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Mega Power Additives Price List

   Mega Power Additives offer the car owner, equipment owner, race car owner, individual who cares for his own vehicle, and repair shop owners a unique set of Bumper to Bumper Automotive Servicing Products. Unique because they do more than clean out sludge or thicken oil when changing the vehicles dirty oils and fluids for new. Instead, Mega powe Additives provide treatments, when installed as part of your vehicles bumper-to bumper fresh new oil and fluids changes, return the like-new power, zip, and working performance of the day it was brand new.
   Now, Mega Power will continue to protect your vehicles returning the vehicles like-new state by featuring unique anti-wear ingredients.  These are more than a quick flush, or gooey substance. Mega power ingredients return and then keeps the origianal new cars, new diesels, new equipment, new RV's, and new machinery like-new performance  when included in the bumper to bumper servicine and oil changes.
   To return the new like state each oil or fluid change Mega Power has invented and includes in their servicing  products anti wear. Its in the form of problem-solving cleaners, MC+ and Conditioners to amazingly remove friction and gooey varnish that eats away the  engines and bumper to bumper components power and performance away. This removes wear and sludge problems. Made To Clean out sludge before putting in new fluid. For tune up aids to clean out the fuel breathing and exhaust system  to restore performance and fuel economy. And to add to the oils and fluids in components to end wear, sludge and mechanical problems the components oils and fluids can't end or prevent. Every Component. Take twice as long for vehicles to wear out. Made Easy No Matter New to Old Vehicles.
Mega Power Fuel Engine Transmission Radiator Steering a/c Coverage : Cars, Pickups, Diesel Trucks, Farm Tractors, RV, Heavy Equipment Product Listing.
Call for phone ordering... george 512 665 3388 

Mega Power Additives Price list
To ask a question. Order items listed. Call or text me
...george at 512 665 3388    Email: megapower@grandecom.net 

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Pricing for car, pick up, diesel truck, boat, motorcycle, equipment, machining additives. 

Mega Power Additives Price List.

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Mega Power Additive Price good until 06/30/2023

Ordering. Shipping and Prices. Our Guarantee. Specials.

  • Usage: 12oz for cars. Gallons for large vehicles. Fleet/Drums.
  • Shipping and handling If not listed is small. 
  • Call for re-sell & inventory quantity pricing. 512 665 3388


Mega Power Additives Price List

Gas and Diesel Fuel Cleaner Treatments 

Each promised as the strongest known. Each fast-acting.

To ask a question, order by phone items listed, advice, new account set up. Call me... george at 1-512 665-3388

    Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner #90 $22 Powerful Professional strength. Inject into fuel line to clean dirty injectors.* Or add to fuel tank to do so in 25 miles as you drive. 12 oz. Click cart button to order 1 or more 12 oz $22 each shipped to your door in a few days.

Case of 12 Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaners #90 $12 each shipped to your door in a few days. S&H $10. Total $154. Save over $100.

Fuel System Cleaner #98 12 oz $15 treats up to 25 gallons fuel. Less fuel provides stronger cleaning. Add to fuel tank as needed. This all purpose conditioner cleansand dissolves resins as it travels making them produce added power. Removes water by making it burable. Improves stale fuel combustion; its 3 features. Click cart button to order 1 or more shipped to your door in a few days.  $15 each.

Case of 12 Fuel System Cleaners #98 12 oz $12 each. Plus $10 S&H = $154 total. Save $36

Fuel Injector, Combustion System, and Oiling System Cleaner #FISC 3 part combo. $40 Includes 1- Fuel Injector Cleaner. 2- Combustion area ring and valve cleaner.*  3- Tune up, Oiling System, and Valve and Lifter Cleaner. 12 oz each item. The ideal engine service for restoring a clean engine operation every year. Exceeds Mfg  reco's for carbon removal every 2 years. Buts add the oiling system cleaner bonus. Order 1 or more sets $40 each.

Case of 6 Fuel Injector, Combustion System, and Oiling System Cleaner #FISC 3 part combo sets. $30 each, plus $20 s&h = $200 total. Save $60.

    Fuel Injector Combustion System Cleaner #FISC 3 part. 1- Fuel Injector Cleaner. 2- Combustion area ring and valve cleaner.*  3- Oiling system cleaner. 12 oz each item.

    *Requires  Feeder bottle for metering cleaning liquid into engine via Vacuum Tool $135 Pressurize system $245.

    Gas Treatment #93 $12 A combo Fuel and Combustion Conditioner working from the tank to the exhaust. Add to fuel monthly if city driving. Cleans and Protects carburetor and fuel injector systems. Keeps fuel system clean. Conditions, Lubes rings and valves. Removes water that settles in gas tank. Opens dity air bleeds in carburetors for easy starting. Great fuel conditioner to keep gas fresh, not gummy in vehicles not used frequently. 

    Diesel Treatment #5 $15 Add to fuel. A combo Fuel and Combustion Conditioner working from the tank to the exhaust. An injector cleaner. Freezing weather Anti-gel. Algae killer. With pump and injector lube. Removes condensation in tank and filters. Instantly stops black exhaust smoke. Protects the system. Treats 20-25 gal. Use every 3rd fill-up. $15. 12oz.
    Gallon size, diesel truck, fuel, and oil treatments.

Mega-Power-Engine Additives. To-order by phone Call 1-512 665-3388

    Engine Tune Up #9 $15 Add to oil. Frees sticky valves and rings to  quiet valve tapping. Improve oiling. Friction Modifies  12 oz.

    Oil Treatment #10 $12 Add to oil, Stabilizes oil Compression Frees sticky valves Rings Friction Modifies 

    Engine Treatment #95 Add to oil, Stabilizes oil for cold start, hot Anti-wear. For new engine, Hi-revving, and race engine protection $14

    Engine Stop Leak #11 Add to oil, Stops oil seepage Seal leaks Frees sticky valves Rings $14

    Engine Oil System Cleaner #15 Add to dirty oil Run 5 minutes. Drain. Frees sticky valves Rings. Friction Modifies $12

    Engine tune & injector service. #FISC 3 part: 1- Fuel injector cleaner. 2- Engine motor & valve tune up. 3- Intake, combustion areas, catalytic converter cleaner. Install #3 cleaner into engine via vacuum source. Reduces exhaust emissions. Ends sluggish performance. Details: Restores power instantly as it cleans dirty fuel injectors. $39

    Engine Service #ES 3 part [#15,95,93]
    Quiets motor, and valve tap. Removes contaminants. Contains Flush, Anti-wear, Engine Treatment. Extends engine life. $39

    MP Engine Valve and Lifter Tap Ending Treatment This combo pack's success is because it found the way to go to the 3 sources of tapping to end the problem. Ending tap and its wear problems in minutes. Restores a "like-near-new, Guaranteed Quiet" performance. Saves the motor and your budget by avoiding a $1000 to $3000 valve job. Guaranty of satisfaction, details.

    MP Worn Motor Treatment. The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment combo pack owes it well-like success to its ability to recover and revitalize older, and high mileage, power surpressed engines. Holding back its overhaul suspected need. The only way known to end power loss and sluggishness, end oil burning, and bowby causes. Works by a top to bottom sludge, varnish, and friction removing process - making the engine seem worn out when its not. The perfect engine treatment reverse power loss causes; even in older, hi-mileage engines. Gives a "Runs Like-New Again response" customers tell us. So will you. Order now! Includes 6 items needed, directions, free phone tech help, guaranty of satisfaction. 

    MP Motor End Oil Burn Treatment. The Mega Power Ends Burning Oil Treatment combo pack owes it ability to end gallons of oil loss as your drive due to its 3 way success to surpressed oil escape into the combustion process. Holds back its overhaul suspected need for years to come. The only way known to end oil burning, and bowby causes. Works by a top to bottom sludge, varnish, and friction removing process - Them by adding a slippery co-polymer to fill worn spaces, ending the waay of its escape. The perfect engine treatment to end your engine oil loss causes and its $4000 up repair expense; even in older, hi-mileage engines. Gives a "Runs Like-New Again response" that keeps oil there from oil change to oil change - customers tell us. So will you. Order now! Includes 6 items needed, directions, free phone tech help, guaranty of satisfaction. 

Mega Power Additives Price List. Transmission & Differential Gear Treatments

    Automatic Transmission Conditioner #3 Protector, problem solver, fluid conditioner. ATF Fluid Stabilizer Cold Hot Anti-wear Smooths shifting Cools $20

    Trans Stop Leak #12 Add to automatic, Stops oil Seepage Seal leaks Stabilizes ATF Fluids  $15

    Gear Oil Treatment #10 Add to Stick shift or automatic transmission. Also... #10 is added to Differentials and 4x4 gearboxes. Easier shifts. Cools hot running gear boxes and differentials. An Anti-wear. Mix in wheel grease to keep wheel bearings cool. $15

    Automatic Transmission Service Kit #3TS 3 Items
    Cleaner. Conditioner. Fluid stabilizer. Protects in Cold & Hot Weather. Anti-wear for Smooth shifting. Cools fluid 20 -40 degrees. $40

Mega-Power-Additives. To-order, Call 1-512 665-3388

Radiator Cooling System Treatments Price List

    Radiator Stop leak #SL6 Add to coolant
    Stops gasket, hole, crack leak. Non clogging. Water/antifreeze $15

     Radiator Cleaner #8 Add to old coolant Run 5 min. Drain. With new coolant, also add MP #SL6, #RC7  along with the new coolant for stop leak and over heating protection. $12

    Radiator Cool #RC7 Add to coolant
    Lowers motor, transmission temperature. Lubes. Improves cooling when Towing $15

    Radiator Service #RS3 3 items
    Flush cleaner Stop leak Cool agent. Acid neutralizer. Protector $36

Mega Power Additives. To-order, Wholesale, Retail Call 1-512 665-3388

Power Steering Service. Stop leak. Tune up #PS Includes system flush and a half gallon of new fluid. Some of which is added to rinse the system, and remains at the actual fluid. $60

Mega-Power-Additives-Price-List. To-order, Call 1-512 665-3388

Air Conditioner Oil. Tune up Oil, with Leak Detector
Pressurized 12oz 6 pak. $49 +$15 s&h

Tools Equipment. Price List

*Pressurized or Vacuum Combo Fuel Injector Cleaner Feeder Tool Comes with case, some hook up connectors. Holds 24oz.Fuel Injector Cleaner Feeder Tool Comes with case, some hook up connectors. Holds 24oz. Adjustable, Zero to 90lb line pressure. $249

Vacuum Feed Injector, Carbon Cleaner Tool

Comes with case, some hook up connectors. Holds 24oz. Feeds Fuel Injector Cleaner, Carbon removing cleaner, Motor revitalizer, or a/c oil via any direct vacuum source. $99

5 Minute Flush and Fluid Exchange Machines

The brand selected by the majority of franchise shops. Made for hard, daily use. Simple. Fast. Rugged On wheels For………Lease/Buy/Rent

  • Brake System Flush & Fluid Exchanger
  • Power Steering Flush & Fluid Exchanger
  • Radiator Flush & New Coolant Exchanger
  • Automatic Transmission Flush & Fluid Exchanger

Mega Power Additives, Tools, Oil, Filters, Fast Fluid Exchange Machines. Wholesale & Retail Service. Like all things, prices and shipping cost subject to change without notice.

Ordering and product help line: 1-512 665-3388

Price List, Mega Power Additives

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Mega Power Penetrating Spray Lube #120 16 oz

Mega Power All-Purpose Spray Lube. Nut buster. Purpose:

  A penetrating/lube combo spray you will love for its multi features. Stops-squeaks, frees whatever is stuck, frozen or rusty; like doors, locks wheel lug nuts, engine exhaust/head bolts, nut and bolts, guns, tow truck cables - anything!       ..Make life easier.  Order a few cans to have handy to save you hours of time fighting rusted, stuck nuts and bolts.  for any tough squeeky, stuck, or forzen rusty problem. For use as an A/C Flush and Gum Barrel Cleaner Multi-purpose Lube & Loosen Spray. 5 in 1 - Quicker, faster, stronger. To purchase: Select one of the following:

    Order one 16 oz $15 + $5 s&h= $20 total. Click cart button to order

One or 2 #120 items: Just $12.95+$5s&h=$17.95 each.

6 pak, $12 each= $72+ $12 s&h= $84.

Buy a 6 pak 6 items total $12 each item. $72+$12s&h=$84 total.

12 pak,12 items $10 each. $120+ $15 s&h= $135 total.

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