My- Air conditioner tuneup tip to get your a/c cooling fast again - inexpensively.

This great air conditioner tuneup tip will cool your car cooler, cool and quiet your hot compressor to instantly cool I call, Mega Power A/C Tuneup Lube #120.

If your a/c compressor is running, but not cooling, the following products including #120 may be all that's needed. Your mechanic will tell you such.

This tip just may help you avoid a $2000 A/C repair bill.

Air conditioner tuneup tips to get cooling faster cooler tips

Our review covers the Mega Power #120 and other products with features, when installed as directed, restore cooling without the need for an expensive A/C system overhaul and a new compressor.

Our tip

    This describes how to flush clean the system.

    The hidden problem - removing trash in the system.

In cases where debris from a failed compressor - spread metal particles and sludge thru-out the a/c system: 

  • Remove all hoses and spay 120 into each one. and the evaporator and condenser in this manor.
  • Take each hose, one at a time and spray 120 into it for 2 seconds, then softly blow air into the hose. With a shop rag at the other end catching the crud and debris as the air sends it out.  
  • Do this twice for each hose and evaporator and condenser in this manor. 
  • Add 3 oz 120 in addition to spec oil and refrigerant. 120 is above required spec oil amount. It soaks away and aids the cooling process. 
  • Please note:

    Mechanics use a solvent flush that is toxic to the environment and educated to use only it. Why, I don't know. They must account for its use by filling a special form showing proper disposal method.. So some skip this step to their customers detriment. Our a/c flush product is not dangerous, nor considered harmful to the environment.

Mega Power #120 as a flush cleaner

    MP #120 is a really fast penetrating spray made to loosen rusted and stuck nuts, bolts and such.

    What makes it great is, it contains a rust, oxidation, and acid removing agent no other product has. Those factors make it the best all purpose rust, oxidation, and acid neutralizing spray around.

    However... rust, oxidation, and acids are your A/C, engine, and transmission systems #1, 2, and 3 killers. Those 3 negatives cut the life of anything mechanical in half.

    Guest what removing them can do to the life of the component Mega Power is installed in? Much longer life before wear-out, of course. You want that benefit, don't you? Start using Mega Power in everything you own. Its a vehicle and budget helping aid. Explained below.

Mega Power contains anti-wear MC+

    MC+ is a friction modifier, which helps both brand new, and older, worn compressor pistons seal better, and smooths their wear-roughen surfaces, so the oil film Mega Power restores, seals the cylinder to piston space properly again - stopping blowby, which reduces cooling efficency. That becomes the second cooling improvement aid for your compressor - and friction reducing and cleaning is first and third benefit.

    This Mega power advantage removes compressor friction and heat and makes the compressors housing run cold, instead of its blistering hot normal way. You'll want that Mega Power advantage for your engine and transmission - to protect and exttend their life, too!

    Therein is the secret to our air conditioner tuneup tips for restoring your cooling efficency, and adding longer life to your compressor, seals and system. Removing friction is better! It takes Mega Power MC+ to do that!

    The conventional repair is to replace the compressor, filter, dryer and metering valve, and re-charge the system at $2000 cost.

    The tune up products from Mega Power sold here remove negative harmful conditions and then restores the compressors suction and compression levels by friction modifying, cleaning and freeing sticky valves, and by conditioning the compressor oil to become stronger.

    That is the way - the only way known to avoid a costly $2000 repair - Order these products for the best air conditioner tuneup possible - or spend the money for the $2000 fix option.

Think about this. When your A/C system is new

    When new, your cars compressor pistons and shafts are shinny smooth, rub and slide against each other easily and freely, and are bathe in free-flowing, clean oil. That is when the system cools the best, the least friction is present, and the sub-systems operate at peak cooling efficiency.

More air conditioner tuneup tips, problem solving, and my remedy

    When those conditions deteriorate - become friction roughen, collects sludge, and coats every part, compressor body heat raises to the boiling point, cooling suffers, wear increases.

    This method using Mega Power ends those conditions and restores cooling efficiency again.

When a/c system wear occurs - five major negatives occur...

  1. Metal migration occurs - the removing of metal by actual contact abrasion and glueing of the two surfaces for a fraction of a second. Continued movement breaks the weld and now two surface have a most destructive wearing pattern and more friction.
  2. The destruction of the oil and coolant, called oil breakdown, forms sludge and sticks and bind rings and valves, and chokes down critical oiling passage ways.
  3. Electrolysis, the transfer of the protons [?] of metal to another location.
  4. Acids, which also eats metal, and also hardens and shrinks rubber seals, to cause leaks.
  5. And hi temperatures. This last killer, adds to the speed-up of your a/c system deterioration - and our Mega Power tips ends all those air conditioner tuneup negatives for you - that new compressor oil cannot do alone!

Click on can. See the impressive Mega Power difference demo

Air conditioner tune up oil from Mega Power

Order Mega Power 16oz A/C System Spray Flush and Lube

One- can: $15.95+ $5 s&h= $20.95 Total
Two- $25.00+ $5s&h= $30 Total

6 pak $60.00+ $10s&h= $70 Total
12 pak $95.00+ $15s&h= $110.00 Total
Repeat buyers save 20% more.

Ship Fedex to your door or business in about 3 days.

Have a question, and to order by phone right Now! Call me at
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Sold Money back, if not satisfied with results as suggested.

Here is what Mega Power customers say

    I've found this service is what most anyone can do, its simple, inexpensive [I charge $100-$200, plus freon for it] overcomes those conditions - saving my customers hundreds more the alternative would cost. You need to catch the problem before complete failure.

    Some people tell their mechanic to follow my directions - to see if this averts a costlier repair.

    It does a great job of restoring lower cooling temperatures, as well as reduce excessive compressors temperatures.

    The product - I call a air conditioner tuneup oil is Mega Power Penetrating Lube #120, from a company called Mega Power Inc, at

    A/C Tune Up Product details and ordering info

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