - hydraulic lifters to not prime, tap, or produce a sewing machine-like sound rattle.

Those conditions, along with growing amounts of combustion blow-by, breakdown oil lubricity twice as fast, doubles the rate of sludge buildup, causes growing amounts of friction, friction drag and lots of fuel wasting opportunities.

Space, and blow-by, all of which is re-circulated into the combustion cycle create new problems to drop power, increase wear-out speeds, waste tons more fuel faster.

Mega Power Oil Treatment - along with our cleaners and protectors, sold as part of our "Treatment" Kits will end those problems - making engines instantly run like new again.

Other problems, listed above end.

Things you should know.

We are here to easily guide you to solving your motors problems, fast - with a proven method. We’ll also tell you what to avoid.

Oil Treatment facts

  • STP is a good example of a single purpose oil treatment product.
  • A 12oz Mega Power Brand Oil Treatment conditions your oil, and smooths wear-roughen surfaces – with its MC+ chemistry.
  • Smoothing of pistons, bearings, gears and such – slows down their wear rate. This provides years more usage before wear out.

Besides reducing oil consumption, our Older Motor Treatment also.

  • Frees sticky valves and piston rings
  • Clean and free noisy valve lifters
  • Quiet tapping sounds – and other noises
  • Helps motor run and sound as if new new again
  • In just a few miles after application
  • For a fraction of overhaul cost...

To archive this array of advantages both of the Mega Power Kits listed below, along with simple to follow directions, are paired up and installed to take care of the top and bottom of the motor.

Put Mega Power to work in your motor and help avoid wear problems that result in costly repairs... Order by phone NOW. and get Free shipping - North America only.

Total Service kits:

Order the Mega Power Oil Treatment Directions Together Package with Your Worn Motor  total Needs.  This kit comes as item Oil Treatment as number 5 of the 6 kit items in the directions below. The entire Treatment includes:

  1. A Fuel Injector Cleaner to clean the entire fuel system. Add to fuel tank. $69
  2. A cleaner to clean and free noisy lifters and sticky valves. Add to motors oil. $45
  3. A Combustion Cleaner. To remove carbon and free piston rings to stop power loss, reduce oil burning. Add to fuel tank. $95
  4. Engine Cleaner - to remove sludge and varnish. Add 10 minutes before changing dirty motor oil. $45
  5. A Oil Treatment, to stop oil burning, oil leaks, to smooth and heal worn surfaces. Add to new oil after oil change. $49
  6. Engine Treatment to stop friction, fill worn spaces for years longer great engine performance. $49

A $300 value of 6 items for a total engine service exceeding service requirements to help you gain years more service for your older vehicles.  Just $145 shipped post- to paid to your door. Click cart button to provide delivery info.

    Order Now, Get our Mega Power Transmission Protector.    $49 value for FREE with yur engine treatment order.

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