Dear Vehicle Owner... : Needing>

>Needs info on your car problem.

>Needs better repair options.

>Need products to keep problems away.

    You may be a repair shop owner, mechanic, equipment owner, individual.

   You may, or not know the cause of your car operating problem - just to label it wear and tear.

   You could replace the affected parts, but expect other problems to follow.

   You likely know that and want a better option. So Do I! I wrote these auto tune up and repair avoiding provide the real way to end automotive problems the way the best do so:

  • Remove Sludge, end oil burning, valve tapping, lousy fuel economy. 
  • Give a second life to engines and gears.
  • Provide the correct fuel injector cleaning procedure.
  • End Rough Shifting, jerk, shift hangup, slippage. gear howl.
  • Stop Head Gasket Leak. Manifold leak, engine overheating, cooling problems.
  • End Power steering whine, leak, rough turning.
  • Drop a/c vent temperatures.
  • Provide MC+ anti-wear to enhance years longer life.
  • Avoid their costly repairs - 

   The folks at Mega Power additives wanted those better options, too! However...

   UnLike most additive makers, Mega Power Researchers wanted to know exactly why car and equipment problems happened - fix those causes - with a chemical formula. With their research:

  1. They found the trouble causes of intrenal problems.
  2. They tested and invented a formula to stop each cause.
  3. Heal the damage they caused with MC+.
  4. Added conditioners;  the "+" in MC+ helping faster to wear out parts last as long as longest wearing ones.
  5. Ends hundreds of such problems adding endurance when needed.
  6. Gave them professional strength. Not watered down.
  7. Packaged them with instructions so anyone can use the

Those improvements released absorbed horsepower -sending them to the wheels. The "Mega Power."

  1. Others installed them to end problems appearing in race cars, race airplanes, race boats, race motorcycles - and everyday cars and everyday working equipment owners.
  2. Avoiding such internal problems is a way to win more races so many race  engine builders and car owners use them. 
  3. Individuals and equipment owners cut in half their ownership cost. 
  4. Mechanics get more praise from their features. 
  5. If you read this far, my auto tune up and repair options is what you're looking for.  

What I did learning about their Problem Reversing Discover.

   As a car and diesel owner and a mechanic I wanted those features to reverse my cars problems - and then to use and sell. Becoming an agent, they then helped me solving my repair avoiding efforts n older vehicles.

   I found they enhance my vehicles longer life  - save tens of thousands in car repair avoidance - and I'm a believer in installing them bumper to bumper to solve my and my customers car problems.  Made 2 lifetime incomes doing so.

   You, anyone can master their beneficial features to end your tuning, engine transmission radiator steering and a/c problems.

   Mega Power has millions of users of their products. I Sold them, now on-line sell them helping other repair shops, equipment owners and individuals benfit from their problem-solving ways.

   I packaged them in convenient kits so anyone can end and prevent car and diesel troubles.. Easy to install.

   Explained them with a recipe guaranteed to end internal problems.

   For your part -  I take the mystery out of your cars problem cause. Helpful knowing that? SURE!  Tens of thousands of mechanics and individuals I've train or sold this option to think so - and have a better clientele, or a better life from them. Is that possible for you? 

 Next ! Go to the links below to find your cars and diesels engine, transmission radiator, steering, a/c fix option.

PS: To ask me a question, order by phone items for your cars solution, call me ... george at 512 665 3388 Yep! I'm not a robot! Nor is this a Madison Avenue colorful site to fool you - I produced it my self with sitesell.coms help. 

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