Mega Power Diesel Truck Engine Additives. The Best Treatment to Revitalizes Troublesome Worn and High Mileage Engines [and gear boxes] - to put off their costly repair! Or if broken, cut in half their repair cost.

Does so providing 6 worn engine ingredients invented for wear and tear recovery. They pay you over and over by providing what your rigs need "right now to recover performance operation wear has caused." Keep that recovery going strong and trouble-free "over the coming years!"

Mega Power Diesel Engine Additives are helping car equipment truck owners continue working, avoid downtime repair by ending wear and tears otherwise needing repair were it not for Mega Power!Learn How Mega Power Diesel Engine Additives benefit car truck equipment owners to keep them going by ending common running, performance problems, thereby avoiding costly downtime repairs.

Diesel truck engine additives Contact info. On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items reviewed, call at 512 665 3388

Mega Power, added to your motor, fuel, and gear boxes, benefit you by chemically avoiding expensive downtime and repair common internal mechanical wear and residue cause.

Mega Power's fix features just suddenly have your rigs climb hills loaded, a gear higher up steep grades. future touch-ups continue those benefits.

The exclusive Mega Power wear and tear, problem removers and friction-reducing gains, offer horsepower-increasing advantages you will love to have back, as they continue to benefit your cars and equipment  as they put on the miles and age.

That is my experience! It will be your's too!

Those advantages are due to Mega Power unique cleaning and friction modifying, and resurfacing of each piston bearing valve and gear surfaces.

By repair, you have actual downtime headaches, work loss, and repair that can easily top several thousand dollars - that Mega Power can avoid - for a fraction of that expense, if you give it a chance  to - as shown below.

Order a Mega Power Diesel Truck Additives Treatment. 5 items needed.  Includes several months fuel treatment, required engine cleaners and conditioners, friction modifiers, and co-polymers to last 6000 miles - with easy to follow directions. nothing to take a part. Driving does the actual fix. Free phone help if needed. guarantee. Shipped FedEx to your door in 3 days. All to end your motors problem at a fraction of actual repair expense. Repeat as needed every oil change.  What you're ordering...

5 pak gallons needed: Containing Fuel treatment. Injector Combustion Cleaner Treatment.  Varnish sludge valve Lifter Cleaners. Anti-wear Friction Modifiers, and Worn Surface Re builders with MC+. Acid neutralizers.    Click cart button to purchase.  ... End of summer sale:Bonus gallon FREE, a $125 value, total 6 gallons.

Our End of Summer Protector Special: A free gallon of Mega Power Motor and Gear Box Conditioner as long as 25 gallons set aside last with your order. A $125 gift bonus.

Just $360+$50s&h=tax $40=$450 total" Save $125. order her

This enhancing, from the oil side - and from top-fuel side cleaning in the combustion area - corrects, or rather, restores a years earlier performance - then keeps it that way with usage at future oil changes. Is that what you're after?  Order Mega Power today!

Imagine adding a product to the fuel and oil that instantly gives a feeling of clean smooth friction modified restored power, and the end to oil burning, tapping, lost compression, blowby, oil leaks, lousy fuel economy. Now able to pass horse power to the wheel  - now being absorbed by friction and those engine negatives.

Diesel truck engine additives with MC+ complete engine and fuel conditioners.

  • Included is a fuel system conditioning that conditions your fuel pump, as the fuel conditioner continues on to clean your fuel injectors - all included as the truck additive for large trucks, from Mega Power.
  • You need this form of protection to keep your trucks rolling down the road!
  • Now is the time to revitalized your truck with this additive for large trucks from Mega Power. Order Mega Power today delivered to your door by FedEx in 4 or 5 days. 
  • Mega Power is easy to install. Results occur in as little as fifteen minutes, some customers tell us. Usually pays for itself by adding and extra 40-50 miles distance to most fill ups. That is also my experience.
  • Some customers tell us, Mega Power has put off a promising overhaul need for several years. I also have that same experience.
  • "Doug says... 
    "About an hour later ..... this trip was anything but usual. The motor purred, and felt more responsive and powerful than it had in years. The motor ran almost as if new. And this Mega Power Testimonial.... 
  •  "It’s been about 6 months since George serviced my truck with Mega Power, and it still runs great. I would recommend this worn motor help product to anyone, particularly people who, like me, are considering retiring an older vehicle. Mega Power worn motor treatment really has given my truck a new lease on life. Sincerely, Doug CohenMiller\Mega Power Testimonial 

Ordering Mega Power Diesel Truck Additive for Large Trucks

Mega Power diesel truck additive for large truck tractor and equipment motor's with 5 gallon to 10  gallon motor oil capacity engines.

Included in the 5 pak, are:

  1.  3 anti-wear cleaners.  One for the motor oil, one for the fuel system, one for residue removal at oil change. 
  2. 2 oil conditioners: One gallon is added with your new oil at oil change and for oil future replacement - if your engine uses oil. [Some truckers add this 2nd conditioner  - if the one gallon treatment stops their engine problem, to their gear box for easier shifting and to cool the gear temperature by reducing its friction. Or order an extra gallon at  $54.] 
  3. Directions detail the easy-to-install procedure - along with phone help, if needed. Shipped FedEx to your door in about 3 days. Satisfaction guarantee to do as advertised.
  4. Please note: No refunds asked for last 267 days.

Mega Power Diesel Truck Engine Additives... 
"About an hour later ..... this trip was anything but usual. The motor purred, and felt more responsive and powerful than it had in years. The motor ran almost as if new. 

Ordering by phone or online: 512 665 3388

  1. Truck: To 10 gallon motor oil capacity. Includes
  2. 2 gallons all weather Diesel Truck Fuel Conditioner & Injector Cleaner.
  3. 1 gallon Engine Oil System Flush & Emission System Cleaner
  4. 2 gallons Engine Oil Treatment for oil burning  control and to restore lost compression.
  5. $400 plus $50s&h= $450 total. Shipped to you in 3 days by Fedex with easy to follow instructions
  6. Our Special: A free gallon of Motor and Gear Box Conditioner as long as 25 gallons set aside last with your order. A $125 gift bonus.

Directions to use Mega Power for heavy equipment and large trucks for  ending your noisy, loss of power, oil burning, compression blowby, and dirty injector problems.

Diesel truck engine additives with MC+ complete engine conditioners.

Mega Power uses a simple 2 step engine treatment using 3 products. It works on any size or brand of engine to prevent problems and often end them –giving you more years of trouble-free service. To start…..

I put a number: 1, 2, and 3  on the products to make it easier to reach for, and install as you follow the steps.

Step One Directions:

  1. Add 2 quarts MP Diesel Truck Fuel Conditioner, I put a #1 on its can, to each 50 gallon fuel tank.
  2. Add a pint of the same Diesel Fuel Conditioner, in small, one-once amounts into the air intake. This quickly cleans the combustion area and throttle plate.  If not possible, driving will do this cleaning from the conditioner you added to the fuel tank, but takes a week to do so.
  3. Add 2 quarts, MP Piston Ring, Valve, and Emission System Cleaner to your motor oil – I put #2 on its container.  This has seal stop leak in it for that problem. Please note: You will have 2 quarts left over to use in Step Two below.  Please note: If you have an emission system, make sure it has the proper fluid amounts for that purpose in its tank.

Now, drive for a week and then do Step 2 during an oil change, this way.

  1. Add 2 quarts, MP Piston Ring, Valve, and MP Emission System Cleaner I put #2 on its container, to your motor oil. You can drive up to 400 miles. So, drive anytime from ten minutes – to  400 miles of driving   before you change your oil today.  
  2.  To your new oil, add one gallon MP Oil Conditioner I put a #3 on its can. I prefer you add this item on top of the new oil.

If you need more oil during the future, due to oil burning, add more MP Oil Conditioner I put a #3 on the can. Drive as usual and enjoy Mega Power benefits. If this stops oil burning, install the 2nd gallon of MP Oil Conditioner into your gear box for the quietest smoothing shift ever!

  1. Afterwards, at future oil changes add one gallon MP Oil Conditioner I put a #3 it can to your oil change to control oil burning. Add one quart MP Diesel Fuel Conditioner, I put a #1 on its can, to each 50 gallon fuel tank – once a month. 

If you have a question, to order more, call me at 512 665 3388. Email me at  Thanx again for your business. …George.

Diesel truck engine additives with MC+ complete engine conditioners.

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